Nurse Licensing Examination Methods

Original Language Title: 护士执业资格考试办法

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Nurse licensing examination methods

    (May 10, 2010 Ministry of health, human resources and Social Security Department of the 74th release as of July 1, 2010) first to standardize the national nursing licensing exam, strengthening the construction of nursing, according to the nurses ' seventh of the article, these measures are formulated. Article the Ministry of health is responsible for organizing the implementation of nurse practitioners qualifications examination.

    State nurse licensing exam is to evaluate whether applicants for nurse practitioners qualifications necessary for practising nursing knowledge and working ability test.

    Those who pass the exam may apply for registered nurse practitioners.

    Nursing, midwifery or technical school and College personnel, participation in nurse Qualification exam and pass, can obtain the care Junior () professional and technical qualification certificate nursing primary (master) professional and technical qualifications in accordance with the relevant regulations by participating in the national health professional and technical qualification exam.

    Persons with Bachelor degree major in nursing, midwifery, participation in nurse Qualification exam and pass, can take care of junior () professional and technical qualification certificate comply with the provisions of the regulations for the trial implementation of health professionals ' position after years of nursing professional and technical qualifications of the position, direct employment nursing professional and technical positions. Third nurse licensing exam practices the national examination system.

    Uniform examination syllabus, standard nomenclature, and harmonization of standards.

    Nurse licensing examination is held once a year in principle, specific exam date exam 3 months ago announced to the public. Article fourth nurse licensing examination for professional practice and practice two subjects.

    An examination through two subjects for examination.

    To strengthen the assessment of candidate ability, in principle, using "interactive" test.

    Article fifth nurse licensing examination to follow fair, open and impartial principles. Sixth Department of health and the Department of human resources and social security to form a national nurse practitioner qualification examination Committee.

    Main duties are:

    (A) involving nurse practitioner qualification test for coordination, decision-making on important matters;

    (B) audited nurse licensing exam outline, content and programmes;

    (C) determine and publish the nursing licensing examination line;

    (D) guiding the national nursing licensing examination.

    Office of the national nurse practitioner qualification examination Committee, Office of the Ministry of health, responsible for specific tasks.

    Article seventh nurse licensing exam affair management implementation of host institutions, test, test level accountability. Eighth host institutions organizations nursing licensing exam.

    Main duties are:

    (A) develop nurse licensing exam regulations, responsible for the national licensing exam for nurses management;

    (B) experts to develop nurse licensing exam outline relevant provisions and proposition roll and to undertake specific work;

    (C) charge nurse licensing examination candidate information;

    (D) organizing evaluation exam, candidates provided transcripts and nursing licensing examination certificate;

    (E) is responsible for the statistical analysis of the results of the examination and the examination work, and work reports to the nurse practitioner qualification examination Committee;

    (Vi) is responsible for establishing nurse licensing examination and examination of experts;

    (G) guiding practice for examination couch. Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the before Nineth and Xinjiang production and construction Corps to set up test. Governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Administrative Department of public health and Health Bureau of Xinjiang production and construction Corps is responsible for the examination of their respective jurisdictions.

    Its main functions are:

    (A) is responsible for the couch nursing licensing exams test management;

    (B) develop the couch nursing licensing exam management measures;

    (C) to validate a service entrance qualifications;

    (D) is responsible for directing the couch of test centers in the work;

    (E) charge processing, examination of this couch during a major problem.

    Governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Administrative Department of public health and Health Bureau of Xinjiang according to the actual situation, in conjunction with human resources and Social Security Department set up a leading group for nurse licensing exam. Article tenth test according to the candidate set test center, the national nursing licensing examination Board for the record. Test centers located in the districts of the city.

    Test Center's main responsibilities are:

    (A) is responsible for the test center nurse practitioner examination examination;

    (B) implementation of the test center nurse licensing exam management measures;

    (C) the registration and verification of application materials, candidates eligible in the first instance;

    (D) responsible for candidates who cannot on their own Internet print ticket will print your admission ticket;

    (E) processing, report the issues occurred during the exam;

    (Vi) to candidates ' transcripts and nurse licensing exam certification.

    11th levels of examination management agencies to systematically training examination staff and proctors, and improve the level of management.

    Finished 12th in secondary vocational schools, colleges and universities education under the State Council departments and health authorities under the State Council General full-time for more than 3 years of nursing and midwifery courses, including the teaching and General Hospital is complete for more than 8 months nursing clinical practice, and obtain the appropriate certificate, you can apply for nurse licensing exam.

    13th to apply for nurse practitioner examination personnel shall, within the period specified in the announcement, registration, and submit the following materials:

    (A) nurse licensing examination application form;

    (B) my identity;

    (C) two-inch full face nearly 6 months 3 photos;

    (D) my diploma;

    (E) apply for other needed materials. Applicants for college graduates shall obtain a certificate from the school graduates graduation certificates, test centers, where the school register.

    Schools can conduct collective registration for graduates of the University.

    Applicants for non-graduates, you can choose to list of personnel file is located.

    14th to apply for nurse practitioner qualification examination shall be determined according to the State Department in charge of price examination fees fees paid. 15th nurse Qualification exam in exam within 45 working days after publication.

    Candidate report card issued by the registration test center candidates.

    16th examination achieved examination proved, as the request valid proof of registered nurse practitioners.

    Article 17th test management to strictly enforce the relevant regulations and discipline, do a paper life, printing, sending and keeping confidentiality in the course of work, to prevent leaks. Article 18th nurse licensing examination exercises challenge system.

    Examination staff have one of the following should be avoided:

    (A) are close relatives of candidates;

    (B) other interested with the candidates, which may affect the test fair.

    19th to break exam rules and regulations, in accordance with the provisions on disciplinary breaches of professional and technical personnel qualification examination.

    20th Army authorities responsible for military personnel to participate in the national nursing licensing exam registration, publishing work.

    21st Hong Kong S.A.R., and Macau S.A.R. and Taiwan in accordance with the regulations and the relations between the Mainland and Hong Kong closer economic partnership arrangement, the Mainland and Macao closer economic partnership arrangement or prescribed by the relevant departments in the Mainland, can apply for nurse licensing exam. 22nd article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2010.

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