Urban Lighting Management

Original Language Title: 城市照明管理规定

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Urban lighting management

    (May 27, 2010 Ministry of housing and urban-rural development announced 4th come into force on July 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of urban lighting, the promotion of energy conservation, improvement of urban lighting environment, these provisions are formulated.

    Second urban lighting planning, construction, maintenance, and supervision and management, these provisions shall apply.

    Urban lighting should follow article people first, the principle of economical, energy-saving, environmental protection, landscaping, strict control of utility and decorative landscape lighting energy consumption of large buildings.

    Article fourth of State housing and urban-rural development department to guide urban lighting work throughout the country.

    People's Governments of provinces, autonomous regions housing and urban-rural development department to supervise and administer the city lighting within their respective administrative areas.

    City shall determine the competent authorities responsible for the administration of city lighting within the urban lighting management work.

    Article fifth urban lighting departments should have made remarkable achievements in energy-saving urban lighting work units and individuals that recognize or reward.

    Chapter II planning and construction

    Sixth city lighting departments shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to the master plan, organize and make urban lighting planning, reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval organization.

    Article seventh urban lighting departments should delegate appropriate unit take on urban lighting planning of the preparation.

    Preparation of urban lighting planning should be based on the level of economic and social development of the city, combined with the geographical and human conditions of the city, determined according to the master plan of urban function partition, make demands on the lighting effects of different regions.

    Article eighth city lighting engineering survey, design, construction and supervision of the unit shall have corresponding qualifications; related professional and technical personnel shall obtain a relevant qualification.

    Nineth urban lighting departments should be based on urban lighting planning, making annual plans of urban lighting construction, reported to the people's Governments at the same level for approval.

    Tenth new, rebuilt the city lighting shall be determined according to urban lighting planning of various regional lighting brightness and efficiency standards and to comply with the relevant national standards.

    11th article urban lighting construction of government investment funds, should be integrated into urban construction plans.

    State encourages public funds for construction and maintenance of urban lighting.

    12th new lighting lamp, alteration of urban road project function rate should reach 100%.

    And city roads, residential areas and important buildings (structures) supporting urban lighting shall be in accordance with the planning and construction of urban lighting, synchronized with the main part of the project design, construction, inspection and use.

    13th built on urban lighting installation conditions (structure) and supports, without prejudice to the premise of its function and the surrounding environment, install lighting.

    Chapter save energy

    14th State supports urban lighting research, science and technology, promote the use of energy-saving, environmentally friendly lighting technology, new products, green lighting activities, improving the level of science and technology of urban lighting.

    15th State encourages urban lighting construction and renovation in the installation and use of solar and other renewable energy systems.

    16th urban lighting departments should be based on urban lighting planning, develop energy-saving urban lighting plan and energy-saving technical measures, giving priority to the development and construction of functional lighting, and strictly control the scope of landscape lighting, brightness and energy density, and according to the relevant regulations of the State, limit total phase-out of inefficient lighting products.

    17th urban lighting departments should regularly carry out energy-saving education and post training in energy-saving, raise the level of energy-saving urban lighting maintenance units.

    18th urban lighting departments should establish urban lighting energy consumption evaluation system, regularly check the urban landscape lighting energy consumption and so on.

    19th city lighting maintenance unit shall establish and perfect partition, time-sharing, classification of energy-saving lighting controls, prohibited the use of high energy-consuming lighting, active use of efficient light sources and lighting, energy-saving ballasts and control apparatus, and advanced lighting control method, choose a certified energy-efficient products.

    No unit may have excessive lighting in the urban landscape lighting such as energy consumption standards Act.

    Article 20th urban lighting can take the form of energy management contract, choose a professional energy management company management of urban lighting.

    The fourth chapter management and maintenance

    21st urban lighting departments should establish and perfect rules and regulations, strengthen the supervision of urban lighting, urban lighting devices are intact and properly run.

    22nd lighting facilities management and maintenance, shall comply with the relevant standards and specifications.

    Article 23rd urban lighting departments may take the form of bidding determines the city lighting facilities maintenance unit, in charge of government investment in urban lighting facilities maintenance work.

    24th non-government investment in building urban lighting is maintained by the employer; meets the following conditions, capital transfer formalities, competent departments of the surrender of urban lighting management:

    (A) urban lighting planning and related standards;

    (B) providing the necessary maintenance and operating conditions;

    (C) provide a complete acceptance of information;

    (D) other terms and conditions stipulated by the people's Government of the city.

    25th Government budget city lighting facilities operation and maintenance costs should be earmarked to ensure normal operation of urban lighting.

    Article 26th city lighting facilities maintenance units should regularly clean the lighting, improved lighting effects, and precise equal time lighting and other energy-saving measures can be taken.

    27th due to natural growth and not in conformity with the safety standard trees, timely pruning by the competent departments of city lights to inform authorities; trees due to force majeure seriously jeopardize the safe operation of city lights, city lighting maintenance unit can take emergency measures to trim, and promptly report to the competent Department of urban landscape.

    28th no unit and individual shall protect the city lighting, may adopt the following acts:

    (A) Division, smearing on urban lighting installations;

    (B) in the city lighting within the safety distance, planting trees and digging soil without authorization or other objects, or dump containing acid, alkali, salt, corrosive or corrosive waste residue and liquor;

    (C) posted in urban lighting, hanging without permission, setting materials, advertising;

    (D) without authorization on the urban lighting to set up cable power supply for other facilities, placement, or;

    (V) unauthorized migration, dismantle, access to urban lighting facilities;

    (Vi) other acts that may affect the normal operation of urban lighting.

    Article 29th damaged urban lighting units and individuals, should immediately secure the scene of the accident and prevent accidents expanded, and inform the competent departments of city lights.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    30th do not have corresponding qualification of unit and does not have the qualification certificate of professional and technical personnel engaged in urban lighting project investigation, design, construction, supervision, in accordance with relevant laws, rules and regulations will be punished.

    31st article violates this provision has excessive lighting in the urban landscape lighting such as energy consumption standards Act, by the Department of urban lighting rectification; fails to mend, and fined 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.

    32nd breach of these provisions, article 28th acts, by the Department of urban lighting a rectification, to individuals up to 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine; the unit shall be fined 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fines; losses caused, compensation according to law.

    Article 33rd city lights authorities of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, given administrative sanctions according to law constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal liability

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    34th article of the rules the following terms shall have the meanings are:

    (A) the lighting refers to the urban planning area of the city within the city roads, canals, squares, parks, public green spaces, places of interest, as well as other building (structure) the function of lighting and landscape lighting.

    (B) the functional lighting by means of artificial light in order to protect people and outdoor activities for the purpose of security lighting.

    (C) refers to the outdoor landscape lighting artificial light with decorative lighting and landscaping purposes.

    (D) the lighting of urban lighting is used for urban lighting and distribution, monitoring, energy-saving systems equipment and ancillary facilities.

    35th town, and there is no town system and industrial and mining areas of lighting management, refer to this regulation.

    All can be made under the implementing rules for the regulations. 36th article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2010, the provisions on the administration of urban road lighting (Ministry of construction, 21st), the construction on the change of urban road lighting management decision (Ministry of construction, the 104th) repealed simultaneously.

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