Medical And Health Services Information Management Procedures (Trial Implementation)

Original Language Title: 医疗卫生服务单位信息公开管理办法(试行)

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Medical and health services information management procedures (trial implementation)

    (June 3, 2010 Ministry of health promulgated as of August 1, 2010, 75th) Chapter I General provisions

    First to protect the citizens, legal persons and other organizations to obtain health services information, improve transparency in the work of medical and health services, to improve medical and health services in accordance with practice, integrity service, in accordance with the People's Republic of China regulations on disclosure of Government information and laws and regulations relating to public health, these measures are formulated.

    Article information mentioned in these measures refers to the health services unit in the provision of medical and health services in the process, recorded in some form, save information, and other information relating to medical and health services.

    Medical and health service units in these measures refers to disease diagnosis and treatment, disease prevention and control, health education, maternal and child health, mental health, blood and the activities of the health service and other health service units.

    Assume control of health administrative departments of health supervision and law enforcement of health supervision institutions information disclosure work, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Government information implementation of the Ordinance.

    Article III Ministry of health, the State administration of traditional Chinese medicine is responsible for the overall guidance of the national health service information.

    Local people's Governments at or above the county level administrative department is responsible for promoting health, traditional Chinese medicine, guidance, coordination, supervision and information disclosure of medical and health service units within their respective administrative areas.

    Fourth health services unit public information shall be in accordance with the provisions of jurisdiction and the procedures, and follow the principles of fair, equitable, accessible, open content, open procedure.

    Medical and health service units found themselves, potentially disrupting the order of social administration of false or incomplete information, shall promptly publish accurate information be clarified. Fifth unit shall establish and improve medical and health services information confidential review mechanisms and clear review of the responsibilities and procedures.

    Before the disclosure, shall keep confidential in accordance with state laws and regulations and the relevant provisions on the confidentiality of information intended to open review.

    Sixth health care unit information disclosure requirements should be included in the annual budget and protected works.

    Chapter II public scope and content

    Seventh health services unit to meet one of the following basic requirements of information, should be offered to the public:

    (A) the need to widely known or public participation;

    (B) reflect the health services unit setting, functions, procedures, work rules and other conditions;

    (C) in accordance with the laws, regulations and other relevant regulations of the State shall take the initiative to open.

    Eighth in disease prevention and control, health education, maternal and child health, mental health and health service activities such as medical and health service units, should make public the following information:

    (A) residents in the New Territories areas health, major public health problem and its influencing factors and the main technical measures required to solve the problem;

    (B) the basic public health service (including traditional Chinese medicine), service groups, content and implementation of the project;

    (C) the other public health service (including disease prevention and control technical services), content, prices, fare basis and implementation of the project;

    (D) infectious, endemic, chronic non-communicable diseases, occupational diseases, mental illness, disease prevention and control measures, and implementation;

    (V) nutrition and food safety, occupational health, radiological health, sanitation, school health services, content development and implementation;

    (F) the contents of health education and health promotion, progress and implementation;

    (G) occupational health services, occupational health examination and occupational-disease diagnosis Agency, health-related product inspection agency health service agencies, such as the qualifications and services;

    (H) the duties within the disclosure of other information.

    Nineth engaged in disease diagnosis, treatment and blood collection activities such as medical and health service units should make public the following information:

    (A) issued by the administrative departments of public health of the license to practice, health technician, certified according to law the basic identity and health professionals to provide medical services;

    (B) approved by the administrative departments of public health of medical subjects, grant registration of medical technology and medical technology clinical practice;

    (C) approved by the administrative departments of public health of large medical equipment used name, the qualification of employees and management;

    (D) the provision of medical services, content, and processes;

    (E) provide the booking clinic services and out-patient visits the physician information;

    (F) medical services, medicines and major medical supplies price and its application in medical insurance and reimbursement of new type rural cooperative medical system;

    (G) covered by medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical care fixed-point medical institutions, medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical claims and compensation process;

    (VIII) financed by the donations and recipients recipients of property management;

    (I) in dealing with medical disputes procedures, complaints concerning medical service complaints box and telephone;

    (J) convenience services in medical services;

    (11) the duties within the disclosure of other information.

    Tenth article providing basic public health services and basic health services for the community health agency, Township primary health care units, apart from the eighth and Nineth of relevant content, and shall publish the following information:

    (A) equipped with national essential drug name, price, with blood types, specifications, price;

    (B) establish comprehensive two-way referral relationship with this institution, TCM (traditional Chinese and Western medicine, national medical) or hospital name, support unit, expert, expertise, and service hours.

    11th medical service use in patients with drugs, blood products, medical supplies and medical services name, number, amount, unit price, and total medical costs, and so on, to provide referral services or provide a list of costs in the form of informed patients.

    12th following information shall inform the patient of medical service in accordance with the provisions required to sign informed consent forms should be timely, standardized sign relevant informed consent:

    (A) in patients receiving intensive care (ICU), interventional, surgical treatment, blood purification, organ transplantation, artificial joint replacement, high value (thousands more) fees and charges for medical services, such as standard;

    (B) patients received echocardiography, angiography, computer x-ray tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and main auxiliary examinations and fees;

    (C) at his own expense a higher proportion of Medicare patients use medicines and medical items; using new-style rural cooperative medical care in patients with new-style rural cooperative medical care essential drug list medicines and medical items and treatment projects;

    (D) laws, regulations and norms of clinical diagnosis and treatment of other issues of informed consent.

    13th except to the article seventh, eighth and Nineth and tenth of social disclosure of information should be provided, citizens, legal persons or other organizations can also apply to health services units to obtain information concerning its own interests.

    14th health services unit the following information shall not be disclosed:

    (A) classified as State secrets;

    (B) is a commercial secret or open may result in leaked trade secrets;

    (C) belong to the content of intellectual property protection;

    (D) which could be used for the identification of individuals or result in undue harm may lead to personal privacy in public;

    (V) does not belong to the health services unit within the statutory authority of the information;

    (F) the laws, regulations, rules and other information provided will not be made public.

    Of health service staff due to health administration departments and other arrangements, to participate in activities such as evaluation, investigation, identification, provided in addition to laws, rules and regulations, I do not agree with public information, may be withheld.

    Chapter III public methods and procedures

    15th medical service unit shall establish and perfect information disclosure system of the unit, designated agency (hereinafter referred to as information institutions) public work of this unit is responsible for information and the information disclosed to the public body's name, Office address, office hours, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc.

    Information public works agencies specific responsibilities include:

    (A) hosting the information disclosed, and the public information necessary to explain to the public;

    (B) receiving and processing requests for information from this unit;

    (C) collect, maintain and update their own information;

    (D) the confidentiality of information this unit is to open review;

    (E) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations. 16th medical service unit of active public information shall be by way of public disclosure.

    Conditions should be on the unit site disclosure, while consistent with the characteristics of information or made public in several ways:

    (A) special issue of notice or public information;

    (B) radio, television, newspapers and other news media;

    (C) information monitoring service, the public telephone hotline;

    (D) the public consulting rooms, data, information disclosure, information kiosks, electronic screens, electronic touch-screens and other places or facilities;

    (E) other ways that are accessible to the public timely and accurate access to information.

    17th health services unit provides information to specific clients, you can talk face to face, written notice, provide query form. 18th article information subject to disclosure, health service unit shall be the information form or within 20 working days from the date of the change be made public.

    Laws and regulations on information disclosure provisions of term from its provisions. Article 19th of citizens, legal persons and other organizations to apply for access to information shall be made in writing to the application with the information units of medical and health services.
Submission of application data such as e-mail messages, should be confirmed by telephone.

    The application should include the applicant's name or the name of the access to information, proof of identity, address, contacts, required information description and uses.

    20th medical service unit shall, without delay after receiving an application to register, and in accordance with the following circumstances to answer or provide information:

    (A) scope of application information belongs to the public, it shall inform the applicant for the ways and means of this information;

    (B) scope of application information is withheld, it shall notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons;

    (C) does not belong to the mastering of the information or the information does not exist, it shall notify the applicant; to be certain that the information, it shall inform the applicant of the name or contact information;

    (D) the request is not clear, changed or corrected within a reasonable time shall inform the applicant, the applicant fails to change or correction, deemed to have waived this application;

    (E) for the same claimant's repeated applications to the same health service units for the same information, health service unit had responded and did not change the information, it shall notify the applicant will not be repeated;

    (F) medical and health services unit to the applicant obtain information not related to their own interests, can not be provided.

    21st medical service unit receiving the application for access to information, to answer off the cuff should be answered on the spot.

    Can't answer off the cuff, shall from the date of receipt of the application within 15 business days with a response; if extension of response is required, shall be agreed by the head of unit information, and inform the applicant, extend the deadline for reply shall not exceed 15 working days. Applications to obtain information about the rights of third parties shall consult the third party opinion.

    Time needed to seek third party advice is not calculated within the period specified in the preceding paragraph.

    22nd medical service unit provides information to the applicant, shall be provided according to the applicant forms; in accordance with provided in the form requested by the applicant, can be arranged by the applicant access to relevant information, providing copies or other appropriate form of law cannot provide, shall inform the reason cannot be provided.

    23rd health services unit provides information to the applicant, in addition to charge actual retrieval, copying, and mailing costs, such as costs, shall not be charged other fees.

    Charges in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    The fourth chapter supervision and penalties

    Article 24th local people's Governments at or above the county level health and Chinese medicine administrative departments should strengthen the information work in medical and health services unit within the administrative area of daily supervision and inspection, establish and improve the public assessment of medical and health services information systems, information disclosure work into the cadre achievement assessment and evaluation of cadres ' responsibility system, periodic health examination, appraisal service information work. Article 25th of citizens, legal persons or other organizations, medical and health services unit fails to perform the obligation of information disclosure, can contribute to the health service units report to the relevant departments or by the competent Department.

    Receive complaints Department should be investigated and reported to the complaints in writing inform the results. Article 26th local people's Governments at or above the county level health, traditional Chinese medicine administrative departments shall establish and improve the public accountability of medical and health services information systems.

    Violation of these regulations, any of the following circumstances, local people's Governments at or above the county level, administration of Chinese Medicine Department of public health ordered corrective action and give a warning; directly responsible for medical and health services manager and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions:

    (A) is not required to fulfil disclosure obligations;

    (B) the disclosure is false and fraud, cheating clients;

    (C) public information should not be exposed, or intentionally disclose client identification information and the privacy of individuals;

    (D) charge fees in violation of regulations;

    (E) other acts in violation of these rules.

    The fifth chapter by-laws

    27th provincial health Administrative Department in accordance with this approach, and considering the actual situation in the region, formulate rules for its implementation.

    28th medical and health services to employees ' public information in the implementation of the relevant provisions in accordance with open government work. 29th these measures shall come into force on August 1, 2010.

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