Urban System Planning And Approval

Original Language Title: 省域城镇体系规划编制审批办法

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Urban system planning and approval

    (April 25, 2010 Ministry of housing and urban-rural development announced 3rd as of July 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First provincial town in order to standardize the system of planning examination and approval, improve the planning of scientific, according to the People's Republic of China Law on urban and rural planning, these measures are formulated.

    Article preparation and approval of the provincial urban system planning, these measures shall apply.

    Third provincial town system planning is provincial and autonomous regional people's Government to implement town planning, rational distribution of provincial spatial resources and optimize urban-rural space layout, and the basis for infrastructure and public facilities, is to implement the national urban system planning, and guide the development of urbanization in the provinces, autonomous regions and cities and towns, public policy planning under the guidance.

    Fourth compilation of provincial town system planning should be guided by the scientific concept of development, adhere to the urban and rural planning, promoting regional coordination development; insist on local conditions, classified guidelines; stick to the path of urbanization with Chinese characteristics, economical and intensive use of resources, energy, protection of cultural and natural resources and the ecological environment.

    Fifth compilation of provincial town system planning, shall comply with relevant laws, administrative regulations, and coordination and planning.

    Sixth provincial town system planning preparation and management requirements should be included in the provincial budget.

    Article seventh provincial planning system should be approved by the law to the public in a timely manner, except stipulated by laws and administrative regulations shall not disclose the content.

    Chapter II of provincial urban planning formulation and modification Eighth people's Governments of provinces, autonomous regions are responsible for organizing the preparation of provincial planning system.

    Provinces, autonomous region people's Government, urban and Rural Planning Department is responsible for the establishment of urban system planning in the province.

    Nineth provincial and autonomous regional people's Government urban planning departments should be entrusted with town and country planning unit of qualification certificate preparation of the urban system planning in the province.

    Article tenth province town system planning work is generally divided into preparation of the urban system plan (hereinafter plan) and the preparation of the outcome of the urban system planning (hereinafter planning) in two stages.

    11th planning objective is to evaluate the platform for provinces, autonomous regions the urbanization development conditions and basic requirements for urban-rural space layout, analysis and research related to provincial planning and layout of major project impact on urban and rural spaces, clear principles of planning and priorities, study suggests that the target of urbanization and the strategies and measures to be taken, provide a basis for the preparation of the planning results.

    When preparing the plan, should affect the towns of provinces, autonomous regions and special studies on major issues of urban development.

    12th people's Governments of provinces, autonomous regions and rural planning departments should plan and planning for the full argument, and seek the views of relevant departments of the people's Governments at the same level and the lower level people's Governments.

    13th urban planning departments under the State Council should strengthen guidance to the urban system planning in the province.

    During the plan preparation and planning stages of preparation, urban planning departments under the State Council shall organize the program review and planning, and provide review comments.

    14th province urban planning departments, autonomous region people's Government to the urban and rural planning department submitted to the review program and planned outcomes, thematic studies, planning and coordination demonstration descriptions and views on all aspects of adoption.

    15th provincial town system planning by province and autonomous region people's Government submitted to the State Council for examination and approval. 16th provincial town system planning before submitting for approval, Governments of provinces, autonomous regions should be planned results shall be published, and to seek the views of experts and the public.

    Notice not less than 30th.

    Article 17th provincial and autonomous regional people's Government at the provincial town system planning and approval by the State, planning should be brought to the provincial, autonomous regional people's Congress Standing Committee for deliberation.

    Results have to be submitted to the State Council planning annex 18th provincial town system planning manual, planning work instructions, to seek the views and opinions of the component members of the Standing Committee of the national people's Congress adopted the deliberations and based on the consideration of changes to planning, and so on.

    19th provincial outcome of the urban system planning should include planning texts, drawings, both in writing and in electronic file form.

    Planning should be clear, standardized expression of, in line with technical standards and specifications relating to the urban and rural planning.

    Amend article 20th provincial town system planning, should be consistent with the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the law on urban and rural planning.

    Modified before the provincial urban system planning report to the State Council, provincial and autonomous regional people's Government urban planning departments should be combined with the evaluation of the provincial implementation of the urban system planning, planning the need to modify, modify the basic thought of planning and priorities, by the approval of the people's Governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and to report to the State Council Town and country planning department.

    Urban system planning of 21st amendment province shall conform to these rules the province town system planning and approval procedures.

    22nd Provincial urban system planning in light of the implementation of needs, provincial and autonomous regional people's Government urban planning departments can be based on approved provincial town system planning, in conjunction with the concerned organizations province-wide regional planning and cross-level administrative unit of planning and implementing the requirements of urban system planning in the province.

    Article 23rd province-wide regional planning and planning across the levels of administrative units, provincial and autonomous region people's Government for approval.

    Chapter III content and outcome of the urban system planning requirements

    Article 24th program should include the following:

    (A) analysis and evaluation of the existing provincial planning system implementation, clear principles of planning, priorities and should solve the problem.

    (B) in accordance with the requirements of national urban system planning, presented in country towns of the province, autonomous region and the status and role of regional coordinated development.

    (C) the comprehensive assessment of land resources, water resources, energy and ecological carrying capacity of the environment, urban development support conditions and constraints, raised in the process of urbanization of important resources, rational energy utilization and protection, environmental protection and disaster prevention and mitigation requirements.

    (D) the integrated analysis of economic and social development goals and the trend of industry development, rural-urban migration and population distribution, urbanization and urban development within the provincial regional differences affecting the provinces and autonomous regions the main factor of urban development and urbanization objectives, tasks and requests made. (Five) according to urban and rural regional full coordination sustainable development of requirements, integrated consider economic social development and population resources environment conditions, proposed optimization urban and rural space pattern of planning requirements, including province domain urban and rural space layout, urban and rural residents points system and optimization rural residents points layout of requirements; proposed province domain integrated traffic and major municipal based facilities, and public facilities layout of recommends; proposed need from province domain level focus coordination, and guide of area, and need and adjacent province (autonomous regions, and

    Municipalities) to coordinate critical infrastructure layout and other related issues.

    (F) in accordance with the protection of resources, ecological environment and optimize the provincial urban and rural spatial layout of comprehensive requirements, study and put forward suitable areas, restriction areas, delineation of the principles of prohibition of construction zones and defined basis, clearly restricted construction zones, prohibition of the construction of the basic type.

    25th planning should include the following elements: (A) specifies the General requirements of the provincial and autonomous regions, urban and rural development.

    Including the objectives and strategy of urbanization and urbanization quality objectives and related indicators, way of urbanization and coordinated development of urban policy and strategy; urban and rural development goals, urban-rural structure change trend and planning strategies, according to provincial, autonomous regional differences in classification of urbanization policy. (B) clear resources utilization and ecological environmental protection goals, requirements and measures.

    Including land resources, rational utilization and protection of water resources, energy, protection of the historical and cultural heritage, regional traditional culture embodiment of eco-environmental protection. (C) clarify provincial urban and rural space and size requirements.

    Including urban hierarchy and spatial layout; from the provincial level key to coordinate and guide the orientation and coordination, in the area of guidance measures; rural residential layout optimization goals, principles and planning requirements. (D) clear and coordinated urban-rural space layout of regional integrated transport system.

    Including provincial comprehensive transportation development goals, strategies and principles of integrated transport and coordination of urban-rural space layout, provincial transport networks and of important traffic facilities layout, comprehensive transportation hub and urban planning requirements. (V) explicit urban and rural infrastructure support system.

    Including the integration of urban and rural areas of major infrastructure and public facility layout planning principles and requirements, central town of essential public infrastructure and facilities requirements; construction of rural residential and General requirements for environmental remediation; comprehensive disaster prevention planning requirements and major public security system. (F) clear space of regulatory requirements.

    Includes restricted construction zones, location and scope of prohibited areas, proposed control requirements and implement control measures for municipalities in the province (s) designated in the urban master plan "four lines" provide a basis for planning, such as the line of control. (G) the clear requirements of urban and rural planning to the next level.

    Combined with the actual situation of the province, autonomous region, integrated to the coordinated development of regional towns, urban-rural space layout, ecological environmental protection, traffic and infrastructure layout, space development control planning requirements. (VIII) specific planning and implementation of policies and measures.

    Include the coordinated development of urban and rural and urban policies; need to further deepen the implementation plan; guarantee for planning, implementation, planning and implementation methods. People's Governments of provinces, autonomous regions and rural planning department according to the actual situation of the provinces, autonomous regions, provincial urban system planning in the proposed coordination with neighboring provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the matter, immediate action plan and other planning content.
When necessary, is divided into several areas of the province, autonomous region, deepen and refine planning requirements.

    Article 26th restricted construction zones, the prohibition of construction regulatory requirements, important resources and eco-environment protection objectives, within the provincial culture-critical infrastructure layout should be as mandatory elements of the provincial urban system planning.

    27th provincial planning of urban system planning in General, the term of 20 years, can resource ecological environment protection and urban-rural space layout make long-term predictions on major issues such as arrangements.

    The fourth chapter by-laws

    28th province-wide regional planning and cross-level administrative unit under planning and preparation and approval of the specific requirements, in accordance with the measures identified. 29th these measures come into force on July 1, 2010. August 15, 1994 issued by the Ministry of construction of the urban system planning approval (Ministry of construction, the 36th) repealed simultaneously.

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