Stamp Issuing Regulatory Approach

Original Language Title: 邮票发行监督管理办法

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Stamp issuing regulatory approach

    (November 25, 2010 Ministry of transport [2010] 8th release come into force on January 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen supervision of stamps to ensure postal communication needs, and healthy development of Philately and safeguard national interests and the interests of consumers, postal enterprises, according to the People's Republic of China postal law, these measures are formulated.

    Article People's Republic of China territory of the stamp issuing activity and supervision of stamps, these measures shall apply.

    Thirdly, postal authorities under the State Council in a nationwide implementation of stamp duty of supervision and management.

    The provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the postal authority in the administrative area within the stamp duty of supervision and management.

    Fourth stamps should be national policies, spreading knowledge and promoting national culture, showing State-building achievements, enriching people's cultural lives, promoting international exchanges, adapt to the development of postal industry, economic and social development and people's living needs.

    Chapter II general provisions

    Fifth stamps includes ordinary postage stamps, commemorative and special stamps.

    Common stamps are stamps issued to ensure communication and mailing needs.

    Commemorative stamps to commemorate events or important figures and issued stamps.

    Special stamps are issued stamps to promote specific things.

    Collectively referred to as stamp commemorative and special stamps.

    The ordinary stamp and stamp are mail na logo valuable coupons.

    Sixth ordinary stamps issued a set of 5 years, case of postage adjustment needed in advance or delayed.

    Stamp year general plan of not more than 100 figures, definitive stamp sheetlet no more than 4 figures. Seventh issue should prepare release plans.

    Postal enterprises shall in accordance with the approval or for the record of issuing stamps. Eighth number of ordinary stamps issued by the postal enterprises in accordance with market needs to be determined.

    Postal enterprises shall at the end of March each year for the preceding year number of ordinary stamps postal administration by the State Department.

    Nineth postal enterprises issued regular stamps, stamp information, specimens should be reported to the postal authorities under the State Council for the record.

    Tenth post business stamp business, shall abide by the relevant laws, administrative regulations and these rules, strengthen the management to meet communication needs, guarantee the quality of stamps, and improve service levels.

    Copyright management systems in postal enterprises shall establish stamps.

    The 11th China and other countries or regions joint stamp issue should meet the needs of China's diplomatic work, in line with China's foreign policy and the foreign cooperation and exchanges policy.

    Chapter selection and designs

    12th stamp the scope of the topic should include political, economic, science and technology, education, culture, art, natural beauty, and so on.

    Stamp subjects should be balanced, in accordance with the appropriate balance of various topics in the field of.

    13th stamp subjects should be guided by the following principles: (A) the principle of positive publicity.

    Stamp themes reflect the nature, health, good things; do not reflect the nature of negative, not decadent, ugly thing. (B) principles.

    Stamps only, completed, even on an issue of things not unfulfilled, unfinished things, such as planning, planning, unfinished projects. (C) scientific principles.

    Stamps only scientific conclusion regarding the things, not to show controversial things academically. (D) non-commercial principles.

    Stamp shall not engage in commercial advertising. (E) principles of expression.

    Stamps should adapt to the characteristics stamp limitation of the layout. (F) the principle of protection of intellectual property rights.

    Stamps used and cited in the topic subject pattern or material shall comply with the provisions of laws and regulations on intellectual property rights protection.

    (VII) do not issue stamps of living people.

    14th ordinary regular issue with stamp subjects should be adapted to use broad, long periods, and so on.

    The 15th commemorative stamps include commemorative stamps of the characters and events of commemorative stamps.

    Commemorative stamp subjects range in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

    16th special stamps topic subjects should meet the following requirements:

    (A) political nature shall mainly publicize China's basic national policies and national policies, such as natural resources and environmental protection and scientific development topics such as; (B) the construction theme, shall mainly publicize China's economic construction, science and technology, education and health, national defense and other important achievements in the field.

    Economy dominated by national public projects;

    (C) Science subject matter, should the public content is easy to understand;

    (D) the genre of literature and art, should be performance mainly to the most famous and the most representative literary works, contemporary major literary and artistic achievements and knowledge;

    (Five) monuments heritage, and scenery places class theme, should main publicity China as "world culture heritage", and "world natural heritage" and "world culture and natural heritage" of monuments and scenery places; has select to publicity included national focus heritage protection units, and national focus landscape places district list of monuments and scenery places, and special major of archaeological found and national level heritage; (F) the folk genre, should introduce the most typical of all ethnic groups in China's customs and national characteristics of other things.

    Should avoid sensitive issues relating to ethnic relations and religion; (VII) other subjects such as live entertainment, health, popular.

    Can include fitness, topics such as child life, flowers Ukraine, fish and insects.

    The 17th ordinary stamps and stamps of the topics identified by the postal enterprises in accordance with the requirements to the topics.

    18th postal authorities under the State Council is responsible for stamp subjects and pictorial review.

    19th commemorative topics through the following channels:

    (A) the decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council;

    (B) the recommendations of the departments under the State Council and local people's Governments;

    (C) proposals submitted by the national people's Congress and CPPCC proposals;

    (D) the recommendations of the community.

    20th postal enterprises with its own characteristics, and in various ways to collect stamps topic themes.

    Postal enterprises before the end of June in each year will be collected next year commemorative stamp subjects subject and topic suggestions submitted to the postal authorities under the State Council. Article 21st of the commemorative stamp selection Committee topics themes and topics suggested at first instance, and set out its preliminary comments.

    Commemorative stamps for the implementation of the Party Central Committee and the State Council decided to topics directly in the determined range of topics.

    Stamp selection Advisory Committee by postal administrative departments, relevant departments of the State Council and experts in related fields.

    22nd post the stamp topics by the Management Advisory Committee of the State Council on the basis of preliminary review opinions, review decisions of the commemorative stamp subjects. Postal authorities under the State Council shall, before the end of July each year audited subjects informed of the postal enterprises, and commemorative topics-related information.

    Postal commemorative stamp subjects should be included in the stamp issuing programme for the year.

    23rd ordinary postage stamps of different face value, should be clearly distinguishable in the design, so that you recognize and use.

    24th postal enterprises shall, in accordance with the postal stamps of commemorative stamp subjects accredited management organization design.

    Commemorative stamp designs include stamps pictures, coupon text and layout elements, should cater for the stamps, has strong political, scientific and artistic, subject to national provisions of laws and administrative rules and regulations relating to intellectual property. 25th postal enterprises shall, in commemorative stamp issue date 60 days before the postal authorities under the State Council for examination stamp designs.

    In case of special circumstances, review request on time, advance postal administration by the State Department.

    Post examination stamp pattern, should provide the following materials:

    (A) stamp patterns applying description, of a commemorative stamp designs and commemorative stamp designs illustrative material in the process of examining programmes;

    (B) the design specification, containing the stamp design shows, design source, designer profiles, Executive Editor and soliciting departments to sign design evaluation and comments of materials;

    (C) stamp patterns expert opinion, stamp topics related to competent authorities or related fields of scientific authority on stamps issued by professional organizations patterned authentication materials;

    (D) intellectual property rights agreement, signed with the copyright owner to obtain the stamp designs copyright of the relevant legal instruments; (E) two copies of the stamp design renderings.

    Rendering refers to the use of the stamp artwork produced and arranged the text and layout of the color proof. Article 26th commemorative stamps for the postal services under the management of postal enterprises applying patterns, shall, within 15 working days to complete the review.

    If you need to consult with relevant departments, the review period may be extended, but should not affect the normal issuing commemorative stamps.

    27th postal enterprises shall be in strict accordance with the Postal Administration Department under the State review of the approval pattern printed commemorative stamps.

    The fourth chapter issuance programme

    28th ordinary stamp plan shall meet the following requirements:

    (A) to meet the basic needs of communication and mailing;

    (B) the values set should be reasonable and compatible with the function of postage, for settlement use.

    29th postal enterprises shall prepare a stamp issuing programme.

    Release schedule includes units of each stamp, name, type, number, issue date, face value, other varieties, plans to issue number.

    Other varieties referred to in the preceding paragraph refers to a souvenir sheet, booklet, other layouts, plans to issue number containing the number of other varieties.

    30th postal enterprises next year should be before the end of September in each year of stamp issue postal administration audited by the State.

    31st postal enterprises review of stamp annual distribution plan should provide the following materials:

    (A) the issuance programme, which does not include the issue number of each stamp;

    (Ii) the scheduling direction, a stamp issuing programme preparation process, subject characteristics, stamp set face value, variety set of illustrative material;

    (C) information on topics of stamps, with related texts, pictures and so on.

    32nd joint stamp issue of China and other countries or region shall review stamp issuing programme to so indicate.

    Article 33rd postal authorities under the State Council shall, within 20 working days to complete the validation stamp issuing programme, and notify the postal validation views. 34th postal enterprises of postal authorities under the State Council approval stamp issuing programme, in principle, no change. Postal enterprises as proposed due to special reasons to change the stamp issuing programme should submit change requests to the postal authorities under the State Council, postal authorities the change request is approved by the State Council.

    Without postal authorities approved by the State Council, postal enterprises shall not be changed without permission.

    35th postal enterprises should new booking prior to the commencement of work in the coming year, postal authorities announced to the public by the State Council approval stamp issuing programme for the next year.

    36th postal enterprises shall in each stamp issue date 90 days before the planned issue postal administration audited by the State.

    Plans to issue number shall be indicated for subscription, retail, product development, inventory number constitute.

    37th postal authorities under the State Council according to the postal development needs, plans to market validation stamp issuance, validation shall be completed within 10 working days, and notify the postal validation views.

    The fifth chapter printing and sales

    38th stamp by postal enterprises-owned printing company or postal enterprise printing company to print.

    Postal enterprises owned printing enterprises and postal enterprise printing enterprises are collectively referred to as the stamp business.

    Postal stamp should be enterprise's basic situation of postal administration by the State Department.

    39th postal stamp production enterprises, should be reasonable, arrangements to ensure that stamp time limits.

    40th postal enterprises shall ensure the quality of stamps printed in conformity with the relevant requirements, ensure the print quantity, print design and approval or for the record correspond to the release number, pattern, guarantees security of the stamp.

    Commissioned the printing of stamps, postal enterprises shall be entrusted with the strict management of printing enterprises.

    41st stamp printing company should be based on the stamp related regulations establish and improve the Organization and management of production systems, and report the postal authorities of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities for the record.

    Stamp printing company of the 42nd article be independently stamp production process, it is strictly forbidden to stamp production tasks are subcontracted, ultra plans to print or no plans to print stamps is strictly prohibited.

    43rd postal enterprises shall provide the community with high quality, convenient postage stamp sales and service.

    Postal enterprises shall in the universal postal service sites provide general stamp sales and service, meet the needs of postal communication.

    Postal enterprises should be based on market demand and reasonable set of stamp sales outlets, the distribution of announcements of sales outlets.

    44th postal enterprises shall be announced to the public before the stamp issued stamp information, including name, issue date, number of pieces, the face value of stamps, specifications and the tooth number, version, anti-counterfeiting methods, designers, release duration.

    Sales outlets should be issued stamp date notice new email marketing services information, including number, type, price, retail sales time. Postal enterprises shall stamp first day of issue on time and providing sales and service to the community.

    In the important theme of stamp first day of issue, and shall take effective measures to ensure the operation of stamp sales outlets.

    45th postal enterprises shall, on the expiry of each stamp issue within 3 months to announce the actual release number, and postal authorities under the State Council for the record.

    46th postal enterprises shall not be any of the following acts:

    (A) the sale of stamps the other day;

    (B) is less than the face value or sales price of stamps;

    (C) the period is higher than the nominal value or sales price of stamp;

    (D) using the method of tying forcing consumers to buy other goods;

    (E) using their dominant market damaging the interests of consumers.

    47th postal enterprises shall, each year before the end of the report the sale of stamps to post management, including:

    (A) stamp sales outlets or changes in that year;

    (B) when postal enterprises carry out self-examination of stamp sales services;

    (C) the year of stamp sales.

    Sixth chapter postage deactivated 48th postage has stopped referring to cancel previously issued postage mail na sign function.

    Fu Zhi postage including stamps, postage, stamped envelopes, stamped postcards and stamped aerogrammes, stamped cards, and so on.

    Disable postage postal enterprises shall first apply to the postal authorities under the State Council, postal authorities and approval by the State Council to be implemented.

    49th postage has one of the following situations may apply for disabled:

    (A) use ordinary long time stamps;

    (B) losing security features that postage;

    (C) postage pictorial errors or other problems.

    50th post application for disable postage, should provide the following materials:

    (A) the application disable postage has basic information, including name, type, issue date, face value or selling price, release number and pattern;

    (B) deactivation cause;

    (C) deactivate the start date;

    (D) to the holder equal to postage has implementation of the program.

    51st postal authorities under the State Council shall, within 20 working days to complete the postage stopped approving applications for, and issue a written approval to post comments. Section 52nd disable postage, postal enterprises shall stop using 90 take a variety of forms make an announcement a few days ago, to stop selling.

    Postage voucher holders within 1 year since the date of the announcement, to postal enterprises in Exchange for the equivalent of postage.

    Supervision and administration of the seventh chapter

    53rd postal management should strengthen the supervision and management of stamps.

    54th stamps supervision and management should follow open, fair and just principles, exercise government supervision, social supervision, corporate discipline methods.

    Postal Administration and postal enterprises shall establish stamps issued complaints, complaints to the public channels and means.

    55th postal administrations shall have the right to take the following measures to stamp, sales of conducting supervision and inspection, supervision and Inspection Unit shall cooperate, and may not refuse or impede:

    (A) access to a relevant business or related site inspection;

    (B) to the relevant units and personnel know what is happening, check out, copy the relevant files, information and documents;

    (C) approved by the postal authorities in charge, seizure and withholding illegal operation observed during the inspection of the goods;

    (Iv) for violations found during the inspection, and dealt with according to law.

    56th postal management staff business secrets obtained in the course of supervision and inspection, the obligation to keep confidential.

    57th postal administration stamps and supervision system should be established, you can employ social supervisors, collect consumer opinions and suggestions and other forms, stamps issued by the supervision work carried out.

    Article 58th postal enterprises shall strengthen self-discipline management of stamps, you can test stamps issued quality of service in an appropriate manner, detect problems, and correct.

    59th inspection of postal administrations under stamp issuing authority, issued rectification notices to post, and oversee the implementation of rectification.

    Postal Administration shall periodically prepare stamps issued regulatory reports, to the public.

    The eighth chapter legal liability

    60th postal enterprises of one of the following acts, rectification notices issued by postal administrations, and depending on the seriousness of warning or be fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fines:

    (A) in accordance with this approach review stamp issuing programme;

    (B) is not in accordance with the means reported average number of stamp issuance;

    (C) provisions relating to stamp sales in violation of these regulations;

    (D) the stamp of quality accident occurs.

    61st postal enterprises of one of the following acts, postal authorities under the State Council to give warning or be fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine, publicize the penalties, and according to the actual situation requires rectification notices issued:

    (A) alter the postal authorities under the State Council approval stamp issuing programme;

    (B) without adjusting the commemorative stamps for the postal authorities under the State Council reviewed the pattern;

    (C) unauthorized deactivate postage.

    62nd refuses, prevents, postal authorities of conducting supervision and inspection, or providing false information, by postal authorities ordered corrective action and warning overdue change, fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.

    63rd postal management staff in the supervision and management of abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, and does not constitute a crime, administrative sanctions by their Department or the authorities at constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The Nineth chapter supplementary articles

    64th stamps jointly issued by China and other countries or regions, provisions applicable to these measures on stamp. 65th these measures come into force on January 1, 2011.

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