Nursery Kindergarten Health Care Management

Original Language Title: 托儿所幼儿园卫生保健管理办法

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Nursery kindergarten health care management

    (September 6, 2010, the Ministry of health, the Ministry of Education promulgated as of November 1, 2010, 76th) first in order to improve the level of nursery, kindergarten and health care, prevention and reduction of diseases, protection of children's physical and mental health, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to all types of 0~6sui children enrolled nurseries and kindergartens (hereinafter referred to as nurseries).

    Article kindergartens should implement the policy of baojiao combine punishment and prevention, do health care.

    The fourth Department of the people's Government at or above the county level health nurseries should be an important part of health care as a public health service, strengthen supervision and guidance.

    People's Governments at or above the county level administrative departments of education to help health departments to inspect and guide the health care of kindergartens. Fifth in the maternal and child health institutions above the county level are responsible for the area in nurseries and health care business guide.

    Operational guidance include: diet nutrition, physical exercise, health checks, hygiene, disease prevention, and so on.

    Disease prevention and control agencies should be regular nurseries in disease prevention and control advisory services and guidance.

    Health supervision and law enforcement agencies shall, for nurseries in drinking water health, communicable disease prevention and control, supervise and inspect the work.

    Sixth with canteens providing catering services in nurseries shall be in accordance with the food safety law and the regulations for the implementation of the food safety law and the requirements of the relevant regulations, conscientiously implement the food safety requirements.

    Food and Drug Administration is responsible for the catering services, such as supervision and Administration Department shall strengthen the kindergarten food safety guidance and supervision and inspection.

    Seventh kindergarten buildings, facilities, equipment, the environment and provide food, drinking water should comply with the relevant national health standards and standard requirements.

    Article the creation of nurseries, recruiting local people's Governments at or above the county level shall be obtained before specified medical health certificate issued by the health Administrative Department in accordance with the nursery kindergarten health evaluation report of the health care standard.

    Health care quality educational administrative departments at various levels shall be included in the classification of class management in nurseries.

    Nineth nurseries of legal representative or head is the responsibility of the health care work.

    Tenth nurseries should be based on size, set up, such as number of children receiving the clinics or medical facilities, specifically for health care.

    Sanitary rooms shall comply with the basic standards of medical institutions, issued by the health Administrative Department of the practising certificate for medical institution.

    Their births may not carry out diagnosis and treatment, its configuration should meet basic requirements like set. 11th in nurseries and health care workers should be employed in accordance with national requirements.

    Health-care personnel, including doctors, nurses and health workers.

    Physician working at the clinic should make physicians practising certificate issued by the administrative departments of public health, nurses should obtain the certificate of nurse practitioners.

    Health workers working in the health room should have a high school diploma, after health care professional training, in nurseries and health care knowledge, mastering sanitation and disinfection, infectious diseases, such as management and nutrition management skills. 12th up as nurseries to engage health care staff shall, in accordance with article 150 child ratio of at least 1 full-time health care providers with health care personnel.

    Children up 150 should be staffed with full-time or part-time health-care personnel.

    13th in nurseries and health-care providers should receive regular health care professional training in the local maternity and child care institutions.

    Kindergarten health personnel should be on Agency staff in health education, disease prevention, hygiene, nutrition, food hygiene, drinking water and other specific instructions.

    14th staff before working in nurseries must be designated by the people's Governments above the county level health Administrative Department of medical and health institutions to carry out health checks, made of the kindergarten staff health certificates before they can post.

    Nurseries should be organized on the job for 1 year health checks; employed person suffering from an infectious disease, it shall immediately post treatment, cure before they can work.

    Mental patients had a history of mental illness who is not working in nurseries.

    15th in nurseries and nursery kindergarten shall be in strict accordance with the health care standard of health care.

    Kindergarten health care include the following:

    (A) according to the characteristics of children of different ages, to establish scientific and reasonable system of daily life, children good health habits;

    (B) to provide proper nutrition to children, science to develop recipes, guarantee a balanced diet;

    (C) formulation and physical exercise plan adapted to children's physical characteristics, based on the age characteristics of children's play and sports activities, and to guarantee children time for outdoor activities to promote children's physical and mental health; (D) establish health screening system, carrying out regular health checks of children work, setting up health records.

    Adhere to the morning check and observation of health, prevention of common diseases, identify problems and treatment; (E) strict implementation of the sanitation and disinfection systems, Interior and exterior environmental and personal hygiene.

    Strengthening the management of food hygiene and food safety;

    (F) assist in the implementation of the national immunization programme, in child care, should check their immunization card, does not require the vaccination of children to inform their guardian, urge the guardians take children to the vaccination provided for in local units to replant; (VII) strengthening daily care nursing, weak project management.

    Combined with maternal and child health agencies regularly carry out children's eye, ear, dental care, mental health care for children;

    (H) establishment of a safety management system, implementation of health and safety protection, and prevent the occurrence of accidents;

    (I) developing health education programmes for children and their parents to conduct health education activities in various forms;

    (J) all health care information to collect, compile and report on their work.

    16th nurseries should be guided by the disease prevention and control institutions, good management of infectious disease prevention and control.

    Found in nurseries in children with infectious diseases shall promptly in accordance with the law, regulations and the provisions of the Ministry of Health reported in disease prevention and control agencies, under the guidance of rigorous disinfection of environment.

    During the pandemic period, kindergartens should strengthen the control and prevention measures.

    Article 17th of disease prevention and control institutions shall collect, analyze, investigate, verify nurseries in epidemic situation of infectious diseases, identify problems and inform the nurseries, and report to the administrative departments of public health and the administrative departments of education.

    18th child into kindergarten health medical and health institutions shall be subject to prior examination, qualified before entering kindergarten. Found in nurseries in the garden (the) children with suspected infectious disease should inform the guardians to leave (the) diagnosis and treatment.

    Children with infectious diseases cured, with medical and health certificate health certificate may park ().

    Children leaving kindergarten for more than 3 months shall conduct health examinations before once again into the kindergarten.

    Medical and health institutions shall, in accordance with the provisions of medical projects to carry out health checks, must not violate the provisions of the unauthorized change.

    19th nurseries, one of the following circumstances, rectification by the health Administrative Department, criticized; fails to change the disciplinary warning; the circumstances are serious, administrative penalties according to law by the administrative departments of education:

    (A) without the required establishment of medical facilities, clinics or provide health care personnel;

    (B) the employment is not for health checks or medical examination is not qualified staff;

    (C) does not organize regular health checks;

    (D) recruiting without a health inspection or failed to pass the medical examination of children into kindergarten;

    (V) does not strictly follow the nursery kindergarten health health care health care regulations.

    Public health Administrative Department shall promptly inform the administrative departments of education, educational administration as a kindergarten grade class management and quality assessment basis.

    20th kindergarten without the practising certificate for medical institution without authorization to set up clinics, diagnostic and therapeutic activities, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulation of medical institutions for punishment.

    21st nurseries failing to carry out health care duties, caused public health emergencies such as epidemics, food poisoning, health administration, educational administration according to the relevant laws and regulations are punished.

    Medical and health institutions above the county level did not perform their duties in accordance with this regulation, leading to emergent public health events in nurseries, related laws and regulations are punished by administrative departments of health.

    22nd primary school with preschool, preschool classes in accordance with the measures established by the Executive alone.

    22nd local reality of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, according to these measures, formulate implementing rules.

    24th to implement these measures, in nurseries and health care units and individuals that have achieved outstanding successes in work, health administration and educational administration under the people's Governments at all levels to give recognition and rewards.

    25th article of the nursery kindergarten health care working rules formulated by the Ministry of health is responsible for. 26th article this way come into force on November 1, 2010.

    On December 1, 1994 by the Ministry of health, the former State Education Commission jointly issued by the nursery, kindergarten management of health care repealed at the same time.

    Annexes: 1. child admission (the) health examination form

    2. the children (the) health certificate

    3. the kindergarten staff health examination form

4. the kindergarten staff health certificates in annex 1: child admission (the) health examination form
│ │ │ │ │ │ │ Sex age name date of birth date of │ │
¦ History ¦ 1. congenital heart disease 2. epilepsy 3. febrile convulsions 4. asthma 5. other │
│   过敏史   │                            │儿童家长确认签名│                  │
│ │ │ │ │ │ Evaluation kg body weight height (h) │ cm evaluation skin │ │ │ │ │
│ 体 ├───┼──┼──┼──┼─────┼────┼───┼───┼───┴─┤
│    │      │ 左 │    │ 左 │          │   左   │  口  │牙齿数│          │
│ 格 │  眼  ├──┤视力├──┤     耳   ├────┤      ├───┼─────┤
│    │      │ 右 │    │ 右 │          │   右   │  腔  │龋齿数│          │
│ 检 ├───┼──┼──┼──┴─────┼────┼───┼───┼─────┤
│    │ 头颅 │    │胸廓│                │脊柱四肢│      │ 咽部 │          │
│ 查 ├───┼──┼──┼────┬───┴─┬──┴─┬─┴─┬─┴─────┤
│    │ 心肺 │    │肝脾│        │ 外生殖器 │        │ 其他 │              │
│ Auxiliary │ hemoglobin (Hb) │ │ alanine aminotransferase │ │
│ 助 │            │                      │      (ALT)       │                │
│ 检 ├──────┼───────────┴─────────┴────────┤
│ 查 │    其他    │                                                            │
│检查结果    │                        │ 医生意见 │                            │
│                                                                                │
│医生签名:                                      检查单位:                      │
│                                                                                │
│体检日期:          年    月    日                            (检查单位盖章)  │
│                                                                                │

└────────────────────────────────────────┘ Annex 2: children (the) health certificate
Names gender │ │ │ │ │ children date of birth date of │ │
│ 离园日期 │                │   转入新园名称   │                    │
│ 既往病史 │                │   目前健康状况   │                    │
│ 家长签名 │                                                          │
│                                                                      │
│ Health care staff signature: transfer out unit: │
│                                                                      │
│日    期:         年    月    日                   (转出单位盖章)  │
│                                                                      │
                        Note: since the Park is valid for 3 months from the date of the child.
Children Park (the) health certificate
Names gender │ │ │ │ │ children date of birth date of │ │
│ 离园日期 │                │   转入新园名称   │                    │
│ 既往病史 │                │   目前健康状况   │                    │
│ 家长签名 │                                                          │
│                                                                      │
│ Health care staff signature: transfer out unit: │
│                                                                      │
│日    期:         年    月    日                   (转出单位盖章)  │
│                                                                      │

Note: since the Park is valid for 3 months from the date of the child.

Annex 3: kindergarten staff health examination form
│  姓名  │        │性别│    │年龄│    │婚否│    │编号│    │              │
├────┼────┴──┴──┼──┼──┴──┴──┼──┼──┤              │
│  单位  │                    │岗位│                │民族│    │              │
├────┼──────────┴──┴────────┴──┴──┤      照      │
│ │ 1. hepatitis (hepatitis a, hepatitis and other infectious diseases of digestive tract) 2. tuberculosis 3. skin diseases │ │
│        │                                                        │      片      │
¦ History ¦ 4. sexually transmitted diseases 5. mental illness 6. other │ │
│        │                                                        │              │
│        │受检者确认签字:______________                          │              │
├────┴────┬───────────────────────┤              │
│     身份证号     │                                              │              │
│ 体 │    血压    │                │心肺│          │   肝脾   │              │
│ 格 ├──────┼────────┼──┼─────┼─────┼───────┤
│ 检 │    皮肤    │                │五官│          │   其他   │              │
│ 查 │            │                │    │          │          │              │
│ 化 │ 丙氨酸氨基转移酶 │                │  滴  虫  │                          │
│    │      (ALT)       │                │          │                          │
│ 验 ├─────────┼────────┼─────┼─────────────┤
│    │      淋球菌      │                │梅毒螺旋体│                          │
│ 检 ├─────────┼────────┼─────┼─────────────┤
│    │外阴阴道假丝酵母菌│                │   其他   │                          │
│ 查 │    (念珠菌)    │                │          │                          │
│     胸片检查     │                                                              │
│     其他检查     │                                                              │
│检查结果│                            │ 医生意见 │                              │
│                                                                                  │
│医生签名:                                      检查单位:                        │
│                                                                                  │
│体检日期:           年    月    日                    (检查单位盖章)           │
│                                                                                  │
├─────────────────────────────────────────┤                                  │ Notes: 1. the Trichomonas and Candida Vulvovaginal gynecological examinations.
│                      │ 2. x-ray examination is limited to post before and after induction suspected respiratory symptoms.
│                              │ 3. where the medical clearance, health certificates issued by the health screening unit.


Annex 4: kindergarten staff health certificates
    Kindergarten staff health certificates
                                    , The kindergarten staff health qualified ┌ ┬-----┬ ┬------┬-┐
│姓名│        │性别│        │        │
                                    Certificate of service life of 3 years, and each year after passing the examination, from │││││ Chiu │
├──┼────┼──┼────┤        │                   Attested by the inspection bodies 1.
    │年龄│        │婚否│        │   片   │
                                    Second, the kindergarten staff fitness ││││││
                                    Certificate should be kept, if lost, should re-examine │ jobs │ │ national │││
│    │        │    │        │        │                    Search and apply for a replacement.
                                    │工作单位│                              │
                                    │身份证号│                              │

People's Republic of China Ministry of health supervision
│年度                                │年度                                  │
│体检结果                            │体检结果                              │
│                                    │                                      │
│                医生签名            │                 医生签名             │
│                                    │                                      │
│                    年    月    日  │                      年    月    日  │
│检查单位盖章                        │检查单位盖章                          │
│年度                                │年度                                  │
│体检结果                            │体检结果                              │
│                                    │                                      │
│                医生签名            │                 医生签名             │
│                                    │                                      │
│                    年    月    日  │                      年    月    日  │
│检查单位盖章                        │检查单位盖章                          │ └──────────────────┴───────────────────┘

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