Amending The Mine Safety Regulations State Administration Of Safety Supervision On Part Ii Of The Sixth Chapter Decisions Of The Control Parts

Original Language Title: 国家安全监管总局关于修改《煤矿安全规程》第二编第六章防治水部分条款的决定

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Amending the mine safety regulations state administration of safety supervision on part II of the sixth chapter decisions of the control parts

    (January 25, 2011 the State administration of work safety announced as of March 1, 2011, 37th) State administration of production safety supervision and management decided to mine safety regulations part II of the sixth chapter of the water provisions read as follows: A, No. 251 is amended as: "coal mining enterprises, should fulfill the needs of mine water prevention and control professional and technical personnel, complete special survey water equipment, the establishment of specialized survey water operations team, establishing and perfecting the control system, equipment necessary to prevent water rescue equipment.


    Er, No. 252 is amended as: "the prevention and cure of coal mine, mine should be the preparation of the medium-and long-term planning of water (5-10 years) and annual plans, and careful implementation. "Coal mine, mine mine hydrogeological type should be divided regularly collect, investigate and check the adjacent coal mines and abandoned old kiln, and under the surface and engineering comparison chart and mine water filling out its mine, mining areas and mining life, puddles. Mine hydrogeological observation system should be established, strengthening hydro-geological monitoring and flood forecasting analysis.

    ” Addition of a paragraph, as the third paragraph of this article: "hydrogeological conditions are complicated, extremely complicated mine should be carried out at least once a month 1 flood hazard hunt and governance activities, and other mines should be conducted at least every quarter 1 water troubleshooting, and governance activities.

    ” Three, No. 254, amended to read: "coal mining enterprises and mines shall ascertain the ground near the mining area and its river catchment, leakage, drainage capacity and water conservancy projects, and so on; understanding of local reservoirs, hydroelectric dams, River levees, River and river obstacles; local annual rainfall and flood information, establishment of hydrophobic, waterproof and drainage system.

    ” Addition of a paragraph, as the second paragraph of this section: "coal mine, mine calamity weather early warning and preventive mechanisms should be established, strengthened communication with neighboring adjacent mine, when he found the mine water disaster may affect the adjacent mine immediately surrounding adjacent mine warning.


    IV, No. 255, amended to read: "mine well and industrial site ground elevation of a building must be above the highest flood level; in mountain areas must also avoid possible mudslides, landslides and other geological disasters in dangerous locations. "The mine head and main buildings on the site is lower than the local ground elevation of the highest flood level, construction of dams, canals or other reliable flood control measures. Reliable security measures cannot be taken, should be closed to fill the hole.


    Five, No. 256, amended to read: "when the mine near the wellhead or when mining subsidence affected the region's ground water, safety precautions must be taken, and to comply with the following requirements:

    "(A) the non-exploitation and depletion of coal outcrops of coal seam water-proof (Rock) column.

    "(B) easy where stagnant water at the surface, built the drainage ditches or building discharge station and special drainage to prevent water infiltration underground.

    "(C) when the mine threatened by rivers, mountain torrents, built the dam and spillway, effectively preventing floods penetrated.

    "(D) for mine water discharge to the ground, proper grooming and avoid the penetration of underground. "(E) for leaky canals (including the irrigation canals of the irrigation and Water Conservancy) and bed, plugging in a timely manner or diverted. Place of cracks and collapses on the ground filled in a timely manner.

    When filling a job, take the appropriate security measures to prevent persons into a SINKHOLE. "(F) when there is when the threat of landslides and debris flows of geological hazards of coal mine safety, timely withdrawal threatens regional personnel, and to take measures to prevent landslides and debris flows.

    ” Six, No. 257, amended to read: "it is strictly forbidden to refuse, ashes, garbage and other debris piled up in flash floods, river erosion sites, preventing the blockage of river channels, ditches.

    ” Addition of a paragraph, as the second paragraph of this section: "discovery and mining of coal mine prevention of river water in the barrier or dam damaged, shall promptly clearing obstructions or repair dams, and to report to the local people's Government departments.

    ” VII, No. 258 is amended as: "the use of drilling, should install the orifice covers. Scrap drilling should be sealed in a timely manner, and place sealing materials and implementation of heads recorded, archived for future reference.

    ” Eight, No. 259 is amended as: "the boundary of the adjacent mine, should prevent water coal (Rock) column.

    Mine fault boundaries, should be at fault on both sides have water-proof coal (Rock) column.

    "Water-proof in coal (Rock) column dimension should be based on the adjacent mine geological tectonic and hydrogeological conditions, coal occurrence conditions and rock character and strata movement rule and mining methods and other factors, identified in mine design. "Mine water in coal (Rock) columns is determined, no change, and adjacent mines. Is strictly prohibited in all kinds of water-proof coal (Rock) column for extractive activities.

    ” Nine, No. 260, amended to read: "in mining engineering plans and mine water filling must be plotted on the map location of the tunnel exit point and its discharge, water retention of the roadway and GOB water range, floor elevations and water weight. In flooded areas should be marked into the watermark's location.

    ” Ten, and No. 261 article modified for: "each drop big to storm Shi and rainfall Hou, should has professionals Division observation well Shang water situation, and flood situation, and well Xia Chung water, about hydrological changes situation and mine near ground has no crack, and old kiln fall and rock dissolved collapse, phenomenon, and timely to mine control room and the about head report, and will above situation records put on, and archive reference.

    ” Addition of a paragraph, as the second paragraph of this article: "an emergency situation and mine control room and the person responsible shall immediately organize well down, and ensure the safety of personnel.

    ” Plenary, and No. 262 article modified for: "by flooded water threat of regional, must in excluded water, and elimination threat rear can for mining job; if cannot excluded water, mining tilt, and sustained tilt seam of, must according to buildings, and water, and railway and the main well Xiang coal column left set and pressure coal mining procedures in the about water Xia mining of provides, prepared special mining design, by coal mine Enterprise main head approval Hou, party can for.

    ” Addition of a paragraph, as the second paragraph of this section: "prohibited in the under water, steep seam mining under goaf water flooded the area.

    ” 12, No. 263 is amended as: "in unconsolidated grouting, sludgy abandoned when mining near the roadway, rock caves, should be carried out in accordance with the threat of flooding water management, and the implementation of the present Regulation No. 259, No. 260, No. 262 of the rules.

    ” 13, No. 264 is amended as: "the flooded areas of mining waste water-proof coal column, should be thoroughly upper part of the drainage of stagnant water, conduct a feasibility evaluation, to ensure that no burst of mortar (SHA) threats. Top water is strictly prohibited.

    ” 14, No. 265 is amended as: "the minefield and in rivers, lakes, caves, water of the aquifer, hydraulic coupling faults, fissures (band), subsided column and other constructs, should identify its exact location, in accordance with the regulations remain fortified water coal (Rock) column, and to take effective measures of water prevention and control.

    ” XV, and No. 266 article modified for: "mining face or other locations found has seam variable wet, and pinned, and hanging Khan, and air variable cold, and appeared fog, and water called, and roof to pressure, and tablets help, and got water increased, and floor muster or produced fractured, and appeared seepage, and drilling spray water, and floor Chung water, and coal wall break water, and Aqua sent Hun, and has smell, permeable signs Shi, should immediately stop job, report mine control room, and issued alert, withdrawal all by water threat locations of personnel. Before the cause identification, risks are not excluded, shall not conduct any mining activities.

    ” 16, article No. 267 is amended as follows: "mine mining survey water drilling method should be used by professionals and full-time survey water team to use a dedicated survey water drilling rig construction. It should also cooperate with other methods (such as geophysical, geochemical and hydrogeological testing) identified mining in and around the old empty water, aquifer water and geological conditions, ensure the reliability of survey water.

    ” 17, No. 268 is amended as: "when coal seam roof aquifer and water exists, should be observed fall, and, bending with a height of water flowing fractured zone, a special design to determine the safe and reasonable protection against water in coal (Rock) pillar thickness. When the water flowing fractured zone within an aquifer or old water affect safety when tunneling and mining, should be ahead of drilling, after completely drain water, mining can be carried out excavation.


    18, No. 269 is amended as: "the exploitation of bottom aquifer in coal-bed methane, cesspits should be guaranteed affordable head value is greater than the actual head, formulating special security measures. "Special safety measures for review by the Technical Director of coal mine enterprise, mainly responsible for the approval of the coal enterprises.


    Article 19, No. 270 is amended as: "when the pressure associated with mining coal seam between aquifuge can withstand when their head is less than the actual head should be used in water pressure, Grouting floor and transform the aquifer or measures such as filling, and test to ensure aquiclude affordable head value is greater than the actual head, effectively prevent water inrush. "The above measures are reviewed by the Technical Director of coal mine enterprise, mainly responsible for the approval of the coal enterprises.

    ” 20, No. 271, is revised as follows: "mine construction and extension, when you open up to the design level, and only after the waterproofing and drainage systems built before they can begin to have exploition water inrush from the danger area.

    ” 21, No. 272, amended to read: "coal-bearing top and bottom when there is strong Karst aquifer, the main transport roadway and main return airway should be arranged without the threat of water layer in the isolated mining and shimen partition.

    ” 22, No. 273, paragraph amended as: "risk of water inrush in other mining areas, should be put up near the water door; does not have set conditions for water dam and water outburst prevention and control measures should be developed and approved by its Chief of coal mine enterprise.


    Delete the fourth paragraph of this article. 23, No. 275 is amended as: "mine shaft through aquifer segment lining structure shall adopt the effective waterproofing of concrete or set the cesspits.

    Addition of a paragraph, as the second paragraph of this article: "the shaft when water over 6m3 and wall grout should be carried out.

    ” 24, No. 277, amended to read: "when construction of base rock section of mine shaft, on a number of aquifers, aquifer and more focused areas, ground Grouting should be used. Small number of aquifers or aquifer scattered sites, should face pre-grouting, dig and research on short, short, short.


    25, No. 278, amended to read: "mine mine discharge and shall be equipped with matching pumps, drainage channel, power distribution equipment and Dibhole, to ensure that mine drainage capacity. "Mine underground drainage facilities shall meet the requirements of mine drainage. In addition to being outside the pump overhaul, should have a water pump and the standby pump. Working pump capacity should be able to discharge in the 20h mine 24h normal water (including water for filling water and other). Stand-by pump capacity shall not be less than 70% of pump capacity. Repair water pump capacity shall be not less than 25% of pump capacity.

    Work and the total capacity of standby pumps should be able to discharge in the 20h mine 24h maximum discharge. "There should be drainage pipeline work and stand-pipes. Drainage pipeline of work ability, work should be able to pump discharge in 20h coal mine of 24h normal water.

    The total capacity of the road to work and back up the drain, should be able to cope with work and standby pump in 20h out 24h maximum water inflow in mine. "Power distribution devices should work, spare and repair water pump capacity match, to ensure all the water pump while operating.


    26, No. 280, amended to read: "the main sump should have a main warehouse and Deputy positions, when a sump cleaning, another sump is used properly.

    "New construction, rebuilding and expanding mine or mine new level, normal discharge in 1000m3/h, when the effective capacity of the main water storage should be able to accommodate the normal inflow of 8h.

    "Normal discharge is greater than the 1000m3/h mine, the main water storage available capacity can be calculated according to the following formula:


    V-in an effective capacity of the main water storage, M3;

    Q-mine per hour of normal water, M3.

    "Mining area the effective capacity of the sump should be able to accommodate the 4H normal water in mining area. "Water Warehouse imports should be set the grates. For water filling and other large impurities in the water of the mine should also set the sedimentation tanks. Short sump capacity should be maintained at a total capacity of more than 50%.

    ” 27, No. 282, amended to read: "new mine hydrogeological condition than revealed complex geological report, hydro-geology complement exploration should be carried out, to identify flood risks, adopt reliable security measures. Down-hole survey water should be using special rigs, conducted by professionals and full-time survey water team construction.

    ” 28, No. 283, amended to read: "after the shaft was dug to the end, should be permanent drainage system construction. A permanent drainage system should be completed before engaging in a mining area construction. Pending the completion of a permanent drainage system, should be set near the bottom with enough temporary drainage facilities, guarantee safety before the formation of permanent drainage system.

    ” 29, No. 284 is amended as: "the water inrush in underground mining areas, roadways, or may hold water, should give priority to construction and installation of waterproofing and drainage systems, and to ensure that there is sufficient drainage capacity.


    30, No. 285 is revised as follows: "mine water should be ready working condition analysis and prediction and evaluation of flood forecast, strengthening the work of survey water. "Some special rigs, water should be used by professional and dedicated team for the design, construction and security measures taken to prevent gas and other toxic gases against.

    Survey water end, shall submit a summary report of survey water archive for future reference. "Water-hole layout and advance distance should be based on water pressure, coal (Rock) thickness and hardness, as well as security measures, specific provisions are made in the design of survey water. Research on goaf water minimum advanced horizontal drilling distance shall not be less than 30m, waterproof casing length must not be less than 10m.

    ” Addition of a paragraph, as the fourth paragraph of this article: "on the ground could not be identified when mine hydrogeological condition and water filling factors in all, downhole drilling methods should be adopted, in accordance with the study survey water work principle of the excavation will, and to ensure that survey water effects.


    31, No. 286, revised as follows: "working face under any of the following circumstances shall immediately stop the construction, determined probe into line, by a professional and dedicated team using a special rig to survey water, confirmed after the flood threat-free, before construction:

    "(A) close to flooding or water well Lane, old empty or when adjacent coal mines.

    "(Ii) close to the aquifer, the water when faults and caves and water flowing subsided column.

    "(C) when you open the isolated coal column of water.

    "(D) the approach may be associated with rivers, lakes, reservoirs, cisterns, wells, etc at the same fault zone.

    "(E) when drilling close to the effluent may have.

    "(Vi) close to the hydro-geological conditions all of the area.

    "(VII) close to the water when filling. "(VIII) when approaching other possible water inrush in the area.

    ” 32, No. 287, is revised as follows: "for the roof and floor of coal seam mining under pressure, should prepare in advance water prevention design, develop and implement safety precautions during the mining.

    ” 33, No. 288, amended to read: "down-hole survey water shall use special rigs, construction by a professional and dedicated team. Prohibited the use of electric coal drill and other non-exclusive survey water survey water device.

    Survey water shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the training qualification certificates.

    "The rig before the water shall comply with the following requirements:

    "(A) enhanced drilling near the roadway, and lay a solid column and side plate face head-on. "(B) clear roadway, dig drainage ditches.

    When the water hole is located in the low-lying roadway, equipped with research and adapted to the water drainage.

    "(C) install dedicated telephone at or near the drilling sites, access to the evacuation. "(D) the basis for design, identify the major water-hole location, calibration by measuring personnel. Personnel responsible for the survey water must come together to determine the azimuth, angle, depth, and drilled number of drill.

    ” 34, No. 289, amended to read: "in anticipation of when water pressure is greater than 0.1MPa where water should advance consolidation casing, casing installed valve, pressure tests are carried out. Sleeve length should be provided in the survey water design. Security man hole dug in advance, including withdrawal of human disaster prevention and road safety measures, such as, with each operator to understand and grasp.

    ” 35, No. 290, amended to read: "drilling and water pressure is greater than 1.5MPa, the back pressure should be applied and the blowout preventer method of drilling, and prevention of the orifice-pipe and coal (Rock) walls suddenly bulge measure.

    ” 36, No. 291, amended to read: "survey water drilling, found coal and soft rock, spalling, or drilling and water pressure, water suddenly increased, and top drilling water sign, should immediately stop drilling, but not pull out the drill pipe; on-site responsible officers shall report immediately to the mine control room, the immediate withdrawal of all regional staff threatened by water to a safe location. And to adopt security measures, monitoring hydrological analysis and send professional and technical personnel and properly handle.

    ” 37, No. 292, amended to read: "some old empty water, should be analyzed to identify old empty water space, water retention and water etc.

    Survey water shall use special rigs, construction by a professional and dedicated team, very bottom of the drill hole should be drilled into goaf water and monitor water process, checking water volumes and water pressure, and so on, until the old empty water out.

    "When the survey water should exit survey water below the flood threat of all personnel in the region. "When drilling close to goaf water should spare gas or mine rescue team of inspectors on duty at the site, feel free to check out the air component. If gas or other harmful gas concentration exceeds the relevant provisions shall immediately stop drilling, cutting off power supplies, evacuate, and report the mine control room, to take timely measures to deal with.

    ” 38, No. 293 is amended as: "before drilling water, should estimate the amount of stagnant water and mine drainage and water storage capacity, control of water flow, preventing flooding; when the water, should be equipped with special monitoring of borehole water, determination of water and water pressure are recorded. If the water suddenly changes, shall immediately report the mine control room, analyze the causes and processed in a timely manner.


    39, No. 294, is revised as follows: "exclude the shaft and down the water and before restoring flooded roadways, reliable security measures should be established to prevent toxic, harmful gases, a gush of water seal. "The drainage process, should be regularly observed discharge, water levels and observation of water level, and by the air component of the mine rescue team at any time to check on the water, found harmful gases, to take timely measures to deal with.

    ” This decision shall take effect on March 1, 2011.

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