Glory Management

Original Language Title: 光荣院管理办法

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Glory management

    (December 25, 2010 the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced on March 1, 2011, 40th execution) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of glorious homes, pensions and preferential treatments for concentrated work and services military and national defense construction, according to the servicemen's pension benefits Ordinance and relevant regulations of the State, these measures are formulated.

    Second glorious national focus on supporting orphans and unable to take care of pensions and preferential treatments for object (hereinafter referred to as concentrated), and special care and special protection institutions. Article the Home Department is responsible for directing the management of the national honor.

    Local people's Governments at or above the county level departments of civil affairs is the glorious courtyard management authorities (hereinafter referred to as the glorious Hospital Authority), the glorious concentrated work in management, supervision and inspection. Fourth State to set up a glorious home requirements included in the budget at the same level. Level of glory should be compatible with local economic and social development, and meet the needs of support.

    Concentrated living objects should be slightly higher than the local average living standards.

    State encourages citizens, legal persons and other organizations, community contributions to honor and service.

    Glory of the funding should be earmarked, and accept supervision by the financial and auditing departments, and community.

    Article fifth glorious homes under construction, land, water, electricity, gas, heat, telecommunications, agricultural production and enjoy relevant preferential policies of the State.

    Sixth in the glorious building and management of outstanding units and individuals, in accordance with the relevant regulations, recognize and reward.

    Chapter dependent objects

    Seventh article old, and disability or not full 16 age of martyrs survivors, and for public sacrifice soldiers survivors, and died soldiers survivors and into old of disability soldiers, and demobilized soldiers, and veterans, cannot set maintenance people, and helped dependants, and raised people or statutory maintenance people, and helped dependants, and raised people no maintenance, and dependency, and raised capacity and enjoy national regularly pension grants treatment of, can application enjoy glory hospital concentrated dependent treatment.

    Article eighth concentrated into glory, she shall make application to the Township people's Governments or neighborhood offices, young or unable to express their wishes, by the residents ' Committee (village Committee) on whose behalf the application or other citizens, glorious Department for examination and approval.

    Nineth glorious Department concentrated the agreement with glorious, guarantee centralized treatment of dependent objects within the requirements of dependent.

    In the concentrated carrying money deposited and valuables glorious homes, property shall be signed custody agreements.

    Article tenth glorious should adhere to the voluntary admission and discharge the principle of freedom, standard admission and discharge procedures, establish a centralized profile of the dependent object.

    Focus on the dependent object is no longer in line with the conditions specified in article seventh, glory should be reporting to departments of glorious, glorious home manager-approved and discharged.

    Of concentrated death, glory should apply for the funeral, and reporting to departments of glory, his estate in accordance with the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the law of succession.

    Glorious concentrated number of objects approved by the competent authorities shall regularly, inform the financial Department of the people's Governments at the same level, district level people's Government and the newspaper sector, pooled by the provincial Civil Affairs Department under the civil affairs departments.

    Chapter support services

    11th glory should be to focus on the dependent object provides the following support services:

    (A) provide food;

    (B) provide the necessities;

    (C) the provision of housing;

    (D) providing medical care, rehabilitation, nursing, and health services;

    (E) providing entertainment, spiritual care services;

    (Vi) provision of cleaning, security services;

    (VII) other support services.

    Concentration dependent objects are not 16 years of age or have reached the age of 16 is still compulsory, should be required to guarantee their compulsory charges of glory.

    12th the glorious provide diet should meet the food safety requirements, and concentration dependent object needs appropriate adjustment.

    Glorious concentrated object should be provided the necessary clothing, bedding, appliances and living facilities for the elderly, the housing needs of persons with disabilities, and provided with appropriate travel conditions.

    Glorious concentrated housing should be maintained clean, help improve personal hygiene, and to provide the necessary care to ensure their personal safety.

    13th concentrated object in accordance with the allowances of medical measures to protect the provisions of the access to medical treatment.

    Concentrated object prevalence, glorious homes should contact and assist local medical institutions to offer treatment.

    Glory shall establish a concentrated personal medical and health records, concentrated provides regular medical services and health education services to help concentration dependent objects to develop rehabilitation plans.

    14th honor a 24-hour duty system, concentrated on unable to take care of dependent objects to implement whole-day care, and configuration is equipped with crutches, wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

    15th glory should be to focus on the dependent object to create a good living environment, and arranged the material and cultural life, organizing educational and wholesome sports and leisure activities.

    The ability and willingness to participate in the labor and public welfare activities focused on the dependent object, glory can be arranged in whatever labor and public welfare activities, enrich daily life.

    16th honor hospital care should be concentrated, to organize the necessary psychological advice and social activities, concentrated spiritual consolation.

    Article 17th concentrated regular pensions, grants by the glorious House of unified management for centralized living and medical expenses for dependent objects.

    Glory shall be payment of allowance to concentrated, specific criteria identified by the glorious hospital authorities.

    Article 18th Honorable dependent standards developed by the provincial Department of Civil Affairs, approved by the provincial people's Government announced the implementation and adjusted according to the level of local economic and social development at the right moment.

    The fourth chapter management

    Article 19th glorious hospital Dean, Dean by the glorious appointed by the Hospital Authority, also can contribute to the community through open recruitment.

    Glory should pass by the glorious Department of hospital staff training, professional workers should obtain the appropriate professional qualification certificates. Glory shall be concentration dependent object is the number of 25% staff, and meet the needs of concentrated object.

    Managers not exceeding 20% per cent of total staff. Article 20th glory shall set up the Management Committee. Council member of the Management Board elected by the glory of all the staff, focus on the proportion of dependent objects should be not less than one-third.

    Hospital Management Committee can be set up under the Special Commission.

    Hospital Management Committee shall hold regular meetings, participation in the glorious work of management and supervision.

    21st glory should be periodically published State pension benefits pension benefits policies and standards, expenditure on public hospital work flow, and so on, express services and projects, and intensive supervision of the dependent object.

    22nd glory should be in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, establish and improve the safety, fire, health, financial, records management system. Article 23rd conditional glory can carry out to improve the living conditions for concentrated object the purpose of agricultural production.

    Concentrated glory on a voluntary organizations to carry out agricultural production activities, glory should be given compensation.

    24th glory shall establish a trophy room or showroom, to collect, compile, display, display of martyrs, who sacrificed soldiers and concentration dependent objects of glory, with resident State organs, social organizations, enterprises, institutions, schools, military, community spiritual civilization building activities, give full play to its role for education in patriotism and the revolutionary tradition education.

    The fifth chapter construction specifications

    25th above the county level shall, in accordance with the administrative area concentrated the object's actual needs, rebuilding a glorious homes, every glorious hospital beds should not be less than 50 beds utilization should reach more than 80%.

    26th glory of building should be based on older persons, disabled persons and minors live, security needs to be designed, in line with the requirements of code for design of barrier-free standards. 27th concentrated living room every room shall be not less than 15 square meters, configured toilet and bath room.

    Glorious homes should have routine work and services required by the Office, Office, kitchen, dining room, storage room, activity room and other auxiliary rooms.

    Conditional region can also build for the rehabilitation and health care, entertainment and other aspects of function rooms and an outdoor living space.

    28th glory you should configure the emergency call device, and in accordance with local climatic conditions and concentrated the object's actual need to configure heating and cooling equipment.

    Glory shall maintain lighting, communications, fire control, alarm, heating, cooling, sewage, and electricity and water supply facilities and equipment to ensure its normal operation.

    Article 29th honor hospital medical room should be set up and, where conditions are equipped with common and medical devices, equipment and medicines required for first aid.

    30th honor College should do outdoor landscaping, landscaping work, concentrated provides a quiet and clean living environment.

    The sixth chapter liability

    31st glorious land, housing, facilities, equipment and other property shall glory management and use, no unit or individual may seize.

    Seize or damage of glorious property, the local people's Government Civil Affairs Department a rectification and restitution; losses caused shall bear liability. 32nd concentrated object should be jealous in honour, observe the provisions of glorious, conscious coordination of management.
For violations of the relevant provisions, carried out by the competent Department of glorious and Honorable criticism and education.

    Concentrated target for illegal criminal is sentenced to deprivation of or wanted persons during the concentrated eligible to abort it; is sentenced to death or to life imprisonment, cancels its concentration dependent eligibility.

    Article 33rd glorious homes in violation of the regulations, for concentrated provides support services do not meet the requirements, glory by hospital authorities shall order rectification fails, the responsible persons and other executives directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions, resulting in the loss shall bear liability.

    Glory of personal injury accident caused concentration dependent objects, shall bear the liability for damages.

    Article 34th glory and his staff of any of the following acts to the competent authority, by the higher people's Government departments directly in charge of Civil Affairs responsibility and other executives were criticized, rectify; the circumstances are serious, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) violation of concentrated treatment approval of glory;

    (Ii) corruption, misappropriation, interception, dividing up the glorious thing;

    (C) the glorious homes abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engages in the construction and management of behavior;

    (D) other acts in violation of the relevant laws and regulations.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    35th head of the civil affairs departments at all levels in various welfare institutions established by the glorious, glorious building can refer to the provisions of these measures. 36th these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2011.

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