Highway Patrol Police Police Specification

Original Language Title: 公路巡逻民警队警务工作规范

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Highway Patrol police police specification

    (Released April 9, 2011 Ministry of public security, the 116th come into force July 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First to standardize the highway patrol police policing, maintenance of road traffic safety and law and order to protect highway patrol police to perform their duties, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, development of this specification.

    Second standard applies to cover the highway traffic administration of traffic Police Brigade, traffic police squadrons (including road traffic police squadrons, town, traffic police squadrons) and highway traffic police ().

    Article highway patrol police police work should follow the law, science, principles of efficient, standardized, open and accessible.

Fourth provincial-level public security organs should be scientific planning and layout of highway patrol police teams, according to traffic safety in the region, governed by the highway traffic mileage setting, such as highway patrol police team, and highway mileage, traffic, population, vehicle number and drivers, traffic safety factors are outfitted with police.

    Equipped with standard established by the provincial-level public security organs.

    Fifth highway patrol police implementation of the grading system, the specific measures shall be formulated separately by the Ministry of public security.

Sixth road patrol police can require traffic wardens.

    Traffic wardens in recruiting, training, use, assessment and other related regulations, enacted by the provincial-level public security organs.

    Chapter II functions and powers

Seventh road patrol police perform the following duties:

(A) directing traffic, maintaining traffic order;

(B) investigate and punish traffic offences;

(C) prevention and treatment of traffic accident;

(D) in accordance with the relevant regulations or receive motor vehicle registration and driver's license management operations;

(E) to conduct propaganda and education of traffic safety;

(F) investigation of road traffic safety;

(VII) disposal of road security and criminal cases;

(H) in accordance with the relevant provisions of arresting criminal suspects;

(I) accept their help;

(10) implementation of traffic emergency management;

    (11) the provisions of laws and administrative regulations shall perform other duties.

    Eighth patrol road when the police investigated and dealt with traffic violations, can be detained under law vehicle drag, detain a motor vehicle driving license, motor vehicles, collection items as well as inspection of motor vehicles driving alcohol in the body, national control of psychotropic drugs, narcotic content of compulsory administrative measures.

    Nineth highway patrol police for rescuing injured personnel, handling emergencies and other urgent needs, priority on our common road vehicles, should be returned promptly after use, and pay the appropriate fee; losses caused shall compensate.

Tenth event of a natural disaster, inclement weather or traffic accidents, where the serious impact on traffic safety, highway patrol police teams and work plans in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, the implementation of traffic control.

    Traffic control, should be set up, such as warning signs, directional signs, traffic grooming.

11th highway patrol police shall accept security, criminal investigation Department of the operational guidance, and with policing, criminal investigation department in the case, handling security, combat crime and criminal cases to establish cooperation and coordination mechanisms, such as.

    Public order, criminal investigation Department of highway patrol police in accordance with the regulations referred cases should be accepted in a timely manner.

    Chapter III road services

    12th patrol highway patrol police implemented operational and fixed duty combined with the service and legal use of transport technology surveillance equipment to monitor highway traffic.

    13th highway patrol police duty system should be strictly implemented, shall not leave, missing gang, are not free to change service routes and duty time.

    Article 14th adjacent provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the public security organs traffic management Department and highway patrol police teams should study the establishment of regional police cooperation mechanisms, the implementation of joint service system.

15th highway patrol police on duty when they should perform the following tasks:

(A) driving a police car patrol duties, observing the highway, checking traffic signals, traffic signs, traffic line markings, traffic facilities are intact;

(B) directing, directing traffic and maintaining the order of Highway;

(C) to prevent, redress and penalties for traffic violations;

(D) the citizens for help and alert, early disposal of road security, criminal cases, save the personal and property safety violations of the masses;

(V) control the accused of criminal acts or persons suspected of committing, public security organs dealing with the transfer of jurisdiction;

(F) according to the commands of others.

    Quarantine suspicious people, vehicles or Dispose on the highway law and order, criminal cases performed during inquiries, inspections, arrest mandate, should be carried out by at least two civilian police officers, and a clear division of surveillance and inspection tasks, alert to ensure security. 16th driving highway patrol police car patrols on duty, should turn on lights, as required to maintain the speed and distance between vehicles.

Law enforcement should be wearing a reflective vest when on duty, comply with the following safety requirements:

(A) in addition to implementing the interception of serious violent crime suspects and other special tasks, targeted policing and intercept, inspect vehicles or when dealing with traffic violations, according to traffic conditions and traffic flow, choose not to impede other traffic and does not affect the safety of its locations, and luminous in the direction or reflective warning signs, warning lights, cones and other safety equipment;

(B) in case of motor vehicle driver refused to stop, it shall notify the site organization on duty ahead shall not be forcibly intercept standing at the front of the vehicle, or climbing grilled vehicle, forcibly ordered motor vehicle drivers parking;

    (C) violent crime suspects, traffic accident escape driver, officer wanted by public security organs and other dangerous persons riding, driving a motor vehicle to escape, may be serious threats to public safety and the safety of others, can drive motor vehicles hunting, and should support requests in a timely manner.

    Article 17th implements transport security tasks, the highway patrol police team should be combined with the actual development of traffic guard work programme, in accordance with security levels take appropriate security measures.

    18th highway patrol police in the provincial, city and County traffic safety enforcement service station at the junction (point), road safety campaigns, providing convenience and benefit services. 19th road patrol police received the alarm or police instructions, should command the nearest highway patrol police rushed to the site in a timely manner.

    After receiving the emergency alarm, traffic accidents jobs civilian police shall, within 5 minutes of police during the day, at night should be out in 10 minutes.

When the 20th interrogation on suspects, shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) the person subjected to interrogation and keep a distance of 1 m, try to make it back to the open surface;

(B) there is a certain danger of criminal suspects, to control and then check, confirm that there was no danger to be implemented checks;

(C) the inventory by the King when asked another person responsible for surveillance to prevent being attacked by inventory or associates;

(D) should remain on high alert in the interrogation process, note that the identities of the interrogation, physical appearance, dress, behavior, things to bring, such as suspicious, and always be prepared to respond to emergencies;

    (E) when the inventory object when there are unusual, the police shall be warned in time, ordered them to stop and do their own guard, depending on the use of firearms by law to stop it.

21st to check suspicious vehicles shall comply with the following provisions: (A) directing drivers parking, to order the motor vehicle driver is off the engine and open the window, pull the hand brake, turn on hazard warning lamps will put their hands on the steering wheel, confirmed that security ordered to get off and, if necessary, shall be temporarily deposited with the car keys.

If there are other persons, shall be ordered to get off the wait;

(B) the checking and control of personnel;

(C) identification of the identity card, driving license, driving license and license plates, and queries through the police information systems;

(D) the identification of the vehicle appearance, such as locks, engine and frame numbers;

(E) the inspection on automotive goods and items inside the car.

When checking suspicious vehicles, civilian police should be in charge of warning stations can look directly inside the vehicle drivers and passengers, protection is responsible for inspection of civilian police locations and remain on high alert and closely monitor the driver and passengers, to prevent the attack.

    Driver escapes should be immediately reported to the supervisor or command center, requested the deployment of containment, hunting.

    22nd road patrol police shall establish a sound service system, ensure that all duties effectively.

23rd highway traffic police (Centre) at highway toll stations and service areas, as well as prone to traffic accidents, traffic-clogged roads set up duty posts.

    In addition to carrying out emergency official, prohibited on Expressway to take place barricades, cones, traffic signs and other means, intercepting vehicles normal safety checks.

    The fourth chapter of emergency management

    24th road patrol police should develop, dispose of natural disaster, bad weather, road traffic accidents, traffic jams, traffic accident escape, law and order criminal cases and suspect interrogation and illegal, to check suspicious vehicles work plan, organization of police training and drills on a regular basis.

    25th due to natural disaster, inclement weather or traffic interruption caused by incidents such as road traffic accidents, highway patrol police team should be started according to the classification of emergency response mechanisms into emergency State, take appropriate measures.

    26th road patrol police handling road traffic accidents ought to be fast out of the police, rapid rescue, rapid exploration site, rapid processing, fast traffic to accident site must be in accordance with the regulations set up warning signs and prevention facilities on site.

27th way in addition to widespread haze, long distance ice as well as other circumstances do not have safe passage condition shall not be implemented due to bad weather closed highway traffic management measures.
The closed freeway traffic control measures, police cars with road, the speed limit should be taken, such as, the vehicles from the most recent export leave the motorway.

    28th traffic control measures may affect the surrounding road traffic, highway traffic police (Centre) shall promptly report to the supervisor or command center, adjacent to inform police traffic management, and highway management units, and diversion, diversion.

    The fifth chapter site disposal 29th road patrol police on duty shall carry the batons, tear gas spray, police handcuffs, rope and other expulsions, uniform, binding equipment for police.

    Follow the commands of seizing violent offence suspects and driven, task like riding vehicles should carry firearms, ammunition and other weapons for police, wearing bullet-proof vests, wearing a bullet-proof helmet.

Article 30th on the highway law and order, criminal cases, should be on the spot to take the following measures:

(A) protection and warning signs, traffic and, if necessary, use warning tape delimit warning zone;

(B) identification of the identity card, driving license, the license;

(C) check for vehicles, goods suspected of crimes, with the organization wanted, the interception of criminal suspects;

(D) organize the rescue of the wounded, evacuate;

(E) existing or criminal suspects at large, can be interrogated according to law or enforcement measures;

(Vi) report to the superior public security organ;

    (VII) to the public order, criminal investigation department police station where transfers of individuals suspected of crimes or cases of persons and goods.

31st highway patrol police in the early disposal of law and order, criminal cases shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) for criminal suspects, and security checks should be conducted and found knives, weapons, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods shall immediately be seized;

(B) criminal suspects belongings during inspections, should ensure that criminal suspects under control after implementation;

    (C) implementation of the escort, questioned should be effective restraint measures against criminal suspects in accordance with law to prevent their escape or attack.

Articles 32nd to block the traffic and other group events should be on the spot, taking the following measures:

(A) to quickly understand the cause, scope and impact of traffic levels, timely report to the supervisor or command center, and advised people to leave the scene;

(B) publicize the law to the masses, cooperating with authorities carrying out persuasion work;

(C) the outer cordon at the scene, and control staff and vehicles access to the site and, if necessary, implement traffic control according to law;

    (D) in the disposal process, should stick to the cautious police, using apparatus and weapons using coercive measures, prevent friendly fire others, protect civilian police for their own safety.

Article 33rd major road traffic accidents, should be on the spot to take the following measures: (A) set the warning zone and warning signs, and places the glow from a safe distance, or reflective cones and warning signs to identify person responsible for traffic control and guidance, maintenance of highway traffic order.

Due to road traffic accidents cause traffic disruption or on-site disposal, exploration needs to implement traffic control measures such as closed roads, should also be the scene of the accident to advance organization distribution, placed around the signs erected to avoid traffic jams; (B) to collect evidence, identify witnesses and for accidents with casualties, road facility damage should be immediately reported to the supervisor or command center, informed the administration of health, transportation, safety and disposal Fire Department rushed to the scene, the timely implementation of road closures, evacuation vehicles, personnel and control measures, and to assist the relevant departments to rescue the injured.

Due to change in to rescue the wounded need shall be marked or recorded the injured location; the injured were taken to the hospital, should document the basic situation of hospital name, address, and the injured;

(C) in the post before the police arrived at the scene of traffic accidents, bypass command grooming vehicles, personnel;

    (D) controlling traffic drivers, such as escape, timely report to the supervisor or command center dispatched investigation. 34th article met involved flammable easy burst chemical items and poison sex, and radioactive, and corrosion sex, and infectious diseases disease original body, dangerous items of accident, should immediately to superior or command center report, notification health administrative, and traffic transport, and environmental protection, and security regulatory and police fire, sector rushed to the site disposal, implementation closed road, and evacuation past vehicles, and personnel and control site, measures, ban has nothing to do vehicles, and personnel into site.

    In sectors such as environmental protection, safety and public security fire after the Elimination of hazards, highway patrol police before entering the scene.

35th accidents to natural disasters and other unforeseen events, should be on the spot to take the following measures:

(A) immediately report to the supervisor or command center;

(B) maintaining order at the scene, command response vehicle the right of way;

(C) the rescue of people in distress, to protect the property;

    (D) causing disruption to traffic, bypass command grooming vehicles, personnel.

    Sixth chapter law enforcement and supervision

    Article 36th highway patrol police police assessment system should be established, integrated assessment operational law enforcement work of the police, law enforcement, law enforcement results and discipline compliance, and so on.

    37th road patrol police shall be equipped with (and) professional legal, audit cases, check the effect analysis on the quality of law enforcement and law enforcement, to find views on law enforcement of the reform.

    38th conditional highway patrol police civilian police should be equipped with audio-visual recording equipment, operational law enforcement to police the whole process of audio or video recording.

    39th road patrol police enforcement return system should be established, regularly visit party traffic accidents, to hear their views and suggestions.

    40th should set a police highway patrol police in open bars, names, photos, public police siren, duties, responsibilities, procedures, punishment according to the relevant laws and regulations, standards and regulations.

    41st road patrol police should open regular police activities, to inform the public about the work of public security organs traffic management Department, listen to the views and recommendations of public security traffic management.

42nd highway patrol police in the course of law enforcement, is prohibited to the following behavior:

(A) absent without leave;

(B) the violation of provisions seizing vehicles, motor vehicle driving certificates, driver's licenses and number plates of vehicles;

(C) in violation of regulations to collect fines on the spot, to collect fines on the spot does not issue receipts, does not issue a summary punishment decided not to fill in the fine book or document;

(D) used his position to ask for or accept other people's property, to seek illegitimate interests, enforcing or force illegal interference case;

(E) without using the canonical term, outrageous, violent behavior, deliberately making the masses or eat;

(Vi) do not eliminate the traffic law States that let the traffic go.

    Highway Patrol police for breach of the above appropriate administrative action.

Article 43rd highway patrol police and its superior public security organ shall not be given to the police or disguised issued a fine index shall not be undeclared or wrongfully declared shall be reported by the major road traffic accidents, traffic jams, and so on.

    Violation of the above-mentioned provisions, supervisor directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be investigated by appropriate administrative sanctions.

    44th road patrol police and civilian police to perform statutory duties, outstanding performance, have made significant achievements and contributions or performed other outstanding deeds shall award.

    45th road patrol police monitoring mechanisms should be established, published reports, complaints, employing social supervisors, subject to public supervision.

    Seventh chapter the prevention of road traffic accidents

    46th County-level public security organs should be brought to the Government to set up a traffic safety leadership, the establishment of joint conference system for traffic safety work, organization and leadership of local district traffic safety work.

    47th road patrol police should be analyzed on a regular basis analyzing the traffic safety situation in the region, according to the road traffic accident time, place, its main causes and characteristics of traffic violations of law, scientific development of road traffic accident prevention strategies, measures and observations.

    48th highway patrol police should coordinate the region's rural grass-roots organizations, institutions, enterprises, establish and improve the internal system of propaganda and education of traffic safety, traffic safety publicity and education.

    49th highway traffic police (Central) team can hire Highway management unit charges, maintenance workers for traffic safety inspector to assist with road safety campaigns, discourage and report traffic violations.

    50th highway patrol police team should be combined with relevant functional departments, troubleshoot local area road traffic safety problems on a regular basis, timely recommendations to eliminate security hidden danger and prevention of road traffic accidents.

    51st highway patrol police shall cooperate with the relevant departments, urging local enterprises to implement traffic safety responsibility system, strengthening passenger vehicles, dangerous chemical transport vehicles, school buses and other motor vehicles and drivers of traffic safety regulation.

    Eighth chapter science and technology information

    52nd provincial-level public security organs traffic management in this area should be in order under the master plan, developed views on the planning of the construction of highway traffic management information.

    53rd highway patrol police teams should master the roads of the region, population, vehicle, driver data and villages, schools, transport enterprises, as well as traffic violations, traffic accidents, and so on, and input relevant information systems in a timely manner.

    54th highway patrol police traffic information distribution system should be established, through a variety of channels to the road traffic management information, traffic information service for the public.

    55th conditional highway patrol police should police online Office, equipped with real-time queries, processing traffic information for wireless mobile terminal units for law enforcement.

    56th in the road traffic accidents, traffic safety highlights, traffic violations, motor vehicle larger intersections, road traffic technology surveillance equipment.

    57th of metering traffic technical monitoring equipment should be inspected on a regular basis.

58th highway traffic police (Central) team should share the road with Highway management unit monitors information resources.
Road traffic monitoring information should be shared with the public security departments and police.

    Nineth chapter police security and housekeeping

    59th highway patrol police funding should be included in the budget of a full guarantee system should be incorporated into the public security organs system protection schemes.

    60th highway patrol police barracks building should address traffic, road traffic accidents, motor vehicle and driver's license management, traffic safety awareness and other business needs.

61st public security organs shall, in accordance with the standard for highway patrol police with the necessary police vehicles, weapons, firearms, computers, communications equipment, reflective vests, protective equipment, the traffic accident scene investigation, guns, alcohol detector and other equipment.

    On duty police vehicles should be equipped with reflective cones, warning light, stop sign, warning tape, camera, video camera, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, towing rope and other equipment needed can be equipped with bullet-proof vests, ballistic helmets, improvised rescue tools, anti-chemical suits, to stop a broken tire, alcohol detector, guns and other equipment.

62nd road patrol police shall establish a political study, on-duty service, equipment management, file management system.

    Highway Patrol police duty training system should be established, regularly organized ' traffic management, technology application, police skills training.

63rd road patrol police vehicles should be maintained in good condition, parking and orderly, equipped effective communication.

Non-official police vehicles and police equipment shall not be used.

    Management, use of firearms, firearms, in accordance with the relevant provisions. 64th highway patrol police team should be in accordance with the provisions of article production, set up a unified appearance of the logo.

    Office space neat and orderly.

    The tenth chapter by-laws

    65th of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Public Security Bureau, according to this specification, with local practical measures for implementation. 66th standard come into force July 1, 2011, released on May 23, 2001, the police highway patrol police Squadron code (Ministry of public security, the 58th) repealed simultaneously.

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