The Special Care And Hospital Management

Original Language Title: 优抚医院管理办法

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The special care and hospital management

    (June 9, 2011 Ministry of Civil Affairs announced 41st come into force on August 1, 2011) first in order to strengthen the special care and hospital management, service and the defense and army building under the servicemen's pension benefits Ordinance and relevant regulations of the State, these measures are formulated.

Second special care hospital is the State for disabled soldiers and during service with severe chronic disease, mental illness, demobilized and other allowances to provide medical care and institutions and support services.

Special care and hospital rehabilitation hospitals, including some Hotel des Invalides demobilized chronic disease hospital, demobilized psychiatric hospitals and general care hospitals.

    Persevering in special care and the hospital for special care and service purposes. Third civil affairs departments of the State Council responsible for special care and hospitals nationwide.

Heads of local people's Governments at or above the county level for home care hospitals within their respective administrative areas.

    Give special care to the hospital to accept the supervision and management of the Administrative Department of public health. Fourth State to set up the special care and hospital requirements included in government budgets at all levels.

    Special care and hospital construction and development should be integrated into local economic and social development in the overall planning and development of health service planning, construction should be compatible with local economic and social development.

Fifth provincial civil affairs departments should be based on allowances number and medical support requirements, the special care and hospital layout planning in their respective administrative areas, and reported to the Ministry of Civil Affairs for the record.

    Local people's Governments at or above the county level to set special care hospital, shall conform to the relevant regulations of the State and special care and hospital layout planning.

Sixth civil affairs departments should support a condition of special care and hospital health care, research, teaching and all-round development, and actively striving to rank hospitals.

    Provincial civil administration of special care and hospital should be up to the tertiary level hospital standards, civil administration district of the municipal people's Government of the special care and hospitals should meet the level II hospital standards.

Article seventh special care and hospital construction, land, electricity, water, gas, heating, telecommunication and so enjoy relevant preferential policies of the State.

Encourages natural persons, legal persons and other organizations to contribute to the special care and hospital services.

    Special care and hospital funding should be earmarked, and accept supervision by the financial and auditing departments, and community.

    Article eighth for outstanding achievement in special care and hospital units and individuals, in accordance with the relevant regulations, recognize and reward.

Nineth give special care to the hospital according to the tasks assigned by the Department, admitted to the following allowances:

(A) needs to have a perennial health or inconvenience placed one notch to single one person four soldiers with disabilities;

(B) service disabled war veterans suffering from serious chronic diseases and illness during home visit demobilized;

(C) while serving in the mentally ill, requiring hospitalization demobilized;

(D) short-term recuperation allowances;

    (E) other arrangements were analyzed retrospectively by the competent personnel.

Tenth special care and hospitals should give special care to provide good medical services and security, including:

(A) the medical examination;

(B) the diagnosis, treatment and care;

(C) rehabilitation;

(D) health education;

(V) comfort;

(F) the supply of necessities;

(G) life care;

    (H) sports activities.

    11th special care and hospitals should strengthen the ideological and political work of allowances, allowances in the glorious tradition of education played an important role.

    12th special care hospitals for disabled war veterans disabled features, implementation of effective medical treatment, exploring common sequela, methods of prevention and treatment of complications, promote physical rehabilitation, improving the quality of life of disabled war veterans.

    13th special care and hospitals should take active measures to control chronic disease patients, alleviate their suffering and reduce chronic physical and psychological impact of the disease on patients.

14th special care and hospital to treatment in patients with mental diseases, patients with psychiatric rehabilitation.

    Classification management of psychiatric patients, prevent suicide, self-harm, assault, acts such as running away.

15th special care and hospital should be standardized admission and discharge procedures. Allowances subject to article Nineth admitted, by myself (mentally ill by its stakeholders) to apply, the County Civil Affairs Department, special care hospitals based on assignments and projects assigned by the authorities admitted.

Provincial civil affairs departments can specify special care and hospitals qualifying allowances. Allowances the hospital treated or medically stable, meets the conditions for discharge from special care and hospital discharge.

In accordance with the relevant policies should be placed, by their permanent residency, local civil affairs authorities will provide proper rehousing.

    Allowances died in hospital, the special care and shall promptly report to the competent Department of the hospital, and assist in the permanent residence allowances for home departments to properly handle the funeral.

    16th home departments shall regularly organize special care hospitals mobile activities, actively provide medical services for outpatient care.

17th special care and hospitals should make allowances service based on the work of actively perform medical duties, play to their medical expertise, to provide the community with quality medical services.

    Special care and hospitals through social service to enhance operational capacity, improve health conditions, and continuously improve the level of allowances for medical and dependent.

    18th special care and hospital application of national law relating to medical institutions management regulations and related provisions, the Executive Administrative Department of public health standards relating to medical institutions.

    19th special care and hospital Dean, Director of the Department to implement (the Chief) in charge.

    20th special care and hospital workers ' Congress system and ensuring their participation in democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision in hospital.

    21st special care and hospital to set up a complete health care management, infection control, drug use, medical and accident prevention rules and regulations, improving the quality of hospital management.

    22nd special care and hospital personal responsibility, establish professional technical, administrative, logistic and social workers jobs and clear responsibilities.

    23rd special care and hospital culture construction in hospitals should be strengthened, the glorious deeds of positive promotional allowances, forming army distinctive hospital culture.

    24th special care and hospitals should improve training and introduction of mechanisms, training and the introduction of academic leaders, establishment of a modernized hospital development of technical and managerial personnel.

    25th special care and hospitals should be strengthened with military hospitals, cooperation and exchanges to other community hospitals, building activities, in such areas as personnel, technology for resource sharing and complementary.

    26th Special care and hospitals, housing, facilities, equipment and other property owned by the special care and hospital management and use, no unit or individual may seize. 27th allowances should comply with special care and hospital regulations, respect for medical personnel to work consciously with medical staff management.

    In violation of the relevant provisions of the criticism by special care hospitals or departments of education. 28th article of the rules take effect on August 1, 2011.

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