School Faculty Congress Regulations

Original Language Title: 学校教职工代表大会规定

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School faculty Congress regulations

    (December 8, 2011 Ministry of education order 32nd release come into force on January 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First to protect faculty participation in school management and oversight, improve the modern school system, school law, according to the education law, teachers ' law, Trade Union law and other laws, these provisions are formulated.

Provisions of this article apply to the territory of China public kindergartens and schools (hereinafter schools).

    Non-governmental institutions, Sino-foreign cooperation in running a school with reference to these provisions.

Third school faculty Congress (hereinafter referred to as faculty Congress) is that faculty members shall participate in the basic form of democratic management and supervision of the school.

    Schools should establish and improve the teachers Congress system.

    Fourth faculty Congress should hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and "three representatives" important thought to guide, and thoroughly apply the scientific Outlook on development, and comprehensively implement the party's basic line and education policy, serious participation in democratic management and supervision of the school.

    Fifth Congress of faculty and Faculty of Party Congress delegates should comply with national laws and regulations, and compliance with school rules and regulations, correctly handle the interest of the nation, schools, groups and staff relations. Sixth faculty Congress at grassroots organizations of the CPC schools under the leadership of its work.

    Faculty Congress organizing principle of democratic centralism.

    Chapter II competence

Article seventh faculty Congress's mandate is to:

(A) hear the school regulations formulation and revision of the draft report, proposed amendments and recommendations;

(B) listen to school development planning, faculty building, educational reform, school-building and other reports of major reforms and solutions to major problems, comments and suggestions;

(C) listen to the school annual, financial, trade unions work reports and other special work reports, suggestions and recommendations;

(D) the discussion through the school and staff directly related to the interests of welfare, school allocation scheme and the corresponding faculty appointment, evaluation, incentives and disincentives;

(E) consideration of school session (times) Faculty Congress proposals for the processing of reports;

(F) in accordance with the relevant provisions and arrangements to review school leaders;

(VII) through a variety of views and recommendations on school work, supervision and school statutes, rules and regulations and the implementation of decisions, and put forward rectification opinions and recommendations;

(VIII) to discuss laws and regulations agreed by the school and the school trade unions and other matters.

    Faculty Congress and recommendations and resolutions of the Conference.

    Article eighth schools shall establish a sound communication mechanism, full faculty Congress heard the observations and recommendations, and reasonably absorbing adopted cannot be absorbed to adopt, should be accounted for.

    Chapter III faculty Congress representative

Nineth all schools signed employment contracts, and appoint the staff of the employment relationship, may be elected as faculty Congress representative.

    Faculty Congress represents the proportion of total faculty, determined by the local provincial Department of education; local provincial education departments did not identify, determined by the school.

Tenth faculty Congress represents the colleges, faculties (and grade), room (groups) as a unit, directly elected by the faculty.

    Faculty Congress representative may, in accordance with the delegation of electoral units (groups) and selected (groups). 11th Congress of faculty representatives of teacher-centered, teacher representative shall not be less than the total 60%, and should be based on actual school, guarantees a certain percentage of youth teachers and teacher representatives.

Schools in minority areas and ethnic schools, minority representatives should occupy a certain proportion.

    Faculty Congress representatives supervised by the election staff.

12th term faculty Congress representatives, 3-year or 5-year term and shall be eligible for re-election.

    Elections, replaced and procedures to replace faculty Congress representatives, by the school in accordance with the relevant provisions, and this school actually be clearly defined.

13th Congress of faculty representatives shall enjoy the following rights:

(A) have the right to vote, to stand for election and vote in the Faculty Congress;

(B) the staff wish to express their views fully and on recommendations;

(C) the proposal and asked the handling of proposals and supervision;

(D) on school work to school leaders and school institutions reflect the opinions and demands of faculty;

    (E) when performing their duties, suppression, obstruction or retaliation, submit petitions and complaints to the authorities.

Article 14th faculty Congress representatives shall perform the following obligations:

(A) work hard and conscientiously implement the party's line, principles and policies, national laws and regulations, the party and the State on the reform and development of education policies, and constantly improve the ideological and political qualities and ability to participate in democratic management;

(B) actively participate in faculty Congress activities, advocacy, seriously implement faculty Congress resolution, complete faculty Congress to task;

(C) impartiality was a decent man and closely linked to staff the masses, reflect the opinions and demands of the masses;

(D) to inform the departmental faculty participate in faculty Congress activities and duties, subject to review oversight;

    (E) obey the school rules and professional ethics, raise the level of business, do their job.

    The fourth chapter rules

15th more than 80 faculty members of the school, Faculty Congress system should be established; fewer than 80 schools, established directly by the faculty staff meeting attended by system.

According to the actual situation of the school, Faculty Congress system in its internal units or staff meeting system, in the context of the exercise of the respective areas of competence.

    Staff meeting system of nature, leadership, organization, and run rules, same as the teachers Congress system.

    16th schools shall comply with the staff rules of the Organization of the Congress, held regular faculty Congress, supports faculty Congress activities.

Article 17th faculty Congress held at least once per school year.

    When there are substantial and, after school, representative of the Congress of trade unions or 1/3 school staff proposed, you can temporarily hold faculty Congress. 18th faculty Congress every 3 years or 5-year term.

    Expiration of general elections should be conducted.

19th Congress of faculty 2/3 faculty Congress represented above. Faculty Congress can invite as needed representatives of retired faculty, non-faculty Congress, as guest or delegates attend the Conference.

    Guest or on faculty Congress delegates do not have right to vote, be elected and the right to vote.

    Article 20th faculty Congress topics should be based on the General requirements for school Center, faculty, determined by school unions and the school study and draws faculty Congress vote.

    21st faculty Congress elections and voting, shall be adopted by the Faculty Congress represent more than half the total number is valid.

22nd faculty Congress elected officers from among the representatives of the staff Congress, formed a Presidium meeting.

    Composition of the Bureau should consist of all aspects of the school, including school, school principal leaders of trade unions, teachers are in the majority. 23rd Congress of faculty according to the actual situation and the need to establish Special Committee (the Working Group), do the staff on tasks assigned by the Congress.

    Special Committee (the Working Group) is responsible for faculty Congress. 24th Congress of faculty according to the actual situation and needs of faculty Congress delegates elected Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee, teachers are in the majority. Staff during the Congress in the event of an urgent need to resolve important issues, you can contact on the Special Committee by the Executive Committee (the Working Group) the consultation process associated with the school.

    The result the next faculty Congress report.

    Fifth chapter working bodies

    Bodies working in the 25th Congress of trade unions for school staff.

Article 26th Congress of trade unions bear the following school staff-related responsibilities:

(A) do the preparations for and conduct of business faculty Congress, organizing election faculty Congress representatives, collect and collate proposals, topics, programme and the recommendations of the Bureau of the Conference proposed candidates;

(B) staff during the Congress, organizations conveyed the spirit of faculty Congress and supervising staff on behalf of the implementation of the resolution, organizing delegations (groups) and the Special Committee (the Working Group) activities, chaired a staff delegation (s) long, Special Committee (the Working Group), joint meetings of Heads of;

(C) organize training faculty Congress representatives, accepting and processing faculty Congress representative of suggestions and complaints;

(D) report on democratic management of school to the school party, communicating with the school;

(E) complete faculty Congress delegate other tasks.

    School elected the Executive Committee, the Executive Board mandated by faculty Congress may undertake duties related to the preceding paragraph.

    27th schools shall Union faculty Congress agency responsibilities for the school to provide the necessary conditions and financial security.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    28th in its subordinate units with a school staff Congress system, democratic management and supervision in a range of units.

29th educational administrative departments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and relevant organizations in the region United school faculty Congress regulations within their respective administrative areas.

    Schools concerned in accordance with the provisions and regulations in the region, to develop appropriate implementation measures for the faculty members of Congress or staff meeting. 30th article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2012. January 28, 1985 Ministry of education, China education trade unions issued interim regulations on the University Faculty Congress abolished at the same time.

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