Electrical Safety Accident Investigation Procedures

Original Language Title: 电力安全事故调查程序规定

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Electrical safety accident investigation procedures

    (June 13, 2012 the State electricity regulatory Commission released 31st come into force on August 1, 2012) first in order to regulate the electricity safety accident investigation, emergency handling and investigation under the electricity safety regulations and production safety accident reporting, investigation and handling Ordinance, these provisions are formulated.

    Article state electricity regulatory Commission and its agencies (hereinafter referred to as the electricity regulatory body) organizes electrical safety accident investigation (hereinafter referred to as accidents), these provisions shall apply.

    Authorizes the national electricity regulatory Commission of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as the SERC) organized investigation of major incidents, otherwise provided by the State from its provisions.

    Third accident investigation shall be in accordance with law and regulation, the principle of seeking truth from facts and scientifically rigorous, results-oriented, timely and accurately identify the cause of the accident and identifying the nature and responsibilities of, summarize the lessons learned from proposed corrective actions and comments.

    Fourth no unit or individual may obstruct or interfere with the lawful investigation of the accident.

    Article fifth power regulators investigating accidents, shall organize the accident investigation team.

    Sixth following accident accident investigation team organized by the SERC:

    (A) the organization authorized by the State Council investigation of particularly serious accidents;

    (B) the major accident;

    (C) the Council considers it necessary to investigate a larger accident.

    Article seventh large accidents organized by the Agency where the accident occurred, General accident accident investigation team.

    Large cross-province accidents, General accident (autonomous regions and municipalities), regulated by the SERC region where the accident occurred Bureau of accident investigation group; large accidents and accidents across the region, organized by the SERC designated local agency accident investigation team.

    Electricity regulatory Commission deems necessary, it may direct the Agency organizational accident investigation unit, General accident. Article eighth accident investigation team should follow the principles of lean, efficient.

    According to the specific circumstances of accidents, accident investigation by regulators, the local people's Governments concerned, work safety supervision and management departments and departments responsible for the supervision and administration of production safety-related people.

    Accident-related personnel suspected of dereliction of duty, malfeasance or suspected of a crime, regulators should be invited to monitor the organs and the public security organs, people's procuratorates people.

    Electricity regulatory agency can employ experts in accident investigation team to assist accident investigation.

    Nineth incident the entities or persons arrested for illegal electricity regulatory agency shall be filed, power regulator inspection departments should be represented in accident investigation team.

    Article tenth member of the accident investigation team should have accident investigation needed knowledge and expertise, and investigation of accidents, accident unit and its Chief, in charge of personnel, such persons are not directly at stake.

    11th accident investigation team members and team leader suggested candidates put forward by the electricity regulator safety regulators, head of electricity regulatory agency approval.

    Accident investigation work of the leadership of the head of the accident investigation team.

    12th according to the accident investigation needs, electricity regulators to reorganize the accident investigation group or adjust the accident investigation group members. 13th accident investigation group should be to develop accident investigation program.

    Accident investigation include accident investigation division of responsibilities, methods, procedures, schedules, and so on. 14th accident investigation teams to conduct accident investigations, shall draw up a notice of accident investigations.

    Notice of accident investigation to the accident units, related units should be presented. 15th accident investigation group survey the scene of the accident, can take the photography, video, drawing, collecting electronic data, making the scene taking recording methods such as site conditions, extraction and marks, goods and other evidence relating to the accident.

    Accident investigation group should be required to transfer emergency disposal of the accident form information and materials.

    16th accident investigation group into the accident, the accident involved units of the workplace or other relevant sites, read and copy of accident-related logs, working and operational documents and data, may be transferred, concealed, destroyed documents and materials to be sealed. 17th should be according to the accident investigation by accident investigation team needs, for accident-related personnel, emergency personnel and other personnel for questioning.

    Inquiry shall make inquiry record.

    Unit heads and related personnel in the accident accident investigation period shall not be absent without leave, and inquiries for accident investigation group at any time, provide relevant information.

    18th accident investigation team to conduct field surveys, inspections or ask the insiders, the investigator shall not be less than 2. Article 19th of accident technical appraisal is required, accident investigation group shall entrust the organization with national qualification. If necessary, the accident investigation teams to direct organization of experts.

    Identification time required is not included in the investigation period. 20th incident investigation team should collect raw materials, material related to the accident.

    Due to objective reasons for not collecting raw information, material, or have difficulty collecting raw information, materials, you can collect the original information, materials, certified copy, copy, copy, part of the sample or that the original, original photographs, videos and other evidence.

    Crime scene investigation transcripts, examination, interrogation and expert opinion should be addressed by investigators, surveying the scene, asked staff and expert witness signature of the person concerned.

    Accident investigation unit shall, in accordance with legal procedures to collect and accident related to the information, materials, and keep it.

    Article 21st member of the accident investigation team should be honest and fair in the accident investigation, dedication, discipline, and keep it secret.

    Without the head of the accident investigation group permission, accident investigation team members are not allowed to release information about the incident.

    22nd accident investigation team should identify the following:

    (A) the basic unit of the accident;

    (B) the time, place, site of the accident, weather and other conditions, power system operation before the accident;

    (C) accident, accidents, emergency situations, the scene of the accident on his work, working time, work procedures, qualifications and other conditions;

    (D) accident-related instruments, automatic devices, circuit breakers, relay protection, fault recorders, equipment and other equipment and monitoring systems, records, movement of dispatch automation system;

    (E) accident range grid for load reduction ratio, the proportion of city power outage, power outage duration duration, stop heating, generator outage time, facilities, equipment, and so on;

    (F) accidents involving facilities planning, design and selection of equipment, manufacturing, processing, procurement, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and other conditions;

    (G) the power regulators believe that other circumstances should be identified.

    23rd accident investigation team should identify the accident unit implementing national provisions on safety, strengthen safety production management, establish and improve the safe production responsibility system, and improve work safety conditions, and so on.

    Article 24th of accidents involving personal injury, accident investigation group should be identified in this article 22nd, 23rd article in the case should also identify:

    (A) number of casualties, the degree of bodily harm;

    (B) the casualty unit, name, education, jobs and other basic information;

    (C) before the accident casualty level, safety education experience, qualifications, health and so on;

    (D) the safety precautions to take when the accident occurred and the casualties of the use of personal protective equipment;

    (E) electricity regulators believe that other circumstances should be identified.

    25th accident investigation group should be identified based on accident to determine the direct and indirect causes of the accident, and other causes, determine the nature of the accident and responsibility.

    26th accident investigation group should be based on the field survey, analysis of the reason and the nature and responsibilities of writing accident investigation report.

    Accident investigation report shall be in conformity with the electrical safety accident emergency investigation and treatment provisions of the Ordinance and, and an analysis of relevant evidential materials and technical reports. 27th members of the accident investigation team should sign the accident investigation report.

    Accident investigation team members have different views on the contents of the accident investigation report should indicate in the accident investigation report. 28th head of the accident investigation report by the electric power supervision Office examined and approved, the accident investigation will come to an end.

    Larger accident agency investigation of the accident, the accident investigation report should be examined by the SERC safety regulators.

    By accident agency investigation and larger accidents, accident investigation report shall be submitted to the SERC safety supervision Department.

    29th incident investigation should be in accordance with the electricity emergency disposal and under the regulations of investigation and treatment duration.

    Article 30th incident investigation involving administrative penalties shall comply with administrative punishment cases filing a case, investigation, review and relevant provisions of decision.

    31st power regulator should be according to the accident report, units for the accidents and its related persons shall be given administrative punishment. Article 32nd power regulator should be according to the accident report, making regulatory submissions and views on the proposed disposition or other dealing with, service units.

    Units should be based on the regulatory submissions dealt with according to law, and reports on electricity regulatory authority. Article 33rd violations and safety hazards found during accident investigations, regulators have the right to correction or require rectification.

    Require rectification, regulators should make rectification notice in a timely manner.

    Ordered rectification unit shall, in accordance with the electricity regulatory agency requirements for the rectification, and rectification in writing regulators.
Article 34th power regulatory bodies should strengthen supervision and inspection, urging implementation of accident prevention and accident units and associated personnel measures, if necessary, for special handling.

    35th power production or occur during power generation equipment or power transmission equipment damaged, causing a direct economic loss of, does not affect the normal electric power system safe and stable operation of power supply, the power regulator in accordance with the regulations of accident investigation teams to major accidents, large accidents and accident investigations. Article 36th General accident did not cause power outage, power regulators commissioned units of the accident investigation, regulators shall draw up letters rogatory, determine accident investigation team leader, review of the accident report.

    Accident accident investigation unit organization, reference to these provisions. 37th article of the regulations come into force on August 1, 2012.

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