Appliance Repair Service Industry Management

Original Language Title: 家电维修服务业管理办法

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Appliance repair service industry management

    (June 15, 2012 the Ministry of Commerce [2012] the 7th release as of August 1, 2012) the first to standardize the appliance repair service the order of market economy, maintaining household appliance repairing service operators and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote the healthy development of the industry, these measures are formulated.

    Article in the People's Republic of China household appliance repairing service business activities within the territory governed by this approach. Appliances mentioned in these measures refers to can be used for home, life, entertainment and information purposes, such as the use of electronic or electrical products.

    Including refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, cleaning appliances, kitchen appliances, ventilation, heating ironing appliances, personal care appliances, health care equipment, recreational equipment and other electrical products and audio entertainment, information technology and other electronic products.

    Appliance repair service providers in these measures (hereinafter referred to as appliance maintenance operator) refers to providing a home appliance maintenance, troubleshooting, counseling and other services to legal persons, other economic organizations and individuals.

    Article of Commerce for appliance repair service industry management, commercial administrative departments at all levels are responsible for the appliance repair service within the administrative area of guidance, coordination and supervision.

    Article fourth appliance maintenance operators and employees shall comply with relevant laws, regulations, and standards. Appliance repair workers should have the appropriate maintenance activities of professional and technical qualification. In high altitude work, welding and thermal cutting, refrigeration and air conditioning work, electrical work, dangerous work on chemical safety and other special operations personnel should have the State eligibility for such special operations, medical certificates.

    Appliance repair involving special operations operators, their heads and the security managers, security responsibilities to conduct training.

    Appliance maintenance operators shall be equipped with the appropriate quality of the equipment and labor protection appliances.

    Article fifth appliance maintenance operator should distinct locations in the premises license, express services and household accessories charge, quality specifications, warranty period, as well as complaints. Appliance maintenance operators engaged in special service, to obtain a trademark licensing, and prominently expressed in premises within the period of validity of the authorisation.

    Authorized appliance repair operator shall, within the limits of its authorized repair service.

    Article sixth appliance maintenance operators through the Internet, phones to consumers in the form of provision of the corporate identity of service personnel qualification examination, receive occupational qualification staff preparation should be identified, requirements on the job at work or produce to the consumer.

    Article seventh appliance maintenance operator in the provision of maintenance services consumers should be clearly informed prior maintenance programme and matters needing attention and cooperation, respect consumer choice. Appliance repair operators in providing maintenance service shall provide the consumer with service vouchers and pay invoices.

    Maintenance service certificate shall fill in the maintenance services, repair details, responsibility for maintaining quality of service and attention, and so on.

    Article eighth appliance maintenance operator service in the organs, enterprises (things) unit maintenance activities and personal information will not be used in connection with unrelated fields, for clients ' confidential trade secrets, personal privacy.

    Nineth appliance maintenance operators and employees to abide by professional ethics and shall not be any of the following acts:

    (A) false, exaggerated, falsified maintenance services or content;

    (B) concealment, disguise for maintenance and services damaged as a result of the fact that;

    (C) false failed parts, intentional replacement performance parts;

    (D) the fraudulent use of household electrical appliances producer trademark or service identity.

    Article tenth appliance repair Manager repair service that same brand, type or batch of appliances there are safety, quality problems, should inform the producers, sellers, and report to the commercial Administrative Department of the County.

    11th appliance repair Manager repair services in the use and sale of spare parts and supplies, quality, specifications should comply with the relevant national regulations and standards of quality and safety of products, and sales of fake and shoddy products shall not be used.

    12th to encourage home appliance maintenance operators to build perfect maintenance service network security system, is responsible for servicing the business reception, quality control, costs, complaint handling and other services.

    13th appliance repair service industry associations should be actively for appliance repair service providers, maintenance appliance maintenance operators the legal rights and interests, strengthen guidance and supervision, self-discipline, industry statistics, and appliance maintenance operators to record information, promote the development of the industry.

    14th levels of commercial appliance repair for violation of these measures by the competent operator can be warning, rectification; it refuses can be announced to the public; disobey article Nineth, if the circumstances are serious, be fined a maximum of 30,000 Yuan; on the basis of relevant laws and regulations should be punished, commercial administrative departments at all levels should draw attention to the relevant departments shall punish.

    15th of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the competent commercial departments in accordance with this approach, considering the actual situation the local appliance repair service, in conjunction with the departments concerned related to the implementation. 16th these measures shall come into force on August 1, 2012.