Coalbed Methane Ground Safety Regulations For Mining (For Trial Implementation)

Original Language Title: 煤层气地面开采安全规程(试行)

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Coalbed methane ground safety regulations for mining (for trial implementation)

    (Released February 22, 2012, State administration of work safety, the 46th since April 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the surface mining of coal bed gas safety management, prevention and reduction of production safety accidents, protect the lives and health of employees and property, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on work safety and other laws and administrative regulations, these procedures have been formulated.

    Article in the People's Republic of China territory of coal surface mining and related design, drilling, cementing, logging, fracturing and production, gathering, compression and other activities of production, application of this procedure.

    National standards and industry standards for underground coal mine gas drainage and low density gas transmission safety as otherwise provided, in accordance with its provisions.

    Coal seam gas mining companies and contractors on the ground in article (hereinafter referred to as coal-bed methane company) shall comply with the relevant national safety laws, administrative rules, regulations, standards and technical specifications, shall obtain the safety license, accept the surveillance of coal mine safety supervision organization. The State shall encourage coal mining enterprises to adopt scientific methods of extracting coal-bed gas.

    Established by law of coalbed methane in coal mine ground drainage of the Enterprise shall comply with these procedures, but does not need to be made safe production license.

    Article fourth coal-bed methane Enterprise shall establish a safety authority, equipped with corresponding full-time safety Manager; establish safety management systems and procedures, implementation of the responsibility system for production safety, safety devices and equipment to fulfill the need.

    Article fifth coal-bed methane company primarily responsible for the unit's overall responsibility for work safety.

    Coal-bed methane company principals and administration of production safety shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the special training and examinations to obtain safety qualification certificates. Article sixth safety production of coal-bed methane enterprise should develop education and training programs, safety education and training to practitioners to ensure employees have the necessary knowledge, familiar with the relevant safety regulations and safety procedures, mastering the job safety skills.

    Without a safety education and training qualified practitioners, not posts.

    Coal-bed methane company's special operations personnel, shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the special safety training, made for special operations qualifications before they can post.

    Coal-bed methane Enterprise shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of article seventh extraction and production costs to meet production needs, and ensure the safety of coal-bed methane mining.

    Coal-bed methane Enterprise shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of article eighth production safety accident emergency plan, organize regular drills, and in accordance with the conditions for safe production time.

    After a production safety accident, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall take immediate and effective measures to organize rescue and prevent accidents expanded to avoid casualties and reduce property losses and report work safety supervision Department in a timely manner in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    Nineth surface mining area coal mine of coal bed gas, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall communicate with the coal mining enterprises, considering coal surface mining projects and coal mine mining plan, sharing information on the geological and engineering data, and ensure the safety of coal-bed methane mining and coal mine safety.

    Chapter II general provisions

    Article tenth coal-bed methane mining project should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the security conditions on the ground demonstrates and safety assessment. 11th new construction, renovation or expansion of coal-bed methane exploitation project safety facilities must be the principal part of the project designed, built and put into production and use.

    Investment in safety facilities shall be incorporated into the construction project budget estimates. 12th overall development of coal-bed methane mining project programme and coal gas pipelines, stations, power supply design should be borne by the unit with the appropriate qualifications.

    Coal-bed gas well Workover, drilling and fracturing, drainage, construction plan, the coal-bed methane company is responsible for. Review of the programme of the coal seam gas enterprises should establish a sound system, review of the strict security conditions.

    Construction programme without the coal-bed gas mainly responsible for the examination and approval of enterprises, the construction unit shall not construction. 13th construction of coal-bed gas exploration projects on the ground should be supervised by qualified supervisory units.

    Supervising units shall in accordance with the requirements of the national standard of construction supervision on construction quality supervision. Article 14th coalbed methane companies when carrying out projects, it should be to review the contractor's qualifications and safety performance, dedicated safety management agreement with the contractor, or specified in the contract safety management in their respective duties.

    Coal-bed methane Enterprise Unified coordination and work safety management of contractors.

    15th coal-bed methane enterprise should often carry out safety inspections and accident investigation, found safety problems and accidents, should take immediate measures to rectify; no immediate corrective action, corrective action should be developed within a process. 16th coal-bed methane Enterprise shall be the safety valve, pressure gauge, sensor and monitoring equipment for calibration and verification.

    Special equipment shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the coal-bed methane Enterprise testing on a regular basis.

    Article 17th coal-bed methane Enterprise shall set up the appropriate fire department, staffed with full-time or part-time fire services personnel and the necessary equipment, facilities, or with your local fire safety, fire rescue emergency rescue organization signed contracts.

    Article 18th coal-bed methane Enterprise shall establish a labor protective equipment are outfitted with, use and management systems, providing practitioners with national standard or industry standard labor protection articles.

    Coal-bed methane business in China should be articles for labour protection use of the training, guidance and education practitioners wear and use PPE properly. Article 19th coal-bed methane business for electric welding, gas welding (cutting) such as hot work, or other jobs that might spark, special safety measures shall be compiled and approved by the head of the enterprise technical review.

    Banned fireworks within the well field and station. Article 20th coal-bed methane Enterprise shall set up a system of equipment management person in charge.

    Equipment shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the safety sign is correct, complete, clear, set a reasonable position;

    (B) regular inspection, maintenance and repair, make sure that the device is always in good condition;

    (C) mechanical parts installed security fence or enclosure;

    (D) in accordance with the relevant provisions of seasonal maintenance on equipment, prevent corrosion, cracking;

    (E) periodic pressure test of pressure equipment, qualified before the use. Article 21st station control room of gas detection controller overrun after a power failure, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall immediately organize personnel to the corresponding equipment and indoor environmental inspection.

    Prohibited forced power transmission, power the system on.

    Chapter III hydrogen sulfide protection 22nd construction jobs and in hydrogen sulfide mining area coal seam gas production, coal-bed methane business should be conducted for all production personnel and site supervision and personnel training in the prevention of hydrogen sulfide. Training should include classroom knowledge and practical operation.

    Training should be undertaken by a qualified training institutions, and meets the training requirements.

    For temporary workers and other non-contributing on a regular basis, before construction and coal seam gas production, coal-bed methane enterprise should be protective education of hydrogen sulfide. Article 23rd in hydrogen sulfide environment production, shall be equipped with fixed and portable sulfide monitor. Shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the hydrogen sulfide monitor periodic calibration and identification.

    Monitored area should be equipped with visible signs of hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide detector and alarm and set.

    Issued at different levels of the hydrogen sulfide monitor alarms, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall, in accordance with the industry standards of the sour gas well drilling recommended practices for security (SY/T5087) of the appropriate measures can be taken.

    Article 24th coal bed methane business in hydrogen sulfide environment production, shall be equipped with the appropriate protective equipment and comply with the following requirements:

    (A) drilling, testing, repairing wells, underground work and yard work, equipped with positive pressure air breathing air compressor and its matching;

    (B) the expert management of hydrogen sulfide protective devices to ensure in standby mode;

    (C) the maintenance and rescue operations, carries hydrogen sulfide monitoring equipment and positive pressure air breathing apparatus. 25th in mines containing hydrogen sulfide, venues and equipment arrangement should take into account the seasonal winds.

    In may by the formation of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide accumulation, shall ensure that there is good ventilation conditions, warning flag is set, the use of explosion-proof ventilation equipment, and set up the fire escape routes and safety zones.

    Article 26th in hydrogen sulfide environment drilling, underground work and coal bed methane production, as well as the materials and equipment used in gas processing must be used in hydrogen sulfide environment. 27th in a sour environment for production operations, coal-bed methane company h, contingency plans should be developed.

    Drilling and downhole operation h, contingency plans, should provide for the coalbed gas ignition procedures and decision makers.

    Article 28th of coal bed methane business in hydrogen sulfide mining for coal-bed gas well drilling, shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) geological and engineering design taking into account special requirements for protection of hydrogen sulfide;

    (B) blowout prevention measures, BOP stack and pipe gate and accessories to meet the expected wellhead pressure;

    (C) prohibited Fireworks, and to take measures to control the ignition of hydrogen sulfide;

    (D) the use of drilling fluid suitable for hydrogen sulfide-bearing strata, and monitoring and controlling drilling fluid pH value;

    (E) test in hydrogen sulfide-bearing strata coring and homework, take effective measures of preventing hydrogen sulfide.

    Article 29th enterprises hydrogen sulfide of coalbed methane in coal-bed gas well downhole operation, shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) blowout prevention measures;

    (B) take measures to control the ignition of hydrogen sulfide;

    (C) when a workover fluid gas, hydrogen sulfide gas to escape, immediately separated by separation or take other measures;
(D) into Workover fluids in confined spaces or restrict ventilation area could produce hydrogen sulfide gas, take appropriate physical protection measures;

    (E) for special operations such as perforation and fracturing operations, to take protective measures of hydrogen sulfide.

    30th in the coal-bed gas containing hydrogen sulfide production and gas processing operations, coalbed methane in coal-bed methane Enterprise shall deal with the corrosion monitoring and control, to detect possible hydrogen sulfide leak to develop protective measures of hydrogen sulfide.

    Job entry may have a hydrogen sulfide leak location and station, Valley area, water area, and other easy accumulation of hydrogen sulfide zone, and into the purification plant of coal bed gas desulfurization and regeneration, sulfur recovery, sewage when maintenance and emergency vent area shall carry the positive pressure air breathing apparatus.

    31st hydrogen sulfide disposal in coalbed, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall be considered abandoned and the condition of the well using cement Packer produced hydrogen sulfide formation. Buried pipelines, surface flow pipeline disposal shall be subject to purge and purify and seal plug or Cap.

    Containers should be washed with clean water, dry sweeping side-by-side, open atmosphere, and to take measures to prevent combustion of iron sulfide.

    The fourth chapter design

    Article 32nd coal seam gas company before the preparation of engineering design, should collect adequate information on the research of the work site and the surrounding environment, and to hazard identification and risk assessment.

    Article 33rd CBM shall not be arranged in the landslides, avalanches, landslides and other geological hazards easy-happening areas.

    Article 34th wellhead and around the building (structure), the space facilities shall conform to the industry standard of the coal-bed methane mining safety regulations for fire and explosion on the ground (AQ1081) requirements. 35th wells, living, room should be placed on duty side of the mast, and minimum frequency the downwind side of the wind, and well spaced not less than 10 metres.

    Generator House and the well spacing of diesel tanks shall be not less than 5 m.

    Article 36th remote console well control equipment should be installed in the v-door side ahead, not less than 25 m from the wellhead and special activities room, and stay above 2 metres around the walkways.

    37th drilling should be designed to collect the regional geological data of engineering geology and aquifer depth is determined to develop appropriate security measures. Article 38th of drilling rigs and ancillary equipment shall meet the design requirements. Rigs drilling depth drilling depth should be greater than rated.

    Derrick lifting capacity should meet the requirements of drill string weight, geological conditions.

    Power facilities should meet the drilling rig, mud pumps, water pumps and other facilities needed to power.

    39th drilling technology for protecting coal reservoir, and lost circulation and kick, blowout, Wells collapse and complex situations such as sticking and control safety measures. 40th exploratory design should refer to the areas used for drilling well structure. Hole diameter should be open. Casing design should be able to ensure the safety of construction.

    Surface casing should be stable at least within 10 metres of bedrock.

    41st cementing operations should be designed to ensure the subsequent stimulation of construction safety.

    Casing strength design should be carried out considering internal stress and squeeze the stress and tensile stress in order to meet the need to follow up on.

    42nd design complexity should be made for the prevention and treatment measures. Article 43rd coal-bed methane Enterprise shall set up a logging security operations and incident management measures.

    Coal-bed methane Enterprise radioactive sources and other dangerous items should be storage, transportation, use and protection of special provisions.

    44th transport and coal-bed methane Enterprise shall set up explosives, explosive storage and destruction of equipment, waste destruction by explosives safety management system.

    Coal-bed methane Enterprise shall set up to prevent explosion, depth of construction error, blow gun (gun) and damaged casing safety and preventive measures. Article 45th selected pressure rating of the fractured wellhead wellhead pressure should be greater than the maximum designed pump unit value shall not exceed the set pressure of the relief valve internal pressure strength of casing 80%.

    Coal-bed methane Enterprise shall set up sand-plugging, sand, equipment damage accidents emergency response measures. Article 46th subgrade, base, Foundation drainage equipment should meet the load requirements. Cable, transmission and other electrical equipment, connecting equipment should match the motor power.

    Sucker Rod fatigue strength requirements should be met.

    47th drainage pumps and erosion from the reasonable value should be based on the lower pump depth, pump, sucker Rod specification and determination of mechanical properties and avoid typical plunger touches the pump.

    48th shall be installed at the wellhead production sedimentation tanks, CBM discharges water through precipitation, and meet the relevant requirements before they can be discharged; pipe lines should be based on certain slopes to drainage sedimentation tank, ensure flow smoothly.

    49th enterprises may generate static electricity dangers of coal bed gas in the following equipment and pipelines should set the antistatic device:

    (A) access to equipment or facilities;

    (B) the explosion hazard area boundary;

    (C) the coal-bed gas tanks, filters, dewatering devices, shock absorbers, and part of it is connected;

    (Iv) pipeline branches as well as every 200~300 meters straight line segments;

    (E) compressor suction and filling machine itself and connect tank filling machine link.

    At the station entrance and main operation sites, static conductivity of coal-bed methane company should install Body apart from the device, anti-static grounding resistance of grounding devices should be less than 100 ohms. Connecting flange connections pipelines, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall set up metal jumper (insulating flange).

    When a connection is more than 5 flange bolts and flange without wire jumper, must form the electrical pathways.

    50th anti-static grounding of engineering and equipment shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) facilities, equipment and vehicles of the ESD grounding, chain type of conductors wires shall not be used;

    (B) anti-electrostatic grounding, lightning earthing and grounding of electrical equipment in common settings, the grounding resistance is less than 10 ohms;

    (C) static grounding equipment set, grounding resistance of less than 100 ohms, laying around in good condition;

    (D) anti-static grounding must not use direct lightning line and electrical line, location of the measurement point shall not be located in the hazardous area;

    (E) maintenance equipment, line voltage may cause static grounding system, preset temporary grounding, maintenance after the recovery in a timely manner.

    51st station wagon, static-free shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the tanker and tanker drivers, supercargo holding valid documents;

    (B) tank car set special electrostatic grounding, grounding resistance is less than 100 ohm;

    (C) tank anti-static ground wire connection meeting locations at the workplace of special anti-static and unreliable connection methods such as wound can not be used;

    (Iv) tanks, static-grounding line using special antistatic rubber ground wire or copper soft wire.

    52nd lightning protection shall comply with the following safety requirements:

    (A) building (structures), process equipment, overhead pipes, tanks, electrical equipment, such as setting up lightning protection and earthing devices;

    (B) enter (with) the Chamber of high voltage circuit installation and device level voltage overvoltage (surges) protectors;

    (C) information systems distribution lines, Terminal and connection for electronic components, installation and electronic level device voltage overvoltage (surges) protectors;

    (D) the lightning protection grounding resistance shall not be greater than 10 ohms, wire the ground below 0.3 meters to 1.7 meters above the ground without damage, ground test fault contact contact is good, laying around in good condition;

    (E) the lightning protection devices shall not be narrowed the scope of protection;

    (F) lightning grounding measures should not affect the transmission pipeline cathodic protection;

    (G) grounding by credentialed unit testing on a regular basis.

    53rd coal-bed methane Enterprise shall set the indicator within the station, and hanging in the relevant position of the personnel can be seen.

    54th compressor room shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) establishment of explosion-proof emergency illumination system for compressor room;

    (B) when closed factories, coal-bed gas leak alarms, good mechanical ventilation and adequate pressure relief area;

    (C) the compressor room soft soil or sand-buried in trenches using solid, and the power distribution cable channel strictly separated;

    (D) the compressor room has striking security warning signs.

    The fifth chapter of drilling and cementing 55th location shall be smooth, impervious. Derrick area shall not exceed one-fourth the Foundation fill.

    Fill part of the reinforced measures should be taken. Coal-bed methane enterprise built on a hillside field, when local hard, solid, well site slope shall not exceed 85 degrees; when local layer soft, well site slope shall not be greater than 60 degrees.

    If necessary, the slope, retaining wall for masonry.

    56th enterprises shall well of coal bed gas derricks, oil tank installed lightning protection and antistatic earthing devices, grounding resistance should be less than 10 ohms.

    57th rains, the flood season, the ravine, SAG Valley zone construction, coal-bed methane Enterprise Foundation for heightening and building flood-control facilities. 58th coal-bed methane enterprise should be in a well equipped with a sufficient number of fire-fighting equipment. Management of fire-fighting equipment shall be delivered by hand, regular maintenance and shall not be appropriated for other purposes.

    Fire equipment placed at the access should be maintained, to ensure convenience.

    59th coal-bed methane enterprise should be in a well, rigs and Derricks ladder entrance, rig, high above the region and winch, diesel engines, generators and other machinery and equipment, and tank farms, fire equipment, fire-fighting equipment boxes and other places and set the appropriate security warning sign on the facility.

    60th CBM for State enterprises, mast and lifting operations should keep a safe distance with overhead lines, and take measures to prevent damage to overhead lines.

    61st Derrick guy lines installation not less than 4, strength should match the rig guy lines and ground anchors are secure.

    62nd drill taps and high pressure hoses should be equipped with safety lines. 63rd floor flooring should be smooth, dense and strong.
Derrick should be above level 2 platform, install a good protective railings, fence height should be greater than 1.2 meters, made of anti-slip steel plate.

    Activity table should install brake, parachute, channeling, such as travel restrictions, safety hooks, manually locate the safety devices.

    64th rig of wire rope safety factor should be greater than 7; when the elevators at the wellhead, winch drum wire rope not less than 7 laps; fixedly connected wire rope shall be not less than 3. 65th generators should be equipped with overload protection device.

    Motor should be equipped with short circuit and overload protection devices. 66th diesel exhaust pipe should be no breakage, no Coke, its exports are not pointing to recycle tank shall point to the tank farms.

    Valves shall be no leakage of oil tank, tank closed lock and expert management.

    67th location electrical equipment should be protective zeroing or protective earthing, grounding resistance should be less than 4 Ohms. 68th site power lines should be used cable and overhead to set up through channels, the equipment should be increased protection.

    Well site technical requirements for electrical installation with reference to the State of well site technical requirements for electrical installation.

    69th coal-bed methane Enterprise installation, when the rig down, up and down the Derrick shall not at the same time work.

    70th construction site should have reliable communication, and maintain a 24-hour.

    71st coal-bed methane enterprise when the well control equipment is installed, line layout should take into account the local seasonal wind, residential areas, roads, tank farms, power lines and various facilities, and so on.

    72nd drilling shall meet the following requirements:

    (A) in line with national standards, industry standards on conventional drilling safety requirements;

    (B) open, two open, drill before the target coal seams, and other important processes, comprehensive safety checks by drilling supervision, qualified before they can work;

    (C) the drilling team operates in accordance with prescribed procedures and code of practice, the Executive design of drilling safety requirements relating to fire and explosion;

    (D) select the appropriate drilling fluids;

    (E) If an exception happens in the drilling, in time to take emergency measures, immediately activate emergency response plans.

    73rd casing shall meet the following requirements:

    (A) hang casing on the rig floor, using the appropriate wire ropes and coir rope shall not be used;

    (B) on the casing casing is recommended when power tongs, lower casing when weight indicator readings were observed carefully and according to the procedures, unusual in a timely manner; (C) the casing string cannot be greater than the total weight rigs or Derrick lifting capacity, or else taken corresponding measures to lose weight.

    When casing down, need to decentralize perfusion fluid, to avoid floating shoe, float collar and crushed.

    74th cementing operations shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) when you put the car set up special command, casing should be filled under the casing may not be directly open pump flushing;

    (B) when opening the pump slurry, all personnel must not be near the wellhead, pump, high pressure manifold, safety valves and pressure pipelines.

    The sixth chapter logging

    75th before log construction of coal-bed methane enterprise, shall convene the Security Council proposed safety requirements.

    Logging does not meet the safety requirements in construction site, not for logging operations. 76th floor 10 meters in front of the well should be placed away from open areas for logging vehicles.

    Stacking should not affect vehicle access and are in place. Before the 77th in-vehicle apparatus and special equipment, coal-bed methane business should be properly packed and fixed, prohibit and impede the safe mixing of goods in transit.

    The on-board computer shockproof, dustproof measures must be taken. Log vehicle before and long-distance driving, radiation sources and equipment in good condition, the security check.

    Stay overnight on the way, you must park your vehicle in a safe place.

    78th logging personnel shall not absent without leave is not allowed in the mast and rig and logging operations independent, non-equipment this position shall not be used without permission. 79th place logging equipment should take fully into account the wind direction. Logging trucks and other work places of power, temperature and humidity should be consistent with security needs, and make fire-fighting measures.

    Logging truck shall be grounded, circuitry must not have a short circuit and leakage.

    When wells when the coal-bed gas accumulation is possible within a certain region, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall cease logging operations. 80th before logging, coal-bed methane Enterprise wellhead near unrelated items should be removed, removing the drilling rig rotary table and floor drilling fluids on the work surface. Winter log construction, depth measuring wheel and cable should be cleared in a timely manner on the ice.

    Loading and unloading when radioactive sources or other instruments at the wellhead, wellhead should first be covered, tools may not be placed on the turntable. Instruments before starting, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall set forth the power, instrument wiring and grounding, various parts, computer, installation of the fixtures you want reviews, winch brakes and transmission.

    Logging in the process, the operator shall observe the working of apparatus, equipment, abnormality was detected in time. 81st the logging should be properly connected, solid and reliable.

    At the wellhead, wellhead conductor, coal-bed methane enterprise should be in service.

    82nd winch starts, cable in the process of upgrading and decentralization should avoid emergency braking and sudden acceleration, staff members should avoid winch and cable activities, it is strictly prohibited to touch or cross cable.

    83rd speed under the instrument should be uniform, shall not exceed 4000 m/hour, from the 200 meters at the bottom should slow down into the casing shoe, speed must not exceed 600 meters/hour, at about 300 meters from the well on the instrument, should a person in command at the wellhead, slow down. Instrument under the 84th when encountering resistance, operator equipment should be made well, pass well after logging operations.

    Is strictly prohibited to run strong.

    Well when stuck under the 85th, the operator shall immediately stop, slow down activities if there is still no relief, should be dealt with quickly to study specific measures.

    86th instruments at the bottom and open hole still no more than 1 minute, the residence time of logging, except with special requirements. 87th after the end of the instrument, the operator should be the manipulation of parts back to a secure location.

    Is prohibited in a powered state-handling equipment and pull, plug wiring.

    88th night-time construction, site security lighting should be good. 89th case of seven more high winds, heavy rains, lightning, fog and other bad weather, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall suspend logging operations.

    If you are logging operations, instruments should be inside the casing and power the instrument off.

    90th logging operations, Wells produce hydrogen sulphide or other toxic and hazardous gas, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall take appropriate protective measures in accordance with the relevant regulations, and logging programmes, to be approved for logging operations. 91st of radioactive sources must be stored in a dedicated source library, source-sink design and sources inside and outside the library of dose equivalent rate shall be in conformity with the relevant State oil (gas) field logging requirements for health protection standards for sealed radioactive sources for.

    Coal-bed methane company shall establish and improve the use of radioactive sources archive and requisitioning, storage systems.

    Works area shall establish a temporary source, the source should be equipped with warning signs and guard against theft, loss-proof measures. 92nd protective container transportation of radioactive sources should be locked. External surface of the container in addition to marking the radionuclide name, activity, ionizing radiation warning sign shall also indicate the number of containers.

    Protective containers, transport sources inside the car and near of dose equivalent rate shall be in conformity with the relevant State oil (gas) field logging requirements for health protection standards for sealed radioactive sources for.

    93rd radioactive sources must be car transportation, escorted, Midway Park, accommodations have to be special care. Fortuna car taking staff and escort of consumer goods is strictly prohibited.

    Fortuna had not taken sufficient security measures must not enter the densely populated area and stay in the public car park.

    94th when working outdoors, outdoor sources, coal-bed methane enterprise must according to the radiation levels of radioactive contamination or possible, underline the warning zone, in the conspicuous ionizing radiation warning signs, set up special care, preventing staff from entering the zone. 95th coal-bed methane enterprise should be regularly engaged in radiation work of personal dose monitoring and occupational health examination, establish individual dose record and occupational health surveillance archives.

    Be recognized as radiation injury, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall be reassigned from radiological work and timely treatment. Who intends to participate in the work of radioactive, must undergo medical examination; there are no indications, shall participate in the work.

    Log construction personnel shall, in accordance with the radiation protection time, distance, shielding principle optimization of radiation protection, for loading and unloading operation of radioactive sources, prohibiting direct contact with radioactive sources. 96th sealed enclosure of open radioactive sources is strictly prohibited, prohibited the use of sealing failure of soluble radioactive source logging. Must be exposed when using a radioactive source, you should use a special tool.

    Liquid and solid radioactive waste should be collected in a storage facility within the sealed and turned over to the local administrative Department of environmental protection on a regular basis.

    97th article sources, allocation, processing, transfer, and disposal, as well as in case of radioactive sources being stolen, lost and other radioactive accidents, coal-bed methane business according to the radioactive isotopes and radiation equipment safety and protection regulations and the provisions of the regulations for proper handling of radiation accidents.

    Sources fall into wells, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall promptly and salvage, and designate a person responsible for their implementation; failure of salvage, detection radioactive source location and in accordance with the relevant provisions of cementing plug seal.

    98th prohibited smoking in the workplace, to eat and drink.

    Before the seventh chapter perforating 99th perforation should pass well. Perforation field around the vehicle, officers are permitted to use radio communication equipment Assembly field, among staff, and other personnel is strictly prohibited, no smoking and using open fire.
When assembling, the operator should stand in perforating guns safety orientation.

    When wiring the 100th coal-bed methane enterprise at the wellhead, the gun should be fully lowered into the well, cable short circuit to ground discharges before they can connect. No detonation gun body shall, after disconnecting the wire and insulation, could play out.

    No detonation gun barrel no longer installed or when should trap within the areas of operation of defusing and perforating.

    Used perforating, detonator shall not be re-used.

    101th percussive sidewall coring explosives shall comply with State regulations on explosive safety management.

    102th detonator is detected, inspectors should use blasting the ohmmeter measured under more than 70 meters can be connected to the power supply.

    103th fog, thunderstorms, moderate Gale above (including seven) weather and perforating and sidewall coring operations should not be conducted at night.

    104th construction ended upon return, construction workers remaining explosive should be directly communicated to the Treasury, and curators to handle transfer procedures.

    The destruction of explosives, shall comply with the relevant national petroleum perforating and sidewall coring with explosive destruction of standard requirements.

    The eighth chapter fracturing

    105th field must have display equipment and convenient enough area, with clear warning signs.

    Before the 106th construction jobs, construction workers should learn more about distribution of underground pipelines and cables in the field, and in accordance with design requirements before construction ready. 107th paper, did not carry out any operations within one year old well shall pass well.

    Encountered an exception while drifting, builders should take effective measures before they can continue operations.

    108th fracturing equipment, wellhead manifold and ground fracturing construction technology and pressure requirements should be met. High pressure pump for fracturing the safety pin to cut the pressure shall not exceed the rated maximum working pressure of high-pressure pump. Fixed wellhead shall use special bracket or other means.

    High pressure line every interval of 8 metres in length should have a fixed measure of high pressure lines.

    A radius of 10 meters at the wellhead, along the pump outlet to wellhead surface flow 10 metres of either side of the border, set to high voltage danger zone, and use a special belt set closed a security cordon. When the device is placed 109th, coal-bed methane enterprise should be arranged well sand car and manifold truck, pipeline and fracturing pump car, truck mounted fracturing pump distance from the wellhead.

    Instrument should be placed in cars can see well, open place. 110th fracturing construction must be carried out during the day.

    Coal-bed methane Enterprise fracturing should be unity of command, commanders should keep track of dynamic and maintain clear communications system.

    Should be convened before the 111th coal bed methane business in construction safety, security requirements, clear safety valve limit, while the following security checks:

    (A) inspection of fracturing equipment, proof-reading instrument, ensure that the fracturing of main engine and auxiliary equipment in good working order, for repairs or has failed to meet the construction requirements of equipment shall not take part in the construction; (B) pressure tested according to design requirements, the valves should be flexible to use.

    Equipment and pipeline leaks, should stop the pump, pressure relief before the maintenance;

    (C) the fractured car one by one by retaining the full cycle empty, drain residual liquid, more than sand. Coal-bed methane during the 112th construction enterprises should be designated officers responsible for border inspections, construction workers into the mine field is strictly prohibited.

    High pressure area must be provided with a warning, staff are not allowed. 113th construction in and out of the well site in the vehicle exhaust pipe should be installed spark arrestor.

    Construction vehicles through the ground bare of oil and gas pipelines and cables, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall take protective measures to prevent rolling. 114th pump action should be smooth, no shift or parking for no reason.

    Failed to stop, the operator shall timely notify the commanders to take measures.

    115th fracturing during the coal-bed gas enterprises must assign special persons to monitor residual fracturing fluid level, proppant residual quantity and availability ensure continuous supply and sand.

    116th sand in the process, the pressure suddenly rise or when there is a sand plug, study on coal-bed methane company shall, without delay, shall not forcibly hold pressure.

    Use of radioactive tracers, and corresponding protective measures shall be taken in accordance with the relevant provisions, and regularly of radioactive tracer activity testing, storage devices are intact, the exposed persons undergo a medical examination.

    117th after fracturing, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall device of pneumatic system, hydraulic system, inhalation of exhaust systems, instrumentation systems, hybrid systems, plunger pumps, trucks, fuel systems, such as conducting security checks and maintenance.

    Nineth part production

    118th line-production well field should meet the following requirements:

    (A) the smooth, clean, weed-free;

    (A) should be around the well site fencing, fence height shall not be less than 1.7 metres, and has a clear warning labels;

    (C) gathering all possible damage on the human body, crushed dangerous objects or other injuries should be coated with red flags, as a warning.

    Coal bed methane business 119th drainage sedimentation ponds should be arranged within the well field fence; arranged in production when the fences outside the scope of, and should be independent fence.

    Section 120th venting and flare stack where local main wind direction for the year should be considered, on the upwind side of the minimum frequency of wind direction for the year. 121th drainage device should be placed away from venting and flare stack placed on the side of generator exhaust direction not being well.

    Coal-bed methane enterprise should periodically with a combustible gas detector the valve, pipeline leak, leak discovery, shall immediately repair.

    Gas and water pipelines should install gas and water valves, gas pipelines should be painted yellow, the water pipe should be painted green.

    122th coal-bed methane company shall regularly check the separator (if any) valves, safety valves and flexible to use.

    123th coal bed methane Enterprise shall gas water separator (if any) drainage regularly to prevent accumulation of water plugging or.

    124th unit installation shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) ground compaction cement Foundation is located in the soil evenly on native soil, frozen area should be excavated to the Cryosphere;

    (B) the base surface without cracks, deformation phenomenon;

    (C) the unit closely posted solid contact surface of base and Foundation piers, anchor bolts shall not be suspended;

    (D) balance block and crank Assembly and crank dovetail clamp is strictly prohibited in debris.

    125th before the unit is started, coal-bed methane company should ensure that each part of the pumping unit reliable, brake and right belt tension, the normal power supply system. 126th staff inspection should be kept pumping at a safe distance, braking action should be closed after safety device.

    Pumping unit operation or when it is not stopped, shall not contact, close to the running part of the pumping unit, or lubricate, refuel, or adjust the belt, and so on.

    127th adjust stroke, when replacing the suspension rope such as Spider-man, the operator should fasten your seat belt and hold, preventing it from slipping and falls tool falls hurt. 128th replacement wellhead equipment, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall be equipped with a fire and explosion at construction site facilities.

    While cutting welding head, coal-bed methane enterprise must develop the appropriate security measures.

    129th screw pump running period, shall ensure that no loose connection parts, gearbox does not leak (lack of) oil, belt-free relaxation, light poles are not falling, without overheating the body.

    When the 130th underload trip, staff members should exclude parties clamp loose and transmission skid, causes of broken bars unloading the rear boot; when the overload trip, short circuit, phase should be excluded before the start.

    131th production equipment control cabinet shall have protective measures, buried cables should be clearly marked.

    132th measure electric submersible pump unit parameters, measurement total power control cabinets must be disconnected, and flying warning signs. 133th electric submersible pump down, may not load switch.

    When there is a failure of electric submersible pump, without identifying the cause and troubleshooting, not the second start-up. 134th of dynamic fluid level before the test, you must close the casing valve and release the pressure, wellhead connectors can be installed.

    When testing the fluid level, nitrogen should be applied to percussion, acoustic percussion is strictly prohibited.

    135th connector after installation is complete, the connector on the vent valve should be closed tightly, slowly open the valve casing.

    Well, the persons concerned must be in the casing when a valve is opened without exception can be installed below the signal line.

    136th after the end of the test, the tester should be proofed casing valve, open the vent valve, after the demolition of the connecting cable, before removing the wellhead connectors.

    137th dynamometer card test, donkey head of pumping unit must be stopped dead, pull the brake; operators should choose a safe location for installing the equipment; the system after installation, you must ensure that hung up the safety device.

    When the 138th Workover, and sand, sand play pipes shall be in accordance with the relevant General safety regulations in the Workover procedure implementation. 139th before sand, hose must be attached to safety lines, the circulation pipe should be no thorns and no leakage.

    When the sand, prohibited through to a safe area. Under article 140th pump, anti-, anti collision devices should be installed at the wellhead, guard against falling objects and collision sparks.

    Prohibition orders ring operation.

    Strength of Workover Rig guy lines should match the Workover, and ensure that anchors are secure.

    141th when flushing, pump trucks display sites, water tankers and other equipment should be easy to operate security position, outlet pipe connection should be straight and end in anchorage.
142th venting must be pressure tested, the valve should be flexible and use.

    143th during washing, boost power equipment should run continuously, shall not be stalled.

    Pump pressure, not when washing, shall promptly processed and forcibly suppress pump equipment and pipeline leaks, should stop the pump, pressure relief before the overhaul.

    When there is a severe losses, should take effective measures to plug of a construction.

    144th coal-bed methane company scrap of coal-bed gas wells should be well established scrap CBM archives, and construction and related sectors such as coal-bed methane Enterprise acceptance. 145th scrap of coal-bed gas well shaft must cement slurry cementing or cement mortar, mounting height from the bottom to the top 100 metres above a coal seam roof.

    Abandoned mine shaft must be well cementing Plug and cut of 1.5 meters below the surface casing, casing welded steel plates, and then fill until flush with the ground.

    Coalbed methane in the tenth chapter gathering

    146th coal-bed methane pipeline alignments should be based on topography, engineering geology, well site along (yard) location, as well as transport and power conditions and to determine the optimal route.

    The choice of pipeline routes shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the lines straight, smooth, reduce cross with natural and artificial obstacles;

    (B) avoiding important military installations, flammable and explosive warehouse, national key cultural relics protection units and other areas; (C) avoiding town planning areas, large stations, airports, railway stations and national nature reserves and other areas.

    When subject to conditions, when pipeline in the area through, you must ask the authorities for permission, allow sufficient safety distance, and take the appropriate security measures;

    (D) the pipeline is strictly prohibited by rail or road tunnels, bridges (except pipelines dedicated Highway tunnels, bridges) and the railway marshalling yard, large passenger stations and substations;

    (E) to avoid interference of the stray current in underground areas; when there is difficulty in avoiding, and up to standard, specification drainage measures are needed;

    (F) avoid the bad engineering geology zone; need to choose the right location and the cross.

    147th coal-bed methane pipelines and pipeline components materials, should consider using pressure, temperature, coal seam gas properties, uses, economy, and other factors.

    Material selection for CBM pipelines and pipeline components shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the materials used meet the safety requirements of the strength, life, coal-bed gas gathering pipeline is designed to comply with the specification for design of oil-gas gathering and transportation (GB50350), the relevant provisions of the coalbed gas polyethylene pipe polyethylene gas pipeline project is designed to comply with the technical regulations (CJJ63), the relevant provisions;

    (B) material production enterprises in accordance with the appropriate standards, and provide certificates of product quality;

    (C) the selection of pipeline components conform to the safety standards and a quality certificate;

    (D) the pipeline material meet the local seismic requirements;

    (E) using steel tube and steel components, should be based on grades, diameters, wall thickness, welding and the use of environmental factors such as temperature toughness requirements;

    (Vi) crossed the railway, highway, large rivers and populated areas, using steel pipe, prohibited the use of cast iron pipeline components. 148th coal-bed gas gathering and transportation pipeline buried laid should be used, special areas or berms,, overhead, including laying on the ground.

    Piping should meet the seismic requirements. 149th slope buried pipelines should be according to terrain requirements, flexible laying pipelines buried deep in the permafrost layer below.

    Minimum thickness of covering layer, trench slope and bottom width shall conform to the national provisions relating to pipeline engineering design standards. Pipeline and pipeline when it crosses, the vertical clearance shall be not less than 0.3 m; when less than 0.3 meters, should be set solid insulating spacer between the two tubes. When the pipelines and power and communication cables crossing, the vertical clearance shall be not less than 0.5 m.

    Pipelines extends more than 10 m of pipe on each side intersection, shall adopt corresponding Supreme insulation class. Pipeline changes direction, should give priority to laying with elastic (curvature RADIUS must be greater than or equal to 1000 times the diameter of the pipeline), vertical elastic laying pipeline should be greater than the curvature radius of pipelines under the action of gravity deflection curves of radius of curvature.

    Calculation of radius of curvature shall be in conformity with State regulations on pipeline engineering design standards. 150th to change pipeline to the bend radius should be greater than or equal to 4 times times the external diameter and makes it easier for pig or instrument passed. Minimum curvature radius of on-site cold bending pipe shall conform to the national provisions relating to pipeline engineering design standards.

    Elbow circumferential weld x-ray examination should be carried out.

    Pipeline oblique connection can not be used, does not allow folding bending bending or shrimp, it tube butt deviation shall not be more than 3 degrees.

    151th pipeline wear when, across the railway, road, River, shall conform to the national oil and gas transportation pipeline crossing engineering standards and relevant regulations of the oil and gas transportation pipeline crossing engineering standards. 152th piles shall be installed along the pipeline mileage, corner piles, permanent mark such as signs and warning signs. Mileage should be along the flow direction from the line of origin to the point each 500 m continuous sets.

    Mileage can be set in conjunction with cathodic protection test piles.

    153th articles buried steel pipelines should be designed to comply with the relevant national anticorrosion insulation and cathodic protection of the relevant provisions of the standards.

    Cathodic protection of the pipeline are not up to the requirements of, confirmation by the detection of coating the aging, coal-bed methane company coating overhaul should be carried out promptly. 154th bare or overhead pipelines should have good anticorrosion insulation, insulation, insulation and waterproofing measures taken.

    Pipelines should be drain periodically to prevent water shutoff, ice jam.

    Station access at both ends of the pipeline shall be retro-fitting insulating joints, ensuring the main railways in cathodic protection reliability.

    155th coal-bed methane company should be based on the construction of coal-bed gas field master plan as well as town planning, gathering pipelines in the region to, combined with topography, geomorphology, engineering and hydrogeological conditions, unified planning, site selection and layout, and away from the geological disaster-prone areas, service life from the GoB, the impact of mining areas, ensure the security station.

    156th station should be placed in concentration sites and open flames or sparking site throughout the upwind side of the minimum frequency of wind direction, the station mainly facilities surrounding the safe distance of the facility shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A), villages and residential areas and public facilities of the fire separation of not less than 30 m;

    (B) of adjacent factories, and 35,000 volts or above substation fire protection distance not less than 30 m;

    (C) the road space of not less than 10 m;

    (D) and line spacing is less than 20 metres;

    (V) communicate with the overhead lines, the space overhead power line is not less than 1.5 times higher;

    (Vi) and quarries, spaced not less than 300 meters of the explosion site.

    157th station floor layout, fire safety, road traffic and road connections with the outside world should be consistent with the code for fire protection design of oil and gas (GB50183), the relevant provisions.

    158th field design standard of flood control, should consider factors such as size and loss of submerged, gas gathering station return periods from 10 to 25, the central processing station return periods from 25 to 50. 159th vent pipe should be located in the production area the upwind side of the minimum frequency of wind directions, and at higher ground outside the station, its height should be compared with the nearby building (structure) is more than 2 meters, and height shall not be less than 10 m.

    Vent pipe not less than 10 metres distance from the station when empty and equal to or greater than 12000 m³/hour less than 40000 cubic? m/h, distance of the vent tube station should not be less than 40 meters.

    160th station equipment shall have the qualifications prescribed by the State enterprise, certificate and meet safety requirements. 161th of coal seam gas company should regularly records the operating condition of the device, regular analysis of main equipment running. Safety valve and pressure gauge shall verify on a regular basis.

    Control valve, pressure reducing valve, high (low) pressure relief valve and main valve shall be in accordance with the corresponding operation and maintenance procedures for operation and maintenance and periodic calibration in accordance with regulations.

    162th coal-bed methane enterprise should be set at the station at the entrance of the obvious security warning sign, stop notes and escape routes, and shall apply to foreign personnel entering the station informed security considerations, and so on.

    Stations shall be installed not less than 1.7 m in non-burning material walls or fences, warning signs and set security.

    Stations within the greater than or equal to 35,000-volt transformer and distribution stations shall be installed not less than 1.5 metres from the fence. 163th station of power load and power supply should be in accordance with the safety regulations for oil and gas (AQ2012) determines the relevant provisions.

    Electrical equipment and alignments should be reasonable conductor selection and line laying shall conform to the safety requirements, the line should be aging, damage-free and naked. 164th distribution room shall have emergency lighting, power distribution room doors should be opened to maintain good and install mouse baffle. Trenches should be free of stagnant water and waste should be blocked.

    Gutter combustible gas concentration should be tested periodically to avoid trench blowby.

    165th station when the pipeline purging and pressure testing, coal-bed methane company shall prepare a work programme to develop safety measures.

    Strength test and tightness test and found the pipeline leak, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall identify the cause, make repairs and safety measures before they can be repaired.

    166th compressor should allow coal-bed gas components, air pressure, air temperature, and air have a certain range.

    167th compressor starts and the emergency shut down safety interlocks should be complete. The suction inlet of the compressor should have measures to prevent air from entering; compressors imported shall be established at all levels of condensate separator or filter of mechanical impurities.
Separator should be liquid, liquid level controls and high liquid level alarm and emptying facilities.

    168th in coalbed methane dewatering equipment should be set before the separator.

    Dehydration before and the export pipeline block valves of the compressor should be set up before the relief valve. 169th coalbed methane dewatering device in the gas pipeline should be used all opening type relief valve, liquid line micro-valve should be used.

    Relief valve spring should have reliable corrosion or corrosion protection measures necessary. 170th sweetening, dehydration of coal-bed gas containing hydrogen sulfide.

    Far from coal seam gas treatment plant acid coal bed gas, free water produced as a result of the pipeline, you should after dehydration, desulfurization.

    171th in coal-bed gas processing and transportation when using chemicals, coal-bed methane company shall strictly perform the technical procedures and measures required, and freezing injury, poisoning and preventive measures such as chemical damage.

    172th coal-bed methane enterprise should be located in the desulfurization solution system filters. 173th into raw gas desulfurization the total pipeline regeneration Tower should be located and relief valves, liquid sulfur tank above the maximum level should be set fire steam pipes.

    Storage tanks should be set around the closed walls do not burn the material protection, the walls should be 1 m high, should set the appropriate fire-fighting equipment around.

    174th in the sulfur container operations, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall carry out tests of toxic gases, and with positive pressure air breathing apparatus.

    175th gathering system put into operation shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) pipelines and equipment-tightness tests qualified;

    (B) the individual equipment, System commissioning normal equipment in good working condition, gathering and transportation system joint test is working correctly;

    (C) gas pipelines across the pressure testing, pigging;

    (D) the development of security measures and contingency plans.

    176th pipeline before commissioning, coal-bed methane Enterprise air inside the pipe should be replacement to avoid air mixed with coal-bed gas. Mixed gas venting system should be used in the replacement process vent, and vent-centric set up quarantine and ban the fireworks.

    Substitution of nitrogen into nitrogen gas pipeline temperature should not be below 5 degrees Celsius; emissions should prevent a lot of nitrogen when nitrogen accumulation resulting in suffocation, too much nitrogen in the pipeline should be multi-point advance.

    177th on the pipeline surveillance shall observe the following provisions:

    (A) the continuous monitoring of important parameters and working status and record;

    (B) regularly patrol the pipeline according to along the ray, but on foot patrol at least once per quarter;

    (C) inspect circuit water, discharge of sewage in a timely manner, and measures to prevent freezing;

    (D) in, flood or other disaster occurs during the rainy season is encrypted after inspections;

    (E) periodically testing the pipeline cathodic protection facilities to protect potential.

    178th on the monitoring station shall comply with the following provisions: (A) pressure measurement instruments sensitive and accurate, equipment, pipeline leaks.

    According to the gathering process distribution of stations set pressure-limiting vent and high pressure, low limit alarm facility;

    (B) inspect stations within the separator and discharged in a timely manner, and measures to prevent freezing;

    (C) the station equipment, metrology workshops in explosion hazardous areas, such as electrical equipment and lighting with explosion-proof electrical equipment, type selection, installation and electrical wiring arrangement consistent with the explosion and fire hazard atmospheres of code for design of electrical installations (GB50058) requirements.

    179th maintenance and repair, and should develop the appropriate maintenance and repair the safety measures and the implementation of programmes, reasonably staffed with full-time maintenance and repair teams and repair supplies and equipment. 180th maintenance and repair site should take protective measures, divided security boundary, cordon, and warning signs. Enter the site personnel should wear PPE.

    Personnel shall not enter the zone has nothing to do with the job.

    11th coal-bed methane compressed

    181th compression station building shall meet the following requirements:

    (A) the Foundation meet the load requirements of the compressor;

    (B) valves, compressor and plant use refractory materials, cleaned the ground;

    (C) valves, compressor and plant between the doors and Windows open to the outside, an area greater than 100 square meters of factory buildings have at least two evacuation, and to keep the channels open;

    (Iv) ventilating valves, compressors and other workshop equipment.

    182th compression process should be designed according to the technological requirements of the gas transmission system to meet gas dust, liquid, supercharged, cooled and the startup, shutdown, normal operation of the unit and security requirements.

    Coal-bed gas processing shall conform to the technical requirements of the compressor unit on temperament.

    183th compressors shall comply with the following safety requirements:

    (A) the compressor unit of emergency shutdown and safety interlocking devices;

    (B) the compressor control system set pressure, temperature display and protection line;

    (C) before the compressor sets the buffer tank;

    (D) single-row arrangement for coal seam gas compressor;

    (E) in Alpine areas or sandy area compressor using a closed factory, open or half-open workshop in other regions.

    184th new device before installation or maintenance operation of the compressor system, coal-bed methane Enterprise shall pumps, pipelines, containers, plant nitrogen replacement system, replacement of qualified before the operation.

    185th set the compressor suction, exhaust and discouraged when the pipeline should avoid adverse effects of pipe vibration on buildings; there should be measures to prevent air entering the suction lines, high-pressure discharge pipe shall have a one-way valve when necessary.

    186th compressor with station building (structures) fire separation shall be in conformity with the provisions of the petroleum and natural gas engineering fire protection standard.

    187th compressor runs shall comply with the following safety requirements:

    (A) the compressor setting safety valve, safety valve relief safety discharge capacity shall not be less than compressors;

    (B) the compressor inlet and outlet to set high and low voltage alarm and shutdown device, cooling system temperature alarm and shutdown device, set low-voltage alarm and shut down device for lubricating oil system.

    188th air compressor liquid shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the compressor unloaded exhaust no external bleeding;

    (B) the recovery of gas can be transported to compressor import buffer tank;

    (C) to concentrate on the compressor discharge of condensate.

    189th compressed coal-bed methane gas equipment shall comply with the following safety requirements:

    (A) gas cylinders comply with the relevant national safety regulations and standards;

    (B) the storage well designed, constructed and tested in accordance with State regulations on high pressure underground gas standard;

    (C) the Group of gas cylinders or storage wells adjacent to the corridor of the station side, create safe crash barriers or other cushioning facilities;

    (D) gas cylinder group (storage wells) set relief valve on the inlet manifold and the emergency emptying hose, pressure gauge each gas cylinder (well) valve of the export settings. 190th coalbed methane tank (ball, horizontal tanks) installation of emergency venting, safety relief devices and pressure gauge.

    Coal-bed methane tank (Cabinet) maintenance when hot, must pass through the emptying, cleaning, ventilation, and verify that the concentrations of methane in gas (less than 0.5% qualified). 191th coal-bed methane enterprise of coal-bed gas tank should be periodically tested.

    Coal-bed gas tank area should have clear security warning signs. 192th fixed storage tank should be sprayed with water or shading.

    Should have insulation in the winter freezing measures.

    193th compressed coal-bed methane gas dispenser shall not be located in the Interior, should set the collision near the adding machine column (column).

    In colder areas should be used for the local ambient temperature conditions the adding machine. 194th dispensers of gas hose and hose fitting should be selected for their corrosion resistance of materials.

    Should set the pull off valve on the gas hose and pull off valve under external force separated, should check seals on both ends. 195th pit stop should set up emergency cut-off valves on the pipeline, manual emergency cut-off valves should be accessible to promptly cut off gas source when the accident occurred.

    Gas cylinder group (storage wells) and nozzles shall be established gas cylinder between groups (storage wells) block valve, cut-off valve, emergency cut-off valves and gas block valve.

    196th process safety and monitoring systems shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the safety valve set at the station pressure equipment and containers;

    (B) sewage process piping, equipment or containers can release a large amount of gas, their separation equipment, separate gas into gas venting system, liquid into the tank or processing system;

    (C) each compressor there is independent of temperature and pressure protection device;

    (D) the pipeline compression station stop block valves upstream and downstream of the valve setting pressure limiting outbound truncated relief facilities.

    197th station power supply and electrical safety shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) station fire, communication, control, instrumentation, such as using an uninterruptible power supply or a dual-circuit power supply, fire protection, control, distribution and other important places to set emergency lighting;

    (B) the stations within the manifold, valves, compressors and other electrical installations in explosion hazard areas must be explosion-proof, electrical circuit using a flame retardant cable line laying for explosion-proof safety measures;

    (C) power distribution unit is waterproof, prevention measures, installing mouse baffle, safe passageways, signage is obvious.

    198th explosion-proof compressor stations shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) compression station in accordance with safety requirements for explosion-proof partition explosion hazardous areas;

    (B) the use of explosion-proof electrical equipment, check for product certification, product safety signs and safety performance, inspected and issued with a certificate before using;

    (C) explosion-proof electrical equipment installation, inspection, maintenance and repair by qualified personnel to operate and in the engine room, posting area "explosion hazardous area" signs;
(D) a fixed electrical installation firm, preventing external collision, damage.

    199th compression station explosion-proof electrical equipment shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) clean and tidy, complete parts fastening, loose, no damage, no mechanical deformation, place clean and free of debris and flammable substances;

    (B) selection in line with the explosion and fire hazard environment-related requirements of the code for design of electric power;

    (C) the cable entry device is reliable to seal, free wiring hole closed to meet the requirements;

    (D) the equipment protection, interlocking, detection, alarm, earthing device complete;

    (V) explosion-proof structure of explosion-proof lamps, protective cover remained intact;

    (F) ground terminal contact is good, no loose, broken, no corrosion-free;

    (VII) emergency lighting in accordance with explosion-proof requirements.

    Article No. 200 when checking maintenance of explosion-proof electrical equipment shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) routine inspection charged device is strictly prohibited in sealed boxes, junction boxes, into the device, isolate sealed boxes;

    (B) the ban on live electrical equipment, repair or move line explosion-proof lamp Assembly and disassembly and replacement of explosion-proof lamps, lamp;

    (C) power hang warning signs;

    (D) prohibiting wash with explosion-proof electrical equipment;

    (E) the inspection site of explosion-proof processing thread the power cable;

    (Vi) maintenance with capacitors, inductors, explosion-proof devices to detect first class energy storage components, in accordance with the provisions of the energy behind the operation;

    (VII) maintenance shall not be damaged in explosion-proof device of flameproof surface;

    (H) the fastening bolts, any replacement or missing;

    (I) records of maintenance projects, content, test results, parts replacements, defects, and so on, and file save.

    Article No. 201 operation of the compressor shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the regular daily inspection and maintenance of equipment and instruments to ensure its good;

    (B) periodically check the safety valve, pressure gauge, ensure its accuracy;

    (C) before starting check the Oiler and the fuselage meets the power requirements of the oil and electrical equipment is intact, coal-bed gas leakage monitoring system self test problem-free, loose piping, valves and flange is leakage, leakage phenomenon, the valve is in the correct position, motor has no problems card;

    (D) the operation strictly perform equipment operation, pay attention to high-temperature pipeline to prevent Scalds, prevention of over voltage, over temperature and mechanical damage;

    (E) during the operation of the machine to check the air pressure, hydraulic pressure, voltage, temperature and compressor vibration strength, identify problems and treatment;

    (F) observation at every level in the compressor running temperature and circulating water temperature;

    (VII) during the operation of the compressor in accordance with the provisions of sewage, and pay close attention to the final discharge pressure; when the pressure reaches a certain value, inform aerated; abnormal noise or pressure, when the temperature is outside the allowed range, immediately stop check, troubleshooting; when an emergency occurs, in accordance with emergency plans for processing.

    Article No. 202 when cleaning equipment, apparatus shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) prohibited the use of flammable materials such as petrol, benzene, cleaning equipment, furniture and flooring;

    (B) prohibited the use of compressed air to clean storage of flammable oil tank;

    (C) prohibited the use of chemical fibers, plastics, prone to static electricity such as silk products to clean objects and equipment;

    (D) when cleaning equipment, workers dressed in accordance with regulations and eliminate the body of static electricity.

    Article No. 203 staff dress code and static-free shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) enter the explosion hazardous areas, labour safety signs anti-static clothing, cotton work clothes and anti-static shoes

    (B) before entering the explosion hazardous areas, touch the ball to remove static electricity of human body in advance;

    (C) is prohibited in explosion hazardous areas clothed, strip, flapping clothing as well as hair and play;

    (D) the explosion hazardous areas of the floor may not be painting insulating paint, or laying of non-conductive materials.

    Article No. 204 operator shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) after this type of professional safety training and pass the examination after obtaining the certificate, certificates;

    (B) the master post implementation of emergency procedures in case of emergency, in accordance with the emergency measures promptly to deal with;

    (C) in familiarity with the principle of position, structure, performance and technical characteristics, the names and functions of parts;

    (D) be familiar with the post operation of electrical control equipment and the basic knowledge of the relevant;

    (E) in accordance with the provisions put on work clothes and wear on labour protection;

    (F) sewage operators hand drain is strictly prohibited;

    (G) sewage abnormality was detected immediately reported and handled by the professionals.

    The 12th chapter by-laws

    Article No. 205 of this code the following definitions of the terms:

    The coal-seam gas refers to occurs in coal seam methane as the main component, adsorbed on the surface of coal particles, part free in the pores of coal or hydrocarbon gases dissolving in coalbed water.

    Coal seam gas mining, refers to coal-bed gas well fracturing, drilling, well logging, construction and post production management, gathering and compression of the pipeline project.

    Coal-bed methane enterprise, means specializing in coal seam gas mining enterprises.

    Well, coal-bed methane mining and synthesis refers to the variety of geological data to design and optimize well placement.

    Drainage, is through drainage of surrounding rock in coal seam and its groundwater to lower coal reservoir pressure-induced desorption of methane from coal seams.

    Coal-bed gas wells refers to drilling through the ground into the coal seam, occurrence of CBM's own pressure and drilling coal bed methane borehole pressure release of the space.

    Open hole, top men refers to coal seam after casing, straight seam to the design depth of hole exposed seam of coal seam gas.

    Station, refers to the collection of coal-bed methane gas, purification, compression transfer station.

    Threshold limit value refers to adverse effects of long-term exposure of staff will not be affected by the maximum concentration of a toxic substance in the air.

    Security-critical concentration refers to staff security in the open working 8 hours acceptable maximum concentrations of hydrogen sulfide.

    Dangerous concentration refers to when this concentration is reached, to life and health will have irreversible or delayed effects.

    Replacement refers to inert gases such as nitrogen jobs piping, equipment in the gathering and transferring system of air or replace a method of combustible gases.

    Hot refers to flammable and explosive hazardous areas and coal seam gas containers, pipelines, equipment or containers containing a flammable substance, use tools such as welding, cutting, construction jobs directly or indirectly from an open flame. Article No. 206 this regulation come into force on April 1, 2012. Coal seam gas mining activities the purpose of other procedures, norms inconsistent with this regulation, in accordance with the implementation of this practice.

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