Administrative Measures On Cultural Statistics

Original Language Title: 文化统计管理办法

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Administrative measures on cultural statistics

    (July 11, 2012 to 53rd release since September 1, 2012, the Ministry of culture) Chapter I General provisions

    First to standardize the cultural statistics, cultural statistics, cultural statistics and data protection the truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and timeliness, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Statistics Act and its implementing rules, these measures are formulated.

Cultural statistics article refers to the cultural administration departments at all levels to meet the management needs of cultural industries culture survey organization of statistical activities.

    Cultural survey of objects included in cultural management at all levels of administration, cultural activities of various kinds of enterprises, institutions and other organizations, individual businesses and individual.

    The basic tasks of cultural statistics article is cultural activity for statistical surveys and statistical analysis, and provision of statistical information and statistical advice, exercise statistical supervision.

Fourth Ministry of culture is the national statistical departments of culture, under the guidance of business in national statistical offices, and unified management of national cultural statistics.

    Local cultural administrative departments at all levels in the superior administrative departments of culture and statistical agencies under the guidance of the people's Government at the same level, responsible for the administration of cultural statistics.

    V article levels culture administrative sector should strengthening on culture statistics work of led, sound statistics institutions, full statistics personnel, strengthening statistics personnel of professional training and ethics education; should guarantees statistics work by needed of funding, will statistics work funding included units annual budget; should height attention statistics information construction, for culture statistics work provides necessary of equipment and other the conditions, advance statistics information collected, and processing, and transmission, and shared, and storage technology and statistics database system of modern.

    Chapter II administration of surveys

Article sixth cultural administrative departments at all levels to carry out the survey, survey system should be developed.

    Statistical investigation system should be the purpose of the survey, survey, survey methodology, survey, survey, surveys, submission and publication of statistical information and other provisions. Seventh national culture survey system established by the Ministry of culture. Survey of objects belonging to the jurisdiction of the cultural sector, reported the National Bureau for the record; the survey object beyond the jurisdiction of the culture sector, reported the National Bureau approval.

Local cultural Administrative Department may need to develop complementary cultural survey system, consent by the superior administrative departments, and statistics institutions at the same level for approval.

    Local complementary cultural survey system must not overlap, conflict with the superior culture survey system; not to affect the implementation of the national system of cultural survey.

Article eighth cultural administrative departments at all levels should be carried out according to the approved system of survey statistics.

    In the implementation of the survey system, survey table, shall be indicated in the table, the enacting body, approved or filing number, expiration date and other signs.

Nineth cultural statistical survey should be based on cultural Administrative Department and approved statistical survey system and establishment of sound records, accounts and statistics management system should be based on the needs of their statistical work and cultural information construction of unified planning, with the necessary computer and network communications equipment.

    Cultural survey of statistical laws and regulations and these rules shall, in accordance with the provisions of, true, accurate, complete and timely provision of cultural data required in the surveys may not provide inaccurate or incomplete statistics, not late, refusing to report statistics. Tenth administrative departments at all levels should establish comprehensive cultural survey quality control system.

    At the time of collecting statistical information, field verification, logic tests should be taken, as well as other effective ways to examine and verify the statistics.

    11th cultural survey of regular statistical reports for the main article, using a combination of methods such as sampling, major surveys and censuses, and full development of the use of administrative records and other data. 12th statistical standards formulated by the Ministry of culture, national culture.

    Culture ensure that cultural survey definitions, calculation methods, classification catalogues, questionnaires and statistical coding standard.

    Chapter III Statistics Administration and publication

    13th Ministry of culture management, validation, and publication of national cultural statistics published; the local cultural Administrative Department of unified management, validation, dissemination and publishing statistics on the administrative culture.

    14th administrative departments at all levels should establish comprehensive cultural statistics information system, law announced the administrative and cultural statistics.

15th national cultural statistics data released by the Ministry of culture shall prevail; local cultural statistics based on data released by the local cultural administrative departments shall prevail.

    Culture cultural statistics are inconsistent with other departments of the Executive Branch, should be published after consultations in accordance with the responsibilities of departments.

    16th administrative departments at all levels should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to establish and improve statistical information audit, sign, transfer, archiving and other management systems.

    17th culture management, use and publication of statistical information, shall strictly abide by the national archives and records management system, security system and relevant requirements of open information system.

    18th levels of administrative departments for cultural statistics institutions and statisticians, statistical investigation confidential trade secrets and personal privacy.

    19th any unit and individual public use or cultural statistics information provided has not been announced, is a national shall be approved by the Ministry of culture; as a regional, to be approved by the local cultural Administrative Department.

    The fourth chapter statistics institutions and statisticians 20th Finance Division, as the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of culture's general statistics agencies staffed with full-time officers, responsible for cultural statistics functions, and manages the national cultural statistics.

    The operational agencies of the Ministry of culture-related statistical tasks, with statisticians responsible for business statistics.

21st Financial Secretary of the Ministry of culture performs the following duties:

(A) development of national system of cultural statistics work planning, survey and statistical standards, organization and guidance of the national cultural statistics;

(B) review relevant business institutions to develop their statistical work within the Ministry of culture of the survey system, audits prepared by the local cultural administrative departments of complementary cultural survey system;

(C) is responsible for cooperation with the statistical operations of the relevant departments of the State Council;

(Iv) management, validation, release, publish and provide cultural statistics;

(E) to statistical analysis and cultural developments in monitoring and evaluation;

(F) the Organization for the harmonization of cultural training for statisticians, scientific research and international exchange of cultural statistics;

(G) harmonization of planning national cultural construction of statistical Informationization and statistical database, unified management, development and use of national cultural information such as statistics and administrative records;

    (H) integration of statistical laws, rules and regulations of the statistical supervision and evaluation appraisals.

Articles 22nd Ministry of culture-related statistical tasks of the operational bodies shall perform the following duties:

   (A) development of business culture in the context of statistical work plans, develop business culture survey system;

(B) organize, coordinate and guide the business of cultural statistics collected, review, summary, and within the specified date, the information obtained by the survey submitted to the Financial Secretary, after they have been audited;

(C) the statistical analysis of the business culture, for operations in this sector to provide advisory services and to exercise statistical supervision;

(D) statistical personnel cooperate with Finance Division's business training and reform of the statistical system;

(E) cooperate with Finance Division's cultural construction of statistical information and statistical database, and development of administrative records and statistical data;

    (F) the Financial Secretary to carry out business within the scope of statistics work supervision and inspection and evaluation appraisals.

    23rd local cultural administrative departments at all levels should explicitly assume comprehensive statistical functions of cultural institutions, and statisticians (which should be full-time personnel at the provincial level), the unified management of the administrative area of cultural statistics; statistical tasks related to local cultural administrations at all levels have the operational agencies should be equipped with the appropriate personnel, responsible for the administration of business statistics.

    24th for cultural activities of enterprises, institutions and other organizations should establish statistics institutions or relevant institutions set personnel, and in charge of statistics, cultural statistics.

25th cultural statistics institutions and statisticians shall independently exercise the following powers, no unit or individual shall interfere with or obstruct. 

(A) statistical investigation: investigation, collect statistical information in accordance with law, audit and statistical data related to the original records and statistical account for correction of inaccuracy in statistical data.

(B) the right to statistical reports: statistical information gathered and collated, analyzed statistics report to the higher authorities and statistics in a timely manner.

    (C) statistics to supervise: according to surveys and statistical analysis, statistical monitoring of cultural work, points out the problems and make recommendations for improvement.

Article 26th cultural statistics institutions and statisticians shall fulfill its responsibilities objectively collect and report statistical data, statistical information shall not be forged, altered, shall not in any way require any units and individuals to provide inaccurate statistics.

    Cultural statisticians should stick to seeking truth from facts, abide by professional ethics, to collect, audit, entry statistics and surveys submitted to the consistency of the statistical data of the object is responsible for.

    27th engaged in cultural management of the Administration, heads of units engaged in cultural activities shall not modify the statistics institutions and statisticians in collecting, collating statistical data in accordance with law, shall not in any way require statistics institutions and statisticians and falsifying or altering the statistical data of other agencies, personnel, may not perform their duties according to law, or rejection, revenge against illegal practices of statisticians. 28th cultural statistics statistical personnel business knowledge and computer skills, cultural statistics to incompetent, unqualified personnel should be adjusted in a timely manner.

    Cultural statistics personnel at all levels should remain relatively stable, when statisticians because of their work out of the job, shall appoint a company capable of undertaking statistical personnel replacement and clearing the transfer procedures, departments submitted to the next higher cultural statistics.
The fifth chapter, supervision and evaluation evaluation

    29th levels of cultural Administrative Department shall administer its subordinate administrative departments, supervise and inspect the work of cultural objects in the survey statistics.

    Statistical examination includes: implementation of the statistics law, rules and regulations, configuration of statistics institutions and statisticians, authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the statistical information, the disclosure of statistical information, the statistical information system construction in, as well as other work-related situations. 30th levels of cultural administration and cultural survey shall coordinate with the Administrative Department for cultural institutions and inspection work.

    No unit or individual shall interfere with inspection of law enforcement and inspection findings and obstruction of statisticians.

    31st Ministry of culture culture statistics work supervision and evaluation evaluation approach on local cultural administration and cultural objects in the survey and statistics regularly conduct supervision and inspection of work and evaluation appraisals.

    Article 32nd cultural administrative departments at all levels for operational agencies working with cultural management cultural statistics evaluation, evaluation assessment work shall be carried out in conjunction with comprehensive statistical institutions of culture. 

    Article 33rd for violation of statistical laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of these measures, the relevant administrative sanctions according to law by the relevant authorities or pursue legal responsibilities.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    34th survey referred to herein includes cultural administrative departments at all levels to carry out regular surveys and a one-time survey.

    35th cultural administrative departments at all levels in accordance with this approach, combined with their practice, develop appropriate management approach.

    Article 36th explain these measures by the Ministry of culture. 37th article of the rules take effect on September 1, 2012.

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