Collection Of All Types Of Archives Files Provided For By

Original Language Title: 各级各类档案馆收集档案范围的规定

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Collection of all types of archives files provided for by

    (November 21, 2011 national archives released come into force on the date of promulgation, 9th) with a view to covering the people, content-rich, structured system of State archival resources, delineate the range of collecting archives of all types of archives, in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law, the People's Republic of China archive law implementation programme, the national archives to set principles and layout, these provisions are formulated.

    Article archives with various levels to implement the concept of scientific development, people-oriented, under the supervision and guidance of archives Administration Department, in accordance with the principles of unified planning, hierarchical management, file collection work carried out according to law, will have long-term preservation value belonging to the Museum collection of archives collection into a museum.

    General Archives at all levels in accordance with article II to receive the class files of the following organizations:

    1. Department of the Chinese Communist Party Committee and;

    2. the national people's Congress and its standing machinery;

    3. the people's Governments and their subordinate departments and units;

    4. the people's political consultative conference and its standing machinery;

    5. people's courts and people's procuratorates;

    6. all authorities;

    7. the trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and other mass organizations;

    8. State-owned enterprises and institutions.

    General Archives at all levels in whole or in part receives archives of the subordinate units of the above institutions and the provisional institutions.

    Towns formed in the reception range of the include files in the archives at County General.

    Third before the founding of new China to the districts within each historical period organs, social organizations, and the famous characters include the archives of the General Archives collection.

    The formation of major events and important events in the district archives, involves the livelihood of professional archives include the General Archives collection.

    Agreed, the General archives can collect or store in the district and community organizations, collective and private enterprises and institutions, grass-roots mass self-government organizations, families and individuals formed to national and social value of archives or through donations, purchases and other forms to obtain.

    Article Archives at all levels, collect the formation of departments and units directly under the archive, but the performance of administrative functions of archives, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions transferred to the General Archives on a regular basis.

    Five levels of specialized archives, gathered districts within a specific area or a specific carrier specific files or file copy of the form. Article sixth of State-owned enterprises and institutions establish archives, collection and archives of his institutions of the unit.

    Bankruptcy restructuring State-owned enterprises, revocation of public institutions, the archives in accordance with the relevant provisions of the General Archives receives the same level.?

    Article seventh above the provincial level (including provincial) archives to receive retention as a permanent archive, below the provincial level (excluding provincial) archives receiving and holding permanent and term for 30 years (30 years) files. Eighth archives to meet the needs of informatization construction and digital copies of the collection of electronic files and paper files.

    Conditional archives according to the national disaster backup requirements, building an e-file backup center, e-file backup.

    Nineth Archives collection files, they should also collect useful for understanding the contents of the file and the file history information collected helps the special equipment necessary for the management and use of archives.

    Tenth levels of various types of archives according to the provisions of the library's collection of file scope and details and programme of work agreed by the superior archival Administrative Department before implementation.

    11th article of the the national archives is responsible for interpretations. 12th these provisions come into effect as of the date. The provisions on the level range of collecting archives the National Archives (February 7, 1986 the national archives release) repealed simultaneously.

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