National Development And Reform Commission On The Revision Of The Industrial Restructuring Guidelines (2011) The Relevant Provisions Of Decision

Original Language Title: 国家发展改革委关于修改《产业结构调整指导目录(2011年本)》有关条款的决定

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National development and Reform Commission on the revision of the industrial restructuring guidelines (2011) the relevant provisions of decision

    (February 16, 2013 People's Republic of China national development and Reform Committee makes 21st, announced since on May 1, 2013 up purposes) a, and encourages class "four, and power" 3rd items "used 300,000-kilowatt and the above concentrated heating unit of thermoelectric cogeneration, and hot, and electric, and cold more cogeneration" modified for "used back pressure (pumping back) type thermoelectric cogeneration, and thermoelectric cold more cogeneration, and 300,000-kilowatt and the above thermoelectric cogeneration unit".

    Second, encourage "five, new energy," an increase in "offshore wind turbine technology development and equipment manufacturing" as the 11th.

    Third, encourage "five, new energy," an increase in "offshore wind farm construction and equipment manufacturing" as the 12th.

    Four, encourages such "VI nuclear power" increase "nuclear power plant emergency rescue technology and equipment" as the 12th.

    Five, and encourages class "19, and light" 15th items "II color and the II color above metal Board press and the supporting light curing (UV) equipment; high-speed food beverage tank manufacturing line and the supporting equipment; high-speed metal sheet covered film equipment and the covered film iron food beverage tank processing equipment" modified for "II color and the II color above metal Board printing, and supporting light curing (UV), and sheet covered film and high-speed food beverage tank processing and the supporting equipment manufacturing". Six, and encourages class "20, and textile" 1th items "difference of, and function sex polyester (PET) of continuous copolymer modified sex (cation dye can dye polyester (CDP, and ECDP), and alkali dissolved sex polyester (COPET), and high contraction polyester (HSPET), and flame retardant polyester, and low melting point polyester,); melt body straight spinning online added, continuous of process production difference of, and function sex fiber (antistatic, and anti-purple outside, and colored fiber,); Intelligent of, and Super simulation, difference of, and function sex polyester (PET) and the fiber production ; Acrylic, and nylon, and ammonia LUN, and viscose, other chemical fiber varieties of difference of, and function sex modified sex fiber production "modified for" difference of, and function sex polyester (PET) of continuous copolymer modified sex (cation dye can dye polyester (CDP, and ECDP), and alkali dissolved sex polyester (COPET), and high contraction polyester (HSPET), and flame retardant polyester, and low melting point polyester,); melt body straight spinning online added, continuous of process production difference of, and function sex fiber (antistatic, and anti-purple outside, and colored fiber,)

    ; Super simulation intelligent, differentiation, functionality, such as polyester (PET) and fiber (limited to technological transformation in the eastern region)

    Acrylic, nylon, spandex, rayon and other synthetic fiber differentiation and functional modification of fiber production " Seven, and encourages class "20, and textile" 6th items "used close spinning, and low torque spinning, and game complex spinning, and embedded spinning, high-speed, and new spinning technology production more varieties fiber blended yarn and the used automatically complex tube, and fine complex joint, and collective fell yarn, automation equipment production high quality yarn" modified for "used close spinning, and low torque spinning, and game complex spinning, and embedded spinning, high-speed, and new spinning technology production more varieties fiber blended yarn and the used automatically complex tube, and fine complex joint, and

    Doffing automation equipment, such as the production of high quality yarns (limited to technological transformation in the eastern region, except for the construction and extension) ".

    Eight, encouraged "32, business services sector" 2nd "Economics, management, information, accounting, tax, audit, legal, consulting and services such as energy saving and environmental protection" is amended as "Economics, management, information technology, accounting, tax, attestation (audit services), legal, consulting and services such as energy saving, environmental protection".

    Nine, encouraged "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" 19th "of large public buildings, high-rise buildings, forests, water and underground infrastructure fire fighting and rescue technology and products" is amended as "large public buildings, high-rise building, petrochemical facilities, forest, mountains, water, and underground facilities, fire fighting and rescue technology and products".

    Ten, encouraged "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" 22nd "rescue, cutting, unblocking, promotion, delivery and efficient rescue products" is amended as "detection, rescue, life-saving, lighting, smoke, leakage, transporting, decontamination, promotion, delivery and efficient rescue."

    XI encouraged "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" increased "hydraulic platform fire truck, lifting spray fire trucks, airport fire trucks, forest fire, special fire trucks in urban rail transit" as the 44th.

    12, encouraged "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" increase "with functions of fire extinguishing, detection, smoke, rescue fire-fighting robots" as 45th.

    13, encouraged "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" increased "nominal diameter ≥ 150mm fire hose, artificial synthetic rubber lined fire hose" as the 46th.

    14, encouraged "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" increased "water fire protection coating for steel structure, prefabricated modular steel structure fire protection component" as the 47th.

    XV, encourages such "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" increased "non-combustible insulation material, flame retardant products" as the 48th.

    16, encouraged "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" increased "for halon substitute synthetic gas fire extinguishing agent, foam fluorinated surfactant replacement, exterior insulation and efficient fire extinguishing agent, phosphorus-free flame retardants, plastics and synthetic textiles effective fire extinguishing agent, special agent for metal fires" as the 49th.

    17, encouraged "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" increased "clean gas fire extinguishing system, detecting and fire extinguishing device, special fire-fighting system for wind power generation equipment" as 50th.

    18, encouraged "39, public security and emergency preparedness products" increased "using energy saving light source of fire emergency lighting and evacuation instructions products" as the 51st.

    19, restrictions, "three power" 3rd "directly to the rivers discharge cooling water of thermal power unit" deleted.

    20, restrictions, "Cheung machinery" the 15th "wire and cable manufacturing (for new energy, information technology, aerospace, rail transportation, marine engineering and other fields except special wires and cables)" amended to read "6,000 volts and above (land use) dry xlpe power cable manufacturing projects."

    21, and limit class "plenary, and mechanical" 25th items "220,000 v and the following high, and in the, and low voltage switch cabinet manufacturing project (using environmental type in the pressure gas of insulation switch cabinet except)" modified for "220,000 v and the following high, and in the, and low voltage switch cabinet manufacturing project (using environmental type in the pressure gas of insulation switch cabinet and for explosive environment of explosion-proof type switch cabinet except)".

    22, restricted "13, textile" 1th "single line capacity is less than 100,000 tons/year of regular polyester (PET) continuous polymerization device" is amended as "single line capacity of less than 200,000 tons/year of regular polyester (PET) continuous polymerization device."

    23, and limit class "XV, and fire" 1th items "fire automatically alarm equipment" modified for "fire alarm controller (including linkage type, and independent type, and regional type, and concentrated type, and concentrated regional compatible type), and fire linkage controller, and points type sense smoke/temperature fire detector (independent type except), and points type infrared/purple outside flame detector (independent type except), and manual fire alarm button".

    24, restricted "XV, fire" 2nd "fire extinguisher project" amended to read "dry powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers."

    25, restrictions, "XV, fire" 3rd "sodium bicarbonate dry chemical (BC) and environmental protection for water extinguishing agent series" is amended as "sodium bicarbonate dry chemical extinguishing agent (BC), of ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguishing agent (ABC)".

    26, restrictions, "XV, fire" 4th "fire door project" is amended as "fire safety valves (including fire dampers, smoke dampers and smoke fire dampers), wooden fire door, using pickling and phosphorization, production of steel and steel and wooden fire door, new initial size of less than 60,000 sqm/year rolling fire curtain project".

    27, restrictions, "XV, fire the" 5th "fire hose project" is amended as "natural rubber lined fire hose, non-lined fire hose, fire hose reels, fire water, PVC lined fire hose."

    28, restricted "XV, fire the" 6th "fire hydrant (indoor and outdoor) project" is amended as "features an indoor fire hydrant, fire hydrants, fire pump adapter for Foundry production, processing and Assembly processes".

    29, restricted "XV, fire" 7th "General fire truck (cans, special class) project" is amended as "Water Fire Truck, foam fire engine, water fire engines, fire trucks, pumps for liquid-type fire engine."

    30, restricted "XV, fire" add "fire sealing material, solvent-type steel structure fire-retardant coatings, finishing fire retardant paints, cables, fire retardant paint" as the 8th.

    31, out of class "and backward production technology and equipment" and "(c) the power of" 3rd "to electric power generation fuel boilers and generators (50,000-kilowatt and below)" amended to read "to electric power generation fuel boilers and generators". 32, and eliminated class "a, and behind production process equipment" "(four) petrochemical" 10th items "chlorine fluoride hydrocarbon (CFCs), and containing hydrogen chlorine fluoride hydrocarbon (HCFCs), and for cleaning of 1,1,1-three chlorine ethane (methyl chloroform), and main produced carbon tetrachloride (CTC), and to carbon tetrachloride (CTC) for processing additives of all products, and to PFOA for processing additives of containing fluoride polymer, and containing DDT of paint, and Used DDT for raw materials non-closed production three chlorine killed mite alcohol production device (according to national perform international General plans requirements for eliminated) "modified for" chlorine fluoride hydrocarbon (CFCs), and containing hydrogen chlorine fluoride hydrocarbon (HCFCs), and for cleaning of 1,1,1-three chlorine ethane (methyl chloroform), and main produced carbon tetrachloride (CTC), and to carbon tetrachloride (CTC) for processing additives of all products, and to PFOA for processing additives of containing fluoride polymer, and containing DDT of paint, and

    DDT is used as raw material of non-closed production of dicofol production device (according to the master plan for national compliance with international covenants require eliminated) ".

    33, out of class "and backward production technology and equipment" and "(e) steel" 24th "cold rolled ribbed bar production equipment" is amended as "single-machine production capacity of 10,000 tons of cold rolled ribbed bar production equipment and following (2012, except for the high ductility of cold rolled ribbed bar production equipment)".

    34, out of class "and backward production technology and equipment" (12) light "5th" direct contact with drink and food of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) packaging products "deleted.

    35, and eliminated class "a, and behind production process equipment" "(17) other" 1th items "containing cyanide plating process (plating gold, and silver, and copper base alloy and the to plating copper playing end of process, suspended eliminated)" modified for "containing toxic harmful cyanide of real plating process (cyanide of gold potassium electric gilded and the cyanide of Asia gold potassium gilded (2014); silver, and copper base alloy and the to plating copper playing end of process (suspended eliminated))".

    36, out of such "second, behind" "(nine) light" 6th "disposable foam plastic dishware" deleted.

    Report: industrial restructuring guidelines (2011) (Amendment) (March 27, 2011, the national development and Reform Commission released 9th order according to 21st February 16, 2013, the national development and Reform Commission, released by the national development and Reform Commission on changes of the industrial structure adjustment of guidelines (2011), the amendment of the relevant provisions of decision)

    First encouraged categories

    First, agriculture and forestry

    1, middle management and mine construction of basic farmland

    2, base construction of agricultural products

    3, vegetables, fruits, flower cultivation (hydroponics) development and application of advanced technologies

    4, good quality, high yield and efficient cultivation technology development and application

    5, the development and application of standardized scale livestock and poultry breeding

    6, major plant diseases and insect pests and disease control

    7, crops, livestock, poultry and aquatic animals and plants, wildlife and genetic engineering and gene bank construction

    8, flora and fauna (wild) fine variety breeding, breeding, conservation and development of biological breeding seed production, processing, storing and identification

    9, seed (seedling) development and application of virus-free techniques

    10, dryland agriculture, conservation tillage, eco-agricultural construction, quality construction and new development and application of rapid fertility of arable land

    11, ecological species (raise) technology development and application

    12, agricultural film degradation of farmland soil heavy metal pollution-free technology and technology development and application

    13, green fodder and additive development

    14, Inland Valley Great Lakes resource enhancement and protection engineering

    15, offshore fishing, fishery and fishing harbor engineering

    16, cattle and sheep embryos (in vivo) and semen factory production

    17, the development and application of agro-biotechnology

    18, land maintenance, fertilizer, water management and soil development and application of rapid testing technologies

    19, agriculture and forest crops germplasm resources protection, protected areas and fisheries building plant and animal germplasm collection, conservation, evaluation, development and applications

    20, comprehensive utilization of crop straw and (Silage, straw ammoniation cattle, fields, straw gas and pyrolysis, gasification, cultivating edible fungi, and curing fuel, straw, straw resource development of non-food cellulose fuel ethanol, feed, etc)

    21, rural comprehensive utilization of renewable resource development projects (biogas project, "three biogas" utilization, gas filling and purification, etc)

    22, Huan flood of returning land to Lake restoration project

    23, the food (drugs) in bacteria cultivating

    24, grasslands, forest disaster management project

    25, using non-cultivated land in land (animal husbandry) to forestry (grass) and restoration of natural grassland vegetation project

    26, new animal diseases diagnostic reagents, vaccines and low toxicity and low residual veterinary drugs (including veterinary Biologics) development and application of new technologies

    27, good-quality forage cultivation and processing

    28, and eucommia ulmoides cultivation of natural rubber production

    29, pollution-free agricultural products and its development and application of environmental monitoring technology of harmful element

    30, organic waste recycling disposal and development and application of organic fertilizer industrialization

    31, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery products are pollution-free, green technology development and application

    32, farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery product storage, preservation, processing and comprehensive utilization

    33, and natural forest conservation engineering

    34, carbon sink forests, planting trees and grass project and forest seedling project

    35, technology development and application of comprehensive control of soil erosion

    36, ecosystem restoration and reconstruction works

    37, oceans, forests, wildlife, wetlands, deserts, grasslands nature reserve construction and ecological demonstration project

    38, protection forest project

    39, prevention and control of Rocky desertification and sandification work

    40, sand fixing, water retention, soil improvement materials production

    41, salt-resistant and drought-tolerant plants grow

    42, the fast-growing and high-yield plantation project, industrial raw material forests, valuable tree species cultivation and construction of economic forest in mingteyouxin

    43, bamboo and rattan base construction, development of bamboo and rattan and bamboo byproducts processing products

    44, forest tending, low production forest improvement projects

    45, protection, improvement and utilization of wild economic tree species

    46, rare and endangered species of wild fauna and flora protection engineering

    47, forest genetic resources conservation project

    48, small wood, desert shrub and three remains and further processing and product development

    49, wild animals and plants cultivation and domestication and breeding bases and epidemic sources and disease monitoring and early warning system

    50, Chinese herbal medicines authentic and high quality, high yield, endangered or shortage of animal and plant medicinal herbs planting (culture)

    51, spices, wild flowers, artificial cultivation and development of forest resources

    52, Panel technology for wood-based composite materials and structure development

    53, bamboo, wood composite construction materials production and comprehensive utilization of

    54, pine forests, deep processing of forestry chemical

    55, artificial precipitation of hail and other weather modification technology and application

    56, number (information) development and application of agricultural technology

    57, agriculture development and application of environmental protection technology and governance

    58, mariculture and product processing, marine fisheries resources enhancement and protection

    59, ecological and clean-type small watersheds building and non-point source pollution control

    60, farmlands mainly tractor road (bridge) construction

    61, tea, palm oil and other woody grain and oil base construction

    62, biomass energy forest oriented cultivation and industrialization

    63 energy-saving equipment, farmers, grain drying green grain biotechnology granary storage, mouse technology, farmers (color steel plate warehouse, steel framed rectangular warehouse, steel mesh drying, hot-dip galvanized steel silos, etc) application

    64, crops, forest insect pest density development and application of automatic monitoring technology

    65, forest, development and application of automatic monitoring of grassland fire alarm technology

    66, meteorological satellite project (satellite development, production and support software systems, ground receiving and processing equipment, and so on) and the meteorological information service

    Second, water

    1, River and river dyke construction, reservoir control project

    2, TRANS-basin water transfer projects

    3, urban and rural water supply project

    4, rural drinking water safety project

    5 construction of flood storage

    6, seawall construction

    7, rivers and lakes, reservoirs and dredging works

    8, reservoirs and sluice reinforcement engineering

    9 Dyke monitoring and repair technology development and application

    10, urban flood warning and flood control construction

    11, estuary regulation engineering

    12, multipurpose project

    13, pastoral area water conservancy project

    14, warping dam works

    15, development and manufacturing of geosynthetic materials for hydraulic engineering and new materials

    16, construction of irrigation district reconstruction and supporting facilities

    17, the flood control and drought relief emergency response facility construction

    18, high efficiency water transmission and distribution, water-saving irrigation technology application

    19, water regime automatic monitoring of water quality and flood control operation automatic system development

    20, hydrological drought emergency forecasting, monitoring infrastructure

    21, irrigation and drainage pumping station renovation project

    22, water conservancy schistosomiasis control project (revetment, fill, isolation trenches, culverts and reconstruction, set countersunk screw pool, Tan Chau drop-proof screw snail control measures and epidemic monitoring, prevention and control measures such as education)

    23, the irrigation and water conservancy facilities construction project (the construction of irrigation and drainage channels and culverts, pumping stations, etc)

    24, the flood control and drought relief development and application of new technologies and products

    25, of mountain torrents geological disaster prevention and control engineering (control of mountain torrents geological hazards monitoring and forecast and warning system construction of torrent valleys, such as debris flow and landslide)

    26, preservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems and groundwater engineering

    27, water sources protection project (water protection Division, isolation protection, soil conservation, water resource protection, water eco-environment restoration and related technology development and promotion)

    28, automated system for monitoring and prediction of soil erosion (soil erosion data acquisition and storage, smart transmissions, data analysis and processing, integration of scientific prediction and database management) development and applications

    29, flood hazard mapping technology and its application (lower reaches of the river and the focus on flood protection, flood disaster-specific information such as a flood control protected area thematic maps)

    30, and water resources management information system construction (to water, and take water, and lost water, and water, and water, and consumption water and drainage, water resources utilization main link of monitoring and the River River administrative border control section, and groundwater Super mining district monitoring for based, to national electronic Chief outside network and national flood command system backbone network for relies on, to water resources business application system for core of integrated management information system)

    31, the hydrological station network infrastructure construction and its development and application of instruments and equipment

    Three, coal

    1, geological and geophysical exploration

    2, more than 1.2 million tons/year and high production and high efficiency coal mines (including mine, open pit), high efficiency coal preparation plant construction

    3, mine disaster (gas, coal dust, mine water, fire, rock, ground temperature, burst etc) prevention

    4, coal and coal-water slurry technology and application

    5, associated resources of coal processing and comprehensive utilization

    6, coal-bed gas exploration, development and utilization of coal mine gas drainage and utilization

    7, coal gangue, coal slime, washing and so on comprehensive utilization of low heat value fuel

    8, pipe coal

    9, coal washing desulfurization technology development and application

    10, the development and application of coal preparation technology

    11, ground subsidence area control, protection and utilization of mine water

    12, construction of coal-electricity integration

    13, improve mining methods, process development and application of resource recovery

    14, in goaf of coal mine waste backfill technology development and application

    15, underground rescue techniques and special equipment development and application

    16, coal mine comprehensive monitoring of production process and equipment development and application

    17, a large coal storage and Transportation Centre, construction of coal trade market

    18 and mine out of personnel development and application of automatic monitoring and control system

    19 miners hedge themselves, new equipment development and application

    20, under buildings, railways and other infrastructure, using coal gangue material filling coal mining technology under water body development and application

    Four, power

    1, hydro-electric power

    2, single 600,000-kilowatt and construction of supercritical and ultra-supercritical power plants

    3, the use of back pressure (pulling back) cogeneration, combined heating, cooling and power, 300,000-kilowatt and more CHP units

    4, water scarcity area single 600,000-kilowatt large air cooling units and above power station construction

    5, significant electrical load Center and plenty of natural gas natural gas peak-shaving power generation project

    6, 300,000-kilowatt or more circulating fluidized bed and pressurized fluidized bed combustion, integrated gasification combined cycle for power generation and other clean coal power generation

    7, single 300,000-kilowatt and above in a fluidized bed boiler and application of coal gangue, coal, coal slurry, and power

    8, more than 500,000 volts and AC and DC power transmission

    9, generator set in service transformation of desulfurization and denitration

    10, power grids and construction

    11, relay protection technology, development and application of power system security monitoring information

    12, intensive design and large scale power station and substation automation technology development and application

    13, and regional interconnection engineering technology development and application

    14, transmission and energy-saving, environmental protection technology popularization and application

    15, reduce, change, development and application of distribution losses

    16, distributed power and grid technology application

    17, desulfurization and denitrification for coal-fired power unit and compound pollution

    18, thermal DeNOx catalyst development and production

    19, hydro-electric power in the low temperature fish measures measures for the rehabilitation of water works, engineering development and application

    20, development and application of large capacity energy storage technology

    21, EV charging infrastructure

    22, spent gas wind power generation technology and its development and utilization

    23, waste to energy plants

    24, distributed power supplies

    Five, new energy

    1, solar thermal energy collector system, solar photovoltaic power generation technology development and application of system integration, development and fabrication of Inverter control system

    2 complementary systems, wind power and PV technology development and application

    3, building integrated solar component design and manufacturing

    4, efficient solar water heater and hot water engineering, solar energy heat utilization technology development and equipment manufacturing

    5, biomass for cellulosic ethanol, bio-diesel and other non-food biomass fuel production technology development and application

    6, biomass direct combustion, gasification power generation technology and equipment manufacture

    7, agriculture and forestry biomass collection, transport, storage, technology development and manufacturing; agriculture and forestry biomass briquette machine, manufacture of boilers and stoves

    8, to livestock and poultry farm waste, municipal landfills, industrial organic waste as raw materials for large scale biogas production plants

    9, gas generator, gas purification equipment, methane gas, canning equipment manufacturing

    10, ocean energy, geothermal energy technology and equipment manufacture

    11, offshore wind turbine technology development and equipment manufacturing

    12, offshore wind farm construction and equipment manufacturing

    Six, nuclear energy

    1 geological exploration and uranium ore mining and smelting, uranium, uranium refining and conversion

    2, advanced nuclear reactor construction and technical development

    3, nuclear power plant construction

    4, nuclear fuel elements of high performance manufacturing

    5, spent fuel reprocessing

    6, isotope and accelerator and radiation technology development

    7, advanced uranium isotope separation technology and equipment manufacture

    8, technology development and monitoring for radiation protection equipment manufacturing

    9, the physical protection of nuclear facilities, instrumentation development

    10, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and radioactive waste management

    11, nuclear power plant life extension and decommissioning techniques and equipment

    12, the nuclear power plant emergency rescue technology and equipment

    Seven, oil, gas

    1, conventional oil and natural gas exploration and production

    2, shale gas, oil shale, oil sands and natural gas hydrate exploration and development of unconventional resources such as

    3, storage and transportation of crude oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas, refined petroleum products and pipeline transportation facilities and network construction

    4, and comprehensive utilization of associated resources

    5, oil and gas field enhanced oil recovery technology, safety technology, development and utilization of eco-environment restoration and improvement pollution prevention engineering

    6, vent gas recovery and utilization and equipment manufacture

    7, gas distributed energy technology development and application

    8, development and application of volatile oil-gas recovery technology in oil storage and transportation facilities

    9, liquefied natural gas technology development and application

    Eight, steel

    1, ferrous metals mining mineral resources exploration and key technology development

    2, coal moisture, air humidity selection, tamping coking, coal blending coking, thermal conductivity of dry quenched Coke, oil heat, advanced treatment of coking wastewater reuse, deep processing of coal tar, benzene hydrofining asphalt needle Coke, tar, coal hydrogenation, high added value utilization of coke oven gas development and application of advanced technologies, such as

    3, non-blast furnace ironmaking technology

    4, advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power kW thermal power boiler pipes, corrosion resistance to pressure and temperature of oil well pipes, corrosion-resistant air hose, high corrosion-resistant chemical production 5, high performance, high quality and upgrading development and application of steel products. Including 600 trillion PA level and the above high strength car Board, and oil and gas conveying high performance pipeline steel, and high strength ship with generous Board, and marine engineering with steel, and 420 trillion PA level and the above building and bridge, structure with in the thick Board, and high-speed overload railway with steel, and low iron loss high magnetic sense silicon steel, and resistance corrosion resistance wear steel, and save alloy resources stainless steel (modern iron pigment body stainless steel, and double phase stainless steel, and containing nitrogen stainless steel), and high performance based pieces (high performance gear, and 12.9 level and the above bolt, and high strength spring, and

    Long-life bearings, etc) using special steel wire rod and high quality rolled special steel forging (such as tool and die steels, stainless steels, steels for machinery)

    6, online, online performance heat treatment control, online forced cooling of the new generation of Thermo-mechanical control process (TMCP) process technology

    7, 600 mm diameter and over super high power electrodes, microporous and micro porous carbon bricks for blast furnace, specialty graphite (high-strength, high-density, high purity, high modulus), graphite (mass) of cathode, development and production in lengthwise graphitization furnace

    8, coke oven, blast furnaces, hot-blast stove energy saving and environmental protection longevity refractories production; refining of low carbon and non-carbon refractories for steel and functional environment for high efficiency continuous casting refractories production

    9, production-line quality test technology

    10, steel production equipment to address social waste

    11, sintering flue gas desulfurization, denitrification, dioxin removal multifunction dry removal, as well as the by-products of resource recovery and recycling technology

    12 and refractory ore, (a total of) the associated ore using advanced technology

    13, metallurgical solid wastes (including metallurgical and mining waste rock, tailings, steel plant produces various kinds of dust, clay, slag, iron etc) utilization of advanced technology

    14, the use of low grade manganese ore of Ferroalloy smelting new technology, as well as the efficient utilization of laterite nickel ore refining nickel smelting iron ore rotary kiln-furnace (RKEF) process technology

    15, metallurgical waste (including waste, waste oil, waste acid) recycling technology and equipment

    16, a new generation of steel recycling process (in the iron and steel industry on the basis of the inner loop, power, chemical, equipment manufacturing and development of iron and steel industries, such as landscape, portrait, logistics and energy flow of circular flow) technology development and application

    17, blast furnace and converter gas dry dedusting Nine, nonferrous metals
    1, non-ferrous metal mining exploration and development of mineral resources, scarce resources exploitation of deep and difficult mine beds

    2, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution and development of new technology 3, efficient, energy-saving, low pollution, large-scale and comprehensive utilization of renewable resources.

    (1) non-ferrous metal scrap recycling (2) utilization of valuable elements (3) smelting slag comprehensive utilization of red mud and other (4) high aluminium extracting alumina from fly ash 4, information, new materials, new energy, non-ferrous metal production. (1) information: monocrystalline silicon and polishing 200mm in diameter, diameter 125mm direct or 50mm above the growth of compound semiconductor materials, aluminum copper Silicon tungsten and molybdenum and other large size high-purity target, ulsi copper-nickel-silicon and chromium zirconium copper lead frame materials, electronic solder etc.

    (2) new energy: nuclear grade zirconium and zirconium material sponge, high capacity and long life rechargeable battery electrode materials 5, transportation, advanced manufacturing and nonferrous materials production in other areas. (1) traffic transport: compressive strength not below 500MPa, and conductive rate not below 80%IACS of copper alloy precision with material and super long wire products, high strength high guide copper alloy, and traffic transport tool main bearing force structure with of new high strength, and high toughness, and resistance corrosion aluminum material and the big size products (aviation with aluminum compressive strength not below 650MPa, high-speed train with aluminum compressive strength not below 500MPa).

    (2) areas of high-end manufacturing and other: high performance Nano-grained cemented carbide cutting tools and large shield grain cemented carbide cutting tools and products, rare earth and precious metal catalyst, low modulus titanium materials and bio-medical materials such as shape memory alloy, corrosion-resistant copper alloy and titanium alloy materials for heat exchangers, hydrogen storage materials and high performance rare earth magnets and high-end applications

    Ten, gold

    1, deep gold (below 1000 m) prospecting and mining

    2, recovered from tailings and waste rock gold

    Third, Petro-chemical industry

    1 sour acidic quality, poor quality crude oil refining technology, development and application of high oil production

    2, sulfur, potassium, boron, lithium shortage of chemicals, such as mineral resources exploration and utilization, and utilization of middle-low grade phosphate rock mining, comprehensive utilization of phosphate rock deficiency and associated resources

    3, zero polar distance, cathode plasma membrane caustic soda cell energy-saving technologies, comprehensive utilization of waste hydrochloric acid to chlorine, such as technology, development and application of new technology of cleaner production in chromium salts, aerodynamic flow of production of potassium permanganate, total heat recovery heat phosphoric acid production, large production of defluorinated calcium phosphate plant

    4, and 200,000 tons/years and the above synthesis gas business ethylene glycol, and 100,000 tons/years and the above ion exchange method double phenol a,, and 150,000 tons/years and the above directly oxidation method ring oxygen propane, and 200,000 tons/years and the above total oxidation method ring oxygen propane, and 50,000 tons/years and the above d II en method has been II nitrile production device, million tons level fat family different cyanate ester production technology development and application

    5, high quality potash fertilizer and special fertilizer, sustained and controlled release fertilizer production, nitrogenous ingredients of energy conservation and structural adjustment, development and application of comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum and more than 100,000 tons/year and purification of wet-process phosphoric acid production plant

    6, and efficient, and security, and environment friendly of pesticide new varieties, and new formulations (water base of formulations,), and dedicated intermediate, and additives (water base of additives,) of development and production, methyl fork method b grass amine, and water phase method poison ticks process, and grass Gan phosphine recycling chlorine methane process, and directed synthesis method hand sex and stereo structure pesticide production, and b base chloride synthesis technology, clean production process of development and application, biological pesticide new products, and technology of development and production

    7, water-borne wood, industrial and Marine coatings, high solids, solvent-free radiation curing, functional exterior insulation coatings and other environment-friendly and resource-efficient paint production; single line capacity 30,000 metric tons/year and above, and the titanium dioxide content of not less than 90% of titanium-rich materials (synthetic rutile, natural rutile and Titania slag) as raw materials of chloride process titanium dioxide production

    8, and high solid with rate, and high color fastness, and high upgrade sex, and high uniform dye sex, and high reproduce sex, and low dip dirt sex and low salt, and low temperature, and small bath than dyeing with and wet short steam rolling dye with of activity dye, superb fine Dan polyester fiber dyeing sex, and high washing fastness, and high dye with rate, and high light fastness and low dip dirt sex (nylon, and ammonia LUN), and small bath than dyeing with of dispersed dye, for polyamide fiber, and wool and leather dyeing of not containing metal of weak acid dye, high Sun fastness, and high resistance climate fastness organic pigment of development and production

    9, dyes and dye intermediates, essential security technologies for cleaner production (including catalysis, sulfur trioxide, continuous Nitration and adiabatic nitration, directional chlorinated solvent, combining efficiency, response, recycling technologies, and applicable technologies to substitute phosgene poisonous raw materials, and pulp drying technology in membrane filtration) of development and application

    10 resin, ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVOH), poly vinyl chloride and other high-performance barrier resins, POLYISOBUTYLENE (PI), octene polyethylene (POE) development and production of special polyolefin

    11, and 60,000 tons/years and the above non-light gas method poly carbonate ester production device, LCD polymer (LCP), engineering plastics production and total mixed modified sex, and alloy of technology development and application, absorbent resin, and conductive sex resin and can degradation polymer of development and production, nylon 11, and nylon 1414, and nylon 46, and long carbon chain nylon, and resistance high temperature nylon, new polyamide development and production

    12, more than 30,000 tons/year and butyl rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, isoprene rubber, ssbr, rare earth butadiene rubber, acrylic rubber and filling oil with low aromatic content, such as styrene-butadiene rubber production, development and application of chemical modification of synthetic rubber

    13, pp Thermoplastic Elastomer (PTPE), thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE), styrene-isoprene-styrene thermoplastic block copolymers (SIS), thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer and thermoplastic elastomer materials development and production

    14, and modified sex type, and water base type adhesive and new hot melt rubber, environmental type sucking agent, and water treatment agent, molecular screen solid mercury, and no mercury, new efficient, and environmental catalyst and additives, security type food additives, and feed additives, Nano material, function sex film material, Super NET high pure reagents, and lithography rubber, and electronic gas, and high performance LCD material, new fine chemicals of development and production

    15, phenyl chlorosilanes, chlorosilanes and other new types of vinyl silicone monomer, silicone oil, amino silicone oil, polyether-modified silicone oil, phenyl silicone rubber, phenylene silicone rubber with high performance and hybrid materials, high performance resins such as methyl phenyl silicone resin, triethoxy silane series high efficient coupling agents 16, and full fluoride en ether, special containing fluoride monomer, poly full fluoride b propylene, and poly partial fluoride vinyl, and poly three fluoride chlorine vinyl, and vinyl-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer real, high quality fluoride resin, fluoride ether rubber, and fluoride silicone rubber, and four c fluoride rubber, and high containing fluoride volume 246 fluoride rubber, high performance Viton, containing fluoride lubrication oil, consumption ozone potential value (ODP) for zero, and global variable warm potential value (GWP) low of consumption ozone material (ODS) alternative products, full fluoride Octyl sulfonic n compounds (PFOS) and full fluoride bitter (PFOA)

    And its development and application of salt substitutes and alternative technologies, fluorine-containing fine chemicals and high quality fluoride salts

    17, high performance radial tires (including tubeless radial truck tires, low profile and flat (less than 55), high performance car tire rims (15 (Editor's Note: this word is left to the right inch) above), aviation and agricultural tire tires) and related materials, equipment, production, development and application of new natural rubber

    18, bio-polymers, fillers, interferon, reagents, chips, sensors, diagnostic enzymes, cellulase, alkaline protease enzymes, such as cellulosic bio-products development and production

    19, carbon tetrachloride, Silicon tetrachloride, methyl chlorosilanes, three grade a chlorosilane by-products utilization, carbon dioxide capture and application

    12, building materials

    1, the use of the existing 2000 tons/day new dry-process cement kiln and above disposal of industrial waste, sewage sludge and garbage, pure low temperature waste heat power generation; grinding system and other energy-saving retrofit

    2, electronics ultrathin (1.3mm), the solar industry with super white (equivalent to 5mm visible light transmittance >90%), on-line coated glass and low-radiation and other special float glass production lines; float lines using pure oxygen combustion and low temperature waste heat power generation technology high-grade refractory material for glass melting furnace; development and application of glass deep processing technology and equipment

    3, new wall and roofing materials, insulation insulation, waterproofing and sealing materials development and production

    4, 1.5 million square meters per year, with a thickness of less than 6 mm and above ceramic plate production line and process equipment technology development and application

    5, a water consumption of 6 litres and below the toilet, squat toilets, water saving urinals and water saving control equipment development and production

    6, 50,000 tons/year and over alkali-free glass fiber pool kiln wiredrawing technology and development and production of high-performance glass fibre and its products

    7, the use of synthetic mineral fibres, aramid fiber reinforced materials, such as asbestos-free friction and sealing materials, new processes, new products development and production

    8, information, energy, defense, aerospace and other fields with high-quality artificial Crystal materials, products and components in the production equipment and technology development; high-purity quartz raw materials, quartz glass materials and products manufacturing technology development and production; aerospace and other requirements in the area of development and production of special glass manufacturing technology

    9, areas of high-tech needs of modification of high pure and Superfine, fine processing of non-metallic minerals such as kaolin, graphite, diatomite processing production materials and equipment development and manufacturing

    10, more than 300,000 square meters/year ultra-thin compound stone production; stone mining mechanization; production and comprehensive utilization of ore and scrap and plate scrap processing equipment development

    11, ore and tailings comprehensive utilization of construction waste

    12, farm field building material technology development and production

    13, using the industrial by-product gypsum to produce new wall materials and technology and equipment development and manufacturing

    14, emergency housing development and production

    13, medicine 1, and has independent intellectual property of drug development and production, natural drug development and production, new family planning drug (including third generation pregnancy hormone of pill) development and production, meet China major, and more sent sex disease control needs of general name drug first development and production, drug new formulations, and new accessories of development and production, drug production process in the of film separation, and Super critical extraction, and new Crystal, and hand sex synthesis, and enzyme promoting synthesis, and biological into, and control, technology development and application, raw materials drug production energy-saving consumption emissions technology, and

    Development and application of new technology of pharmaceutical preparations

    2, modern biotechnology drugs, major infectious diseases vaccines and drugs and new diagnostic reagents development and production, large-scale cell cultivation and purification technology, large-scale medicinal peptides and nucleic acid synthesis, fermentation, purification technology development and application, the introduction of modern bio-technology to transform the traditional production process

    3, new pharmaceutical packaging materials and its technology development and production (first water resistant pharmaceutical glass, biodegradable materials, with dark, high barrier properties of functional materials, high permeability, the packaging of the new drug; and medicinal packaging material p-ink-free printing technology)

    4 endangered rare medicinal plants and animals, and artificial breeding techniques and alternatives to development and production, advanced agricultural techniques on the standardized application of planting, breeding, extraction and purification of the active ingredient, quality control of traditional Chinese medicine development and application of new technologies, modern traditional Chinese medicine formulation technology, production process control technology and equipment development and application, innovation technology development and application of Chinese herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine secondary development and production

    5, national drug development and production

    6, and new medical with diagnosis medical instrument equipment, and micro-create surgical and intervention treatment equipment and the devices, and medical emergency and the mobile type medical equipment, and rehabilitation engineering technology device, and household medical devices, and new family planning apparatus (third generation Palace within birth control device), and new medical with material, and artificial organ and the key components of development and production, digital medical image products and the medical information technology of development and application

    7, standardization of laboratory animal breeding and animal services

    8, technology level and essential drug quality and production cost reduction

    14, mechanical

    1, more than three-axis linkage of high speed, precision CNC machine tools and numerical control systems, servo motors and drives, supporting features, tools, measuring tools, measuring instruments and high-grade abrasive

    2, large generating units, large petrochemical plants, large metallurgical equipment and other equipment used for distributed control systems (DCS), fieldbus control system (FCS), the new energy power generation control system

    3, input/output points more than 512 programmable control systems (PLC)

    4, digital, intelligent, networked industrial automatic instrumentation and sensors, in-situ on-line composition analysis instrument, of low power consumption intelligent sensors with wireless communication function, EMC test equipment, smart grid smart meter (with a send and receive signals, self-diagnostics, data processing), fiber-optic sensor

    5, radiation, toxic, flammable, explosive, heavy metals, dioxins and other detection and analysis instrumentation, water, smoke, air testing equipment, drug testing in mass numbers greater than 1000 atomic mass unit (AMU) mass spectrometers, mass spectrometry instrument for automatic sampling and sample processing systems and related

    6, scientific research using multidimensional geometry measurement accuracy to Micron measuring instruments, automation, intelligent and multi-functional material mechanics performance test equipment, industrial nondestructive testing equipment such as CT and three dimensional ultrasonic flaw detector, for the measurement of nano-observation above 3.0 nm in electron microscope

    7, intelligent video surveillance, video analysis, video-assisted criminal investigations technical equipment

    8, mine disaster (gas, coal dust, mine water, fire, rock, etc) monitoring instruments and systems

    9, integrated weather observation equipment (surface, upper air, marine weather observation equipment and supplies, specializing in weather observation, atmospheric composition monitoring instruments and equipment, and supplies, weather radar, etc), mobile emergency response meteorological observation systems, mobile emergency weather system, weather, meteorological measurement equipment repair and maintenance equipment, meteorological instruments and equipment monitoring system

    10, hydrology, hydrological data collection instrument and equipment instrument calibration equipment

    11, earthquake, geological disaster observation instrument

    12, ocean observation, detection and monitoring of technical systems and equipment

    13, digital multifunction office equipment (copying, printing, faxing, scanning), digital camera, digital movie projectors and modern cultural and office equipment 14, and speed 200 km above moving EMU bearing, axis heavy is greater than 30 tons overload railway truck bearing, using life 2 million km above of new city track traffic bearing, using life 250,000 km above car wheel bearing unit, resistance high temperature (400 ℃ above) car Turbo, and mechanical booster device bearing, P4, and P2 level NC machine bearing, 2 MW (MW) and the above wind electric unit with various precision bearing, using life is greater than 5,000 hours shield frame machine, large construction mechanical bearing, P5 level, and

    P4 high speed precise metallurgical mill bearings, aircraft and engine bearings, medical CT machine bearing and the bearing parts

    15, single capacity over 800,000-kilowatt and Francis hydro-electric equipment (turbines, generators and ancillary equipment such as Governor, excitation), single capacity pumped storage, 50,000-kilowatt and 350,000-kilowatt and over tubular and 100,000-kilowatt over and above the impact of hydroelectric power plants and its key matching auxiliary engines

    16, 600,000-kilowatt and above used for supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power unit generator protection circuit breakers, pumps, valves, and other key matching auxiliary engines, parts

    17, 600,000-kilowatt and above-critical parameters of circulating fluidized bed boiler

    18, high temperature gas turbine parts and control systems

    19, 600,000-kilowatt rotor for power generation equipment and above (forging, welding), wheels, blades, pump, valve, spindle cover key casting and forging

    20, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant precision casting and forging

    21, and 500,000 v (KV) and the above super high pressure, and special high pressure make DC transmission equipment and the key parts: transformer (outlet device, and casing, and adjustable pressure switch), switch equipment (out arc device, and hydraulic operation institutions, and large basin type insulation child), high strength pillar insulation child and hollow insulation child, hanging type composite insulation child, insulation forming pieces, special high pressure arrester, and DC arrester, electric control, and light control Crystal gate tube, for flow valve (flat wave reactor device, and water equipment), control and protection equipment, DC field equipment,

    22, vacuum components and switching equipment, intelligent medium-voltage switch components and equipment, using environmentally-friendly medium voltage gas insulated switchgear, intelligent (communication) low-voltage appliances, non-crystalline alloy iron core, volume and other energy-saving distribution transformer

    23, the second generation, third generation nuclear power equipment and key parts more than 2.5 MW wind turbine machine and more than 2.0 MW wind turbine control systems, converters, and other key components; various crystalline silicon and thin-film solar photovoltaic cell production equipment; ocean energy (tidal, wave, and ocean currents) power generating equipment

    24, direct short process using liquid pig iron to produce cast iron melting technique and equipment, static pressure molding clay sand host lateral hot air cooled furnace heavy (more than 15 tons/hour) cupola; large die casting machines (clamping force of 3500 tons), differential-pressure casting machine automatic casting machine casting robot manufacturing and application

    25, sand and clay sand casting, resin (heat) reclamation and reuse technology 26, and high-speed precision pressure machine (180~2500 thousand cattle, 2000~750 times/minutes), and ferrous metal hydraulic extrusion machine (150 mm/seconds above), and light alloy hydraulic extrusion machine (10 mm/seconds following), and high-speed precision shear machine (2 million cattle above, 70~80 times/points, section slope 1.5 ° following), and within high pressure forming machine (10 million cattle above), and large folding bent machine (60 million cattle above), and Digital sheet metal gold processing center (flexible manufacturing center/flexible manufacturing system), and high-speed strong spin pressure machine (radial spin pressure/each round: 1 million cattle, axis to spin pressure/each round: 800,000 cattle, spindle turned moment: 240,000 nm, spindle highest speed: 95 turned/minutes), and NC more station stamping machine, and big nominal pressure cold/temperature forging force machine (effective nominal force trip 25 mm above, nominal force 10 million cattle above), and

    More than 4-station automatic warm/hot forging press (nominal power over 16 million cows)

    27, cracking three machines, a 400,000-ton (polypropylene) extrusion pelletizing, 500,000 tons of synthetic gas, ammonia, oxygen compressor and other key equipment 28, and large wind power sealed pieces (using life 7 years above, work temperature-45 ℃ ~100 ℃); plant main pump mechanical sealed (applies pressure ≥ 17 trillion PA, work temperature 26.7 ℃ ~73.9 ℃); shield frame machine main bearing sealed (using life 5,000 hours); car power Assembly system and drive system rotating sealed; oil drilling, and measuring well equipment sealed (applies pressure ≥ 105 trillion PA); hydraulic bracket sealed pieces; high PV value rotating moving sealed pieces

    Super large diameter (over 2 m) mechanical seal seals for aerospace (working temperature-54 ~275, and line speeds ≥ 150 m/s) high pressure seals for hydraulic components (for pressure above 31.5 MPa); high precision hydraulic cast (flow accuracy ≤ 0.25 mm, fatigue tested more than 2 million times)

    29, high performance of non-asbestos sealing materials (heat-resistant temperature 500 ° c tensile strength ≥ 20 MPa), high-performance carbon graphite sealing materials (heat-resistant temperature 350 ° c compressive strength ≥ 270 MPA), pressureless sintering of silicon carbide with high performance materials (≥ 200 MPA flexural strength, ≥ 130 w/MI·kaierwen thermal conductivity (w/m • k))

    30, intelligent welding equipment, laser welding and cutting, high-energy beam welding and cutting equipment such as electron beam welding, Friction Stir Welding, composite heat-welding equipment, digital, large capacity inverter welding power source

    31, a large (2500 mm in the bottom half length stamping die, bottom half cavity mould 1400 mm in length), precision (≤ 0.02 mm precision stamping die cavity mold accuracy ≤ 0.05 mm) die

    32, large (more than 1 ton of charging) Multifunction controlled atmosphere heat treatment equipment, program-controlled chemical processing equipment, program-controlled multi-function vacuum heat treatment equipment and charging weight 500 kg, full fiber lining vacuum heat treatment equipment heating furnace for heat treatment 33, and high strength (12.9 level above), and shaped and the titanium tight firmware, aviation, and space, and engine, with spring, micro precision drive link pieces (clutch device), large mill link axis; new powder metallurgical parts: high-density (≥ 7.0 grams/cubic centimeters), and high precision, and shape complex structure pieces; high-speed train, and aircraft friction device; containing oil bearing; moving EMU with gear gearbox, ship with variable paddle gear drive system, and 2.0 MW above wind electric with gearbox, and metallurgical mine mechanical with gearbox

    Vehicle powertrain, engineering machinery, large agricultural machinery chain

    34, sea water desalination device

    35, industrial robots and robot system

    36, 5 million tons/year and over mine, thin seam comprehensive mining equipment, more than 10 million tons/year and a large open-pit mine of key equipment

    37, with a diameter of 1200 mm and above supporting natural gas transmission pipeline compressors, gas turbines, valves, and other key equipment line 2.6 million tons/year of LNG and above supporting the compressor and driven machine, cryogenic equipment; supporting the large pipeline pump 3000 cubic meters/hour and above and other key equipment 38, multi-colour sheet-fed offset presses (width 750 mm, printing speed: single-sided polychromatic ≥ 16000/hour, double-sided polychromatic above 13000/hour) and commercial web offset (787 mm width, print speed ≥ 7 m/s, Overprint precision ≤ 0.1 mm); newspaper reel paper offset (printing speed: single paper road single machine ≥ 75000 Zhang/hours, double paper road double site machine ≥ 150000 Zhang/hours, overprint precision ≤ 0.1 mm); more color wide flexible version press (printing width ≥ 1300 mm, printing speed ≥ 350 meters/points); unit type flexible version press (printing speed ≥ 150 meters/points); environmental more color reel material intaglio press (printing speed ≥ 300 meters/points, overprint precision ≤ 0.1 mm); inkjet digital press (published with: printing speed ≥ 150 meters/points, resolution ≥ 600dpi; packaging with:

    Printing speed ≥ 30 meters/points, resolution ≥ 1000dpi; variable data with: printing speed ≥ 100 meters/points, resolution ≥ 300dpi); CTP directly sedan machine (Imaging speed ≥ 15 Zhang/hours, version material width ≥ 750 mm, repeat precision 0.025 mm, resolution 3000dpi); no axis NC flat pressure flat hot printing machine (hot printing speed ≥ 10000 Zhang/hours, processing precision 0.05 mm)

    39, more than 100 horsepower, equipped with power shift transmission or synchronous shift transmission cab, power, security, bus control systems, hydraulic output of more than 2 output shaft speed of not less than 3 group two wheel or four wheel drive tractors, crawler tractors

    40, more than 100 horsepower tractors and implements: conservation tillage needed subsoiler, joint preparation and sowing combined machine, conventional agriculture operating unit width of ≥ 40 cm bottom plow, disc Harrow, grain drills, row crop sowing, soil, no-till planter, large spray (spray)

    41, more than 100 horsepower tractor key components: power shift transmission, wheel tractors with front drive axle with differential lock, clutches, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, valves and hydraulic system of hydraulic output valves closed, closed heart variables, load sensing controlled hydraulic lifting device, electronic control systems, rims and radial plate, hydraulic steering mechanisms, such as

    42, and crop transplant mechanical: ride type disc soil mobile high-speed rice planting machine (each minutes plug times 350 times above, each points 3~5 strains, adapted leading 20~30 cm, spacing can adjustable, adapted spacing 12~22 cm); disc soil type mobile rice pendulum seedling machine (ride type or hand-held type, adapted leading for 20~30 cm, spacing can adjustable, adapted spacing for 12~22 cm),

    43, cotton cultivation of power more than 50 horsepower tractors, orchard with high clearance tractor (above the minimum height of 40 cm from the ground)

    44, Forage harvesting machinery: self-propelled forage harvesters, hay rake, hay pick up baler machine 45, and agricultural harvest mechanical: since go type grain combine (feed into volume 6 kilograms/seconds above); since go type half feed into rice combine (4 line above, supporting engine 44-kilowatt above); since go type corn combine (3~6 line, picked spike type, with peeling device, and stems stalk crushed also field device or stems stalk cut broken collection device); since go type barley, and Grass alfalfa, and corn, and sorghum, silage feed harvest machine (supporting power 147-kilowatt above, stems dry cut broken length 10~60 mm, With to stone to iron security device); cotton picked machine (3 line above, since go type or tractor carry type, picked spent device for mechanical type or pneumatic type, adapted cotton strains height 35~160 cm, with unginned cotton container and automatically unloading cotton device); potato harvest machine (since go type or tractor traction type, 2 line above, leading can adjustable, with to soil device and collection device, maximum mining depth 35 cm); sugarcane harvest machine (since go type or tractor carry type, supporting power 58-kilowatt above,

    Broken rate of perennial 18%, loss rate ≤ 7%); and stem pieces combined film residue machine

    46, water-saving irrigation equipment: various large and medium irrigation machines, various types of micro-drip irrigation equipment; flood and drainage equipment (displacement of 1500 cubic metres/h, head 5~20 m, power 1500-kilowatt, efficiency 60%, removable)

    47, biogas equipment: integration of biogas fermentation and gas (gas volume of 300~2000 cubic meters of products), residue of biogas slurry pumping equipment (more than 1 cubic meter/minute pump) 48, and large construction mechanical: 30 tons above hydraulic excavator, and 6 meters and the above full section dig into machine, and 320 horsepower and the above track bulldozers, and 6 tons and the above mount machine, and 600 tons and the above bridge equipment (containing Bridge machine, and shipped beam car, and mention spar), and 400 tons and the above track crane, and 100 tons and the above full ground crane, and drilling 100 mm above chisel rock Taiwan car, and 400-kilowatt and the above concrete hot and cold regeneration equipment, and 1 meters wide and the above milling planing machine; key parts: power for block gearbox, and

    Wet drive axle, slewing bearing, hydraulic torque converter, electric forklift motor, electronic control, pressure 25 MPa or more hydraulic motors, pumps and control valves

    49, automated logistics systems, information systems

    50, and non-road mobile mechanical with high reliability, and low emissions, and low energy of engine: life index (heavy 8,000-12,000 hours, medium 5,000-7,000 hours, light 3,000-4,000 hours), and emissions index (meet Europe III a,, and Europe III b emissions index requirements); effect non-road mobile mechanical with engine power sex, and economic sex, and environmental sex of fuel system, and booster system, and exhaust Hou processing system (are including electronic control system)

    51, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and key parts and components: heat pump, hybrid (solar and air source) heat pump water heater, two energy-efficient refrigeration and air conditioning compressors and above, micro-channel and falling-film heat transfer technology and equipment, electronic expansion valve and two-phase flow ejector; using environmentally-friendly refrigerant (ODP 0, low GWP value) of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors

    52, 12000 metres or more deep drilling, polar, high displacement of deep desert rigs, swamp drilling rigs, offshore rigs in inaccessible areas, truck-mounted drilling rigs, drilling rigs and other specialty drilling equipment

    53, hazardous waste (including medical waste) concentrating equipment 54, and large efficient Board injection machine (collection die force 1000 tons above), and full electric plastic injection forming machine (injection volume 1000 grams following), and energy-saving type plastic rubber injection forming machine (energy 0.4 kWh/kg following), and high-speed energy-saving plastic extrusion unit (production capacity: 30~3000 kg/hours, energy 0.35 kWh/kg following), and micro-hole sent bubble plastic injection forming machine (collection die force: 60~1000 tons, injection volume: 30~5000 grams,

    Energy consumption below 0.4 kWh/kg), large double-screw extrusion granulator (productive capacity: 30~60 million tons/year), large p-aramid fiber reactive extrusion units (production capacity of 14,000 tons/year or more) plastic, carbon fiber prepreg units (production capacity of more than 600,000 m/year; the width of 1.2 meters)

    55, coating with Nano filtration and reverse osmosis pure water equipment

    56, safe drinking water equipment: combined integrated water purifier (100~2500 ton/hour) 57, and air pollution governance equipment: 300 MW above coal-fired power station flue gas SCR off nitrate equipment (off nitrogen efficiency 90% above, catalyst using life 16,000 hours above); steel sintering flue gas cycle flow of bed dry method desulfurization dust sets equipment (calcium sulfur than: 1.2~1.3); 1000 MW super super critical unit supporting electric dust equipment; electric bags composite dust equipment (dust emissions concentration straddling 30 mg/cubic metres) ; More than 1000 MW ultra-supercritical oxidation desulfurization unit multi-stage centrifugal blower (air quantity ≥ 450 m³/min, pressure-14000 mm water column); plasma exhaust gas purifiers (95% the exhaust gas removal)
    58, and sewage control technology equipment: 200,000 tons/day city sewage processing sets equipment (except p off nitrogen); sludge dry burning equipment (reduction slag volume 90% above); immersion type film biological reactor (COD removal rate 90 above); ceramic vacuum filter machine (vacuum degrees: 0.09~0.098 trillion PA, pore: 0.2 Micron ~20 micron); small town integration sewage processing sets technology equipment; Super coupled method and biofilm method processing high concentration organic wastewater equipment 59, and solid waste control technology equipment: life garbage clean burning equipment (help coal-fired volume 20% following); kitchen more than garbage concentrated harmless of processing equipment (utilization 95% above); garbage fill buried infiltration filtrate and odor processing equipment (processing volume 50 tons/days above); life garbage automation points selected equipment (points selected rate 80% above); building garbage processing and again using process equipment (processing volume 100 tons/hours above)

    Industrial hazardous waste disposal technology and equipment (more than 90%); oil drilling technology and complete sets of equipment for waste treatment and disposal (volume reduction over 50% over 70%); clean incineration of medical waste, high temperature cooking treatment equipment (more than 150 kilograms per hour handling, combustion efficiency 70%)

    60, soil remediation technology and equipment

    XV, urban mass transit equipment

    1, the application of damping and noise reduction technology in urban rail transit

    2, automatic fare collection (AFC), doors and platform screen doors, the coupler system

    3, fire alarms and automatic fire extinguishing system in urban rail transit

    4, digital track circuit and signal system based on the wireless communication (including automatic train supervision system (ATS), the automatic train protection (ATP) and automatic train operation device (ATO))

    5, DC speed switch, vacuum circuit breakers (GIS) equipment in power supply system key components

    6, AC traction drive system for rail vehicles, braking system and core components (including the IGCT, IGBT components)

    7, metro train network control system and operation control system

    8, body, bogies, gear boxes and decorative materials for lightweight applications

    Mass transit trains, 9, absorption of regenerative braking device

    16, automotive

    1, and car key parts: gasoline engine booster device, and electric Eddy sustained speed device, and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), and with moving Qian as lamp system, and LED Qian as lamp, and digital instrument, and electric control system implementation institutions with electromagnetic valve, and low floor large bus dedicated car bridge, and air hanging frame, and sucking can type steering system, and medium bus frequency air conditioning, and high strength steel wheels, and load car Hou disc type brake

    2, dual-clutch transmissions (DCT), electro-mechanical transmissions (AMT)

    3, the application of lightweight materials: high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium alloys, composite plastic, powder metallurgy, high strength composite fiber; advanced forming technology: expanding application of laser tailor welded blanks, hydroforming, ultra high strength steel hot forming, such as flexible roll forming; eco-friendly materials used: water based paint, lead-free solder

    4, efficient diesel engine (3L power ≥ 50 kW/L,3L with rising power ≥ 40 kW/L); after treatment system (including particle traps, oxidation catalytic converters, reduced catalytic converters); electronic fuel pump, in-line high pressure common rail fuel injection systems, electronic-controlled high-pressure unit pump injectors, fuel injector

    5, efficient gasoline engines (naturally-aspirated gasoline engine power ≥ 60kW/L, turbocharged gasoline engine power ≥ 70kW/L) 6, and new energy car key parts: energy type power battery (energy density ≥ 110Wh/kg, cycle life ≥ 2000 times), battery cathode material (than capacity ≥ 150mAh/g, cycle life 2000 times not below initial discharge capacity of 80%), battery diaphragm (thickness 15~40 μ m, pore rate 40%~60%); battery management system, motor management system, electric electric control integrated; electric drive motor (peak power density ≥ 2.5kW/kg

    Efficient: 65% workspace efficiency ≥ 80%), DC/DC (VIN 100V~400V), high power electronic devices (IGBT, voltages above 600V, current 300A), plug-in electric hybrid electromechanical drive systems

    7, car charger, non-car charger

    8, electric air conditioners, electric brake, power steering; idle stop system

    9, car electronic control system: engine control system (ECU), the gearbox control system (TCU), the antilock brake system (ABS), traction control (ASR), electronic stability control (ESP), network control, vehicle fault diagnosis (OBD), the electronically controlled intelligent suspension, electronic parking system, automatic collision avoidance systems, electronic throttles

    10, automotive product development, testing, testing equipment and infrastructure

    17, ship

    1, bulk carriers, oil tankers and container ships to adapt green, environmental protection, optimization and upgrading of security requirements, as well as meeting international boat-built ship development of new norms and standards

    2, more than 100,000 cubic metres of LNG carriers, more than 15,000 cubic meters of liquefied petroleum gas vessel, box container ships, more than 5000 parking spaces and car transport ship, luxury more than ro-ro ships, IMO type II chemical tankers, luxury liners and other high-tech and high value-added ships

    3, large ocean-going fishing and processing vessel, more than 10,000 cubic meters of trailing suction hopper dredger, train ferry, scientific research ship, icebreaker, ocean survey ship, the regulatory board and other special vessels and equipment

    4, Small waterplane area twin-hull vessel, to effect ships, hovercraft, hydrofoil, piercing catamaran, high-performance vessels 5, and 120 meters and the above depth since rose type drilling platform, and 1500 meters and the above deep drilling ship, and 1500 meters and the above depth half dive type drilling platform, mainstream marine mobile drilling platform (ship); 150,000 tons and the above floating type production storage unloading device (FPSO), and 1500 meters depth half dive type production platform, and column type production platform (SPAR), and tension leg platform (TLP), and LNG-FPSO, and marginal oilfield type floating type production oil device, floating type production system

    ; HP water level three work boats, 1500-meter water depth in deep water of large pipe laying and lifting boats, 1500 meters deep geophysical prospecting for engineering survey ship, high performance boats, more than 50,000 tons of semi-submersible transport ships, marine engineering operations such as wind turbine installation vessel in sea ships and auxiliary ships

    6, dynamic positioning systems, FPSO, large marine platform of single-point mooring system, power and transmission system of the power plant integrated system, drilling platform lift systems, production systems and other General and special marine engineering equipment

    7, luxury yacht Charter development, manufacturing and supporting industries

    8, and intelligent environmental type ship with in the speed diesel engine and key parts, and large deck mechanical, and ship with boiler, and oil separation machine, and seawater desalination device, and ballast water processing system, and ship using Bank electric technology and the equipment, and liquefied gas ship with double fuel engine, and hanging class propeller, and large efficient spray water advance device, and power in the high pressure generator, and ship communications navigation and the automation system, key ship with supporting equipment

    9, underwater, robotic probe observing device

    10, management control, precision digital shipbuilding, module Assembly, pre-outfitting and modular applications, advanced painting and welding technology

    11, high-tech high value-added ships, marine engineering equipment repair and modification

    18, aerospace

    1, trunk, feeder, general aviation aircraft and parts manufacturing

    2, aero-engine development and manufacturing

    3, airborne equipment, mission equipment, air traffic control equipment and the development and manufacturing of ground support equipment system

    4 overall, helicopter, rotor system and transmission system development and manufacturing

    5, the development and production of new materials for aerospace

    6, aerospace gas turbine manufacturing

    7, satellites, launch vehicles and parts manufacturing

    8, aviation, space technology application and system software and hardware products, end products development and production

    9, development and manufacturing of aircraft ground simulation training system

    10, the development and manufacturing of aircraft ground servicing, maintenance and testing equipment

    11, and satellite ground application system construction and equipment manufacturing

    12 development and application of special emergency rescue equipment, aircraft

    13 maintenance, aircraft, equipment and parts

    14, advanced satellite development and production

    19, light

    1, single chemical wood pulp 300,000 tons/year, chemi-mechanical pulp and above 100,000 tons/year and above, chemical pulp/year and over 100,000 tons of forest-paper integration in production line and the corresponding paper and paperboard production line (except for the newsprint, coated paper) construction using cleaner production, non-wood fiber as raw material, single/year and over 100,000 tons of paper pulp production line

    2, Advanced pulp and paper equipment development and manufacturing

    3, elemental chlorine-free (ECF) and totally chlorine-free (TCF) development and application of Chemical pulp bleaching process

    4, non-metal precision mould design and manufacture

    5, bio-products development, production and application of biodegradable plastics

    6, agricultural plastics water-saving equipment and long life (three years or more) development of functional agricultural film, production

    7, the new plastic building materials (high air tightness and energy saving for plastic Windows, large diameter drainage outfall, impact modified PVC tube, ground-source heat pump systems with polyethylene pipes, plastic pipes, composite pipes for trenchless, plastic manholes); impervious geomembrane; wood plastic composites and a molecular weight of more than 2 million of the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe and sheet production

    8, dynamic plasticating and extensional flow of plastic molding technology and equipment of manufacturing using electromagnetic induction heating of plastics processing equipment and servo drive systems

    9, applications in industrial, medical, electronics, aerospace and other fields of special ceramic production and technology and equipment development; ceramic clean production and comprehensive utilization technology development

    10, energy-efficient sewing machine (using the embedded numerical control, advanced technologies such as oil or oil-free lubrication) and the development and manufacturing of key components

    11, for pens, watches and other multi-station modular machine tool industry development and manufacture

    12 technology and high-definition, high-tech, digital printing plate making system development and application

    13, minorities, special products

    14, aluminum, sprayed Silicon oxide, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-coated film, features polyester (PET) film, oriented polystyrene (OPS) film and paper and plastic based multi-layer or compound, such as new packaging materials

    15, two color and two-color metal printing, supporting UV curing (UV), sheet film, and food and beverage cans at high speed processing and auxiliary equipment manufacturing

    16, lithium ferrous sulfide, lithium thionyl chloride and other new types of lithium primary battery lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, the new structure (coiled, tubular) sealed lead-acid battery powered battery storage and new large-capacity lithium-ion battery sealed lead-acid batteries; Super batteries and supercapacitors

    17, lithium-ion batteries such as lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, meso-carbon microbeads and lithium titanate anode material, single-layer and three-layer compound lithium ion battery separator, fluorinated ethylene carbonate (FEC) electrolyte additives harmless recycling of used lead-acid battery recycling, annual recycling capacity of more than 50,000 tonnes of secondary lead processing equipment manufacturing

    18, advanced and of high purity crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic cell materials (Silicon PV cell conversion efficiency higher than 17%, Si module efficiency is greater than 16%, SI-based thin film solar cell conversion efficiency is greater than 7%, cadmium telluride cell conversion efficiency higher than 9%, Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium cell conversion efficiency greater than 12%)

    19, lithium-ion battery automatic production equipment manufactured alkaline Zn-MN batteries 600/min automatic production equipment manufacturing

    20, and leather and the fur processing clean production, and leather Hou finishing technology development and the key equipment manufacturing, and leather waste utilization; leather chrome tanning waste of cycle using, three price chrome sludge utilization; no gray expansion (help) agent, and no ammonia off gray (help) agent, and no salt dip acid (help) agent, and high absorption chrome tanning (help) agent, and natural plant tanning agent, and water finishing (help) agent, high-end leather with function sex chemical products development, and production and application

    21, high efficiency and energy-saving electric light source (high and low pressure discharge lamp and solid-state lighting products) Gu mercury production, technology development, production and application of waste lamp recycling

    22 development and production, energy-efficient home appliances

    23, efficiency, energy-saving, water-saving, environmentally friendly surfactants, and development and production of concentrated synthetic detergents

    24, a new hydrogen alternative refrigerant CFC's -22 (HCFC-22 or R22) development, manufacture of air conditioner, using novel foaming agent alternative hydrogen CFC's -141b (HCFC-141b) household electrical appliances production using novel foaming agent alternative hydrogen CFC's -141b (HCFC-141b) production and application of rigid polyurethane foam

    25, energy-saving and environment-friendly glass furnace (containing all electric melting and electric boosting, oxy-fuel combustion technologies) design, applied; scrap (scrap) of glass recycling

    26, lightweight glass containers (lightweight l ≤ 1.0 single-use small glass bottle) development and production of technology and key equipment

    27, water inks, UV-curable inks, vegetable inks, such as energy-saving and environment-friendly ink production

    28, the development and production of new technology of natural food additives and natural spices

    29, advanced production equipment development and manufacturing of food, food quality and safety monitoring (inspection) apparatus, equipment development and production

    30, a tropical fruit juice, berry juice, corn syrup, herbal drinks, tea, concentrates, tea powder, vegetable protein beverage development of plants with high added value, such as beverage production and processing of raw material base; Marc, comprehensive development and utilization of tea

    31, nutritional and health rice, wheat powder (food special rice, sprouted Brown rice, embryo rice, food, flour, whole wheat flour and fortified products, etc) and product development and production of traditional staple food industrial production; cereals processing equipment development and production

    32, cereals and oils processing by-products (rice husk, rice bran, wheat bran and germ, meal etc) development and application of key technology of comprehensive utilization 33, and rapeseed oil line: used expanded, and negative pressure evaporation, and heat since balance using, and low steam vacuum system, technology, rape seed main region day processing rape seed 400 tons and the above, and tons material solvent consumption 1.5 kg following (which West area day processing rape seed 200 tons and the above, and tons material solvent consumption 2 kg) following; peanut oil line: peanut main region day processing peanut 200 tons and the above, tons material solvent consumption 2 kg following

    ; Line of cottonseed oil: cotton-producing areas we've processed cottonseed 300 tons and over, tons of solvent consumption 2 kg; production of rice bran oil: with disperse rapidly expanded, centralized oil and refining technology; corn germ oil line Camellia oil, walnut oil and sesame oil, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and other small varieties processing line

    34, fermentation technology to produce pieces kinds of amino acids (lysine, glutamic acid), novel enzyme preparations (except Glucoamylase, amylase), polyol, functional fermented products (functional carbohydrates, fungal polysaccharides, functional red yeast rice, anti-oxidation and fermentation complex functional ingredients, bioactive peptides and probiotics)

    35, potato starch

    36, animal bones, blood and offal and by-product utilization and treatment

    37, the use of bio-fermentation technology to produce high quality low temperature meat products

    38, enamel and electrostatic powder mills and other high-tech new enamel enamel key equipment, electrostatic enamel, sheet steel plate up to 0.3 mm of enamel development and production

    39, condensing gas-fired water heaters, gas cooker using shaped combustion technology, energy-efficient and environment-friendly development and manufacture of gas appliances

    20, textile

    1, and difference of, and function sex polyester (PET) of continuous copolymer modified sex (cation dye can dye polyester (CDP, and ECDP), and alkali dissolved sex polyester (COPET), and high contraction polyester (HSPET), and flame retardant polyester, and low melting point polyester,); melt body straight spinning online added, continuous of process production difference of, and function sex fiber (antistatic, and anti-purple outside, and colored fiber,); Intelligent of, and Super simulation, difference of, and function sex polyester (PET) and the fiber production (East area limited to technology)

    Acrylic, nylon, spandex, rayon and other synthetic fiber differentiation and functional modification of fiber production

    2 propylene glycol, polyethylene terephthalate (PTT), poly-acid glycol ester (PEN), polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PBT), of succinic acid dibutyl ester (PBS), polybutylene terephthalate cyclohexane dimethanol ester (PCT) development, production and application of new polyester and fiber

    3, the use of green, environmental protection technology and equipment for production of new solvent for cellulose fibers by (Lyoce11), bacterial Cellulose fiber, bamboo, hemp and other new renewable resources as raw materials of regenerated cellulose fiber, polylactic acid (PLA), the seaweed fiber, fiber, poly hydroxy fatty acid ester of chitin fiber (PHA), plant and animal biomass fibres such as protein fibers 4, and organic and inorganic high performance fiber and the products of development and production (carbon fiber (CF) (stretch strength ≥ 4,200MPa, modulus ≥ 240GPa), and Fong LUN (AF), and Fong sulfone LUN (PSA), and high strength high die polyethylene (Super polymer volume polyethylene) fiber (UHMWPE) (spinning production device single capacity ≥ 300 tons/years), and poly benzene sulfur ether fiber (PPS), and poly n Asia amine fiber (PI), and PTFE fiber (PTFE), and

    Polystyrene and bis (Editor's Note: this word is left, right, evil) of fiber (PBO), aromatic (Editor's Note: this word is left, right, evil) h-II fibers (POD), basalt fiber (BF), silicon carbide fiber (SiCF), high-strength glass fiber (HT-AR))

    5, with ecology, resource utilization and environmental protection requirements of special animal fibers, hemp fiber, bamboo fiber, silk, colored cotton, mulberry oak color processing technology of Mulberry cocoon and natural fibers and products

    6, the use of compact yarn spinning, low torque, Siro-spun spinning speed, spinning, embedded technology to produce many varieties of blended yarns and the use of automatic winding, small complex, doffing automation equipment, such as the production of high quality yarns (limited to technological transformation in the eastern region, except for new construction and expansion)

    7, Mechatronics using high-speed shuttleless loom, fine gauge machine and other advanced technology and equipment to produce high, high density, such as luxury woven jacquard, knitted textiles

    8, using enzyme treatment, high efficient short process pretreatment, cold pad-batch pretreatment and dyeing, shortened wet-steaming dyeing and air flow dyeing, low liquor ratio dyeing, coating and printing, digital printing, foam finishing and clean production of dyeing and finishing technology and oil repellent, stain resistant, flame retardant, anti-static and multi-functional complex functional finish technology to produce high-grade textile fabrics

    9, the use of woven, non-woven fabric composite, multi-layered online composite, long lasting finishing and other high-tech, production to meet national needs in the areas of industrial textiles

    10, the new high-tech textile machinery, special key components and test instruments for measuring, testing, development and manufacturing

    11, high-grade rugs, quilts, embroidery products

    12 digital and computer integrated manufacturing, garment enterprises, information technology, automation technology and equipment application

    13 bio-degumming, textile industry, polyvinyl alcohol-free (PVA) sizing, water energy-saving printing and dyeing process, anhydrous "three wastes" effective governance and the promotion of resource recycling technology and application

    14, waste textiles recycling technology and products, recycled materials in the production of polyester industrial yarn of polyester, differentiation and high added value products such as functional polyester filament

    21, building

    1, building seismic isolation structure system and product development and promotion

    2, products and equipment manufacturing and integration of the intelligent building technology

    3, central heating systems, measurement and control technology, product development and promotion

    4, the application of high-strength, high-performance structural materials and systems

    5, solar thermal and photovoltaic applications integration architecture

    6, advanced building technology, products and housing parts development and promotion

    7, integrated system of steel structure building and technology development and promotion

    8, standardization of prefabricated bathroom and kitchen as a whole, modular technology development and diffusion

    9, factory renovation technology

    10, the development and application of mobile emergency domestic water supply systems

    22, for urban infrastructure

    1, city based spatial data production and key technology development

    2, relying on the basic geographic information resources management information system of urban solid

    3, construction of urban public transport

    4, City Road and the construction of intelligent transportation system

    5, urban traffic control systems engineering and equipment manufacturing

    6, the city and suburban rail traffic construction of new lines

    7, urban safety water drinking project

    8, construction of urban underground pipeline tunnel

    9, urban drainage works, water supply and water purification plant project

    10, city gas engineering

    11, the construction and transformation of urban central heating engineering

    12, urban rainwater utilization project

    13, urban greening and ecological construction

    14, urban parking construction

    15 information technology, urban construction and management

    16, key technology application of urban eco-system

    17, urban development and application of water-saving techniques

    18, intelligent urban lighting, development and application of green lighting products and systems

    19, recycled water, the use of technology and engineering

    20, city sewer line development and application of non-excavation construction technology

    21, urban water supply, drainage, gas plastic piping applications engineering

    22, city emergency and standby water source construction projects

    23, the coastal towns of sea water and sea water treatment plants of water supply network project

    24, urban logging technology development and application of early warning

    23, railway

    1 construction of new, railway line

    2, the extension of railway

    3, passenger, high-speed rail system technology development and construction

    4, vehicular and passenger and freight transport system in railway technology and equipment, the construction of train operation control and vehicle control systems development

    5, railway development and construction of information system

    AC drive electric locomotives, 6, 7,200-kilowatt and over 6000 HP AC drive diesel locomotive, and above 200 km/h locomotive of EMU, above 3000 meters above sea level plateau, a large dedicated trucks, locomotives and special rescue equipment

    7, track vehicles of AC traction drive system, brake system and core components (including the IGCT, IGBT components)

    8, 200 kilometers per hour or above Rails, catenary, chain parts, traction power supply system

    9, electrified railway traction power supply power factor compensation technology

    10, large track maintenance machinery, railway construction machinery equipment, bridge and tunnel detection equipment

    11, dispatching automation technology development

    12, repair and improve the durability of concrete structures technology, materials development

    13, passenger train toilet and dirt ground receiving and processing engineering

    14, railways GSM-r communication system

    15, the broadband communication system for railway development and construction

    16, digital development and construction of railway intelligent transportation

    17, more than 300 kilometers per hour and noise damping technology of high-speed railway and passenger dedicated line

    18, inter-city rail transit construction

    24, highway and road transport (including urban passenger transport)

    1, the main road of Western development, the State Highway network construction project

    2, national and provincial main line upgrade

    3, automobile passenger and freight station, bus station

    4, the development and application of highway toll collection system

    5, road smart fast passenger and freight transport, road transport, the new transportation system development and construction

    6, road development and construction management services and emergency support system

    7, development and production of new materials in highway engineering

    8, road transport of containers and van

    9, extra long-span bridges built and maintenance technology

    10, tunnel construction and maintenance technology

    11, rural passenger transport network development and construction

    12, rural road construction

    13, the Intercity system development and construction

    14, taxi service dispatch information system development and construction

    15, highway emergency evacuation routes for vehicle construction

    16, the low-noise pavement technologies development

    17, highway construction and maintenance technology and material development and application

    18, urban public transport

    19, operations, development and application of safety monitoring and recording system of vehicles

    25, water transport

    1, deep water berth (ton along the coast, inland kiloton and above) building

    2, deep channel along the coast and inland waterway construction of high level and navigation structures in a channel

    3 land, coastal and island transportation terminal construction

    4, large port handling automation projects

    5, ocean shipping electronic data exchange system

    6, regulate water safety and rescue system

    7, River ship standardization

    8, old port technology project

    9, Harbor dangerous chemicals and oil emergency response facility construction and equipment manufacturing

    10, River and unloading container ships transport system

    11, water high speed passenger transport

    12, port cranes instead of oil-saving transformation engineering

    13, multimodal transport of water on the ro-ro

    14, water information system construction

    15, international cruise shipping and cruise home port construction

    26, air transport

    1, airport construction

    2, public air transport

    3, General Aviation

    4, air traffic control and navigation and communication system

    5 development and construction, aviation and its network of computer management system

    6, aviation fuel facility construction

    7, maritime air surveillance patrols and search and rescue facilities

    8, construction of small aircraft in emergency landing site

    27, transportation

    1, integrated transportation hub construction and renovation

    2, integrated transportation hub with convenient transfers and luggage mass rapid transit system construction

    3, comprehensive transport hub management information system construction and application

    4, integrated construction traffic guidance system

    5, comprehensive transportation hub integration service facilities

    6, comprehensive transportation hub for disaster and emergency evacuation systems

    7, integrated transport hub for cargo transportation facelift system

    8, construction of container multimodal transport system

    28, information industry

    1, 2.5GB/S or higher optical synchronous transmission system construction

    2, 155MB/S above digital microwave synchronous transmission equipment manufacturing and system building

    3, satellite communications systems, Earth station equipment manufacturing and construction

    4, network monitor, clock synchronization, billing and other communications support network

    5, data communication network equipment manufacturing and construction

    6, Internet (wireless sensor networks), new intelligent network services network equipment manufacturing and construction

    7, equipment manufacturing and construction of broadband network

    8, digital cellular mobile communication network construction

    9, construction of IP network

    10, next-generation Internet devices, chips, systems, and test equipment development and production

    11, digital satellite television broadcasting system

    12, value-added telecommunication service platform construction

    13, 32 affected more than optical wavelength division multiplexed transmission system equipment manufacturing

    14, 10GB/S and above digital synchronous series optical fiber communication system equipment manufacturing

    15, supporting communications network equipment such as routers, switches, base stations

    16, stratospheric communication system equipment manufacturing

    17, access network, digital mobile communication systems, digital trunking communication systems and network devices such as routers, gateways, manufacture

    18, large and middle scale high performance computers, portable microcomputers, computer, baiwanyi times more than 1 trillion times per second and high-end servers, large-scale simulation system, large industrial control computer and the controller manufacturing

    19, integrated circuit design, line width 0.8 micron integrated circuit manufacturing, and ball grid array (BGA), pin grid array (PGA), chip scale package (CSP), multi chip package (MCM), advanced packaging and test 20, IC equipment manufacturing
    21, the new electronic components (chip components, frequency components, hybrid IC, power electronics, opto-electronic devices, sensitive components and sensors, new electrical and mechanical components, high density printed circuit boards and flexible circuit board) manufacturing

    22, semiconductor and optoelectronic devices, new materials for electronic components and other electronic products

    23, software development and production (including information technology standards and application of national languages)

    24, computer-aided design (CAD), ancillary tests (CAT), manufacturing (CAM), aided engineering (CAE) systems development and production

    25, semiconductor lighting, solar equipment, chip components and equipment, new battery equipment, surface-mount devices (stencil printing machine, automatic SMT machines, lead-free reflow, photoelectric automatic tester)

    26, printers (including high speed bar code printer) and mass storage computer peripherals

    27, thin-film field-effect transistor LCD (TFT-LCD), plasma display panels (PDP), organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), laser shows, 3D displays and other new types of flat panel display and key components

    28, the new (non-dispersive) single-mode optical fiber and optical fiber preform manufacturing

    29, high density digital laser disc player disc manufacturing

    30, CD-ROM, and CD-r copying

    31 audio and video codec, audio and video equipment, and radio transmission equipment, digital TV Studio equipment, digital TV system equipment, digital TV broadcasting single frequency network devices, digital television reception equipment, digital video cameras, digital recorders and digital television products

    32, development and manufacturing of equipment for information security products, network monitor

    33, digital multifunctional telephones manufactured

    34, Doppler radar technology and equipment manufacture

    35, medical electronics, electronics, aerospace instruments and electronics, sensors, electronics and other manufacturing

    36, wireless local area network technology development, equipment manufacturing

    37, development and application of e-commerce and e-government services

    38, a satellite navigation system technology and equipment manufacture

    39, emergency broadcast systems

    40, quantum communication devices

    41, TFT-LCD, PDP, OLED, laser displays, 3D displays and other new types of flat panel display production equipment

    42 substrate, epitaxy, chip, semiconductor lighting, packaging and materials

    43, digital music, mobile media, animation and game development of digital content, such as product system

    44, anti-counterfeiting technology development and application

    29, the modern logistics industry

    1, grain, cotton, edible oil, sugar, fertilizers, oil and other key commodities of modern logistics infrastructure

    2, logistics and distribution of agricultural products (including cold chain) facilities, food quality and safety control technology of logistic service

    3, pharmaceutical logistics and distribution (including cold chain) technology and facilities construction, drug quality and safety control technology of logistic service

    4, technical publications and other cultural products supply chain management services

    5, port and railways, railways and highways, civil aviation and ground transport multimodal logistics node facility construction and operation

    6, third-party logistics service infrastructure

    7, equipment, means of transport, warehousing and transshipment facilities standardization reform of logistics equipment

    8, recognition and identification, electronic data exchange, visualization techniques, cargo tracking and fast sorting technology, mobile logistics information service technology, geographic information systems, global positioning system, traffic information and communication systems, intelligent transportation systems, logistics, information systems development and application of safety technology and warehouse technology

    9, emergency logistics infrastructure

    10, the public logistics information platform construction

    11, seaport, airport, industrial zones, trade distribution center logistics center construction

    30, the financial services sector

    1, credit guarantee and service system construction

    2, construction of rural financial service system

    3, bond issuance and trading service system construction

    4, agricultural insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance

    5, finance, product development and application

    6, intangible assets such as intellectual property rights, the right to return the loan mortgage business development

    7, credit card and Internet service

    8, Yuan cross-border settlement and clearing system construction

    9, credit, insurance, and securities statistics information system

    10, the development and application of financial regulation

    11, venture capital

    31, technology services

    1, industrial design, meteorology, biology, new materials, new energy, energy saving, environmental protection, surveying and mapping, marine and other professional services, commercial quality inspection and quality testing services, science and technology popularization

    2, online data and transaction processing, IT infrastructure management and data center services, mobile Internet services, Internet, video-conferencing and image, telecommunications value-added services

    3, industry (Enterprise) management and information solutions development, software as a service platform based on network and information system integration, software development and testing services, consulting, operations, maintenance and data mining services business

    4, digital music, mobile media, online publishing, digital content services, geography, information resources in the areas of international trade development services

    5, high digital technology, simulation technology, new technology such as high-speed computing support technologies and services

    6, analysis, test, testing, and related technical consultancy and research and development services, intelligent product solutions, ergonomic design, system simulation and design services

    7, data recovery and disaster recovery services, emergency support services for information security, network security, cloud computing, information security risk assessment and security services advisory services, information equipment and software security testing services, encryption technology product testing services, information systems security design services

    8, exchange of scientific and technical information, information retrieval, technical advice, technology incubation, the science and technology achievement and services such as forensic evidence

    9, intellectual property agency, transfer, registration, identification, retrieval, assessment, certification, advisory and financing services

    10, national projects (technology) Research Centre, the National Engineering Laboratory, a state-certified enterprise technology centers, laboratories, high-tech innovation Service Center, new product development and Design Center, research and pilot base, the construction of the experiment base

    11, information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing technology services

    32, business services

    1, leasing service

    2, economics, management, information technology, accounting, tax, attestation (audit services), legal consulting, energy-saving, environmental protection and service

    3, engineering consulting services (including planning, consulting, investment opportunities, research, feasibility studies, assessment consultation, engineering prospecting and design, tendering, engineering and plant engineering, project management, etc)

    4, credit services and credit information and rating system

    5, assets assessment, calibration, testing, inspection and other services

    6, property Exchange service platform

    7 design, creative advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising

    8, employment and career guidance, online recruitment, training, staffing, talent interview panel, staff evaluation, human resources management consulting, human resources outsourcing, human resource services

    9, human resources, marketing and facilities construction

    10, rural labor employment service platform construction

    11, Convention and exhibition services (excluding exhibition venues)

    33, business services

    1, the means of production, modern agricultural products market construction

    2, seed, seedlings, species of livestock and poultry and fish (species), chemical fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machinery, plastic sheeting and other agricultural chain management

    3, rural groceries and other daily necessities, medicines, publications of chain operation

    4, agricultural product auction service

    5 and the unified distribution of business enterprises and the construction of distribution network

    6, the use of information technology to upgrade the traditional commodity trading markets

    7, the flea market building

    8, modern second-hand car trading service system construction

    34, tourism

    1, leisure, hiking, skiing, diving, adventure and other outdoor activity products development and marketing services

    2, rural tourism, eco-tourism, tourism, industry, tourism, sports tourism, red tourism, ethnic tours and other tourism resources comprehensive development services

    3, tourism infrastructure and tourist services

    4, tourist products, tourism souvenir development and marketing

    35, postal service

    1, postal savings network

    2, the construction of the integrated services network

    3, mail processing automation engineering

    4, universal postal service infrastructure accounting record, mail, courier enterprises (faster) time limit monitoring, consumer complaints, satisfaction surveys and public queries, zip code, and industry tariffs and market supervision function of public services, such as postal service public service information platform construction

    5, urban and rural delivery outlets, the stores, such as express service network construction

    6, city, regional and regional express sorting centre, transit center, distribution center, hub of express construction of treatment facilities

    7, shipment tracking, automatic sorting, scheduling ship the parcels, courier Express customer service call center information system development and application

    8, express sorting process, data collection, container container express technology and equipment development and application

    9, mail, courier, transport and transport network technology development

    36, education, culture, health and sports services

    1 and preschool education

    2, special education

    3, vocational education

    4, distance education

    5, culture and art, the press and publishing, radio, film and television, popular culture, popular science infrastructure

    6, heritage conservation and infrastructure

    7, cultural and creative design services

    8 and the cultural information resources sharing project

    9 broadcast, radio, film and television production, distribution, trade, development, publication, derivatives

    10, animation creation, production, dissemination, publication, derivative product development

    11, mobile multimedia broadcasting, radio, film and television digital, digital movie service monitoring technology and its application

    12, network audio-video program services, development

    13, village radio and television engineer, film screenings in rural areas project

    14, Community House, farm house, read baolan, press and publication services infrastructure

    15, the press and publishing content monitoring technology, copyright protection technology, publications, publication distribution technology development and application of production

    16, e-paper, such as reading the press technology development, application and industrialization of new carrier

    17 language technology development and application

    18, construction of public cultural facilities

    19, non-material cultural heritage protection and development

    20, protection and development of ethnic and folk arts, traditional arts and crafts

    21, the national historical and cultural city (town, village), and cultural district

    22, the performing arts industry

    23 international marketing and promotion of culture, art

    24 emergency, health surveillance, preventive health care, health service facilities

    25, family planning, prenatal and postnatal care, reproductive health counselling and services

    26, general medical services

    27, remote medical services

    28, health consultation, health care management, medical knowledge, medical information service

    29, health service facilities

    30 specialist, mental health, infectious diseases, children's hospitals and nursing homes (station) facilities and services

    31, counseling services

    32, social and professional rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and foster services

    33, sports performance, construction and operation of sports facilities, Sports Fitness and recreation services

    34, sports agent, training, information and advisory services

    35, protection and development of the Chinese brand

    37, other services

    1, affordable housing construction and management

    2, property services

    3, the elderly, minor arena

    4, basic services and integrated service network construction in urban and rural communities

    5 adoption, child welfare, special care and social welfare institutions and related service facilities

    6, rescue the management station and the construction of related facilities

    7, public funeral service facilities

    8, development zones, industrial area supporting public service platform construction and service

    9, domestic service

    10, pension services

    11, community care services

    12, patient care services

    13, renewable resource recycling network system construction

    14, wedding services

    15, grass-roots employment and social service facilities

    16, left-behind families of migrant workers service facilities

    17, a social security card project

    18, work-related injury rehabilitation center

    38, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources saving

    1, mine ecological environment restoration project

    2, marine environmental protection and scientific development

    3, brackish water, brackish water, poor utilization of water, sea water and sea water desalination project

    4, development and utilization of ozone-depleting substance replacements

    5, regional recycling, waste electrical and electronic products, waste resources such as shipbuilding, iron and steel scrap, scrap wood recycling base construction

    6, effluent radiation monitoring technology works

    7, environmental monitoring system project

    8, hazardous waste (radioactive waste and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, engineering, heavy metal-containing wastes, medical waste) safe disposal of technology development and manufacturing of equipment and construction of disposition Center

    9, mobile sources of pollution (locomotives, ships, cars, etc) monitoring and control technology

    10, the traffic noise and vibration control technology

    11, power grids, information systems development and application of electromagnetic emission control technology

    12, cutting and controlling dioxin emissions technology development and application

    13, alternatives to persistent organic pollutants products exploitation and application

    14, waste product disposal of persistent organic pollutants technical development and application

    15, the "three wastes" comprehensive utilization and control engineering

    16, "three wastes" treatment by biological species and additive development and production

    17 mercury, mercury-containing waste recycling technologies, development and application of alternatives to mercury-containing products

    18, water technology application

    19, high efficiency, low energy consumption and wastewater treatment and recycling technology development

    20, urban garbage and other solid waste reduction, recycling and harmless treatment and comprehensive utilization of engineering

    21, landfill seepage control technique and materials

    22, the development and production of new type water treatment agent

    23, energy, water, raw materials, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources, such as technology development, application and device manufacturing

    24, efficient, energy-saving technology of mining and mineral processing (pharmacy)

    25, encouraging the promotion of symbiotic, associated valuable elements in mineral resources comprehensive utilization technology of isolation and

    26, low grade ore, complex and difficult to deal with development and utilization

    27, mine tailings, waste resource utilization

    28, renewable resource recycling industry

    29 waste, waste electrical and electronic products, printed circuit boards, batteries, waste ships, used machinery, waste plastics, waste rubber, waste oil recycling recycling technology and equipment development

    30, used automobiles, engineering machinery, mining machinery, machine tools, agricultural machinery, ship waste machinery and electronic products and components, such as reuse, remanufacturing, ink cartridges, then manufacture of organic photoconductive drums (fill)

    31, comprehensive utilization technologies and equipment: 4000 horsepower more than scrap crushing line recycling waste plastic composite sets (recovery of 95% above); light hydrocarbons and petrochemical technology and equipment for comprehensive utilization of by-product; biomass energy equipment (electricity generation, oil, gas); sulphur recovery equipment (low temperature Claus)

    32, containing persistent organic pollutants in soil remediation technology research and application

    33, cutting and controlling heavy metals emissions technology development and application

    34, industrial organic wastewater treatment technology

    35, malodorous, toxic, organic waste gas treatment technology

    36, mineral processing technology of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and production

    37, in order to provide users with energy-saving diagnosis, design, financing, reconstruction, operation and management services

    38 and kitchen waste recycling technology development and facility construction

    39, carbon capture, storage and use of technical equipment

    40, ice thermal storage technology and equipment manufacture

    39, public security and emergency preparedness products

    1, geological disaster monitoring and early warning of earthquakes, tsunamis, technology development and application

    2, biological hazards, development and application of animal disease monitoring and early warning

    3, embankments, tailings dam safety automatic monitoring technology development and application

    4, coal, mining and other development and application of safety production monitoring alarm technology

    5, public transportation accident warning system development and application

    6, water, soil, air pollutant monitoring technology and products

    7, fast food and drug safety testing instruments

    8, emerging infectious reagents and equipment

    9, public body temperature control rapid screening equipment

    10, city public safety monitoring and early warning platform technology

    11, drugs and other contraband, nuclear, chemical and biological terrorist detection techniques and products

    12, flammable, explosive, corrosive, radioactive and other dangerous items detection technology and products

    13, emergency rescue personnel protective equipment development and application

    14, community development and application of personal protective equipment

    15, lightning development and application of new technologies

    16, a special working place in mine emergency facilities

    17, incident detection and rapid access to information technologies and products

    18 and life detection instrument

    19, large public buildings, high-rise buildings, forests, mountains, water, petrochemical facilities and underground facilities, fire fighting and rescue technology and products

    20, lifting, digging, drilling and other emergency rescue special engineering machinery

    21, communications command, power restoration, logistics support and other emergency rescue vehicle

    22, and the detection, rescue, life-saving, lighting, smoke, leakage, transporting, decontamination, promotion, delivery and efficient rescue products

    23, emergency supplies into umbrella and pallet equipment

    24, due to disaster emergency Rob equipment damaged transportation facilities and equipment development and application

    25 to remove ice and snow machines, public transport facilities and the development and application of environmentally-friendly snow

    26, port floating emergency salvage cleaning equipment manufacturing

    27, port of dangerous chemicals, oil emergency response facility construction and equipment manufacturing

    28, marine oil spill response equipment

    29, and burst environment disaster emergency environmental equipment: hot wall type asphalt road geothermal regeneration equipment (regeneration depth: 0~60 mm); no radiation Highway fog snow shield device; toxic harmful liquid fast absorb processing equipment; mobile type medical garbage fast processing device; mobile type small garbage clean processing equipment; animal stool harmless of fast processing device; poultry class disease original body harmless of fast processing device; dangerous waste characteristics identification dedicated instrument

    30, emergency power equipment

    31, emergency lighting fixtures and lamps

    32, life supporting first aid and evacuation, treatment, monitoring and integration platform

    33, mobile medical care system

    34, prevention and control of public health emergencies and biological vaccines and drugs

    35, rapid purification of drinking water device

    36, emergency communications technology and products

    37, emergency response command platform technology development and application

    38, anti-terrorism technology and equipment

    39, traffic, emergency social services and community

    40, emergency facilities and services

    41, emergency advice, training, leasing and insurance services

    42, emergency reserve infrastructure

    43, public emergency, emergency rescue base experience infrastructure

    44, hydraulic platform fire truck, lifting spray, forest fire, fire engines, airport fire engines of urban rail transit special fire trucks

    45, with functions of fire extinguishing, detection, smoke, rescue fire-fighting robot

    46, nominal diameter 150mm fire hose, artificial synthetic rubber lined fire hose

    47, water based fire protection coating for steel structure, prefabricated modular steel structure fire protection components

    48, non-combustible insulation material, fire-retardant products

    49, for halon gas fire extinguishing agent of alternative synthetic fluorinated surfactant, foam extinguishing agent alternative, building insulation materials and efficient fire extinguishing agent, non-phosphorus flame retardant efficient extinguishing agents, metal, plastics and synthetic textiles special fire extinguishing agent

    50, clean gas fire extinguishing system, detecting and fire extinguishing device, special fire-fighting system for wind power generation equipment

    51, the use of energy saving and environmental protection new types of light sources of fire emergency lighting and evacuation instructions

    40, explosive products

    1, site mixed operation and the low sensitivity of explosives bulk explosives

    2, electronic delay detonators

    3 drug, rigid head detonator

    4, high wear dark oil perforating cartridge

    5, has a high resolution seismic explosive columns

    6, compound of nonel tube

    7, applicable to the different needs of a series of detonating

    8, high performance security type of industrial explosives

    9, continuous, automated production line of industrial explosive detonators, automatic loading, packaging technology and equipment

    10, advanced weather blasting equipment

    Type II restriction

    First, agriculture and forestry

    1 overload, natural pasture grazing

    2, a single 50,000 cubic meters/year of Pb, high density fibreboard production plant

    3, in-line of up to 30,000 cubic metres/year wood Particleboard production equipment

    4, 1000 tons/years in resin production project

    5, veterinary powder/powder/premix production line project (new veterinary certificates closed except for efficient mixing, production and Automation)

    6, transfer of flask culture production of veterinary vaccine production line (except for new varieties of veterinary certificate and the introduction of new technology)

    7, resin processing project

    8, disposable wooden products of high quality wood as the raw material and the production of wooden packaging and

    As well as wood and bamboo processing of the low utilization rate of bamboo and wood processing project

    9, 10,000 cubic meters/year of plywood and blockboard production

    10, rare plant root manufacturing

    11, field resources as raw materials of precious and endangered wild animals and plants processing

    12, lakes and reservoirs feeding cage culture

    13, detrimental to the ecological environmental protection in land reclamation of agricultural development projects

    14, water shortage, the national ecological fragile area of pulpwood forest base construction

    15, food material into ethanol, edible vegetable oil into bio-fuel project

    16, in the woodlands industrial and real estate development projects

    Second, coal

    1, well below the size of the mine project: Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, 1.2 million tons/year; in Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan, 150,000 tons/year in Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, 90,000 tons/year; other parts of 300,000 tons/year

    2, using non-mechanized mining technology of coal mine projects

    3, design of coal resource recovery does not meet requirements set by the State coal mine project

    4, is not provided for by the State program approval for general planning of mining area coal mine project

    5, well next time you face more than 2 new coal mine project

    Third, power

    1, electricity out, single capacity 300,000-kilowatt and conventional coal-fired power plant

    2, electricity out, coal consumption for power generation more than 300 grams of standard coal per kilowatt hour wet generators, coal consumption for power above 305 grams of standard coal per kilowatt hour of air cooling generating unit

    3, no discharge ecological flow diversion-type hydropower

    Four, Petro-chemical industry

    1, new, 10 million tons/year following atmospheric, 1.5 million tons/year of FCC, 1 million tons/year following CCR (contains aromatics extraction), 1.5 million tons/year following hydrogenation cracking device 2, and new 800,000 tons/years following naphtha cracking business vinyl, and 130,000 tons/years following propylene nitrile, and 1 million tons/years following fine Terephthalic acid, and 200,000 tons/years following ethylene glycol, and 200,000 tons/years following styrene (dry gas business b benzene process except), and 100,000 tons/years following has been lactam, and vinyl method acetate, and 300,000 tons/years following Carbonyl synthesis method acetate, and gas business methanol, and 1 million tons/years following coal business methanol production device (utilization except), acetone cyanide alcohol method acrylic, and

    Acetone/butanol, food law chlorohydrination propylene oxide and saponification of epoxy chloropropane production facility, less than 300 tons/year of saponin (containing hydrolysates, except for the comprehensive utilization of) production plant 3, and new 70,000 tons/years following polypropylene (continuous method and the intermittent method), and 200,000 tons/years following polyethylene, and acetylene method PVC, and starting scale is less than 300,000 tons/years of vinyl oxygen chloride method PVC, and 100,000 tons/years following polystyrene, and 200,000 tons/years following propylene nitrile/succinic en/styrene copolymer real (ABS, ontology continuous method except), and 30,000 tons/years following General synthesis LaTeX – carboxyl d benzene rubber (containing d benzene LaTeX) production device, new, and modified expansion solvent type neoprene class, and

    Butadiene-styrene thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, and acrylic classes such as general purpose adhesives production plant

    4, new soda ash, caustic soda, 300,000 tons/year sulfuric acid 200,000 tons/year following sulphuric acid, nitric acid, calcium carbide method and comprehensive method under normal pressure (large amount unless it is replaced by the advanced process equipment), in-line production capacity of 50,000 tons/year following potassium hydroxide production

    5, and new three poly sodium, and six partial sodium, and three chloride p, and five sulfide II p, and feed phosphate hydrogen calcium, and chlorate sodium, and less calcium roasting process heavy chrome acid sodium, and electrolytic II oxidation manganese, and General level calcium carbonate, and no water sulfate (salt cogeneration and the Deputy produced except), and carbonate barium, and barium sulfate, and hydrogen oxidation barium, and chloride barium, and nitric acid barium, and carbonate SR, and white carbon black (gas phase method except), and chloride choline production device

    6, new Phosphors, the size of less than 30,000 tons/year, in-line capacity of less than 10,000 tons/year sodium cyanide (100%), single line production capacity of 5,000 tons/year of lithium carbonate, Lithium hydroxide, single line production capacity of 20,000 tons/year of anhydrous aluminum fluoride or low molecular ratio cryolite plant

    7, new oil (except for the high-sulfur petroleum coke) nitrogen and natural gas as raw material, fixed intermittent gasification technology of synthetic ammonia, and ammonium phosphate plant, copper wash raw materials for ammonia synthesis gas purification process

    8, and new high HIV, and high residues and on environment effect big of pesticide original drug (including oxygen Dimethoate, and water amine sulfur p, and methyl different Liu p, and methyl mix p, and special d p, and killed bashing p, and bromide methane, and out more Granville, and t out Granville, and grams hundred Granville, and enemy rat sodium, and enemy rat ketone, and killed rat spirit, and killed rat ether, and bromide enemy long, and bromide rat spirit, and meat toxins, and insecticidal double, and out line p, and sulfur Dan, and p of aluminum, and three chlorine killed mite alcohol, organic chlorine class, and organic Tin class pesticides, fukumi class sterilization agent, complex nitrate phenol sodium (potassium),) production device

    9, a new glyphosate, chlorpyrifos (except by water phase process), three h-p, paraquat, chlorothalonil, abamectin, imidacloprid, and acetochlor (a forked process except) production plant

    10, new sulfate process titanium dioxide powder, lead and chromium yellow, less than 10,000 tons/year of iron oxide pigment, solvent-borne coatings (does not include coatings and encourage production), isocyanuric acid glycidyl (TGIC) powder coating production equipment

    11, new dyes, dye intermediates, organic pigments, Textile auxiliaries production device (not included encouraging kind of dye products and production process) 12, and new HF (HF) (electronic level and the wet method phosphate supporting except), new initial scale is less than 200,000 tons/years, and single sets scale is less than 100,000 tons/years of methyl chlorine Silicon n-monomer production device, 100,000 tons/years following (organic silicon supporting except) and 100,000 tons/years and the above, and no Deputy produced carbon tetrachloride supporting disposal facilities of methane chloride production device, full fluoride Octyl sulfonic n compounds (PFOS) and full fluoride bitter (PFOA), six fluoride of sulfur (SF6) (Except for high purity grade) production plant
    13, new tire and the tire (wheelbarrow tire), nylon cord, 30,000 tons/year of steel cord, conventional method of reclaimed rubber (except for continuous desulphurization technology), rubber peptizer pentachloro-sulphur phenols, rubber Accelerator tetramethyl-thiuram disulfide (TMTD) production plant

    Five, information industry

    1, laser disc production lines (VCD series products)

    2 black and white and color, analog CRT TV project

    Six, iron and steel

    Barely 1, supporting the construction of Coke dry quenching, pushing dust removing device of loading coal, coking project

    2, 180 square metres sintering machine (except alloy sintering machine)

    3, the effective volume of 400 cubic meters more than 1200 cubic meters of blast; 1200 cubic metres and over but do not synchronize the matching coal injection devices, dust removal device, pressure generating unit, energy consumption is greater than 430 kg of coal/ton, new water consumption is greater than 2.4 m/ton less than standard iron-smelting furnace

    4, nominal capacity 30 tons more than 100 tons of converter; nominal capacity of 100 tons or more but do not synchronize the matching gas recovery, dust removal device, new water consumption is greater than 3 m/t are not up to the standard of steel-making converter

    5, nominal capacity 30 tons to 100 tons (alloy steel 50 tons) furnace capacity 100 tons (alloy steel 50 tons) above but do not synchronize the matching dust recovery unit, energy consumption is greater than 98 kilograms of standard coal per ton, new water consumption more than 3.2 m/tons, not up to the standards of electric furnace

    6, 1450 mm hot rolled strip (not including special steel) project

    7, 300,000 tons/year and the following hot-dip galvanizing sheet project

    8, 200,000 tons/year and the following color coating coil project

    9, chromium-containing refractories

    10, general power and high power graphite electrode pressure-type equipment, baking equipment and production lines

    11, with a diameter of 600 mm or less than 20,000 tons/year of ultra high power graphite electrode production line

    12, 80,000 tons/year following pre-baked anode (carbon block), 20,000 tons/year following common cathode block, 40,000 tons/year of carbon electrode production line

    13, stand-alone 1.2 million tons/year of iron ore pellet equipment (except for alloy pellets)

    14, top coke oven coking Chamber height of 6.0 m, tamping coke oven coking Chamber height of 5.5 metres, below 1 million tons per year of coking projects, heat-recovery coke oven projects single 75,000 tons per year, each group of 300,000 tons/year, the total annual production capacity of 600,000 tons of semicoke (semi-coke) project

    15, 3 million kVA and above, did not use the hot charge against the process of low-carbon ferromanganese, manganese metal electric furnace and refining of low carbon ferrochrome furnace

    16, 300 cubic metres of ferromanganese blast furnace; 300 cubic meters and above, but Coke ratio more than 1320 kilograms/tons of smelting ferromanganese in blast furnace; scale is less than 100,000 tons/year blast furnace ferromanganese enterprises

    17, below the 13,500 VA calcium Silicon alloys and Silicon calcium barium aluminum alloy smelting electric furnace; 13,500 kVA and above, but power consumption higher than silicon-calcium alloy 11,000-kilowatt kWh/t of ore smelting electric arc furnace

    18, aluminum smelting electric furnace below 17,500 VA; 17,500 kVA and above, but the power consumption is higher than 9,000-kilowatt kWh/ton of SI-Al alloy smelting electric furnace 19, and 2x2.5 thousands of v-following General Ferroalloy mine thermoelectric furnace (Midwest has independent run of SHP and the mineral resources advantage of national determine of focus poverty area, mine thermoelectric furnace capacity straddling 2x1.25 thousands of v-); 2x2.5 thousands of v-and the above, but transformer not selection has contains electric multilevel adjustable pressure of three-phase or three a single-phase energy-saving type equipment, not achieved process operation mechanized and control automation, ferrosilicon power consumption above 8,500-kilowatt Shi/tons,

    Silicon power consumption is more than 12,000-kilowatt/ton, electric power consumption is higher than 2,600-kilowatt kWh/t of ferromanganese, Silicon-manganese power consumption is higher than 4,200-kilowatt kWh/t, power consumption is higher than 3,200-kilowatt kWh/t of high carbon ferrochrome, CR-SI alloy power consumption is higher than 4,800-kilowatt/t normal ferroalloys submerged arc furnace

    20, continuous leaching, continuously sending fluid electrolytic metal manganese leaching process; a single line 10000 tons/year of electrolytic metal manganese (a transformer), electrolytic manganese production total size of 30000 tons/year of enterprise

    Seven, non-ferrous metals

    1, new construction, expansion of tungsten, molybdenum, Tin, and antimony mining and smelting projects, mining, mineral processing, smelting and separation of rare earth project and antimony oxide, tin-lead solder production project

    2, a single series of 100,000 tons/year-scale crude copper smelting project

    3, electrolytic aluminum projects (eliminating backward production capacity replacement project and optimize the industrial layout items)

    4, lead smelting projects (single family size of 50,000 tons/year and above, except for no new capacity projects for technical innovation and environmental protection)

    5, series of 100,000 tons/year following zinc smelting projects of scale (except for direct extraction)

    6, magnesium smelting project (except for comprehensive utilization project)

    7, 100,000 tons/year following independent aluminum carbon projects

    8, new series, reconstruction and extension of production capacity of 50,000 tons per year and below production capacity of 20,000 tons/year and the following single series, as well as indicators of resource use, energy consumption and environmental protection do not meet access requirements of regenerated lead projects

    Eight, gold

    1, 100 tons of gold concentrate, raw materials and energy harvesting ability 50% cyanide project independently

    2, 200 tons of daily processing ore, without support of the mining system of independent gold processing plant project

    3, 100 tons of gold concentrate fire method for smelting project

    4, processed ore heap leaching field below 100,000 tons of independent projects (Northeast, North and Northwest China), year of 200,000 tons of processed ore heap leaching projects independently (East, South, West)

    5, the day of 100 tons of gold ore mining project

    6, the annual processing of placer gold deposits of up to 300,000 cubic meters of sand placer gold mining project

    7, in the forest, farmland, River sand mining in gold project

    Nine, building materials

    1, 2000 ton/day following new dry-process cement clinker production line, 600,000 tons/year following a cement grinding station

    2, float glass production line

    3, building up to the 1.5 million square metres per year production line of ceramic

    4, 600,000/year of tunnel kiln for sanitary ceramics production line

    5, 30 million square meters/year of gypsum board production line

    6, e-glass marbles production line, in Platinum crucibles ball Farah strand glass fiber production line

    7, hollow clay brick production line (Shaanxi, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Tibet, except)

    8, 150,000 square meters/year of gypsum (hollow) block production line, a single class of 25,000 cubic meters/year of small concrete hollow block and single classes/year 150,000 square meters concrete paver fixed-line, 50,000 cubic meters/year of artificial lightweight aggregate (ceramsite) production line

    9, 100,000 cubic meters/year of aerated concrete production line

    10, 30 million bricks per year following strong coal gangue shale burned brick

    11, 10000 tons/year following rock (ore) cotton product line and below 8000 ton/year glass wool production line

    12, 1 million m/year and the following of prestressed high-strength concrete centrifugal pile production line

    13, prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP pipe for short) line: PCCP-L: the designed production capacity is less than 50-kilometer, PCCP-E type: annual production capacity of less than 30-kilometer

    Ten, medicine

    1, new, expanded gulonic acid and vitamin c powder (including medicinal, food and forage, cosmetic use) production plant, new medicines, food, feed, cosmetics and other uses of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 (except for utilization), vitamin e raw material production plant 2, and new penicillin industrial salt, and 6-amino green mold n-acid (6-APA), and chemical method production 7-amino head spore n-acid (7-ACA), and 7-amino -3-to acetyl oxygen base head spore n-acid (7-ADCA), and penicillin v, and ammonia benzyl penicillin, and hydroxyl ammonia benzyl penicillin, and head spore bacteria pigment c fermentation, and soil mold pigment, and tetracycline, and chlorine mold pigment, and naijin, and bashing hot card pain, and forest can mold pigment, and gentamicin, and double hydrogen streptomycin, and d amine kanamycin, and McGrady mold pigment, and column Crystal white mold pigment, and ring c fluoride piperazine acid, and fluoride piperazine acid, and

    Ofloxacin and rifampicin Ke Ke beans, caffeine, caustic soda production devices

    3, the new taxol (other than supporting the planting of Taxus), Berberine plant extract method (except for supporting the cultivation of coptis chinensis) plant

    4, new construction, renovation and expansion of medicinal of butyl rubber stopper, two-step infusion plastic bottle production plant

    5, the new no new drug certificate for manufacturer

    6, new and extension materials contain not large-scale cultivation or breeding endangered medicinal product plant

    7, new construction, reconstruction and expansion of mercury-filled glass thermometers, blood pressure monitors, silver amalgam dental materials for production, new 200 million PCs/year disposable syringes, transfusion, infusion set

    Third, mechanical

    1, 2 arm and drilling rig manufacturing project

    2, rock-loading machine (except for gathering rock-loading machine) project

    3, 3 cubic meters and below the small car manufacturing project

    4, 2.5 meters in diameter and below winch manufacture project

    5, 3.5 meters in diameter and below mine hoist manufacturing project

    6, 40 square meters and below the sieving machine manufacturing project

    7, 700 mm in diameter and below cyclone manufacturing project

    8, 800-kilowatt and the following Shearer manufacturing

    9, bucket capacity 3.5 cubic meters and below mine excavator manufacturing project

    10, mixing, concentration, filtration equipment for mine (except pressure) making project

    11, low-speed vehicle (three-wheeled vehicle, truck) (implemented since 2015 and equal in energy-saving and emission standards for light trucks)

    12. the single cylinder diesel engine manufacturing project

    13, matching the belt drive single-cylinder diesel engine of small four-wheeled tractors, supporting single cylinder diesel tractor, sliding gear transmission, emissions are not up to the requirement under 50 horsepower wheeled tractors

    14, 300,000-kilowatt and conventional coal-fired power generation equipment manufacturing projects (except for the utilization and combined heat and power unit)

    15, more than 6,000 volts and (land) law cross-linking power cable manufacturing project

    16, not numerically controlled metal cutting machine tool manufacturing

    17, 6.3 million cattle and general mechanical presses manufacturing

    18, non-numerical control shearing machine, bending machine, pipe-bending mechanisms project

    19, ordinary high speed steel drills, milling cutters, saws, taps, die project

    20, green silicon carbide, corundum, silicon carbide sintered blocks and abrasive manufacturing project

    Below the age of 21, with a diameter of 450 mm bonded grinding wheel (except for rail grinding wheel)

    22, 400 mm in diameter and less artificial diamond saw blade manufacturing project

    23, P0, diameter 60 mm normal micro bearing manufacturing project

    24, 220,000-volt and below power transformers (amorphous alloys, except for volume and other energy-saving distribution transformer with iron core)

    25, 220,000-volt and below high, medium and low-voltage switch cabinet manufacturing project (using environmentally-friendly medium voltage gas insulated switchgear and explosion-proof switchgear for explosive atmospheres except)

    26, acid carbon steel electrode manufacturing project

    27, civil general electric meter manufacturing project

    28, 8.8 below normal low standard fasteners manufacturing project

    560-kilowatt 29, drive motor power and rated discharge pressure below 1.25 MPA, stationary reciprocating piston air compressor for general manufacturing

    30, an ordinary shipping container box project

    31, 56 inches and opened in the following single-stage pump manufacturing project

    32, general categories 10 MPA and under low pressure carbon steel valves manufacturing program

    33, 5 tons/hour and the following short age of cupola

    34, hexachloroethane refining Nonferrous alloy, magnesium alloy SF6 protected

    35, cupola melting with metallurgical coke

    36, regeneration of water-glass sand core making process

    37 of nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, salt bath nitrocarburizing furnace and salt

    38, electron tube high frequency induction heating equipment

    39, and nitrate inhibition, preservative

    Fuel for 40, casting/forging heating furnace

    41, coal-fired heating furnace for forging

    42, manual gas forge furnace

    43, steam hammer

    44, arc welding transformer

    45, containing lead and cadmium containing solders

    46, new, full-section tunnel boring machine Assembly project

    47, more than new-ton free forging hydraulic press items

    48, new normal casting and forging projects

    49, moving coil and tap manual electrode arc welding machine

    50, y series (IP44) three-phase induction motors (size, 80~355) and its derived series, Y2 series (IP54) three-phase induction motors (size 63~355)

    51, with manual compression sprayers

    52, knapsack motor-spray to spray the powder machine

    53, hand transplanter

    54, bronze product of tea processing machinery

    55, double disk friction press

    56, lead powder metallurgy parts

    Subparagraph 57 export ship construction projects

    12, light

    1, PVC plain leather production line

    2, processing raw capacity 200,000 hides the following production lines, annual capacity of 100,000 hides the following processing of wet blue skin product line

    3, ultra thin (less than 0.015 mm) plastic bag production

    4, new hydrogenated chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) as foaming agent of polyurethane foam production lines, continuous extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) production line

    5, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in food fresh-keeping film

    6, general lighting incandescent lamp, high pressure mercury lamp

    7, the highest speed of less than 4000 sewing machine stitches/min (without heavy material sewing machine) and a maximum speed of less than 5000 stitches/min overlock sewing machine

    8, electronic price computing scales (accuracy below the maximum capacity of the 1/3000, weighing less than 15 kilograms), electronic belt conveyor scale (maximum weighing accuracy less than 5/1000), electronic hanging scale (maximum weighing accuracy less than 1/1000, weighing less than 50 ton), spring dial scale (maximum weighing accuracy less than 1/400, weighing less than 8 kilograms)

    9, electronic truck scales (accuracy below the maximum capacity of the 1/3000, weighing less than 300 tons), electronic static railway track scale (maximum weighing accuracy less than 1/3000, weighing not more than 150 tons), electronic dynamic track scale (maximum weighing accuracy less than 1/500, weighing not more than 150 tons)

    10, glass vacuum flask production line

    11, 30,000 tons/year and below the glass container production line

    12, preparation of glass materials and by manual means weighing

    13, has failed to meet the daily glass industry provides indicators of clean production assessment index system of glass furnace

    14, production capacity is less than 18000 bottles/beer filling line

    15, the production of fatty alcohols by oxo synthesis and Ziegler

    16, heat production of sodium tripolyphosphate production line

    17, single-layer spray gun washing powder production technology and equipment, 1.6 t/h the following scale sulphonation unit

    18, paste-type zinc-manganese dioxide batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries

    19, toothpaste production line

    20, 1 million tons/year following North sea salts project new South Sea salt salt project; 600,000 tons/year following mine (well) salt project

    21, monochrome metal plate offset printing press

    22, the newly single chemical wood pulp 300,000 tons/year, chemi-mechanical pulp 100,000 tons/year, chemical pulp below 100,000 tons/year production lines; newsprint and coated paper production line

    23, elemental chlorine bleaching of pulp technology

    24, processing of raw sugar and processed 5000 tons of sugar cane (3000 tons in Yunnan), daily processing of up to 3000 tonnes of sugar beet in new project

    25, wine production line

    26, alcohol production line

    27, 50,000 tons/year and following and the ionization process of monosodium glutamate production

    28, chemical synthetic sweeteners such as saccharin production line

    29, concentrated Apple juice production line

    30, soybean crushing and Leach project (except for the main production areas of soybean in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia), single day in Central East, rapeseed, cottonseed and 200 tons of peanut oil processing project of 100 tons and below; Western line daily processing rapeseed, cottonseed, peanut oil of up to 100 tons and processing project

    31, the year processes 300,000 tons of maize, dry yield below 98% corn starch wet line

    32, annual slaughter 150,000 pigs, beef cattle and below 10,000 and below, sheep 150,000 and below 10 million, live poultry slaughter-building projects and the following (except minority areas)

    33, 3000 ton/year and under Western-style meat products processing project

    34, 2000 ton/year and under yeast process project

    35, frozen marine fish production line

    13, textile

    1, in-line capacity of less than 200,000 tons/year of conventional polyethylene terephthalate (PET) continuous polymerization device

    2, regular polyester of Terephthalic acid dimethyl ester (DMT) process

    3, semi-continuous spun viscose filament production line

    4, intermittent urethane elastic fiber production unit

    5, conventional filament spindle length 1200 mm and below semi equipment

    6, viscose, plate-and-frame type filter

    7 ≤ 1000 tons/year, in-line capacity, width of ≤ 2 m conventional polypropylene spunbonded nonwovens production line

    8, 25 kg/h the following carding machine

    9, below the 200-clamp times/cotton Comber

    10, 50,000 rpm automatic mixed air spinning equipment

    11, FA502, FA503, spinning machine

    12, weft insertion rate is less than 600 m/min for rapier looms, weft insertion rate is less than 700 m/min of air-jet loom, weft insertion rate is less than 900 m/min of water-jet loom

    13, the use of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sizing process and product (cotton-polyester products, except for pure cotton high count and high density products)

    14, tons of raw wool scouring water more than 20 tons of wool scouring process and equipment

    15, doupion silk reeling process and vertical devices

    16, reeled yarn dyeing process

    17, sodium chlorite bleaching equipment

    14, tobacco

    1. the cigarette processing project

    XV, fire

    1, fire alarm control unit (including linkage type, independent, regional, centralized, concentrated area compatible), fire-fighting linkage control and point-type smoke/heat detector (except for freestanding), point infrared/ultraviolet flame detector (except for freestanding), manual fire alarm

    2, dry powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

    3, sodium bicarbonate dry chemical fire extinguishing agent (BC), of ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguishing agent (ABC)

    4, fire valves (including fire dampers, smoke dampers and smoke fire dampers), wooden fire door, using pickling and phosphorization, production of steel and steel and wooden fire door, new initial size of less than 60,000 square meters/year of the fire shutter project

    5, natural rubber lined fire hose, non-lined fire hose, hose reels, fire hoses, PVC wet lining fire hose

    6, features an indoor fire hydrant, fire hydrants, fire pump adapter for Foundry production, processing and Assembly processes

    7, pitcher, fire engines, foam fire-fighting vehicles, fire engines, fire trucks, pumps for liquid type of water supply fire truck

    8, fire sealing material, solvent-type steel structure fire-retardant coatings, finishing fire retardant paints, cables, fire retardant paint

    16, explosive products

    1, non-isolated non-continuous, automatic detonator assembly line

    2, non-continuous, automated explosives production line

    3, high pollution of the explosive production line

    4, high energy consumption, high pollution and low-performance industrial powdered explosives production line

    17, other

    1, with red line width (including the green belt) urban arterial road projects exceeds the following standards: small cities and the key towns of 40 m, medium city 55 meters, 70 meters in major cities (Metropolitan trunk road in more than 2 million people needed more than 70 metres, urban planning should include special instructions)

    Area of more than 2, use the following standard city leisure Forum project: small cities and the key towns of 1 hectare, 2 hectares of medium cities, big city 3 hectares, more than 2 million people city 5 hectares

    3, Villa real estate development project

    4, golf project

    5, racing project

    6, 4 and the following mechanical vehicles with automatic transmission (AT)

    7, emission standards for motor vehicles up to the three engines

    Third class out of class

    Note: in parentheses following the entry year phase-out period, eliminated the term should be made before the end of 2011 for the 2011 is out, rest and so on; entry to phase out plan, according to plan out; is not marked obsolete terms or eliminate planned entry for national industrial policy has been officially eliminated immediately or phased out.

    And backward production technology and equipment

    (A) agriculture and forestry

    1, wet-progress fiberboard production

    2, drop by Rosin production

    3, traditional stoves in rural Kang

    4, timber, stumps as the main raw material production of activated carbon and activated carbon production process by zinc chloride

    5, over the ecological carrying capacity of tourism activities and medicinal herbs and other forest product collection

    6, a serious water shortage irrigation area construction paper-making raw material forest bases

    7, methyl bromide soil fumigation before planting technology

    (B) coal

    1, the State-owned coal mining areas (the scope of State-owned coal mining registration confirmation) of various types of small coal mine

    2, well below the size of 30,000 tons/year of mine

    3, neither sulfur reduction measures, and no discharge the user high-sulfur coal (sulfur is higher than 3%) mine

    4, cannot be used in place of high-ash coals (ash content is higher than 40%) mine

    Φ M-2.5, PA-3-5, 6AM, coal flotation machine

    6, PB2, PB3 and PB4-type mine-used flameproof high-voltage switch

    7, PG-27-type vacuum filter

    8, X-1 box filter press

    9, ZYZ, ZY3 hydraulic bracket

    10, wood frame

    11, not realizing coal washing waste water closed circulation of coal preparation technology, cannot achieve the dust discharge of dry coal separation equipment

    (C) electric power

    1, within a large network coverage, capacity under 100,000-kilowatt of conventional coal-fired power plant

    2, single capacity 50,000-kilowatt and the following conventional small thermal power units

    3, to electric power generation fuel boilers and generators

    4, within a large network coverage, design life of 200,000-kilowatt following expiration of the capacity of conventional coal-fired power plant

    (D) the chemical petrochemical

    1, 2 million tons/year and under atmospheric and vacuum device (2013, Golmud in Qinghai, Xinjiang zip devices), indigenous refinery process of waste rubber and plastics, tar production batch asphalt

    2, less than 100,000 tons/year of sulfuric acid from pyrite and sulphur-burning sulphuric acid (except in remote areas), open hearth furnace oxidation with potassium permanganate and of diaphragm caustic soda (2015) production plant, Siemens-Martin process and pan evaporation production technology of sodium sulfide, sulfate sodium silicate (paohuajian), production 3, and single Taiwan capacity 5000 tons/years following and not meet access conditions of yellow phosphorus production device, has calcium roasting chrome compounds production device (2013), single capacity 3000 tons/years following general level barium sulfate, and hydrogen oxidation barium, and chloride barium, and nitric acid barium production device, capacity 10,000 tons/years following chlorate sodium production device, single Taiwan furnace capacity is less than 12.5 million v-of carbide furnace and the open carbide furnace,

    High mercury catalysts (mercury chloride content of more than 6.5%) and acetylene method PVC production plants using high mercury catalyst (2015), ammonia, sodium cyanide and the melt of sodium cyanide production

    4, in-line capacity of 10,000 ton/year sodium tripolyphosphate, 5,000 tons/year following sodium hexametaphosphate, 5,000 tons per year, 30,000 tons/year of phosphorus trichloride following feed-grade calcium hydrogen phosphate 5000 tons/year following backward technology and pollution-hydrofluoric acid, 5000 tons/year following crystallization of aluminum fluoride by wet and open the fluoride production plant

    5, and single capacity 3,000 tons/years following cyanide of sodium (100% cyanide of sodium), and 10,000 tons/years following hydrogen oxidation potassium, and 15,000 tons/years following general level white carbon black, and 20,000 tons/years following general level calcium carbonate, and 100,000 tons/years following general level no water sulfate (salt cogeneration and the Deputy produced except), and 3,000 tons/years following carbonate lithium and hydrogen oxidation lithium, and 20,000 tons/years following general level carbonate barium, and 15,000 tons/years following general level carbonate SR production device

    6, half-water gas ammonia liquid phase sulfur and natural gas at atmospheric pressure batch conversion process ammonia, carbon monoxide, changes of atmospheric pressure and high temperature shift (HTS) process, there is no support of wet flue gas desulfurization technology in sulfur recovery unit and no supporting construction of blow-air heat-recovering device for fixed bed, gasification slag comprehensive utilization of coal intermittent gasification unit

    Production technology of sodium 7, paraquat, trichlorfon dichlorvos alkali production, small packages (1 kg and below) pesticide product manual package (irrigation) in process and equipment, pesticide powder production by Raymond, hexachlorobenzene as a raw material in the production of pentachlorophenol (sodium) device

    8, and with fire directly heating of paint with resin, and carbon tetrachloride solvent legal take chloride rubber production process, 100 tons/years following saponin (containing hydrolysis real) production device, hydrochloride acid solution saponin production process and the pollutants emissions cannot standard of saponin production device, iron powder restore method process (4,4-II amino II styrene-II sulfonic acid [DSD acid], and 2-amino -4-methyl -5-chlorobenzene sulfonic acid [CLT acid], and 1-amino -8-naphthalene phenol -3,6-II sulfonic acid [h acid] three species products suspended implementation)

    9, and 500,000 article/years and the following of oblique make tire and to natural cotton cord for skeleton of tire, and 15,000 tons/years and the following of dry method made grain carbon black (special carbon black and half fill strong carbon black except), and 300 million only/years following of natural latex security sets, rubber sulfide promote agent N-oxygen joint II (1,2-Asia b base) -2-benzene and thiazole times sulfonic n Amine (NOBS) and rubber antioxidant d production device

    10, and chlorine fluoride hydrocarbon (CFCs), and containing hydrogen chlorine fluoride hydrocarbon (HCFCs), and for cleaning of 1,1,1-three chlorine ethane (methyl chloroform), and main produced carbon tetrachloride (CTC), and to carbon tetrachloride (CTC) for processing additives of all products, and to PFOA for processing additives of containing fluoride polymer, and containing DDT of paint, and used DDT for raw materials non-closed production three chlorine killed mite alcohol production device (according to national perform international General plans requirements for eliminated)

    (E) steel

    1, indigenous coking (including improvement of coke oven); single capacity of 50,000 ton/year or less or no gas and tar recycling and wastewater treatment are not up to the conditions of access of char (blue charcoal) production plant

    2, coke oven coking Chamber height of less than 4.3 meters (3.8 meters and above except for tamping coke oven) (3.8 m tamping coke oven in the Western region may be extended to 2011); no single coking chemical products recovery facilities

    3, soil sintering

    4, hot sinter

    5, 90 square metres sintering machine (2013), 8 square metres of pelletizing shaft furnace-24 square metres for production of ferroalloys and manganese ore and chromium ore sinter machine

    Iron-making blast furnace 6, 400 cubic meters and below (except for cast iron business, but need to provide enterprise trade and industry register, three sales documents and project approval procedures), 200 m and following production of ferroalloys and iron in blast furnace

    7, for the smelting of steel, carbon steel, stainless steel power-frequency and medium frequency induction furnace

    8, 30 tons and below converter (excluding alloy converter)

    9, 30 tons and below surfaces (excluding machinery casting furnace)

    10, iron steel

    11, double duo wire mill

    12, across the wire mill

    13, Billboard-style bar and section mill

    14, Pack rolled sheet mill

    15, General steel rolling mill and the billet medium section mill

    16, hot narrow strip mill

    17, laught three roller-type plate mill 18, diameter 76 mm hot-rolled seamless pipe mill
    19, the three-roller type wire rod mill (not including special steel production)

    20, environmental protection, substandard metallurgy furnace

    21, manually operated tar-impregnated devices, raw ore mixed with solid burn, natural ventilation, manual operation of shaft kiln, using coal as fuel, dust cleaning cannot meet the down-draft kiln

    22, 6.3 million VA ferroalloys submerged arc furnace, 3 million kVA Ferroalloy semi-closed DC furnace, iron alloy refining furnace (Ferro-tungsten, vanadium, iron, except for special varieties of electric furnaces)

    23, steam heating, kneading, Downdraft-type baking furnace, AC Acheson graphite furnace, 10 million kVA and below three-phase bridge rectifier Acheson DC graphitization furnaces and its parallel unit

    24, stand-alone capacity of 10,000 tons of cold rolled ribbed bar production equipment and following (2012, except for the high ductility of cold rolled ribbed bar production equipment)

    25, single pot of prestressed steel wire drawing machine production equipment

    26, the patented technology of prestressed steel-producing stress relieving treatment

    27, 25,000 tons/year and under a single set of coarse (light)-refining unit (acid benzene distillation process and device)

    28, 50,000 tons/year and under a single set of coal tar processing plant (2012)

    29, 100 cubic meters and below Ferroalloy smelting ferromanganese in blast furnace

    30, burning lime kiln

    31, per unit yield 5 tons of ilmenite smelting furnace of roasting molybdenum concentrates in reverberatory furnace for furnaces, reverberatory furnace for molybdenum production line and restore, calcination of sodium dichromate, chromic anhydride production of chromium metal production line

    32, coal-fired down draft kiln refractory material and raw material production line

    33 scale less than 200,000 tons of cast iron pipe, single line item

    34, ring sintering machine

    35, fixed a gas furnace project (excluding powder coal gasification furnace)

    36, electrolytic manganese metal with 5 million kVA and below rectifier transformers, 150 cubic metres the following combination Groove (2011), combined effective volumes of up to 150 cubic metres of production equipment

    37 and single production capacity of 75,000 tons/years of char (blue charcoal) production plant (2012)

    38, does not meet the access requirements of heat recovery coke oven coking industry (2012)

    39, 6.3 million VA Ferroalloy smelting electric furnace (2012) (State counties and independent operation of small hydropower, 2014)

    40, reducing two manganese dioxide with a reverberatory furnace (including sulphuric acid manganese smelter furnace reverberatory furnace, mineral powder factory, etc)

    41, electrolytic manganese metal filter frame except for the high pressure diaphragm filter press, box-type filter press

    42, electrolytic manganese metal with 5 million kVA and 6 million kVA and below rectifier transformers; 150 m, 170 m above and below the dump tank (2014)

    43, the effective volume of 18 cubic meters and below light-burned reflex kiln

    44, the effective volume of 30 cubic meters and below dead burned magnesia shaft kiln

    (Vi) non-ferrous metals

    1 furnace, horizontal tank, using the muffle furnace, the manger, easy small vertical, such as roasting, condensation installations for dust behind the zinc or zinc-processing equipment

    2, using iron stoves, retorts, crucibles and soil dust collection facilities and simple condensation behind the furnace smelting

    3, the use of simple oven roasting, condensation pit furnaces or Crucible facilities dust behind arsenic arsenic or metals refining process equipment

    4, aluminum self-baking electrobath and 100KA and prebaked (2011)

    5, blast furnace, electric furnace, reverberatory furnace smelting technology and equipment (2011)

    6, dry cleaning and hot concentrated sulphuric acid acid washing technology

    7, pit furnace, Crucible Furnace, furnace, such as Hershey's backward way antimony smelting

    8, a sintering sintering pots, pans, and easy backward ways of blast furnace smelting technology and equipment

    9, the use of recycled aluminum, recycled lead melting Crucible Furnace technology and equipment

    10, aluminum fluoride by wet method project

    11, less than 10,000 tons/year of recycled aluminum, recycled lead project

    12, the regeneration non-ferrous metal production by means of direct coal reverberatory furnace project

    13, copper wire rod (black bars), production

    14, are not supporting and tail gas absorption system of sintering machine of sulfuric acid lead smelting process

    15, sinter in blast furnace smelting process

    16, no incineration process secondary copper and measures of gas control equipment

    17, 50 tons of traditional stationary furnace secondary copper production process and equipment

    18, 4 tons reverberatory furnace aluminum production process and equipment

    19, ion-type rare earth ore heap leaching and tank leaching

    20, single monazite ore development project

    21, rare earth metal chloride electrolysis process project

    22, rare earth countercurrent extraction process to ammonia SOAP project

    23, the wet production of rare earth fluoride for the production of electrolytic process

    24, ore handling capacity of 500,000 tons/year of light rare earths mining projects; 1500 tons (REO)/year Ionic rare-earth mine development project (2013)

    25, 2000 tons (REO)/year of rare earth project

    26, 1500 tons/year, electrolytic current is less than the current efficiency of 5000A, below the 85% of the light rare earth metals smelting project

    (G) Gold

    1, gold amalgamation technology

    2, small pools of cyanide leaching, soil process

    3 extract the circuit board, no environmental protection measures of gold, silver, palladium and other precious metals

    4, daily processing capacity of 50 tons of mining projects

    (H) building materials

    1, cement kiln kiln diameter 3 m and above (2012), dry hollow kiln (production of high alumina cement, except for the sulphoaluminate cement and cement), lepol kiln and wet process kiln

    2, diameter of 3 meters cement grinding equipment

    3, no cement laminating plastic woven bag production line

    4, drawing technology of flat glass production line (including methods)

    5, 1 million square meters/year of construction ceramic tiles, 200,000 pieces/year low-grade sanitary ceramics production line

    6, building and sanitary ceramic porous clay oven, Downdraft kiln, kiln, tunnel kiln for burning flame, flame of coal tunnel kiln, SAGGER with tunnel kiln for sanitary ceramics

    7, building ceramic tiles forming of friction brick press

    8 glass fiber drawing, clay Crucible production process and equipment

    9, 10 million square meters/year of gypsum board production line

    10, 5 million square meters/year of rubber modified asphalt waterproof membrane production line, 5 million square meters/year composed of flexible asphalt waterproofing membrane production line; 1 million volumes/years asphalt paper linoleum production line

    11, lime kiln

    12, brick 24 following kiln and vertical kiln, without top ring, Horseshoe kiln kiln (2011)

    13, General extruding machine

    14, SJ1580-3000 biaxial and uniaxial brick mixer

    15, SQP400500-700500 double roll Crusher

    16, 1000-regular cutting machine

    17, 100 tonnes-dial press

    18, handmade wall board production line

    19 mobile, simple concrete block making machine, attach vibration molding

    20, single shift of up to 10,000 cubic metres/year concrete block molding of fixed type, single class 100,000 square meters/year of concrete paver stationary machinery

    21, pouring of artificial, non-mechanical forming plaster (hollow) block production

    22, the one-step vacuum pressure and gas refining quartz glass production technology and equipment

    23, 6x600 tons of synthetic diamond cubic small press production

    24, hand-cut aerated concrete production line, conservation of non-autoclaved aerated concrete production line

    25, non-fired and non-autoclaved fly ash brick production line

    26, decorative stone materials mining technology by Chamber blasting in mines, Sling-style marble saw

    (IX) pharmaceutical

    1, manual capsule filling technology

    2, Cork hot wax packaging pharmaceutical process

    3, does not comply with the GMP requirements of the ampoule filling and sealing machine

    4, Tower type double distilling apparatus

    5, no purification facilities of hot-air drying box

    6, labour protection, wastes treatment cannot meet the national standards of the API production

    7, iron powder reduction of paracetamol (heat pain), caffeine device

    8, the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as aerosols, propellant, aerosol propellant or medical supplies, production of dispersant (according to the master plan for national compliance with international covenants require eliminated)

    (J) machinery

    1 lead bath, heat treatment furnace

    2. barium chloride salt-bath furnace heat treatment (stay out of high temperature barium chloride salt-bath furnace)

    3, TQ60, TQ80 tower crane

    4, QT16, QT20, QT25, summary of Derrick tower crane

    5, KJ1600/1220 single cylinder lifting winch

    6, 3 million kVA to the following normal corundum smelting furnace

    7, 4 million kVA to the following fixed corundum smelting furnace

    8, 3 million kVA silicon carbide smelting furnace

    9, forced driver easy lift

    10, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as expansion the expansion agent of tobacco production line equipment

    11, clay drying sand casting sand molds and cores

    12, coke furnace molten non-ferrous metals

    13, sand casting of oil sand cores

    14, heavy brick lining trolley

    15, medium frequency generators for induction heating power supply

    16, coal-fired heating furnace flame reflection

    17, casting/forging the pickling process

    18, used heavy heating furnace for heat treatment of refractory brick lining

    19, temperature control of AC contactor

    20, insert the electrode type salt-bath furnace

    21, moving coil and tapped Silicon rectifying arc welding machine

    22, magnetic amplifier type arc welding machine

    23, failed to install safety devices punch

    Dry type/core 24, clay sand casting process

    25, no yoke (≥ 0.25 ton) aluminum medium frequency induction furnace (2015)

    26, line-Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace

    (11) ship

    1, waste ship shoal dismantling process

    2, Captain more than 80 m ships the construction process

    (12) light

    1, a single set of 100,000 tons/year of vacuum salt plant, 200,000 tons/year of Salt Lake and North sea salts below 300,000 tons/year production facilities

    2, the use of rock salt brine, oil and gas and water pans, solarization salt production process and equipment

    3, 20,000 tons/year and below the South Sea salt production unit

    4, ultra thin (thickness less than 0.025 mm) plastic shopping bags production

    5, processing raw capacity of 50,000 standard processing of wet blue leather, and years of up to 30,000 the cowhide leather production line

    6, 300 tons/year of printing ink producing devices (except for the use of high-tech, pollution-free)

    7, benzene, solvent-based ink production

    8, pool with lime pulp equipment (except for paper)

    9, 51,000 tons/year following chemical pulp production line

    10, single below 34,000 tons/year production line of non-wood pulp

    11, single and below 10,000 tons/year, using waste paper as raw material pulping production line

    12 in 1.76 meters, width and speed of up to 120 m/min and culture paper production line

    13, width 2 m and speed: 80 m/min and below following the white paper, cardboard and corrugated paper production line

    14, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as a refrigerant and blowing agent refrigerators, freezers and auto air conditioners, industrial and commercial refrigeration, refrigerating equipment production line

    15, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as foaming agent of polyurethane, polyethylene, polystyrene foam production

    16, carbon tetrachloride (CTC) for cleaner production technology

    17, the trichloroethane III (CFC-113) and methyl chloroform (TCA) for the production technology of cleaning agents and solvents

    18, fatty amine process of the legal system, fuming sulfuric acid process, ethoxylation of stirred-tank process

    19, bicycles welded in salt bath furnace

    20 and iron printing canning industry in the soldering process

    21, coal-fired and gas generator gas glass Crucible Furnace, direct-fire, free glass of hot-air circulation annealing furnace

    22, mechanical clock-bottling machine

    23: production capacity of up to 12000 bottles/hour bottle beer filling line

    24, capacity 150 bottles/min (bottles capacity 250 ml or less) of carbonated drinks production line

    25, Japanese raw milk processing capacity (two) 20 tonnes concentrate, spray drying facilities; 200 kilograms/hours of manual and semi-automatic liquid milk filling machine

    26, less than 30,000 tons/year of alcohol production line (except molasses alcohol waste)

    27, 30,000 tons/year of monosodium glutamate production

    28, 20,000 tons/year and the following citric acid production plant

    29, handling 100,000 tons, total dry matter yield of 97% following the wet corn starch production line

    30, bridge splitting saws, sea pig scalding and other slaughtering equipment

    31, hand-slaughtered pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry processing

    32, wheat flour Whitener (benzoyl peroxide, calcium peroxide) method of adding

    (13) textiles

    1, the "1" head rolls, carding, carding, drawing, roving and spinning equipment series 1332 winder, 1511-shuttle looms, "1" prefix warping, sizing machine, and all the "1" prefix of spinning and weaving equipment

    2, A512, A513 series spinning 3, and B581, and B582 type worsted spinning machine, BC581, and BC582 type woolen spinning machine, B591 wool spinning machine, B601, and B601A type hair twisting machine, BC272, and BC272B type rough comb wool comb hair machine, B751 type wool into ball machine, B701A type wool shake twisted machine, B250, and B311, and B311C, and B311C (CZ), and B311C (DJ) type fine comb machine, H112, and H112A type hair points article whole by machine, and

    H212 looms, Weaving Looms

    4, before 90 production, without a retrofit of all kinds of domestic woollen textile spinning machine

    5, roll of up to 1000 mm long roller cotton gin, saw the number of less than 80 sawtooth cotton gin, pressure up to under 400 tons of ginned cotton baler (excluding 160 tons and 200 tons of Lint cotton press)

    6 automatic silk Reeling machine, ZD647, ZD721, D101A automatic silk reeling machines, ZD681-end Reeling machine, DJ561-silk spinning machine, K251, K251A-silk and other silk processing equipment

    7, Z114 Dobby machine

    8, GE186 Jacquard Terry-looping machine

    9, Z261-faux fur

    10, unmodified type 74 and finishing equipment

    11 open no closed, steam heating of dyeing and washing tanks

    12, R531 acidic rayon spinning machine

    13, 20,000 tons/year and the following conventional viscose staple fiber line

    14, spandex production by wet process

    15, dimethyl formamide (DMF) solvent polyurethane and acrylic fiber production

    16, Pan General fibers by nitric acid production technology and device

    17, General polyester (PET) batch polymerization production process and equipment

    18, General polyester filament spindle 900 mm and below the semi equipment

    19, useful life of more than 15 years of domestic and import useful life exceeds 20 years prior to printing and dyeing equipment, stretching and shaping equipment, rotary screen printing machine for peace, continuous dyeing machine

    20, over 15 years of age than cotton and man-made larger than 1:10 batch dyeing equipment

    21, using motor-driven printing and dyeing production line

    22, dyeing with cast iron structure of steam and water equipment, cast iron wall plate without steaming, steam preheating zone short l-shaped track desizing steaming box

    23, screw extruder diameter is less than or equal to 90mm,2000 ton/year polyester recycled textile fiber production unit

    (14) print

    1, all the lead platoon, letterpress process

    2, all letterpress machines and auxiliary equipment

    3, photographic plate

    4, ZD201, ZD301 series single photogravure

    5, TH1-type Automatic casting machines, ZT102 series casting machine

    6, ZDK101 type engraving machines

    7, KMD101-type knife grinding machine

    8, AZP502-automatic Chinese hand-selected hot metal typesetting machine, semiautomatic Chinese typesetting machine ZSY101, TZP101 Chinese foreign-language typesetting machine ZZP101 automatic typesetting machine

    9, QY401, 2QY404 series electric letterpress Proofer, QYSH401, 2QY401, DY401, manual-type letterpress Proofer

    10, YX01, YX02, YX03 series pressure type, HX01, HX02, HX03, HX04 series drying paper machine

    11, PZB401 flat stereotype casting machines, YZB02, YZB03, YZB04, YZB05, YZB06, YZB07 series of electrotype casting machines

    12, JB01 flat stereotype casting machines

    13, RQ02, RQ03, RQ04 series lead pump lead melting furnace

    14, BB01 planing machine, YGB02, YGB03, YGB04, YGB05, curved stereotype scratch version of the machine, YTB01 curved stereotype boring machine YJB02 curved stereotype version of sawing machine, YXB04, YXB05, YXB302 series of curved stereotype Edition machines

    15, P401, P402 series four press in Kaiping, P801, P802, P803 and P804 series eight Kaiping press

    16, PE802 dual hinge press

    17, TE102, TE105, TE108 series full automatic second turn platform printer

    18, TY201-off monochrome a rotating platform press, TY401 quarto a turning platform printer

    19, TY4201 four-drive a rotary color printing press

    20, TT201, TZ201, DT201 off the manual add paper stop revolving platform printer

    21 automatic stop Rotary platform outside, TT202 press, TT402, TT403, TT405 press, DT402 four-open automatic stop Rotary platform, semi-automatic stop Rotary platform outside TZ202 press, TZ401, TZS401, DT401 four semi-automatic stop Rotary platform for printing press

    22, TR801 series vertical platform printer

    23, LP1101, LP1103 series of Tablet paper single-sided rotary press, LP1201 flat paper two-sided rotary press, LP4201 flat paper quarto color rotary printing presses

    24, LSB201 (880x1230 mm) and the LS201, LS204 (787x1092 mm)-type books series Web rotary printing machine

    25, LB203, LB205, LB403-Web newspaper rotary press, LB2405, LB4405-reel double two newspaper rotary press, LBS201 Web books, two rotary printing press

    26, K.M.T-Automatic Metal type composition machine, PH-5 Chinese character typesetting machine

    27, ball plate earthquake proofing machine (DIA PRESS cleaning machines)

    28, 1985, years ago, domestic production of manual typesetting machine process camera

    29, centrifugal coating machine

    30, J1101 series-color offset printing press (printing speed per hour 5000 and below)

    31, outside J2101, PZ1920 series-color offset printing press (printing speed 4000 sheets per hour and the following), PZ1615 quarto offset press (printing speed of 4000 sheets per hour and below), the YPS1920 series double-sided monochromatic offset press (printing speed of 4000 sheets per hour and below)

    32, W1101-automatic printing, AJ401 Web single-sided four-color gravure printing machine

    33, DJ01 paperback binding machine, PRD-01, PRD-02, paperback binding, DBT-01 which contains the line, bag, hot stamping machine

    34, solvent-borne coating film, substrate can't digest and recycle all types of laminators

    35, QZ101, QZ201, QZ301, QZ401 paper cutting machine

    36, MD103A-knife grinding machine

    (15) the civil explosive

    1, sealed packaging type emulsion explosive matrix cooler

    2, sealed packaged emulsion explosives sensitized by low temperature machine

    3, small diameter explosive single head machine

    4, bearing coating in pharmaceutical mixing, transporting explosives and equipment

    5, primary drying process with steam oven drying process

    6, extension elements (body) manufacturing process using the handloading process

    7, detonator filling, Assembly process and the process of transferring non-reliable measures against sympathetic detonation technology

    8, nonel tube manufacturing process dosing devices explosion-proof facilities no reliable production line

    9, dangerous workplaces does not realize remote video monitoring of industrial explosives and a detonator product line

    10, hazardous workplaces not detonating remote video surveillance product line

    11, the use of traditional means of roller explosives manufacturing process

    12, primary production waste water up to the weapon of industrial water pollution discharge standards for initiating agent (GB14470.2) requires emission, production

    Out of 13, emulsifier emulsifying technology of temperature higher than 130 ℃

    14, small diameter water-bearing explosive efficacy rate of less than 1200kg/h, small-diameter powder efficacy rate of less than 800kg/h of explosive charge machine

    15, there is a fixed site operators, noise over 85 decibels of explosive devices

    16, full of electric detonators resistance range greater than 1.5 ω (steel core base line length 2m) production technology (2013)

    17, packing product line does not implement online production data collection, transmission line (2013)

    18, full electric detonators resistance range greater than 1.0 MΩ (steel core base line length 2m), production (2015)

    19, processes without a reliable detonation prevention measures of detonating cord line (2013)

    20, system cable operation without charge online detection, automatic interlock protection device for detonating line (2013)

    21, maximum no-fire current of less than 0.25A of the ordinary type, production of electric detonator (2015)

    22, detonator loading operations did not achieve isolation of the production process (2015)

    23, the detonator card exit, check the operation manual shipping between the production process (2015)

    (16) the fire

    Electronic components 1, manual fire detector insert welding production

    (17) other

    1, containing poisonous cyanide electroplating process (potassium gold cyanide gold plating and gold potassium cyanide gold plating (2014), silver, copper alloys and copper base technology (suspended out))

    2, cyanide zinc process

    3, solid dam Island technology

    4, over the ecological carrying capacity of tourism activities and medicinal herbs and other forest product collection

    5, does not meet the national municipal solid waste, medical waste and industrial waste burning related pollution control standards, engineering and technical standards as well as standards of small mass burn incineration

    Second, behind the products

    (A) the chemical petrochemical

    1, and modified sex starch, and modified sex fiber, and colorful within wall (resin to nitrification cellulose mainly, solvent to xylene mainly of O/W type paint), and chlorine vinyl-partial chlorine vinyl copolymer emulsion outside wall, and tar type polyurethane waterproof, and water PVC tar waterproof, and polyvinyl alcohol and shrink aldehyde class both inside and outside wall (106, and 107 paint,), and poly acetate vinyl emulsion class (containing vinyl/acetate vinyl ester copolymer real emulsion) outside wall paint

    2, harmful substance content of interior wall, solvent-borne wood, toys, cars, exterior wall coatings, bis p-chlorophenyl trichloroethane, tri-n-butyltin and perfluorooctanoic acid and its salts, and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid, red lead and other harmful substances in coatings

    3, cracked under the reducing conditions produces 24 kinds of harmful aromatic amines in azo dyes (non-textile areas of suspension), nine carcinogenic dyes (for direct contact with the human body does not stay in the field)

    4, contains benzene, phenol, benzene, formaldehyde and (c) the methylene chloride paint remover, Lithopone, PVC waterproofing joint sealing material (TAR), 107 rubber, lean, and polychlorinated biphenyls (transformer oil) 5, and high HIV pesticide products: 666, and II bromide ethane, and d n hydrazine, and enemy dry double, and weed ether, and insecticidal amidine, and HIV rat strong, and fluoride acetyl amine, and fluoride acetic acid sodium, and II bromide chlorine propane, and rule borer p (Su of 203), and p amine, and Gan fluoride, and HIV rat silicon, and methyl amine p, and on sulfur p, and methyl on sulfur p, and long effect p, and sulfur ring p (b base sulfur ring p), and Fu beauty arsine, and Fu beauty methyl arsine and the all arsenic preparations, and mercury preparations, and lead preparations, and 10% grass Gan phosphine agent, methyl sulfur ring p, and p of calcium, and p of zinc, and benzene line p, and to insect sulfur p, and p of magnesium, and sulfur line p

    , And coumaphos, sulfotep, special d parathion (2011)

    6, according to the national implementation of international master plan called for a phase-out of pesticides: chlordane, heptachlor, methyl bromide, DDT, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, lindane, toxaphene, aldrin, dieldrin, endrin

    7, soft-edged structure bicycle tires, with cotton cord for reinforcing materials of common conveyor belt and nylon cord for reinforcing materials of ordinary v-belts, tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires by hand engraving curing mold

    (B) railway

    1, G60 tank types, G17

    2, P62-boxcar

    3, K13 ore car

    4, U60-cement truck

    5, N16, N17 type flat car

    6, L17 food carts

    7, C62A, C62B type wagon

    8, rail Flatcar (load of 40 tons and below)

    (C) steel

    1, hot-rolled silicon steel sheets

    Level 2, general relaxation of steel wire and steel strand

    3, hot-rolled steel: HRB335, HPB235

    (D) non-ferrous metals

    1, copper wire rod (black bars)

    (E) building materials

    1, the use of alkali-resistant glass fiber or low-alkali cement production of glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) hollow Board

    2, clay crucibles lampworking glass fiber and products and the reinforced plastics (FRP) products

    3, 25A, hollow steel window

    4, S-2 type concrete sleeper

    5, a water consumption of more than 9 litres of toilet

    6, amphibole asbestos (blue asbestos)

    7, non-mechanical production of hollow glass, and single-cavity double box all kinds of doors and Windows of plastic doors and Windows

    8, by reheating composite molding production of polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproofing membrane, polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproofing membrane (PE material thickness in the following 0.5mm); cotton polyester glass fiber (alkaline) grid composite reinforcement material, PVC waterproofing membrane (s-type)

    9, asbestos fiber quality, synthetic train is clutch brake, asbestos Cork wet clutch disc

    (Vi) medicine

    1, lead and Tin ointment tube, single-layer polyolefin ointment tubes (except for anal, cavity drug delivery)

    2, ampoule filling injectable sterile powder

    3, natural medical rubber stopper

    4, easy folding ampoule

    5, infusion of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) soft bag (not including peritoneal dialysis fluids, fluids)

    (G) machinery

    1, T100, T100A bulldozer

    2, ZP-II, ZP-III dry spraying machine

    3, WP-3 excavator

    4, 0.35 m below the pneumatic grab

    5, wire rope for mine impact drill 6, б Y-40 oil rig
    7, diameter of 1.98 meters of water gas oven

    8, CER diaphragm series

    9, thermocouple (index, LL-2, LB-3, EU-2, EA-2, CK)

    10, heat resistance (BA, indexing, BA2, g)

    11, DDZ-I-electric unit portfolio instruments

    12, GGP-01A type of belt weigher

    13, BLR-31 weight sensor

    14, WFT-081 radiation temperature sensor

    15, WDH-1E, WDH-2E optical thermometer PY5 digital thermometer

    16, BC series single bellows differential gauges, LCH-511, YCH-211, LCH-311, YCH-311, LCH-211, YCH-511, ring-type differential pressure gauge

    17, EWC-01A-long electronic potentiometer

    18, XQWA-bar, automatic balance indicator

    19, ZL3 x-y recorder

    20, DBU-521,DBU-521C-type liquid level transmitter

    21, YB series (size, 63-355mm, rated voltage up to 660V and below), and YBF series (size, 63-160mm, nominal voltage 380, 660V or 380/660V), YBK range (size, 100-355mm, rated voltage 380/660V, 660/1140V) of flame-proof three-phase induction motor

    22, DZ10 series moulded case circuit breakers, DW10 frame device

    23, CJ8 series AC contactor

    24, QC10 QC12 QC8 series Starter

    25, JR0 JR9 JR14, JR15, JR16-A, b, c, d-series thermal relays

    26, using coke as a fuel for nonferrous metal melting furnaces

    27, GGW series medium frequency Coreless Induction melting furnace

    28, b-type, BA type cantilever type of single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump series

    29, f type corrosion-resistant pump single-stage single-suction series

    30, JD-long axis deep well pump

    31, KDON-3200/3200 type regenerator full low pressure process of air separation equipment, KDON-1500/1500-regenerator (tubular) full low pressure process air separation plants,-KDON-1500/1500 plate full low pressure process air separation plant air separation unit, KDON-6000/6600-regenerator flow

    32, 3W-0.9/7 (ring valve) air compressor

    33, C620, CA630 lathe

    34, C616, C618, C630, C640, C650 lathe (2015)

    35, X920 keyway milling machine

    36, B665, B665A, and B665-1 Shaper

    37, D6165, D6185, EDM machine tool

    38, D5540 electric pulse machine

    39, J53-400, J53-630, J53-1000 double disk friction press

    40, Q11-1.6x1600 shearing machine

    41, Q51 motor crane

    42, TD62 fixed belt conveyor

    43, 3 tons of DC overhead lines underground mine electric locomotive

    44/A571 single beam crane

    45, fast-breakers: DS3-10, and DS3-30, and DS3-50 (1000, 3000, 5000A), DS10-10, and DS10-20, and DS10-30 (1000, 2000, 3000A)

    46, the SX series of box-type resistance furnace

    47, single phase energy meter: DD1, DD5, DD5-2, and DD5-6, DD9, DD10, DD12, DD14, DD15, DD17, DD20, DD28

    48, SL7-30/10~SL7-1600/10, S7-30/10~S7-1600/10 power distribution transformer

    49, knife switches: HD6, HD3-100, and HD3-200, and HD3-400, and HD3-600, and HD3-1000, and HD3-1500

    50, GC low-pressure boiler feed pump, DG270-140, DG500-140, DG375-185 boiler feed-water pump

    51, Thermo-dynamic steam trap: S15H-16, and S19-16, and S19-16C, and S49H-16, and S49-16C, and S19H-40, and S49H-40, and S19H-64, and S49H-64

    52, grate coal fired boilers (except double fixed-grate boiler)

    53, 1-10/8, 1-10/7-powered reciprocating air compressors

    54, 8-18 series, 9-27 series high pressure centrifugal fan

    55, X52, X62W 320x150 lifting platform milling machine

    56, J31-250 mechanical press

    57, TD60, TD62, TD72 fixed belt conveyor

    58, in order to limit the amount of fuel is not installed (referred to as limiting oil) of single-cylinder diesel engine is the power plant of agricultural vehicles (production and sales)

    59, E135 two-stroke medium speed diesel engines (including 2, 4 and 6 cylinder three models), the TY1100 single cylinder vertical water coolers direct injection diesel engine, 165 single cylinder horizontal evaporative water cooling, pre-combustion chamber diesel engine, 4146 diesel engine

    60, TY1100, single cylinder vertical water coolers of di diesel engine

    61, 165 single cylinder horizontal evaporative water cooling, pre-combustion chamber diesel engine

    62, mercury switches and relays

    63, gas scooters

    64, below the second emission of vehicle engines

    65, of asbestos-containing materials for braking friction plate

    (H) the ship

    1, using the whole shipbuilding method construction of steel ships

    2, does not comply with the specification for refitting ships and ships had to scrap term

    3, single hull oil tankers

    4, hanging paddle boat and engine

    (IX) light

    Battery 1, mercury (mercuric oxide primary cells and batteries, zinc-mercury batteries)

    2, open a regular lead-acid battery

    3, contain mercury higher than 0.0001% cylindrical alkaline battery

    4, above the 0.0005% button alkaline manganese batteries containing mercury (2015)

    5, lead-acid batteries containing cadmium is higher than 0.002% (2013)

    6, vertical gas water heater

    7, screw lift type (cast iron) faucets

    8, aniline for gravure printing inks

    9, below the overflow of the water inlet on the water surface and guide straight type toilet tank parts

    10, cast iron globe valve

    11, adding arsenic trioxide, antimony trioxide, lead, fluoride, chromium-containing slag and other auxiliary raw materials of glass batch

    12, semi-automatic (horizontal) industrial washing machine

    13, opening of PCE dry cleaning machines and normal closed tetrachloroethylene dry-cleaning machines, split and ordinary closed-end petroleum dry cleaning petroleum dry cleaning machine

    (J) the fire

    1 a methyl bromide, chlorine-fluorine fire extinguishing agent (the 1211 fire extinguishing agent)

    2, trifluoro-methyl bromide fire extinguishing agent (referred to as 1301 fire extinguishing agent) (except for raw materials and essential uses)

    3, summary of the 1211 fire extinguishers

    4, portable 1211 fire extinguishers

    5, cart-1211 fire extinguishers

    6, portable chemical foam fire extinguishers

    7, portable soda acid fire extinguisher

    8, simple-1301 fire extinguishers (save for essential uses)

    9, portable 1301 fire extinguishers (save for essential uses)

    10, cart-1301 fire extinguishers (save for essential uses)

    11 network 1211 fire extinguishing system

    12, hanging 1211 fire extinguishing system

    13, 1211 fire extinguishing system

    14 network 1301 fire extinguishing system (save for essential uses)

    15, hang-1301 fire extinguishing system (save for essential uses)

    16, 1301 fire extinguishing system (save for essential uses)

    (11) the civil explosive

    1, fire detonator

    2, fuse

    3, an-TNT explosive

    4, paper-shell detonator (2011)

    (12) 1, 59, 69, 72, TF-3 gas mask

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