Supervisory Organs Invited Work Approach

Original Language Title: 监察机关特邀监察员工作办法

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Supervisory organs invited work approach

    (Released October 10, 2013 the Ministry the 32nd since November 1, 2013) first to carry out monitoring work should be the principle of relying on the masses, give full play to the people's supervision over State administrative organs and their staff, regulate the invited work, according to the People's Republic of China on administrative supervision law and its implementing regulations, these measures are formulated.

The second supervisory organs in accordance with the needs, and in State administrative bodies, enterprises, institutions, social groups employ special Ombudsman.

    Hire invited shall follow the Organization the nomination and I agree to the principle of combining.

Article invited basic conditions must be met:

(A) adhere to socialism with Chinese characteristics, support the People's Republic of China Constitution;

(B) the People's Republic of China citizenship, and there is no access to State (territory), and long-term residence permits of permanent residence;

(C) to observe professional ethics and public morality;

(D) supporting work, hardworking and clean of construction and other work concerned administrative organs;

(E) perform their duties has the appropriate level of expertise, policy and the ability to work, have a greater impact in their respective fields;

(F) in close contact with the masses, adhere to principles, seek truth from facts, discipline, impartiality and integrity;

    (G) health, employment is generally not more than 60 years of age at the time.

Article fourth invited duties:

(A) to participate in the study and formulation of administrative supervision laws and regulations;

(B) participation in the supervisory organs to carry out law enforcement, efficacy supervision work;

(C) reflect, transmit the people to monitor the prosecution of violations of administrative discipline, complaints, understand, reflect industry, honest style of governance and construction in the field;

(D) engaged in advocacy work to monitor policies;

(E) supervise the implementation of supervisory organs and their staff to perform their duties, put forward comments, suggestions of strengthening and improving the supervision;

    (Vi) handling other matters entrusted to the supervisory organs.

Article fifth invited the rights:

(A) in accordance with the needs, access, access to relevant documents and information;

(B) to participate in or attend the relevant meetings organized by supervisory organs;

(C) participate in training for monitoring;

(D) to monitor the work of criticism, suggestions and opinions;

(E) understanding of reflected and transmitted to the Prosecutor, handling of complaints;

    (F) the supervisory organs, commissioned work, and was entrusted with the work related to the statutory authority.

Article sixth invited shall fulfil the following obligations:

(A) model to comply with the Constitution and the law;

(B) comply with the monitoring system, in accordance with the limits of authority and procedures to perform duties;

(C) guarding State secrets, secrets and the duty master's business secret and individual privacy;

(D) learn and master monitor laws and business;

(E) participate in the activities of the watchdog organization, take on supervisory organ works;

    (Vi) without consent of the supervisory organ shall not be invited participate in social activities.

Article seventh appointment invited program:

(A) monitoring agencies to set up institutions according to the work required or in conjunction with the relevant departments and units concerned invited preliminary candidates submitted to the supervisory organs primarily responsible for approval;

(B) the supervisory authority or in conjunction with relevant departments, and invited preliminary candidates for units to be inspected;

(C) the supervisory organization leadership meeting to study the mission, determine the appointment of invited candidates;

(D) the supervisory organs inform invited relevant units and departments and supervisory organs and personnel Department for the record;

    (E) invited after the appointment, publicize the invited list.

Article eighth invited the advisory organ leadership transition after each period of employment with this leading group for the same period.

Invited hiring expiry natural firing.

    Invited up to appointments in a row twice.

Nineth invited during the hire period has any of the following circumstances shall be dismissed:

(A) the party disciplines, criminal punishment of disposition, or of violation of administrative laws and regulations subject to administrative penalties for public security;

(B) a year without good reason not to participate in the invited work fails to perform the special responsibilities and duties of the Ombudsman;

(C) the work adjustment, State of health or other reasons should not continue as guest inspectors;

(D) other reasons, should not continue as guest inspectors.

    Invited offered during the hire period is no longer as guest inspectors, she shall make an application to the supervisory organ.

Article tenth dismissal invited candidate and dismissed comments by the supervisory authority leadership meeting decided.

Supervisory organs in writing notify the dismissal invited themselves and their work units study of the appointment, in conjunction with relevant departments, shall also notify the relevant departments.

    Dismissal invited decided to monitor the personnel department.

11th special day designated by the supervisory authority of the Ombudsman within the Agency, the main content:

(A) develop invited work plan, organization invited to participate in the meeting or activity;

(Ii) communicate with invited talks, informed of its work in the form of visits, comments, recommendations;

(C) the organizations invited to participate in learning and training, regularly invited to send relevant documents, publications and information;

    (D) invited the unit to communicate, know, feedback invited work, comments, suggestions.

    12th supervisory organs is invited to work with the necessary working conditions. 13th established supervisory organs invited special funds.

    Invited to participate in the supervisory organ or activity fee for the work, in accordance with the relevant financial provisions to be reimbursed.

    Article 14th invited not out job positions, salaries, bonuses, benefits by the units responsible.

    15th invited right violations or retaliation invited by, by the supervisory authority in conjunction with the relevant departments or units under the standing law.

    16th invited abuse, malpractice, negligence, to reveal the secret, shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Article 17th of various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the supervision of departments (bureaus) can be based on these measures, according to their respective situation, formulation of specific provisions, inspection records.

    18th article of the approach by the Ministry is responsible for the interpretation. 19th article this way come into force November 1, 2013. December 24, 1991, issued by the Ministry of supervision employed invited measures repealed simultaneously.

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