People's Republic Of China Customs Declaration Of Concentration Measures For The Administration Of Import And Export Goods 2014 (Revised)

Original Language Title: 中华人民共和国海关进出口货物集中申报管理办法(2014年修正本)

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People's Republic of China Customs Declaration of concentration measures for the administration of import and export goods 2014 (revised)

    (January 24, 2008 customs 169th, makes released according to March 13, 2014 Customs makes No. 218, announced, since announced of day up purposes of customs on modified part regulations of decided Amendment) first article to convenience import and export goods transceiver goods people handle declared procedures, improve import and export goods clearance efficiency, specification on import and export goods of declared management, according to People's Republic of China Customs method (following referred to customs method) of about provides, developed this approach. Second article this approach by said of concentrated declared is refers to by Customs record, import and export goods transceiver goods people (following referred to transceiver goods people) in same port more batch import and export this approach third article provides range within goods, can first to People's Republic of China Customs imports goods concentrated declared listing (see annex 1) or People's Republic of China Customs export goods concentrated declared listing (see annex 2) (following collectively concentrated declared listing) declared goods import and export,

Declaration focused on modalities for special customs clearance formalities.

    Import and export cargo to receive consignor may entrust management class b category (category b) Enterprise centralized Declaration in customs clearance procedures.

Third record by the customs, import and export goods may be applied to centralized Declaration for customs clearance of the following ways:

(A) books, newspapers, periodical publications, such as timeliness strong goods;

(B) dangerous goods or fresh, perishable, easy failure, who are not long-term storage of goods;

    (C) customs bonded goods by road.

    Article fourth consignor in goods customs declaration of concentration should be filing procedures, processing trade enterprises should be in charge of the customs declaration of concentration filing procedures.

Article fifth consignor to apply centralized Declaration formalities, shall submit to the Customs the applicable concentration Declaration customs clearance registration form (hereinafter referred to as the application form, see annex 3), as well as guarantees of compliance with customs requirements, guarantee is valid minimum of not less than 3 months. Customs shall be submitted by the consignor of the application form for review.

Audited in accordance with the relevant provisions of the measures, approval of its filing.

    Suspected of smuggling or illegal, is investigation by the customs of consignor, for import and export of goods infringing intellectual property rights by the Customs shall be given administrative punishment of consignor, application category c or d, consignor or consignee of the management category of the import goods listed in section III of this approach is not applicable to centralized Declaration for customs clearance. Article sixth during the validity of the record, the consignor may apply centralized Declaration for customs clearance.

Record expiration date submitted in accordance with the consignor's guarantee is valid for final approval.

Apply centralized Declaration for customs clearance of goods, security conditions changed, the consignor shall apply to the original filing to the customs change. Expiry date of the record can be maintained.

    Consignor need to continue to apply centralized reporting procedures for customs clearance formalities, shall, on the expiry date of the record 10th to the original filing customs applications for extension.

Seventh consignor has any of the following circumstances, cease to apply centralized Declaration for customs clearance:

(A) the guarantee status is changed, it cannot continue to provide effective security;

(B) suspected of smuggling or illegal, are being investigation by the customs;

(C) the import and export of goods infringing intellectual property rights, customs and given administrative penalty according to law;

(D) the customs classification of management category was downgraded to class c, or class d.

    Consignor can record active application ceases to apply Declaration for customs clearance within the validity period. Article eighth consignor filed prior to the expiration of original filing customs applications for extension, the application form shall cease.

    Consignor need to continue to follow the centralized reporting procedures for customs clearance procedures, and should re-apply for the record.

Nineth in accordance with this regulation in order to concentrate the consignor Declaration for customs clearance formalities should be declared in the means of transport carrying imported goods from the date of entry in the 14th, arrival of export goods in customs control zones, after loading 24 hours before filling the list of centralized Declaration to the customs declaration. Consignee in the conveyance declared the 14th after the date of entry to the customs import declaration is not applicable to centralized Declaration for customs clearance.

    Consignee to customs customs declarations.

Tenth Article customs audit focused on electronic data declaration, bonded goods the nuclear button Handbook (book), or electronic books; the General checking of the goods declaration of concentration for the record data. Upon examination, the Department identified the centralized electronic data declaration filed with centralized Declaration of inconsistent data should be returned.

    Consignor shall by declaration to the customs declaration. 11th consignor shall set the said customs declaration within 3rd day of electronic data, centralized declaration list and accompanying documents to the place of the goods customs clearance procedures.

Belonging to license management, the consignor shall also submit the corresponding permits, customs should be endorsed on the relevant documents and keep copies. Consignor are not related to customs formalities prescribed in the first paragraph of this article, custom delete centralized electronic data declaration, the consignor should be resubmitted to the customs declaration.

    New declaration more than carriers to declare the date 14th days of entry, should be based on reporting.

    After 12th consignor list declaration changes or cancellation of centralized Declaration lists, refer to import and export goods declaration of modification and withdrawal of relevant regulations.

13th consignor within a month should be based on the list of centralized Declaration Declaration of data merging, fill in import and export declarations, general trade goods in the 10th of the next month before, bonded goods to customs before the end of the centralized Declaration formalities.

    General trade goods declaration of concentration must not span more than clearance.

14th the list incorporated into one centralized Declaration Declaration, exit ports in each listing, business units, consignor or consignee of the territory, trade ways (methods), the country of shipment (region), the port of loading, arrived in the country (region), the transport section and the applicable tax rates, foreign exchange rates must be consistent. Each list item in the preceding paragraph of this article is inconsistent, the consignor shall be grouped in different declarations are declared separately.

Can't really merge, should fill out a separate declaration to declare.

    When the list incorporated into one declaration, the goods set out in the list in the product number, product name, specifications, company, country of origin (region), the unit price and the currency is equal to the number and the total price of the combined. 15th consignor to the list of centralized Declaration Declaration when the goods declaration form for customs formalities, shall, in accordance with the customs regulations for the tax payment procedures for tax-related goods.

    Related to license management, the corresponding license shall submit a customs endorsement.

    16th section to apply centralized Declaration for customs clearance of the goods, the Customs shall accept a list of implementing the Declaration of tax rates, exchange rate levied taxes. Originally focused on article 17th consignor declared after customs formalities, customs in centralized Declaration for import and export customs declaration certificate issued.

    "Import and export dates" is subject to customs reporting date.

    Article 18th on centralized Declaration of goods by the customs declaration form on the "import and export dates" to be included in the customs statistics.

    19th People's Republic of China access in other areas under special customs supervision areas, bonded areas of cargo clearance formalities need to focus on methods of reporting, in addition to provisions of customs, these rules shall apply by analogy.

    Article 20th in violation of these regulations, constitutes acts of smuggling, in violation of customs regulations and other violations of customs laws by the customs in accordance with the customs law, the People's Republic of China implementation of customs administrative punishment Ordinance and other relevant laws and administrative regulations to address constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    21st article this way interpreted by the General Administration of customs.

22nd article this way come into force on May 1, 2008. Attachment: (slightly)

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