Retired Administrative Measures For The Services Of Retired Cadres

Original Language Title: 军队离休退休干部服务管理办法

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Retired administrative measures for the services of retired cadres

    (September 23, 2014 the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 53rd) Chapter I General provisions

First in order to get retired service management work of retired cadres, according to the relevant regulations of the State Council and the Central Military Commission, these measures are formulated.

    Retired retired military cadres in these measures, refers to the transfer of Government place managed by the departments of civil affairs service of the people's Liberation Army and retired retired cadre in Chinese people's armed police force (hereinafter referred to as retired veteran cadres).

Second service of retired veteran cadres should be managed to maintain the legal rights of retired veteran cadres based on the implementation of national laws, regulations and policies on retired veteran cadres, improve the service of retired veteran cadres and education management system, implementation of retired veteran cadres politically and life treatment.

    Service management of retired veteran cadres adhere to the political concern, care, service first, the principle of management in accordance with law.

Article services management of retired veteran cadres led by the Government, Home Affairs Department, service management organizations.

Home departments should strengthen the services of retired veteran cadres management guidance, study and resolve major issues of retired veteran cadres in service management.

    Service management is a service management retired veteran cadres and specialized institutions, bear management work of retired veteran cadres services.

    Fourth retired veteran cadres service management should be adapted to the Socialist market economy and the socialization of military logistical support requirements, progressive national security combined with social services.

    Article fifth service of retired veteran cadres have made remarkable achievements in the management of units and individuals, according to regulations of recognition and rewards.

    Chapter II administration of service content

    Sixth levels of people's Governments and military organizations at all levels in major festivals and major political events are being held, home departments shall, in accordance with the requirements of retired veteran cadres to attend.

    Seventh Army day, Chinese new year and other major holidays, the civil affairs departments should coordinate with local government and army officials visited condolences retired veteran cadres.

    Article eighth civil affairs departments, service management body shall, in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of retired veteran cadres, political, organization of retired veteran cadres to read documents, listen to the spirit of the important meeting of party and Government communication.

Nineth service management should prepare the following services:

(A) the retired veteran cadres retired and allowance allowance on time;

(B) required the implementation of retired veteran cadres and medical, traffic, family treatment, helps eligible retired veteran cadres to implement the special care and treatment;

(C) coordinate the health care of retired veteran cadres work, setting up health records, health care literacy activities, guiding retired veteran cadre health care, science and health;

(D) Organization of cultural and sports activities suitable for retired veteran cadres, guide and encourage the participation of retired veteran cadres in social and cultural activities;

(E) regularly informed about the situation of retired veteran cadres and needs, to provide the necessary care;

    (Vi) assist with the funeral after the death of retired veteran cadres, in accordance with the policy provisions for family treatment.

    Tenth service management should strengthen the ideological and political work, campaign, raise the retired veteran cadres to abide by and comply with the service management consciousness of agency rules and regulations.

    11th service administration shall organize activities civilization created the retired veteran cadres, guiding retired veteran cadres to maintain and carry forward the fine tradition and political advantage and professional expertise, participate in social activities.

    Chapter III service management

    12th service management should establish a sound system for retired veteran cadres, elderly have contributed much, the old church, a sense of laoyousuoxue, and happy to create conditions.

    13th service management should be on duty full-time and take regular contacts, the family, for retired veteran cadres to provide timely, convenient for daily service. Article 14th service management should adhere to common services and combination of personalized service, the service provided for retired veteran cadres.

    On the side with no children, unable to take care of retired veteran cadres, should focus on care and to provide the necessary help.

    15th service management should expand social services according to the need to introduce social services such as postal services, banks, life projects, improve the quality and efficiency of service management.

    16th to encourage community organizations, social workers, volunteers, and other social services for retired veteran cadres.

    17th service management information system of management institutions should establish service of retired veteran cadres, are equipped with the necessary technical equipment, improve the level of service management information.

    18th to encourage and support the retired veteran cadres to establish various cultural organizations and interest groups, wholesome activities.

19th Management Committee of retired veteran cadres in retired veteran cadres in the self service management institutions education mass organizations, self management, self service.

    Service management with retired veteran cadres Management Committee within the Agency, service management should strengthen guidance to the Management Committee of retired veteran cadres and organizations to carry out activities in accordance with the relevant provisions, retired veteran cadres to play role of the Management Committee, heard a retired veteran cadres work report of the Management Committee on a regular basis, study and solve their problems reflected.

    Fourth chapter services administrative bodies

    20th management of the Civil Affairs Department under the arrangement work, in accordance with overall planning, rational distribution, capable and efficient, easy to adjust settings, Service service management organizations.

21st services management institutions in charge of the legal representative, democratic decisions on major issues.

    Service management institutions should be public policy public, financial disclosure, management, acceptance of retired veteran cadres and staff supervision.

    22nd service management should strengthen the construction of party organizations, implementation of the organised system, to play the political core role of the party organizations.

    23rd service management should strengthen the construction of infrastructure, setting up conference rooms, activity rooms, reading rooms, trophy room and other places, to establish the necessary outdoor venue for cultural and sports activities, and create a good environment to rest.

    24th service management should strengthen the Hugh financial management and management of State-owned assets, accept auditing supervision of the relevant departments.

    25th service management should strengthen safety management, eliminate security risks in a timely manner, preventing safety accidents.

    The fifth chapter services administrative staff

    Article 26th service management staff of retired veteran cadres should strengthen policies and operational knowledge, mastering service management skills, develop good practice and professional ethics, respect for retired veteran cadres.

27th article services management institutions to employ new staff, in addition to national policies of placement, in accordance with the personnel management permissions are determined by the superior appointment, confidential positions, personnel, recruitment should be geared to the public.

    Service management should gradually increase the proportion of social work, nursing, professional and technical personnel.

    28th Services administrative bodies shall regularly conduct educational training, job training, business competition and other activities, improve the ideological and political qualities of the staff, policy and service management capabilities.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    Article 29th people's Liberation Army and people's armed police forces have handed over to the Government placed retired non-commissioned service management in accordance with the measures implemented. 30th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation. July 18, 1990 issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the provisional regulations on retired retired military cadres sanatorium (the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 3rd) repealed simultaneously.

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