Directory Of Environmental Impact Evaluation Of Construction Project Management

Original Language Title: 建设项目环境影响评价分类管理名录

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  Article classification management in order to implement the construction project environmental impact assessment, in accordance with the law on environmental impact assessment provisions of 16th, this list has been formulated.

The second level according to the environmental impact of construction projects in the country, classification management of environmental impact evaluation of construction project.

Units shall in accordance with the provisions of this catalog, organized preparation of environmental impact statements, environmental impact reports or fill in registration forms of environmental impact. Third article this directory by said environment sensitive district, is refers to law established of levels various natural, and culture protection to, and on construction project of a class pollution factor or ecological effect factor special sensitive of regional, main including: (a) nature reserve, and landscape places district, and world culture and natural heritage to, and drinking water water protection district; (ii) basic farmland reserves, and basic Prairie, and forest park, and geological park, and important wetland, and natural forest, and rare endangered wild flora and fauna natural concentrated distribution, and

Important aquatic biological of natural spawning field, and cable bait field, and winter field and migratory channel, and natural fishery, and resources sex deficiency water area, and soil erosion focus control district, and sandy land banned reserves, and closed and the half closed waters, and rich nutrition of waters; (three) to live, and medical health, and education, and research, and administrative office, for main function of regional, heritage protection units, has special history, and culture, and science, and national meaning of protection to.

Fourth situation of construction project of a sensitive nature and sensitivity, is to determine the category of the construction project environmental impact assessment ... Construction projects that involve environmentally sensitive areas should be strictly in accordance with the categories on this list to determine its environmental impact assessment shall not be allowed to increase or reduce the categories of environmental impact assessment.

Environmental impact assessment on the project file should be sensitive areas of an analysis of the impact on the environment.

Article fifth cross-industry, complex building projects, which categories of environmental impact assessment by individual determination of the highest grade.

Sixth article of the project directory is not specified, the categories of environmental impact assessment by the provincial environmental protection administration authorities according to construction project pollution factors and characteristics of ecological factors and its environment-sensitive nature and sensitivity of recommendations submitted to the State Council Department responsible for environmental protection departments.

Seventh article this list shall be formulated by the Administrative Department of environmental protection is responsible for the interpretation and amendments published in due course. Eighth article of the list come into force on June 1, 2015. Directory of classified management of the construction project environmental impact assessment (Environmental Protection Department order 2nd) repealed simultaneously.

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