People's Republic Of China Regulations

Original Language Title: 中华人民共和国学位条例

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  (February 12, 1980 the last session of the Standing Committee of the national people's Congress adopted at the 13th meeting of August 28, 2004, deputies of the 11th meeting of the Standing Committee on the changes of People's Republic of China decision amendments to regulations) first in order to promote the growth of China's scientific expertise, promote the academic level of discipline and the development of educational, scientific, and to meet the needs of socialist modernization, and regulations are formulated.
Article who support the Chinese Communist Party's leadership and the support of the Socialist system, has a certain academic standard of citizens may, in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation apply for the corresponding degree.
Third degree-Bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels.
Article fourth college graduates, excellent performance, reach the academic level, Bachelor's degrees: (a) a good understanding of the basic theory of science, expertise and skills, (ii) has engaged in scientific research or to take specialized technical work of the initial capacity.
Fifth graduate student in institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, or personnel with graduate equivalent, through the master's degree program exam and thesis defense, passing, reach the academic level, grant master's degrees: (a) on the discipline master firm basic theories and systems expertise, (ii) has engaged in scientific research or take specialized technical ability to work independently.
Sixth article College and scientific research institutions of graduate, or has graduate graduated equal educational level of personnel, through Dr degree of courses exam and papers reply, results qualified, reached following academic level who, grant Dr degree: (a) in this door subject Shang master solid broad of theory and system in-depth of specifically knowledge; (ii) has independent engaged in scientific research work of capacity; (three) in science or specifically technology Shang made creative of results. Article seventh established the academic degrees Committee of the State Council, responsible for leading the national degree work. Academic degrees Committee have one Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and several Committee members.
Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and other members appointed by the State Council.
Article eighth degree granted by the Department authorized by the University; Master's degree and doctorate, granted by authorized institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions under the State Council.
Degree-granting institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions (hereinafter referred to as degree-granting units) and can grant degrees in subject list presented by the academic degree Committee of the State Council, approved by the State Council announced.
Nineth degree-granting unit, the academic degree Evaluation Committee should be set up, the dissertation Committee and related disciplines. Dissertation Committee must have the participation of relevant experts, whose composition determined by the degree-granting unit selection.
The academic degree Evaluation Committee list of members determined by the degree-granting units, relevant departments of the State Council and the academic degrees Committee of the State Council for filing. Tenth dissertation Committee is responsible for reviewing masters and doctoral dissertations, organize, reply, take a resolution on whether to grant master's degrees or doctoral degrees.
Resolutions by secret ballot, by all the members of at least two-thirds, the academic degree Evaluation Committee. Academic degree Evaluation Committee is responsible for reviewing by a Bachelor's degree recipient list is responsible for the degree thesis Defense Committee reported to grant master's degrees or doctoral degree resolution, make a decision on whether to approve it. Decisions by secret ballot, and adopted by a majority of all the members.
Determine the list of awarded a master's degree or doctorate, degree Committee of the State Council for the record.
11th degree-granting units, to degree-granting academic degree Evaluation Committee resolutions, issued degrees corresponding to the degree certificate. 12th final year students from the graduate non-degree-conferring unit, recommended by the original unit, can be close to a degree-conferring unit application for degree.
Approval by the degree-granting units, thesis defense, reach the academic level of the provisions of this Ordinance are conferred appropriate degrees. 13th there is important in scientific or technical work, invention, discovery or development, recommended by the experts, and degree-granting units agree may be exempted from the examination, direct participation in PhD thesis defense.
Thesis defense, awarded a doctorate.
14th for outstanding scholars or famous social activist, nominated by the degree-granting units, approval of the academic degrees Committee of the State Council, awarded an honorary doctorate. 15th in our study of foreign students and foreign scholars engaged in research work, may apply to a degree-conferring unit degree.
For academic standards in accordance with the Ordinance conferred appropriate degrees. Article 16th non-degree granting unit of resolutions and decisions for awarding degrees and academic groups hold different opinions, can be challenged to a degree-conferring unit or the academic degree Committee of the State Council.
Degree-granting units and the academic degrees Committee of the State Council should appeal to conduct research and treatment.
17th degree-conferring unit has been awarded the degree if there is fraud fake serious cases of violation of the provisions of this Ordinance, upon reconsideration of the academic degree Evaluation Committee, may be revoked.
18th State Council already approved degree-granting unit, confirm that it cannot guarantee the degree-granting academic standards may be suspended or revoked its eligibility to grant degrees.
19th the measures for the implementation of this Ordinance, by the academic degrees Committee of the State Council, the State Council for approval.
20th article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 1981. Source: Xinhua News Agency