Establishes A New Structure Of The Foreign Investment Committee


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Sole article.-Introducense the following |! | amendments to Decree-Law No. 600, 1974, statute |! | the foreign investment.
1. replace article 12 ° by the following: ' article 12.-the foreign investment Committee |! | " It is a legal entity of public law, |! | functionally decentralized, with its own patrimony, |! | domiciled in the city of Santiago, which will relate |! | with the President of the Republic by means of the |! | Ministry of economy, development and reconstruction. It will be |! | the only authorized body, on behalf of the |! | State of Chile to accept capital inflows |! | outside under the present Decree-Law and to |! | establish the terms and conditions of the respective |! | contracts.
The Committee will be represented by its Chairman in |! | the cases concerned investment requiring |! | agreement of the Committee, pursuant to article |! | 16 °, otherwise, will be represented by its |! | Executive Secretary.
The heritage of the foreign investment Committee |! | (estará formado por: a) the resources granted annually by the law of |! | The public sector budgets or other general laws |! | or special;
(b) movable and immovable property or |! | intangible, that it acquires any title, and c) income receiving any title.
2. replace article 15 ° by the following: "article 15.-for compliance of its |! |" powers and obligations, the Investments Committee |! | Foreign will have an Executive Secretariat, which |! | (tendrá las siguientes funciones: a) receive, study and inform requests of |! | foreign investment and others that arise to |! | the consideration of the Committee.
b) acting as the Committee administrative organ, |! | preparing the background and studies that may be required;
(c) perform functions of information, registration, |! | statistics and coordination with respect to investments |! | Foreign;
d) to centralize information and the result of the |! | control that public bodies should exercise |! | obligations which constrict the |! | holders of foreign investments or enterprises in |! | These involved and report to the authorities and |! | public authorities, offences or |! | infringements that take knowledge;
(e) perform and expedite procedures before the |! | different agencies that need to inform or give your |! | prior authorization for the passage of the various |! | requests that the Committee must be resolved and due |! | realization of the agreements and resolutions |! | (correspondientes, y f) research in Chile or abroad on the |! | suitability and seriousness of the petitioners or stakeholders.
3 Agreganse the following items: I.-"article 15 bis.-management of the |! |" Secretary Executive of the Investment Committee |! | Foreign shall be the Executive Secretary, who |! | It will be the top boss of the service and have your |! | legal, judicial and extrajudicial representation. Cargo |! | Secretary Executive is the exclusive confidence of the |! | President of the Republic, will be provided to proposition |! | the foreign investment Committee, and its proprietor |! | (ejercerá, especialmente, las siguientes funciones: a) comply with and enforce the agreements e |! | instructions from the foreign investment Committee and |! | perform acts and functions delegated by this in the |! | exercise of its powers;
b) propose to the foreign investment Committee the |! | annual service program as well as any other |! | matter requiring study or resolution of such |! | Committee;
(c) prepare the draft annual budget of the |! | service to the membership of the Investments Committee |! | Foreign, run which would definitely be adopted |! | and propose amendments as required during |! | their implementation;
d) to attend, with the right to speak, to the sessions of the |! | Committee on foreign investment and adopt the |! | provisions and measures required for its |! | performance, acting to the effect, as a Minister of faith |! | and Secretary of records;
(e) appoint and hire and assign |! | functions, informing it of the Investments Committee |! | Foreign;
(f) acquire, dispose and manage all kinds of |! | goods and run, or enter into any act or contract |! | tending directly or indirectly to the fulfilment of |! | its purpose and functions, subject to the agreements and |! | instructions from the foreign investment Committee and the |! | This Decree-Law;
(g) delegate part of its functions, powers and |! | powers in the Executive Secretariat officials, |! | (y h) in general, giving the rulings e |! | instructions and exercise the other powers that be |! | necessary for the smooth running of the Secretariat |! | Executive.
Previously, individual faculties in |! | absence of the Executive Secretary, shall be exercised by |! | the service Attorney, who so subrogated.
The Executive Secretary may request all the |! | services and companies in the private and public sectors, |! | reports and background required for the |! | fulfilment of the purposes of the Committee.
II.-"article 19.-Fijanse the following plants |! |" the staff of the Committee on foreign investment, which |! | rejiran starting on January 1, 1990.

Category N ° of degrees charges i.-plant of Directors Secretary Executive 1 I Prosecutor 1 II II.-plant of professionals professionals 3 I professionals 3 II professionals 3 III III. plant of technical technical 2 I technical 3 II IV. plant of administrative administrative 1 I V-plant of auxiliary auxiliary 1 I auxiliary 1 II Summary: plant's managers 2 plant of professionals 9 plant of technicians 5 plant of administrative 1 plant of auxiliary 2-TOTAL 19. "."

III.-"article 20 °-to belong to plants |! |" of the Committee on foreign investment, indicated in the |! | previous article, will need to comply with the |! | following requirements: plant of professionals: be in possession of a professional title |! | University with equal to or greater than 10 studies |! | academic semesters in any of the areas of economy, |! | Law or administration.
TECHNICAL plant: degree awarded by an Institute |! | Professional.
ADMINISTRATIVE plant: be in possession of the teaching license |! | Average. "."
IV.-"article 21.-the staff of the Committee of |! |" Foreign investment will be governed by the rules of the |! | Administrative status and their remuneration should be fixed |! | and amended in accordance with the procedure laid down in |! | Article 9 of Decree Law N ° 1953, 1977. "."