Modifies The Decree With Force Of Law (I) N ° 2, 1968, Status Of The Staff Of Carabineros De Chile


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Sole article.-amend the text of the D.F.L. (I) N ° 2, 1968, status of the staff of Carabineros de Chile, the revised, coordinated and streamlined text was set by Decree N ° 12, 1977, the Ministry of defence National Secretariat of Carabineros-, in the way that a continuation is indicated: to) replace, in article 22, the expressions "Officer graduate" and "Institute of Carabineros" "Official degree in police Sciences" and "Instituto Superior of science police of Carabineros", respectively.
(b) Insert, between the first and second subparagraphs of article 37, the following new paragraph: "For the purposes of determining the taxation of single global compensation, benefits that served as the basis for their calculation will be considered separately, apply discounts pension and other corresponding according to laws, only those that have taxable character".
(c), replace the first paragraph of article 38, by the following: "teachers of institutional educational establishments are entitled to remuneration equal weekly hourly classes to receive equivalent professorships in the University education teachers and half of the State.".
((d) replaced into the letter i) of article 43, the word "recruiting" by "formation.".
(e) replace article 73 °, by the following: "Article 73.-the Medical Commission Central of Carabineros corresponds, exclusively, consideration of staff, in order to establish its physical capacity to continue in the service or determining the kind of disability that precludes it to continue in it.".
"In addition, there will be Locales Médicas Comisiones, which will constitute, will work and will be governed by the rules that establish the respective regulations.".
"Classification and ranking of the invalidity shall be governed by the rules issued by the President of the Republic.".
((f) replace the text of the letter b) of article 79, by the following: "b) reinstatement of pecuniary and/or pension benefits received unduly by the official.".
((((g) add following the letter e) of article 79, the following, replacing the comma (,) and the conjunction "and" end of the letter d), by a point and comma (,) and the final dot (.) of the letter e), by a comma (,) followed of 'and': 'f) debts with the forecast direction of Carabineros. Discounts that are made by this concept may not exceed 25% of the corresponding pension. "."
(h) replace, in the third paragraph of article 87, the expression "Medical Commission of Carabineros", by the "Police-Central Medical Commission".
(i) replace, in the first subparagraph of article 113 °, the expression "of the school of police and of the Institute Superior" by "of teachers from the institution establishments".
((j) replace the letter k) article 46 by the following: "k) members of Carabineros that integrate the court martial, for their roles in court, they will enjoy a monthly allowance equivalent to 40% of the remuneration of a Minister of the Court of appeals and its substitutes in such functions shall receive an allocation per session to attend equal allocation per session that the members of the courts of appeals lawyers perceive" , with a maximum equivalent to the PartNumber of the respective owner.
This assignment in regards to the General Officer of Justice of Carabineros will be taxable at 15% of their amount. "."
(k) replace, in article 126, the expression "Commission medical of Carabineros" by the of "Commission medical center of Carabineros".