Amends Act No. 18.290; Law N ° 15.231 And Law N ° 17.105

Original Language Title: MODIFICA LEY N° 18.290; LEY N° 15.231 Y LEY N° 17.105

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Article 1.-Introducense the following modifications to the law N ° 18.290: 1.-added the following fourth subparagraph to article 3 °: "Municipalities, in no case, may enact rules aimed to modify the description of the offences established in this law, its rating and the penalty that is designated for them, nor even on the pretext that the fact is not described therein.";
2. replace article 12, by the following: ' article 12.-driver licenses will enable to conduct the types of vehicles covered by each of the following classes: class a-1: motorized vehicles intended for the transport of persons, taxis, vehicles for paid transport of school children and particularly of people, these last with capacity of more than seven seats, excluding the driver's " : Class A-2: motor load, simple or vehicles with trailers, with more than 1,750 kilogrammes load capacity; garbage collecting vehicles or others aimed at the toilet; vehicles, whatever their ability, carrying substances or dangerous goods, such as explosives or radioactive, corrosive, flammable or toxic elements, and emergency vehicles.
Class B: motor vehicles of three or four wheels for the particular transport of persons, with seven or fewer seats, excluded of the driver, or loading capacity exceeding 1,750 kg, such as cars, motocoupés, trucks, vans and vans. These vehicles may be combined with a trailer whose weight does not exceed 750 kilograms, or that exceeding that weight does not exceed the tare of the power unit and provided that the total weight does not exceed 3,500 kg;
Class C: vehicles motorized two or three wheels, with fixed motor or added, such as motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and other similar;
Class D: automotive machinery like tractors, seeders, harvesters, bulldozer, mechanical shovels, shovel loaders, road rollers, cranes, bulldozers, backhoes, trailers and similar, and class E: vehicles to animal traction, as coach, cars, floats and other similar.
Drivers possessing license of the class a-1 and A-2 will be enabled to guide vehicles whose driving required license of class B.
For driving vehicles other than which enables the class of license obtained, will need to undergo the exam to obtain a new licence. ";
3 added to the second subparagraph of article 71, after the expression "emergency vehicles", the phrase: "and the cranes intended for the transfer of vehicles";
4. replace the chapeau of article 79, the following: "article 79-vehicles motor depending on type and class shall be fitted with, in addition, the following elements:";
5. Add article 80 the following second paragraph new becoming the current third: "bicycles and tricycles must be fitted with reflective elements on his pedals.";
6 added to article 103 the following new second paragraph, becoming the current third;
"Also not be installed in sidewalks and benches, to less than twenty metres from the corner, commercial advertising, kiosks, booths, or another similar item that obstruct the line of sight of the driver.": 7.-replace subsection first article 138, by the following: "the driver of a vehicle which has the purpose of tack, lack any preference to execute this maneuver and must respect the preferential right of passage that have in these circumstances, other vehicles travelling and pedestrians at crossings or regulatory steps they intended, that whether or not they are demarcated. ";
8 Article 169, replace by the following: ' article 169-mayors may not allow sports to be held in public, without prior written report of Carabineros de Chile. "
In the case of racing cars or other motor vehicle competitions, that authority shall require test organizers a personal accident insurance of similar characteristics to the referred to in title I of law No. 18.490, damages that may cause to third parties not transported in vehicles of competition. ";
9 replaced in number 4 of article 197 the comma (,) and the conjunction "and" by a semicolon (;), and insert the following number 5 becoming the current number 6;
"5. the use by individuals of special devices of emergency vehicles, and";
10 repealed the number 14 of article 199;
11 added to article 201 following final subparagraph;
"If a person, in a same incident, is responsible for two or more offences, applies the fine corresponding to the infringement that was more serious, anyone who is the number of them.", and 12-number 2 of article 211, be replaced by the following: "2.-register complaints by serious and very serious infringements to the rules of this act committed by drivers of vehicles" including those who do not have licence. "."