Amends Decree Law N ° 1.349, 1976, And The Act No. 16,624

Original Language Title: MODIFICA DECRETO LEY N° 1.349, DE 1976, Y LA LEY N° 16.624

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Article 1.-Introducense the following amendments to the Decree Law N ° 1.349, 1976, the revised, coordinated and streamlined text was set by the decree with force of law N ° 1, 1987, the Ministry of mining.
1.-added to the letter f) of the first subparagraph of article 2, after the words "and its by-products", the following: "and to all metallic and non-metallic minerals except coal and hydrocarbons."
2.-replaced the letter i) of the first subparagraph of article 2, with the following: "Report to the Government, through the Ministry of mining, on all the matters related to the production, manufacture and trade of copper or their by-products, and in all minerals metallic and non-metallic, with the exception of coal and hydrocarbons, in the country or abroad;".
(3 replaced the letter m) of the first subparagraph of article 2 with the following: "audit, in the manner it shall determine, the conditions of production, manufacture and trade of copper and byproducts produced by companies producing State or that the State has a majority stake or its affiliates or agencies in Chile or abroad both in relation to its levels and volumes, freights, consumption, prices, methods of marketing and distribution, sales, costs and profits; "."
(4. replace, in paragraph first letter or) of the first subparagraph of article 2, the word "companies", the phrase "producers of the State or have controlling interest".
5.-Add the following letter r) to the first paragraph of article 2, by replacing, in the letter q), the apart dot (.), comma (,), followed by the conjunction 'and': "r) promote mineral development in accordance with general policies determined by the Ministry of mining.".
6. replace the third subparagraph of article 2 ° by the following: "for the purposes of the provisions of this article, producers will be required to provide timely all the background and information seeking by the Commission. Breach or unjustified delay in delivery shall be sentenced to the penalty established in article 14 of the present Decree-law. Such background and information will have the character of confidential and the staff of the Commission shall be required to keep strict reserve on them. "."
7. replace article 4 ° by the following: "(Artículo 4°.-La Comisión estará administrada por un Consejo compuesto por las siguientes personas: a) the Minister of mining, who will preside over it."
(b) the Minister of national defence).
(c) the Chief of the General staff of national defense.
(d) two representatives appointed by the Council of the Central Bank of Chile.
(e) two representatives appointed by decree by the President of the Republic, one of which must have the title of Civil Engineer in mines.
In the absence of the mining Minister will preside over the Council Member that corresponds, according to the aforementioned order of precedence.
The Council shall meet at least once a month;
You can only operate with the absolute majority of its members, and their agreements will be adopted by an absolute majority of the directors present. In the event of parity of votes, will settle the person presiding.
(The members of the Council mentioned in the letters d) and e) will last for two years, unless the authority or the body that appointed him revokes the designation before the end of the term. In any case their appointments may be renewed. The members of the Council referred to in point (d)) is not required to be members of the mentioned organism.
The directors are entitled to receive a monthly remuneration, for all legal purposes will have honorary character, and which consist of 4 monthly tax units. In addition, will be perceived by their attendance at each session of the Council or of the advisory committees appointed by the Council, a compensation of 5 monthly tax units per session, with a total ceiling of 14 monthly tax units. "."
8 replace the third subparagraph of article 5 ° by the following: "in case of resignation or absence and any other impediment or transient or temporary inability of the Executive Vice President, will be carry by the official who follow you in hierarchy in the plant Commission directive.".
9 replace subsection first article 11 with the following: "in the exercise of its powers, the Commission shall exercise direct control of State companies producers of copper and its by-products or in that the State has a majority stake, which may review their balance sheets, as also the background that have been used for its preparation, procedures of internal control of enterprises review their sales, agencies and acquisition contracts, perform financial analysis and global and specific operations audits, review reports of external audits that hire companies, and others which entrusted this decree-law. "."
10 added in subsection first article 13, between the words "producing" and "must" expression "of the State or that the State has a majority stake".