Modifies Law No. 17.336 Intellectual Property


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Sole article.-Introducense following amendments to law No. 17.336 intellectual property: 1.-at number 13) item 3 ° replace the comma (,) that follows "sketches" by point and comma (,) and disposed of the conjunction "and" that follows it; and at number 14) article replace the dot (.) final following "common" by point comma (;);
(2 Agreganse to the article 3 the following numbers 15) and 16): "15) the video and slide shows, and 16) computational programs.";
(3 replaced the letter or) of article 5 with the following: "or) publication: the reproduction of the work in tangible form and making it available to the public copies which allow to read it or know it by visual or auditory way directly or through the use of a reproductive tract or any other machine;";
4.-in letter r) item 5 ° replace the comma (,) that follows "producer" by point and comma (,) and disposed of the conjunction 'and' that follows it: in the letter s) article replace the dot (.) final that follows "oral" by a comma (,) and add the conjunction "and";
5 be added to the article 5 the following letter t): "t) computer program: set of instructions to be used directly or indirectly in a computer in order to perform or obtain a particular process or result, contained in a cassette, diskette, magnetic tape, or another material support."
Copy of a computer program: material that contains statements taken directly or indirectly from a computer program, and which incorporates the whole or substantial part of the instructions set out in the. ";
6 Agreganse to the article 8 the following paragraphs: "the case of computer programs, will be respective copyright holders the natural or legal persons whose dependents, in the performance of their job duties, had produced them, unless written otherwise.
With respect to computer programs produced on behalf of a third party to be marketed by its account and risk, is shall treat as transferred to its copyright, unless written otherwise. ';
7 is added to article 10 the following paragraph: "in the case referred to in the second paragraph of article 8 and the employer is a legal person, protection shall be thirty years from the first publication.";
8 Agreganse article 47 the following sub-paragraphs: "also, for the purposes of the present law, adaptation or copy of a computer program by its holder or authorized by its legitimate owner, does not constitute breach of its rules, provided that adaptation is essential for use on a particular computer and is not determined him to a different use , and the copy is essential for use on a particular computer or for archive or backup purposes.
The adptaciones obtained in the designated form may not be transferred under any title, while mediate prior authorization from the respective copyright holder; also, copies obtained as indicated not may be transferred under any title, unless they are jointly with the computational program that served them in array. ";
(9 replace the number 1-article 76 with the following: "1. projects of engineering, architecture and computer programs, 35%;", and 10-letter b) article 80 deleted the comma (,) that follows "film" and replace the term "nationals or foreigners" by "or computer programs".