Modifies The Law N ° 16.752, Organic Of The Dirección General De Aeronáutica Civil


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Article 1.-Introducense the following modifications to the law N ° 16.752: 1.-removed in the second paragraph of article 2 the expression "registration", between the words "National" and "aircraft";
"" (2.-Modifíca_se el articulo 3° en la forma siguiente: a) Suprimise in the letter to) the expression "and the Junta de Aeronáutica Civil";
((b) added to the letter b), then the expression "tax", following sentence preceded by a comma (,): "without prejudice to police functions that correspond to the forces of order and public security in their respective areas of competence and provided that this does not affect aviation safety";
((c) replace the letter d) with the following: "(d)) providing traffic services air at public aerodromes of domain tax, municipal or private, when flight safety requires it.";
((d) replace the letter e) with the following: 'e) construct, operate and maintain facilities and associated any order works, inside or outside the aerodromes or aeronautical stations, intended to provide help and protection to air navigation or for room of the personnel who perform in these aerodromes or aviation, as well as stations, authorizing its construction, operation or maintenance by third parties.';
e) add, at the beginning of the letter f) the word "Install", followed by a comma (,) and placed in tiny the expression "Keep";
((f) replaced by the letter g) the expression "and those referred to in point (d))" by "for the services provided in municipal or private domain", preceded by a comma (,);
((g) replace the letter h) with the following: "h) dictate technical standards to safeguard the safety of air navigation and aeroportuarios enclosures and provide, within the framework of the studies, projection, construction, maintenance, repair and improvement of aerodromes and its buildings or facilities, its technical advice to the Ministry of public works Directorate of airports.";
((h) replace the letter j) with the following: "j) supervise the activities of civil aviation, to safeguard the safety of flight and dictate the general application instructions which are necessary for the designated purposes.";
((i) Suprimense in the letter m) the words "registration";
(((j) replaced the letter t) with the following: "t) propose the adoption or adopt, as appropriate, standards, recommended practices and procedures approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Meteorological Organization international world.", and k) replaced the letter x) with the following: "x) sell or lease movable property or materials, as also lease in whole or in part , real estate that intended and whose use is not temporarily necessary. ";
3. replace the sixth subparagraph of article 8 ° by the following: "the concession contract shall celebrarse by public deed or by private instrument protocolized and, in both cases, shall be adopted by resolution of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. For private instrument formalized, this may be replaced by the subscription before a notary, by dealer, three copies of the resolution granting the concession and every one of them before the same notary. In the case of concessions that understand the obligation to carry out construction and whose term is greater than twenty years, the contract shall be always held by public deed. ";
4 disposed in article 10 the expression "of registration";
5.-amending article 11 as follows: to) added in the paragraph first, after the dot (.) aside, what be dot (.) followed by, the following: 'these taxes and rights can be expressed in pesos gold in dollars of the United States of America, in tax units or other readjustable unit and be able to pay and perceived in national or foreign currency.';
((b) add in the second paragraph, then of the word "rates", the phrase "and rights"), and (c) add the following new final paragraph: "State aircraft Chilean State's foreign and under conditions of reciprocity, exempt from aeronautical charges." Foreign aircraft which temporarily enter the country properly authorized on non-commercial flights, for the purpose of display or technological exchange, shall be exempt from the payment of fees and aviation rights, the Director-General, to authorize the entry of these aircraft, shall declare the origin of this exemption. ';
6 repealed article 12, of the validity of the aeronautical code;
(7 added in) (f) of article 16 the expression "or lease" after the word "alienation";
8.-Introducense the following amendments to article 17 bis: to) delete, in its first paragraph, the expression "with approval of the Minister of national defence", and the comma (,) that precedes it;
(b) replace in the first paragraph, the expression "in directors and Assistant Directors, heads of departments, zonal delegates and administrators, aerodromes, so that they act within their respective jurisdictions." with the following: "in plant of the Directorate General of Civil aviation personnel and officers of the air force of Chile aimed at it, in accordance with article 27.";
((c) deleted, in the first paragraph, the expression "may only fall on plant personnel;", and d) replace the second paragraph by the following: "these delegations shall be governed, at all, as provided in article 43 of law N ° 18.575.";
9 replace article 23 with the following: "article 23.-the Director-General of Civil Aviation can hire staff that is necessary for the functioning of the services of their dependence, according to article 107 of the decree with force of law (G) N ° 1, 1968."
In addition, the Director-General may contract support staff or minor services, in accordance with the provisions of the labour code. ';
10 replace the article 28 with the following: "article 28.-the Department of Social Welfare of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation will be governed by the rules laid down in law No. 18.712, and the Director General shall exercise the powers which the law gives to the commanders in Chief.";
11.-Article 30 be replaced by the following: ' article 30.-personnel of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation may not have any interest in companies or services of commercial navigation, manufacturing or maintenance of civil aircraft, or part of their advice or directives. ": 12.-modified article 32 as follows: to) replace paragraph first the term"ten"by"one" (,) and (b) abrogated the final subsection, and 13-article 36 be replaced by the following: "article 36.-care and curative dental, hospital and ambulatory, the staff of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, having the quality of imposing of the Provident Fund of the national defense, as of his legal family charges and their parents and unmarried daughters older than twenty-one years of age living at their expense" It shall be governed, as relevant, by law No. 12.856 standards and respective benefits they will be hired by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in accordance with the law, which shall consider annually the necessary funds in its budget.
Funds raised by the concept of the taxes and contributions that are consulted in the Act No. 12.856, will be accounted for and administered by the Director-General or the body determined by that authority, and must be provided to some of the funds referred to in this Act. "."