Amends Act No. 18.948, Constitutional Organic Of The Armed Forces


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Sole article.-Introducense the following modifications to the law N ° 18.948, constitutional organic of the armed forces: to) added 6 °, then the word "irrevocable", the following sentence in the second paragraph of the article: "and may not Ascend, except when the respective selection board considers that they make worthy of promotion. This promotion may not be in more than one grade and always that the total of its promotion has already promoted. "."

(b) adding in article 40, the following final paragraph: "However, the antiquity of the junior officers may be modified to climb to second lieutenant, Lieutenant and Captain, or their equivalent in other institutions, according to the general's promotion to top grade half note and in accordance with the procedure established by each institution.".

(c) be added as the second paragraph of article 42 the following: "antiquity standing picture and seafarers between different institutions will be determined in the same way as indicated in the previous paragraph.".

((d) be added to article 54, the next letter f): "f) who must be disposed of according to the resolutions adopted by the respective selection and the appeal boards where, as a result of the ratings process established by this law.".

(e) add the following article 88 bis: "article 88 bis.-to the montepio entitled the following assigns of the deceased: in first grade, the widow or, if applicable, the widower being invalid absolute or greater than sixty-five pension or income of any kind."
In second grade, the legitimate and natural children.
In third grade, the legitimate father invalid absolute or greater than sixty-five years.
In fourth grade, the legitimate mother widow or natural, unmarried or widowed.
In fifth grade, the unmarried sisters orphans lacking their own life means equal to an equivalent sum in minimum income to a vital and half or more monthly wage of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago.
In the absence of a widow or widower entitled to montepio, happen the children; in the absence of these, the invalid father absolute or greater of 65 years; in the absence of this, the legitimate mother widow or natural, unmarried or widowed, and in the absence of this, sisters single orphan lacking their own life means equal to an equivalent sum in minimum income to a vital and medium and more monthly, salary of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago.
The assigns of grades second, third, fourth and fifth will receive their pension reduced by twenty-five percent.
If the deceased leave widow or widower entitled to montepio and children of previous marriages legitimate or natural children, the pension will be distributed among one, that one and these, in the form determined by ministerial resolution.
In pensions of montepio there will be the right to enhance.
For the purposes of this article, the legitimate mother cancelled marriage and not remarried, will be considered as widowed mother.
For single staff without children who die as a result of a specific act of service, if the legitimate father, in your case, not may enjoy montepio by not meeting the conditions laid down by the law, the legitimate mother happen even when she is married to him. In the absence of this, the orphaned unmarried brothers will happen you to twenty-one or twenty-three years if they are students, unless they show invalidity or absolute disability. In these cases the provisions shall apply in the third paragraph.
Going several people called to the same degree, pension shall be divided between them equally. However, if between these assigns any affected by a disability or inability to absolute, a special form of distribution may be established by ministerial resolution.
Personnel who die on active duty entitle their montepio assigns to receive, according to the degree of precedence before that, the salary and other remuneration that has enjoyed to date of the respective ceasefire, which will be issued immediately after awarded the montepio or, at the latest within a period of 90 days. The decision granted the montepio shall be given within a period of six months as from the date of death. "."

(f) add in article 90, as the first paragraph, the following: "article 90.-the eviction of the personnel who die on active duty will correspond to the respective pension montepio assigns and shall be calculated on the basis of the values of the scale of the forces armed, in force at the date on which issued the corresponding judgment or decree of payment.".