Modifies Laws N ° S. 18.695, 18.603 18.700, 18.556 And 18.460

Original Language Title: MODIFICA LAS LEYES N°S. 18.695, 18.603, 18.700, 18.556, y 18.460

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Article 1.-Itroducense the following amendments to the law N ° 18.695, constitutional municipalities organic: 1.-in its article 5, letter g), add the following sentence, replacing the comma (,) and the conjunction "and" end with a dot (.) followed: "Likewise, this limit does not include subsidies or contributions that the municipalities of Santiago, Providencia and Las Condes to the"Corporación Cultural de la I. municipality of Santiago" ", for the financing of cultural activities that benefit the inhabitants of these districts, and" 2.-in article 6 °, replace the end point of the second paragraph by a comma (,) and add the following sentence: "(sin perjuicio de lo dispuesto en los artículos 55, letra l) and 78, letter m).".
3.-in its article 53: to) delete the letter g);
((b) replaced by the letter m), the comma (,) and the conjunction "and" is followed, by a semicolon (;);
(((c) replaced in its letter n), point final by a conjunction "and", preceded by a comma (,), and d) add the following letter n): "n) plebiscite subject matters of local administration, pursuant to articles 82 and following.".
4.-in its article 55: to) replacements, in his letter i), the comma (,) and the conjunction 'and' that follows it, by a semicolon (;);
((b) replace, in your letter j), the end point by a semicolon (;);
(c) Agreganse the following letters: "k) grant, renew, and put an end to municipal permits, and l) ignore the process of proposal or tender for contract or execute actions with third parties, and make them or remember them directly or through private proposal, in cases and forms provided for in the letter m) of article 78.".
5. in its article 73, add in the first paragraph, then separate spot that happens to be followed, the following sentence: "Notwithstanding the incompatibility established in the second paragraph of article 50 not governed if so he finds it the Regional Development Council at the request of the Community Development Council, where they do not exist in the commune or group of communes ", in a specific area, more than three people in conditions of the respective contract."
6.-in its article 76: a) replacements, in its letter d), the comma (,) and the conjunction 'and' that follows by a semicolon (;);
((((b) replace, in its letter e), point final by a conjunction 'and' preceded by a comma (,),) and (c) add the following letter f): "f) propose to the Mayor, by an absolute majority of the advisers in exercise, the realization of a plebiscite, pointing out the issues to be submitted to the community consultation.".
7.-in its article 78: to) replacements, in its letter j), the comma (,) and the conjunction "and" is followed by a semicolon (;);
((b) replace, in your letter k), the end point by a semicolon (;);
(c) Agreganse the following lyrics: "l) granting, renewal and termination of municipal permits, and m) authorization to ignore the process of proposal or tender in procurement or execution of actions with third parties up to an amount of one hundred monthly tax units." In the case of unforeseen urgent or other serious circumstances, previously described by the Community Development Council, the authorization may be granted up to an amount of three hundred monthly tax units. In the latter case should be called a private proposal to which must attend at least three interested parties duly entered in the registers which for this purpose shall be the municipality. "."
8. Insert, after article 81, the following title, and replaced the numbering of articles 82, 83, 84, 85 and 86, which become 91,92, 89, 90 and 93, respectively: "title IV of the communal plebiscites article 82.-the Mayor, of its own initiative or at the request of communal Development Council or the neighbors, may refer to the plebiscite of local administration matters related to specific investments of communal development" , according to the procedure prescribed in the following articles.
Article 83.-Residents of a commune or group of communes duly registered on the electoral registers of the same, to 31 December of the preceding year, may apply to the Mayor the realization of a plebiscite on the subjects referred to in the preceding article. For such purposes must concur with his signature at least 20% of them, and must prove that percentage by a certificate issued by the Director of the Electoral service.
Article 84.-in cases of article 76, letter f) and of the preceding article, the Mayor will solve using Decree founded and within the period of fifteen days, if access or not to the plebiscite request. If the Mayor is not rejected within that period means that it approves it.
Article 85.-The plebiscite will be convened by Decree mayoral published in the official journal, a newspaper with the largest circulation in the commune or group of communes and also through notices in the communal headquarters and other public places.
The decree will contain the issues submitted to referendum and the fact that their result whether or not compulsory for the authority. Also designated the date thereof, which must be carried out not earlier than thirty or sixty days counted from the publication of this Decree in the official journal.
The result of those non-mandatory declared issues will only be illustrative concerning matters in consultation.
For purposes of suspend enrollment in the constituencies that correspond, the Mayor will inform previously the Director of the Electoral service the text of the issues submitted to referendum, the date of publication in the official journal of the call and its realization.
Article 86.-Not it may be called a plebiscite within the six months prior to an election of Deputies and senators or the President.
The call to national referendum or by-election of President suspends the terms of realization of communal plebiscites, until the proclamation of results by the election qualifier Tribunal.
Article 87.-The cost of communal plebiscites will be by the municipality that ordered them, which shall be responsible also for making cards and distribution of supplies to be used in the same.
Article 88-The realization of the plebiscite, in whichever is applicable, shall be governed by rules laid down in law No. 18.700, constitutional organic on popular votes and ballots. "."