Amends Act No. 18.778, That Sets Subsidy Payment Of Consumption Of Drinking Water And Wastewater Sewer Service


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"Sole article.-Introducense following amendments to the law N ° 18.778, established a subsidy payment of consumption of drinking water and wastewater sewer service: 1. Add the following final subparagraph in article 1:"Also, the subsidy may be applicable in those cases in which users register only the drinking water service."."
2. replace article 2 ° by the following: 'article 2.-the grant shall apply to fixed charges and variables corresponding to the housing beneficiaries reside permanently.
The monthly amount of the subsidy attributable to the variable charges housing may not exceed the lowest value calculated by applying the percentage of subsidy to be determined, on the following values: to) corresponding to the effective consumption variable collection.
(b) the variable payment attributable to a total monthly consumption of housing which will be defined annually for each region, as set out in article 9, and that may not be greater than 15 cubic meters.
The monthly amount of the subsidy attributable to the fixed charges housing will be established by applying these percentage of subsidy to be determined.
The percentage to subsidize over fixed fees and variable to be determined in accordance with the provisions of this article, may not be less than 40% nor exceed 75% and must be the same for the beneficiaries of a region which present a similar socio-economic level.
Modalities to determine the amounts of subsidies and socio-economic levels will be established in the regulation, which will determine the mode and the amounts of subsidies to apply in those cases in which there is no measurement of consumption or, in the case of groups of families or housing, villas or populations, they have common metered water services.
This subsidy will be compatible with any other subsidies which, according to its powers, the mayors can grant. "."
3. Add in the second article 3 paragraph, replacing the dot (.) by a comma (,), then of the phrase "appropriate resolution", the next new: "within the period of 30 days, from the date of presentation of applications.".
4 replace the second item paragraph 9 ° by the following: "during the month of December of the year prior to the respective budgetary year, by means of one or more decrees of the Ministry of finance, following a report from the Ministry of planning and cooperation and with the signature of the Minister of the Interior, and under the formula"By order of the President of the Republic", resources considered in this item shall be distributed (, wholly or partly, in funds corresponding to each region of the country, and should be fixed, in addition, the maximum total number of subsidies that may be in force over the course of the budget year in each region and the level of maximum consumption to subsidize established in (b)) item 2 °. "."
5 Intercalanse in the fifth subparagraph of article 9, then of the expression "Ministry of finance", the phrase ", following a report from the Ministry of planning and cooperation," and the word "communes" and the final dot (.) the phrase "and the level of maximum to subsidize consumption".
6 Agreganse the following new article transient continuation of the third: "(Artículo 4°.-Entre la fecha de publicación de esta ley y el 31 de diciembre de 1991 no se exigirá el requisito establecido en la letra b) of article 3 ° to apply and get the benefit."
Article 5 °-suspended until December 31, 1991 the cause of extinction of the benefit referred to in the letter to) of article 5.
Article 6 °.-Notwithstanding the provisions of point (c)) item 3 °, is empowered, until 31 December 1991, to service providers so that, on behalf of residential users, and no cost for these, they receive applications and submit them to the municipality corresponding to the address of the property in that live users. ".".