It Lays Down Rules On Reprogramming Of Debts Of The College Tax Credit


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"Article 1.-the tax credit recipients |! |" University established in the decree with force of |! | Law No. 4 of 1981, the Ministry of education, and a |! | the date of publication of the present law are debtors |! | of the Treasury of the institutions of higher education to |! | referred to in article 2 or of both, you can |! | eligible for the benefits listed below are designated, |! | (en los términos que se indican: a) due, overdue fees and to overcome, |! | prior waiver of default interest, will be |! | consolidated to December 31, 1990, establishing |! | a new balance, expressed in tax units |! | monthly, on a promissory note must be signed by the |! | debtor, at the latest, within 135 days since |! | the entry into force of this Act, the date they expire the term |! | to qualify for the benefits it provides. By the |! | period that mediate until the signing of the document |! | referred, will be suspended procedures of |! | proceedings have been initiated against the |! | debtors.
(b) the debt thus consolidated accrue an interest of the |! | 1% per annum and will be paid in 10 equal annual instalments, |! | successive and not extendable, with 31 expiration of |! | December of each year, winning the first of them |! | exceptionally, on 31 January 1992.
(c) despite the foregoing, the debtor will not be |! | forced to pay in each annuity more than 5% of the |! | income obtained in the year immediately |! | above, expressed in monthly tax units |! | for each of the months in which are |! | they realized income. For these purposes, be |! | will be considered as income of the debtor the |! | corresponding to your gross income less the |! | legal discounts.
When 5% of the income of the debtor in the year |! | former may be lower than the value of the annual fee |! | (pactada de acuerdo a lo establecido en las letras a) and |! | (b), the difference will become part of your balance |! | debtor.
Period of 10 years, and having served the |! | debtor all obligations that are payable to you in |! | under this Act, the balance will be forgiven in your |! | entirety by the only Ministry of law.
(d) if the debtor proves that their average income |! | monthly, calculated from the form that establishes the |! | (inciso primero de la letra c), is less than or equal to two |! | current monthly minimum income at December 31 |! | of the respective year, can choose between a fee |! | annual equal to 2.5 monthly tax units |! | (U.T.M.), or you increase your balance in the |! | value of the portion that was paid in the year.
However, in the event that the debtor is married |! | You must prove, in addition, to the creditor for |! | that the option indicated in paragraph as applicable |! | precedent, that their combined average income to the de |! | your spouse has been less than three minimum income |! | monthly current to December 31 of the year |! | respective. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the spouses are |! | both debtors, the aforementioned limit will rise to |! | four monthly minimum income.
The balance that may arise will be |! | forgiven in same way and opportunity than the |! | established in the final paragraph of the previous letter.
(e) at the request of the person concerned, the payment of dues |! | per year may be in two or more installments, |! | within the respective deadline. All |! | case, each bias may not be less than 0.15 |! | monthly tax units.
(f) debtors be credited by income |! | affidavit, to which will accompany the Declaration |! | income or, in their absence, salary certificate of o |! | their employers. Such income will be verified with |! | all those records that have the service |! | IRS and other agencies.
If the respective institution determined that the |! | debtor missed the truth in such a history, |! | proceed immediately to the total debt collection with |! | their respective interests, without prejudice of the |! | criminal liability for the debtor, indicating de |! | Agreement pursuant to article 210 of the code |! | Criminal.
(g) from delinquent annual fees of the |! | (deuda consolidada en conformidad a la letra a), |! | they will bear a penal interest of 1.5% per month or |! | fraction of a month is atrasase the debtor payment of |! | them.
(h) debtors who fail to comply with the payment of one of |! | annual dues will lose respect her the |! | (beneficios establecidos en las letras c) and d) |! | precedents. In this case, the total will be callable from |! | (la cuota adeudada con el recargo indicado en letra g) of |! | This article.
i) debts caused by system holders |! | College tax credit found in |! | mora to the date of entry into force of this law and to use to the |! | reprogramming that set out in this article, may be |! | request you certify this fact in order to clarify |! | the Bank or commercial background that can |! | affect them.