Amends Title Vii Of The Law 18.168, General Of Telecommunications


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Sole article.-replaced title VII of law No. 18,168, General of telecommunications, by the following: "(TITULO VII De las Infracciones y Sanciones Artículo 36.-Comete delito de acción pública: a) that operate or break out services or telecommunications facilities of free reception or broadcasting without permission of the authority concerned, and which allow that at home" , residence, dwelling, or means of transport, to operate such services or facilities. The penalty is the presidio/main in its minimum degree, fine of five-to-three hundred monthly tax units and confiscation of equipment and facilities, b) who maliciously interfere, intercept or interrupt a telecommunications service, will suffer the penalty of imprisonment in any of its degrees and the confiscation of the equipment and facilities.
Article 37.-All dealer, permit holder or holder of license of telecommunication services shall keep, in a conspicuous place within the premises of the station or at the disposal of the authority, authorized copy of the Decree, permit, or license.
The Secretary may require dealers or licensees of telecommunications services background and reports which are necessary for the performance of their duties, who are obliged to provide them. The denial unjustified to deliver the information or record requested or the misrepresentation in the information provided shall be punished with sentences of article 210 of the Penal Code, with the exception that the fine not be less than five nor more than five hundred monthly tax units.
Article 38.-This law violations not punished especially, will be penalized by court police Local corresponding to the address of the offender, prior denunciation of Deputy Minister of telecommunications, with fines to be not less than five nor more than three hundred monthly tax units. It will only be appealed, with the respective Court of appeals, the resolution that apply fines exceeding 20 monthly tax units. Appeal will be known in mind, will be added in the preferred form to the table and any suspension would not proceed in its regard.
You will be considered as distinct violation, each day the offender allow without conform to the provisions of this law or its regulations after the order and term has received from the Undersecretariat of telecommunications.
In addition, equipment and means of telecommunications transmission installed, operated, and exploited without proper authorization, will fall in comiso and must be intended for professional, industrial institutes or universities that offer education on telecommunications, ban to be used in some form of public service broadcasting.
Article 39.-The Undersecretariat of telecommunications may suspend up to 30 days the operation of a service, when contrary to technical standards of the regulatory framework referred to in article 24 of this law, provided that the observations made within the time limit set for this purpose is not corrected.
With respect to and limited television services television broadcasting services, this measure will have the character of precautionary measures, and must inform their adoption, simultaneously, accompanying background that would justify the National Television Council.
The Subscretario resolution, be claimed before the respective Court of appeals within five working days of its notification. This claim will be processed in accordance with the rules applicable to the remedy of protection, shall not be the suspension of the hearing and the Court of appeals shall decide in single instance. The filing of the appeal does not suspend the application of the measure without prejudice to the Faculty of the Court of appeals to declare otherwise.
Article 39 bis-the Undersecretariat of telecommunications may require the help of the security forces in the exercise of the audit powers granted this law. ".".