Modifies The Agricultural Development Institute Organic Law


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"(Artículo único.-Modifíca_se la Ley Orgánica deel Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario, contenida en el artículo 1° de la ley N° 18.910, en la siguiente forma: A) replaced article 2 °, by the following: 'article 2.-the agricultural development Institute will aim at promoting economic, social and technological development of small farmers and peasants, on beneficiaries ' in order to contribute to raise its capacity business, organizational, and commercial, their integration into the process of rural development and at the same time optimize the use of productive resources. "."
(B) replace article 3 ° as follows: "(Artículo 3°.-Para el logro de los objetivos señalados, el Instituto podrá desarrollar, especialmente, las siguientes funciones: 1) grant credit assistance to their beneficiaries, and can this extend to the financing of the necessary link, in coordination with the competent public bodies, for the construction and improvement of rural housing and basic services."
(2) providing credit assistance to organizations of their beneficiaries, with legal personality, that develop programs or activities that involve direct benefit to rural areas.
(3) provide technical assistance and training to its beneficiaries, both productive aspects and all the which constitute its own objectives.
For this purpose, will administer grants or credit lines intended to directly hire these services in the private sector, and may grant them the Institute, in subsidiary form, whether free or onerous.
(4) formulate, coordinate and implement programmes of rural development or provide credit and technical assistance in the formulation or implementation of such programmes and, especially, in regards the improvement of marketing channels, access to inputs or industrialization. Such programs may include joint actions with persons, natural or legal, public or private.
(5) grant subsidies law available for productive purposes, rural development projects or to meet emergency situations in the rural sector.
(6) carry out the functions of regulation of indigenous property, in compliance with law N ° 17.729 and Decree Law N ° 2.568, 1979.
(7) execute all acts and celebrate all the necessary conventions for the fulfilment of its objectives and functions and others specified in the laws.
The granting of credits and subsidies, rural development and credit assistance programs, as well as any other benefit granted the Institute to natural, legal persons or communities, you must be granted on the basis of objective parameters previously regulated, except in emergency situations. All potential beneficiaries of the Institute will have access to this information. "."
C Reemplazanse the letters e), h) e i) of article 5, by the following: "e) grant contributions, subsidies or grants authorized by the law.
(h) hold all sorts of conventions with natural or legal persons, in public or private law, domestic or foreign, to execute actions of support to the functions of the Institute, develop programmes of work within those functions and perform technical studies or feasibility that relate to their aims and objectives.
(i) to manage the assets and resources of the service.
Manage, in addition, goods and moneys arising from the conventions that celebrate the Institute, by applying them to the fulfillment of the specific programmes of these conventions.
Such goods and moneys will be assigned to the corresponding program and not enter the heritage of the Institute, except that in the respective agreement so any stipulated. "."
(D) Reemplazanse, in the first paragraph of article 8, the words "will be adjustable in accordance with the law N ° 18.010', 'shall be governed by the rules laid down in law No. 18.010'.
(E) be replaced subparagraph first of article 10, by the following: "article 10.-the returns filed by the National Director of the obligations in favour of the Institute for agricultural development, coming from loans that have been made enforceable, shall have executive merit." National Director may delegate this function to officials of the same Institute. "."
(F) Insert, in article 13, between the definitions of "small agricultural producer" and "basic hectare of irrigation", as follows: "peasant: the person who lives and works regularly in the field, whose incomes mainly come from activity silvoagropecuaria carried out personally, anyone who is the legal quality of that done it, provided that economic conditions are not greater than the from a small agricultural producer" , and the people who make your family. "."
(G) add the following article 15, new: "article 15-National Director of the Institute for agricultural development will be advised by a National Council." In addition, the regional directors will be by regional councils.
Designated councils issued reports and will attend consultations on sectoral public policies and their implementation, respectively, at the request of the National Director and regional directors.
The National Council will be composed by:-three representatives of the Ministry of agriculture, who must belong, one to the Office of studies and agricultural policies, another to the agricultural and livestock service and a third to the Institute of agricultural research;
-A representative of the Ministry of planning and cooperation;
-A representative of the Association of engineers, agronomists and other Veterinary Medical Association;
-A representative of the Association of exporters of Chile;
-A representative of the Social development of the Rural Sector, and Corporation - five representatives of organizations of small farmers and peasants with legal personality, at the national level, appointed by them.
The regional councils will be integrated by:-the Secretary Regional Ministerial of agriculture;
-Regional Secretary of planning and co-operation, and - five representatives of organizations of small farmers and peasants with legal personality, elected by their bases with at least one representative per province.
The Organization and functioning of the Councils are governed by regulations set by Supreme Decree of the Ministry of agriculture.
The National Council and regional councils are will form within a period of one year from the publication of this law. "."