Amends Act No. 18.700, Constitutional Organic On Popular Votes And Ballots


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"(Artículo único.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones a la ley N° 18.700, Orgánica Constitucional sobre Votaciones Populares y Escrutinios: 1) replaced the N ° 6) of the second paragraph of article 54, by the following:" 6) (receiving, as soon complete each poll table, forms of minutes concerning the N ° 7) Article 71. "" "As soon as you receive them, will give one of them the official pointing article 175 bis, and another, to the Secretary of the Electoral Board, who shall forward it to the Electoral service, and".
((2) replace, at N ° 15) of the second paragraph of article 55, the word "Two", the expression "Three".
3) Reemplazanse, at N ° 7) of article 71, the expressions "a bill with the result, signed by the members of the Bureau. Copy of the minutes shall be fixed in a visible place of the table, and ", the phrase"two copies of the minutes with the result, signed by the members of the Bureau. " "The third copy, also signed, shall be fixed in a visible place of the table, and".
(4) Insert the following article, then the 175: "Article 175 bis.-in order to keep informed the public of the development of any election or plebiscite, the Ministry of the Interior will issue partial newsletters containing information with regard to the fitting of the tables of voting and the situation of public order, as also on the results that are taking place , where tables will be crowned its process of scrutiny.
For these purposes, provincial governors be credited, in each local voting, before the respective delegate of the Board of elections, an official of the Civil Administration of the State, which will only be responsible for the relevant information of him and send it to the Ministry of the Interior in the form determined by this. For the proper performance of this official, municipalities should enable you, in each local voting, from the third day prior to the election or plebiscite, an enclosure equipped with electrical installation.
Partial newsletters to learn about the Ministry of the Interior during the election or plebiscite process, and the end that emits at the end, and they tell relationship with results, will have informational purposes and shall not constitute canvassing for legal effect any. ".".
Having complied with provisions of the N ° 1 ° of the article 82 of the Constitution politics in the Republic, and by how much I had to approve it and punish it; therefore promulgated and put into effect as a law of the Republic.