Establishes Rules Relating To Industrial Development Of Species Horse Mackerel And Modifies Law-General Of Fisheries And Aquaculture


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"Article 1.-persons with authorization effective September 6, 1991, for industrial processing of the species hydrobiological called mackerel (Trachurus Murphyi) in the item reduction in the VIII region of the country, which meet the requirements that are established in this law, may enter new ships to the fishing areas of the regions V to VII and IX" in order to remove the aforementioned species, if they require it to complete the supply of raw material from its plants in Region VIII.
Can only impetrar the recognition of this right, the staff who request it to the Undersecretariat for fisheries formal request filed with the office of parts in Valparaíso, within 30 days calendar days from the date of publication of this law in the official journal and that also meet the following requirements: 1. plants include new full-line processing for horse mackerel in the reduction area and have been in the process of effective construction during the 90 days following the date of entry into force of the General Law of fisheries and aquaculture, i.e., on 6 September 1991, and to date impetrar the benefit of this law are completed or to their material progress status establish that they will be completed on December 31, 1993.
It should be understood as new complete line production, to industrial plants for reduction made up at least of storage tanks of raw material and the machinery and equipment corresponding to the basic operations of cooked, pressing, drying and grinding, as well as equipment for treatment of fluids, all of which are incorporated into the process of elaboration of a productive unit forming a line of process involving additional production capacity.
It is understood as a process of building effective, to the set of activities to realize the industrial project of reduction that includes in addition to the preparation of the land, buildings and physical installation of the machinery and equipment corresponding to the new full line of development.
2 that you require additional fleet to complete the supply of such elaborate plants, according to the capacity of processing, certified by the Director of the national fisheries service.
3 that attached to your request certificate granted by the Director of the national service of fishing that certifies the following: to) the capacity of commodity processing raw material per hour of the new lines complete processing that have been in the process of building effective 90 days later on September 6, 1991 and the description of the existing and planned equipment for these purposes.
(b) the processing capacity total reduction in tons of matter plant raw material per hour, including complete new lines of production.
(c) the list of vessels that have supplied the raw material plant during the years 1991 and 1992, indicating the name of the holder of the authorization and the owner of the ship.
((d) the vessels authorized to operate in the article fishery unit 1 ° transitional, letter d the petitioner), of Supreme Decree No. 430, 1991, the Ministry of economy, development and reconstruction, which still does not begin to operate.
When the ships that supply the plant are holders other than one who invokes the right to enter new fleet, should be established if they are authorized to related persons have an equity sharing with who requested impetrar law, can the national fisheries service required for such purposes, documents, instruments, and information that it deems necessary.