Modifies Provisions That Indicates The Code Of Civil Procedure, Penal And Procedure Organic Of Courts, With Regard To The View Of The Causes, The Relationship And The Allegations Of The Same


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"(Artículo 1°.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones ael Código de Procedimiento Civil: 1.-En el artículo 165: a) replace the N ° 3 ° by the following:"3 °. " By death sponsoring lawyer, Attorney or litigant who manage itself in the lawsuit.
In these cases, the hearing will be suspended for 15 days from notification to the sponsored or buyer of the death of the lawyer or Attorney, or from the death of the litigant who was acting by itself, where appropriate; "."
(b) delete, in N ° 4, the expression "legitimate".
(c) replace the third paragraph of the N ° 5 ° by the following: "the writing is requested the suspension must be presented to the twelve hours of the working day preceding the relevant audience. The application deadline will be rejected flat. The single submission of written extinguished the right to suspension even if the cause is not for any other reason. This writing will pay a special tax of average monthly tax unit and in the courts of appeals of a quarter of monthly tax unit in the Supreme Court and will be paid in stamp tax attorney that will stick in the respective letter. "."
2 Replace in article 200 "three days" for "five days".
3 Reemplazanse the second and third subparagraphs of article 222 by the following: "causes that order processing, the suspended and that for any reason shall not see, will be announced at the table before starting the relationship of the other. Also on that occasion should be noted those causes that will not be at the hearing, for lack of time. The audience will be extended, if necessary, until you see the last causes remaining on the table. "."
4. replace article 223, by the following: ' article 223-the hearing will begin with the relationship, which will take place in the presence of lawyers of the parties that have assisted and have announced to claim. " You will not be allowed entry into the room of lawyers once started the relationship. Ministers can, during the relationship, ask questions or make comments to the rapporteur, that in no case can be considered as grounds of inability.
Concluded the relationship, will be to listen, in open court, the allegations of lawyers who have been announced. First said the lawyer of the appellant and followed the appellee's. If there are several appellants, will talk about the lawyers in the order in which they may have filed appeals. If there are several the respondents, lawyers will take part in the alphabetical order of those.
Lawyers shall have the right to correct errors in fact observed in the allegation of the opposite, at the end of this one, unless it is allowed to replicate with regard to points of law.
The duration of the allegations of each lawyer shall be limited to half an hour. The Court, at the request of the person concerned, may extend the deadline for the time deemed appropriate.
During the allegations, the President of the Chamber may invite lawyers to extend its considerations to any point of fact or law in the process, but this invitation shall be without prejudice to advocate freedom for the development of their exposure. After completing the allegations, and before adjourning the hearing, may also ask that they require certain points in fact or in law that deems important.
At the end of the hearing, lawyers can leave a bill of their arguments to the tribunal.
The rapporteur will give account to the room of lawyers who had requested allegations or had announced to claim and not concurring to the respective audience to hear the relationship or making the allegation. The Chairman of the Board will hear the person concerned, and, if it finds merit to sanction him, charged a fine of not less than one nor more than five monthly tax units, which will be doubled in the event of repetition of the failure within a calendar year. The sanctioned not may claim before that same court while not certifying the Secretary, in the corresponding record, which has been paid the fine imposed. "."