Amends Act No. 18.778 On Subsidy Payment Of Consumption Of Drinking Water And Wastewater Sewer Service


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Of article 2, second subparagraph by the following: "b) the variable payment attributable to a total monthly consumption of housing that will be defined annually for beneficiaries in a region that are subject to the same maximum rates and present" a similar socio-economic level, according to the provisions of article 9, and that it may not be greater than 20 cubic meters. "."
2. replace the fourth subparagraph of article 2 °, with the following: "the percentage to subsidize over fixed fees and variable that is determined in accordance with the provisions of this article, may not be less than 25% or exceed 85% and must be the same for the beneficiaries of the same region that are subject to the same maximum rates and present a similar socioeconomic level.".
3 Add the following second paragraph to article 4, passing the current second paragraph to be third paragraph: "rural systems for drinking water, as long as they do not comply with the requirements of the second paragraph of article 5 of the decree with force of law No. 382 of 1989 of the Ministry of public works, the municipality may make payments subsidies to the administrator of such systems. The administrator is obliged to render account to the municipality and to the beneficiaries at least once every six months, with regard to the allocation and use of subsidies granted. "."
4 Replace paragraph fourth of article 9, the phrase that happens to the expressions "each commune," with the following: "90% of the amount actually used in the last financial year.".
5 insert the following new article 10: "article 10.-in the case of investment in rural water systems, may be granted an allowance intended to cover the difference between their costs and the amount of financeable by users according to their ability to pay." The above, without prejudice to the contributions that may be granted for investment in such systems by application of other legal provisions.
These subsidies will be paid from the resources that are consulted in the law of budgets for the Ministry of public works, which will be allocated at the regional level through one or more decrees issued by the said Secretary of State with the formula "by order of the President of the Republic" and must be countersigned by the Ministry of finance.
It will be up to the respective Regional Government resolve the distribution of resources between rural drinking water systems specific which comply with the eligibility criteria laid down in the regulation. "."
6 Add the following new article 11.
"Article 11.-empowering the President of the Republic so that, within a period of one year, counted from the date of publication of the present law, a legal body that meets standards of law N ° 18.778, article 3 of the law N ° 18.899, N ° 19.059 and those of this law which sets subsidy payment of consumption of potable water and sewerage and wastewater service it is handed down." In the exercise of this right, the President of the Republic may recast, coordinate and systematize the provisions of the related laws, include the precepts legal that them have modified or interpreted, meet directly and substantially related provisions that are dispersed, formal changes either in terms of writing, titling, location of precepts and others of a similar nature , but only to the extent that are indispensable for coordination and systematization.
It will also have all the necessary powers for the full implementation of the previously stated objectives, but them not be imported, under any circumstances, the alteration of the true meaning and scope of the legal provisions in force. "."
7 Add the following new article 12: "(Artículo 12.-No obstante lo dispuesto en la letra c) of article 3 and in article 6 transitional, empowers the service providers so that, on behalf of residential users and no cost for these, receive applications and submit them to the municipality corresponding to the address of the property in that live users.".