Introduces Modifications To The Act No. 19.366, That Penalizes The Illicit Traffic In Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substances, And The Article 83 Of The Code Of Criminal Procedure


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"Article 1-Introducense the following modifications in the Act No. 19.366, which penalizes the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, dictates and modifies various legal provisions and repeals law N ° 18,403: 1." Replaced by the third paragraph of article 14, the reference to the letter "b"), on the other hand to the letter "d").
2 disposed of in the letter a) of the third subparagraph of article 16, the final conjunction "and" replacing the comma (,) that precedes it by a semicolon (;), and replaced, in the letter b) of the same subsection, the final dot (.) by a semicolon (;).
((3 Agreganse in the third paragraph of article 16, below the letter b), the following letters c) and (d)): "c) pick up and seize the documentation and the necessary evidentiary background for the investigation of the facts, should appear serious indications that this diligence shall be the discovery or check some fact or circumstance important to that."
This measure can only be entrusted to a lawyer official of the Council of Defense of the State, which will lift Act that will express the place where it is practised, the name of the persons involved, the incidents, time in that he has started working and one that concludes, the relationship of the registry in the order that has been made and an inventory of objects collected. Copy of said Act and the respective resolution, with an indication of the Court which issued it, will be delivered to the person who has been collected or seized documentation, and d) require the delivery of records, or copies of documents on bank accounts, deposits or other transactions that are subject to secret or reserve, natural or legal persons, or communities they are under investigation, and the banks, other entities and natural persons that are authorized or empowered to operate in financial, securities and insurance and exchange rate, markets provide them in the shortest time. "."
4 replacements the first two sentences of the fourth paragraph of article 16: "shall crime inside judge whose jurisdictional territory is domiciled the State Defence Council, previously authorize the practice of the proceedings referred to in the preceding paragraph. The Court shall brief and summarily, without hearing or intervention of third parties", by the following:"shall be the Minister of the Court of appeals of Santiago, the President of the court designated by lot in the Act of making the request, authorize previously the practice of the proceedings referred to in the preceding paragraph. The Minister will solve immediately, without a hearing or intervention of third parties".
5 be replaced with the fifth paragraph of article 16, the following: "the resolutions referred to in the third paragraph it will be since they are handed down, without any notice, it háya be or not interposed resource against." The affected shall have the right to appeal within five days of the date which has given knowledge of it. Trying to be as established in point (c)), the copy of the resolution referred to in such standard and this period will be since it was returned to the Act. The appeal will be known and will fail in the same way established in the preceding paragraph. "."
6. Insert, in the sixth paragraph of the same article 16, between the expressions "which refers to" and "this article", the phrase "the third paragraph of" and removed the phrase "authorized court,".
7 Add the following second paragraph to article 21: "he shall be punished with the same punishment to which, by reason of his position or the role that plays, take knowledge from one of the circumstances referred to in article 12 and, for the benefit of any nature, omits to report it to the appropriate authority; it conceals, alterare or man defile any evidence of it or of its participants. "."
8. replace, in the first paragraph of article 48, the expression "Central Cabinet of" with the words "registration service Civil e".
9 delete, in the first paragraph of article 51, the sentence ", except that in the case of a right that concerns directly to the official, his spouse or relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity and persons linked to it for adoption".
10 Add, in article 51, the following new second subsection: "does not apply the prohibition provided for in the foregoing paragraph to lawyers who serve as officers of corporations of Judicial assistance, the contracted by them and always they do not exercise any of the functions referred to in that subsection, and graduates of the faculties of law who are doing free practice required to obtain the title of lawyer , when the respective Corporation deal them intervene in defence of natural beneficiaries of legal aid in those qualities. "."