Introduces Modifications To The Decree Law No. 3,500 Of 1980, And Dictate Rules Relating To Old-Age Pensions, Whereas The Performance Of Heavy Duty


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"Article 1-Introducense the following amendments to the Decree Law No. 3,500, 1980: 1-Add the following article 17 bis:"article 17 bis.-without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding article, members who perform heavy work should, in addition, made on account of individual capitalization, a contribution the amount of which shall be determined as provided in the following subsections. "
At the same time, employers who hire workers to carry out heavy work must find in the respective individual capitalization accounts a contribution whose amount shall be equal to the price referred to in the preceding paragraph.
For the purposes of this article means that they are heavy duty those which accelerates the physical, intellectual or psychic wear on most of those who are made by causing premature aging, even when they do not generate an occupational disease.
The National Ergonomics Commission shall determine work which, by its nature and conditions that develop, are of the nature of heavy work.
The aforementioned Commission shall deal with the Executive through the Undersecretary of Social Welfare.
The contribution referred to in the preceding first subparagraph, shall be equal to 2% of taxable remuneration, according to the terms that, for this concept, laid down in articles 14 and 16 of this decree-law.
However, national ergonomics Commission to describe a task as heavy duty, may reduce the contribution and the contribution set out in this article, fixing them by 1%, respectively.
In its determination, the National Ergonomics Commission will consider the lower relative wear heavy work.
Contributions and contributions referred to in this article must be made in relation to taxable compensation payable from the first day of the month following that in which is enforceable the respective resolution of the National Ergonomics Committee.
Shall not make contributions and contributions referred to in this article, during the periods in which the worker is enjoyment of medical license. "."
2. Add in article 20, between the figures "17" and "18", the figure "17 bis".
3 insert in article 68, the current second paragraph and the third subsection, which happens to be, the following paragraph: "also may retirement before reaching the age established in article 3, members who without ceding their rights on the bond of recognition and its complement, if appropriate, to the programmed retirement mode, comply with the following requirements (((: a) obtain a pension whose amount conforms to the provisions of the letters a) and b) of the first subparagraph of this article. For the calculation of the pension will be used effective individual capitalization account balance over the value of the bond of recognition and its complement, if appropriate, updated to the date of application of the pension and the rate of update the Banking Superintendent from managers of funds of pensions, and b) have enough individual capitalization account balance to pay for the resulting pension once the calculation (said in the letter to) above until she reaches age recognition bonus is made enforceable, that is, higher or equal to the flow of pension that will be paid up to date with a fixed interest rate to be determined in a way that set the rules. "."
4. Add at the end of the current third subparagraph of article 68, the following sentence, replacing point apart (..) with a comma (,): "unless pensionen in accordance with article 68 bis.".
5 Add the following article 68 bis: "article 68 bis.-Members who play or have played work classified as heavy and do not comply with the requirements set out in subsection first of the preceding article, may obtain a reduction of the legal age for retirement for old age, from two years to five that have made the contribution of 2% referred to in article 17 bis with a maximum of ten years and always that the entitlement to pension have a total of twenty years of contributions or Computable services in any of the social security systems, and according to the rules of the regime which corresponds. This rebate will be one year for five, with a maximum of five years, if the contribution referred to in article 17 bis, had been reduced to one percent. Fractions of five-year periods in which contributions concerned samples have been taken shall be entitled to lowering the age in proportion to the time which has been made respective contributions. "."