Amends Act No. 19.418 Of Neighborhood And Other Community Organizations


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"(Artículo 1°.-Introdúcense las siguientes modificaciones a la ley N° 19.418, que establece normas sobre Juntas de Vecinos y demás Organizaciones Comunitarias: 1.-Reempláza_se la letra d) of article 2 with the following:" d) functional community organization: one with legal personality and non-profit, which is to represent and promote values and specific interests of the community within the territory of the commune or group of communes respective. "."
2. merge, in the second paragraph of article 5, then of the separate point, it passes to be followed, the following final sentence: "Also, statutes not may contain rules that determine the incorporation to the approval or sponsorship of people or institutions.".
3. Add, below in article 5, the following article 5 bis: "article 5 bis.-for the purposes of this Act, municipalities will be a public register, in which the boards of neighbors and other community organizations that are constituyeren in their territory, shall be entered as well as municipal unions that they agree. This register should include the Constitution, statutory modifications and the dissolution of the same.
Similarly, municipalities shall keep a public record policy meetings of neighbors, of the communal union of neighbors and other community-based organizations together, as, also, of the location of their headquarters or operating places.
It is the obligation of municipalities to keep copy updated and approved annually from the registry referred to in article 15.
The municipality shall provide, to those who request it, certified copy of the statutes, of the inscriptions and other annotations practiced in public organizations and policy records referred to in this article, that will be cost of the applicant. "."
4. replace in the second paragraph of article 6, the figure "40" by "38 bis".
5. merge in the third subparagraph of article 7 the following final sentence: "unfounded breach of this obligation by the Clerk shall be deemed serious.".
6.-amending article 11 of the following way: to) be replaced by a period (.), the comma (,) and the conjunction "and" that ends the second subparagraph of point (c)); and replace the final paragraph of point d) by a comma (,) followed by the conjunction "and".
((b) replace the final paragraph by the following letter e), new: "e) propose censure any of the Board members, in accordance with provisions in the letter d) article 24.".
7. delete article 12.
(8 included in the letter c) article 14, as a closing prayer, the current final paragraph; and incorporate the following final new subsection: "the exclusion will require the prior hearing of the affected to receive their disclaimers. If the date of the extraordinary Assembly the affected person has not appeared or has not formulated its disclaimers, being formally summoned to do so, the Assembly can act in any case. "."
9 joining the following final sentence article 16, replacing the final dot (.) with a comma (,): "which in any case may not lower than the minimum ratio established in the second paragraph of article 6.".
10.-incorporated in article 18 a letter f), new, passing the current letter f) to be g), and so on, read as follows: "(f)) the call for elections and the electoral Commission nomination;".
11.-added in the letter to) article 20, replacing the semicolon (;) by a followed dot (.), the following final sentence: "this requirement shall not be enforceable with respect to the directory of youth organisations;".
(Replaced 12 in) (d) of the second paragraph of article 22, the adverb "former" by "precedent".
13.-replaced the lyrics to) of the second paragraph of article 23 with the following: "to) require the President by at least two of its members, the summons to the extraordinary general Assembly;".
14 included, in the second paragraph of article 24, the following final sentence, replacing the dot (.) with a comma (,): "as also of the rights established in article 11.".
15 Suprimense, in the second paragraph of article 25, "Constitutional organic" expressions.
16. delete the second paragraph of article 26.
17. merge the following article 26 bis: "article 26 bis.-to apply to the granting of subsidies and other fiscal or municipal contributions joints neighbors and other community-based organizations must submit a project containing the objectives, justification and cost of the activities.
For the formalization of the granting of the subsidy or contribution, the municipality and the beneficiary organization companies must sign a Convention where is established the modality and amount to assign runtime, the detail of the expenses form that will surrender the same account. In the event that the financing of the project involved contributions from the community, these must be documented prior to the conclusion of the Convention.
All action of authority that means an arbitrary discrimination with regard to the allocations referred to in the letter f) article 26 shall be subject to the action of claim contained in article 136 of the law N ° 18.695, constitutional municipalities. "."
18.-amending article 27 of the following way: to) replace paragraph first the phrase "count with" by the expression "access to".
((b) Introducense the following modifications to the second paragraph: i) replaced the followed period (.) that concludes the first sentence by a comma (,) and then add the following sentence: "ensuring that their use is open to all community organizations existing in that territory.".
(ii) replace, then followed dot (.), the word "Also" by the words "in any case".
19 included in subsection first article 31, then the separate dot (.) which happens to be followed, the following final sentence: "the breach of this obligation will be causal censorship for the entire organization directory.".
20 merge, then from article 38, the following article 38 bis: "(Artículo 38 bis.-Para constituir una junta de vecinos se requerirá en cada unidad vecinal la voluntad conforme deel siguiente número de vecinos residentes en ella: a) fifty neighbors in communities or groups of communities of up to ten thousand inhabitants;"
(b) one hundred neighbors in communities or groups of communes of more than ten thousand and up to thirty thousand inhabitants;
((c) one hundred fifty residents in communities or groups of communes of more than thirty thousand and up to one hundred thousand inhabitants, and d) two hundred neighbors in communities or groups of communes of over one hundred thousand inhabitants.
The fulfilment of the requirement laid down in the preceding subparagraph shall not be payable to constitute a Board of neighbors in towns away from the respective communal headquarters, if they have a number of people less than the minimum required to constitute a Board of neighbors. By resolution mayoral will be established the origin of the exemption from this requirement and without prejudice as contemplated in article 6. In these locations the existence of a neighborhood Council may only be authorised.
For the purposes of this article, each municipality shall request the National Institute of statistics, Census background. "."
21.-Introducense the following modifications in the N ° 2 of article 41: a) insert in the letter to), then the word "poverty" phrase "or are unemployed", and b) add the following letter e), new: "e) serve as a link with the employment offices in the commune, in relation to the requirements of the profit of the population sectors.".
22 replacements in article 42, the expressions "letter b)" by "letter d)" 23.-Add the following third subparagraph to article 46: "not be denied the right to participate in the respective communal union to any legally constituted Board of neighbors. Each neighborhood Council can only belong to a communal union. "."
24 entered, then article 46, the following article 46 bis, new: "article 46 bis.-constitute a communal union will require holding an assembly you must attend representatives of, at least, thirty percent of boards of neighbors that exist in the respective commune.
The call to the concerned Assembly must be carried out by the Mayor of the commune, at the request of any of the boards of neighbors of this territorial scope, within the thirty days following the date of the request.
Each neighborhood Council shall be entitled to be represented by its President, its Secretary and Treasurer in the constituent Assembly and in ordinary and extraordinary sessions that hold communal union.
Communal union must provide ID card identification that certifies the quality of leader to the members of the Board of joints of neighbors that comprise and the members of its own Board. "."
25 replaced the second paragraph of article 47 by the following: "the directory of the communal union elections, each neighborhood Council representative shall have the right to vote for a single candidate. Elected who, in a same and unique vote, obtain the first five majority, resolved by drawing the ties will be.
At the constituent meeting elected shall elect among themselves the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and director of the organization. At the same time will elect the Supervisory Committee of finance, in accordance with the second paragraph of article 31 of this law. "."
26.-Introducense the following amendments to article 50: a) replaced the term "thirty" by "twenty", and b) add the following new second subsection: "the provisions of articles 46, 46 bis, 47 and 48 shall apply to communal marriages of functional community organizations.".
27 be replaced with article 51 the following: ' article 51.-corresponds to each municipal union President his judicial and extrajudicial representation. "
Titles III and IV standards and the provisions of articles 22, 23 and 24 of this law shall apply to communal marriages. "."