Set Allowances And Bonuses Which Pra Staff In The Sector Health


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"Article 1.-set, counting from 1 of January of 1997, for plant personnel and contract health services referred the Decree Law Nº 2.763, from 1979, and law Nº 19.414, governed by law No. 18.834 and Decree Law Nº 249, 1974, excluding the health Metropolitan of the environment service" (, an allocation of stimulus by experience and performance officer, which shall be governed by the rules passed to express: to) the allocation will be determined by applying the percentages that are later pointed to the monthly sum of the base pay of the degree in which is hired or appointed official, more allocation of article 17 of law No. 19.185 , article 19 of the same law professional assignment and allocation of superior responsibility granted by the Decree Law No. 1770, 1977.
(b) the allocation shall be equal to the following percentages will be applied on the universe of officers qualified in list 1, distinction, or in list 2, good for every three years of effective service completed at 31 December of the year prior to his concession, as |! | (plant or to contract the services of health, or its legal predecessors, with a maximum of 30 years: i) 3.25% for civil servants belonging to the 33% better evaluated from each plant.
(ii) 2% for officials who follow the previous ones, in descending order of evaluation, up to 67%.
(iii) 1.25% for officials who follow the previous ones, in descending order of evaluation, up to 100%.
(c) for these effects, the result of scores which have obtained the officials, separately in each of together rating agencies that exist in each health service and in accordance with the provisions of law No. 18.834, during qualifying of the year immediately prior to the payment of the benefit shall be considered.
(d) in case of producing tie in scores of qualification between officials of a single plant, and when this prevents to determine what percentage of the benefit corresponds to each employee, each Board rating will settle such ties. A regulation, approved by Supreme Decree of the Ministry of health, which must also be signed by the Minister of finance, shall determine the procedures and criteria which should observe meetings for these purposes.
(e) officials who have been qualified in list 3, conditional, or list 4, elimination, and that not have been qualified for any reason during the corresponding period, except when this last is due to the exercise of the right to maternity leave to rest, is not entitled to the benefit. Still, the top chiefs of health services shall be entitled to receive the assignment according to the number i) of the letter b) preceding and members of Central rating boards may choose to perceive the benefit according to the number ii) of that letter, or, in the case that have been qualified in the period immediately before the payment of the benefit subject to the General rules of this article in accordance with the score obtained in the qualification. |!|
Shall be considered delegates of personnel before the boards and directors of associations of officials for these purposes your previous rating, unless they request to be qualified in accordance with the provisions in the second paragraph of article 29 of law No. 18.834 or the third paragraph of article 25 of Act No. 19.296.
(f) officials with the right to receive the benefit that may be punished with any of the disciplinary measures referred to in article 116 of the law No. 18.834, shall be exempt from the payment of the allocation to tell about the application of the penalty and for the period remaining to complete the respective annual period.
(g) official who for any other reason or rise change grade subsequent to the tuning of the qualifying process, will receive the allocation in relation to remuneration was receiving on the charge that he was qualified, without prejudice to the legal adjustments of remuneration that may apply to you.
(h) the assignment will be paid to the staff in service at the date of payment in four installments, in the months of March, June, September and December of each year. The amount to be paid on each share will be equivalent to the value accumulated in the respective quarter as a result of the monthly application of the percentages referred to in point (b)) precedent. Not entitled to the payment of the respective officials who have Unexcused absences in the previous quarter to the month in which corresponds to pay it, pursuant to article 66 of the Statute of the administrative.