Modifies Provisions That Indicates The General Fisheries And Aquaculture Law


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(Replacements paragraphs first, second and third of (d)) of article 48, by the following: "d) a regime known as"Areas of management and exploitation of resources benthic"" shall be eligible to legally constituted organizations of artisanal fishermen.

These areas will be given by resolution of the service, upon approval by the Secretariat for project management and exploitation of the area requested, through an agreement of use up to four years, renewable subject to the same procedure. For these purposes, the service asked the destination corresponding to the Ministry of national defense. Rights emanating resolution enabling the organization or institution for the use of this management area may not alienate, leased or constitute its respect other rights for the benefit of third parties.

Management and exploitation areas shall be subject to the measures of administration of the hydrobiological resources set forth in paragraph 1 of part II, as they also points to this article.

The project management and exploitation may include aquaculture activities, provided that they do not affect the natural species of the area, and comply with the rules laid down for that purpose in the respective regulations.

In the event that two or more organizations of fishermen or applying for access to the same area of management that there is overlap and all comply with the requirements of the regulation, you should prefer to which is in the place closest to the concerned area; If there is more than one at the same place, it will benefit to which gather the largest number of partners and, if equality persists, will prefer the oldest.

Artisanal fishermen's organizations may request replacement of the resolution of allocation of the Secretary, within thirty days of its communication, without prejudice to the remedies provided in article 9 of law No. 18.575.

The Secretary, within thirty days of its submission, must resolve founded this replacement.

Organizations of fishermen which deliver a management area, shall pay annually in the month of March of each year, a unique patent management area, profit tax, equivalent to a monthly tax unit per hectare or fraction. However, regarding that part of the management area that is authorized by aquaculture activities, will pay two monthly tax units per hectare or fraction. Payment of this patent shall remain in force from the date corresponding to the first renewal of the agreement of use. "."

(B) deleting the final sentence of the fifth paragraph of article 67, that says: "(con excepción de aquellas que sean destinadas a lo señalado en la letra d) of article 48 of the title IV", and the comma (,) that precedes it.

C replacements letters b), c) and (d)) of article 144, by the following: "b) not pay patent required by article 48.

(c) have been convicted of one or more of the members of the Organization the crime covered by article 137, without that it has taken, within thirty days following the date that the ruling was final measures to expel from the entity to the o to the offenders.

d) be recidivist one or more members of the Organization in the infringements referred to in point (b)) of article 110 and article 112. ".".