Modifies The Law Nº 18.290, Law Of Transit With Regard To Obtaining Driver's Licenses


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"Article 1.-Introducense the following amendments to law No. 18.290: 1." Insert, in article 2, between the definitions of "Guarda-cruzada" and "Intersection", as follows: "-certification: procedure whereby it certifies that a model of motor vehicle satisfies standards technical force issued by the Ministry of transport and telecommunications;".

2. Add, in article 4, the following final sentence: "In addition, they monitor compliance with the rules on working time of drivers of vehicles intended for the public service of passengers or cargo, contained in the labour code, and denounce its non-compliance with the Court of the corresponding work.".

3 added in article 5, the following new third subsection: "Is excepted from the requirement established in subsection first this article students in practice schools of drivers who, accompanied by an instructor enabled, do so in school vehicles.".

4 Introducense in article 6, the following modifications: a) Insert, in the first paragraph, then of the words "or animal traction", the following sentence: "unless the exception in the previous article,".

(b) add the following new second subsection: "Also, for motor vehicles, must carry and deliver the existing certificate of a compulsory insurance of accidents, which must be returned, always and in the Act, the driver.".

5 replace the second paragraph of article 7 th by the following: "If you sorprendiere driving a vehicle does not carry the documents referred to in the previous article, police who may withdraw the road vehicle to be placed at the disposal of the competent court, for the application of the penalties that apply. If before shipping the part to the respective court, what will not happen but after forty-eight hours, driver credited before police possess adequate and current documentation, the vehicle will be returned to him, studying the corresponding violation. "."

6 replace, in paragraph first of article 8, the phrase "the corresponding documentation to lead", with the following: "a license in force to drive the class of vehicle concerned".

7. delete subparagraph first of article 10.

8 article 12, replaced by the following: ' article 12.-There will be professional driver license, class; " non-professionals, class B and C; Special, and class D, E and F.

CLASS A - license Professional enables to drive vehicles transporting passengers, freight vehicles, ambulances and carrobombas, and can be of the following types:-for the transport of persons: class a-1: to drive taxis and vehicles paid school not included in the class A-2 and A-3.

Class A-2: to either drive taxis, ambulances and vehicles motor of public and private transport of people with capacity of ten to seventeen seats.

Class A-3: to either drive taxis, ambulances or cars motorized transport public and private non-limitation of seating capacity.

-For the transport of cargo: class A-4: to conduct simple vehicles intended for the carriage of freight whose vehicle gross weight exceeding 3,500 kg or carrobombas.

Class A-5: driving carrobombas or all types of motorized, single or articulated, vehicles intended for the carriage of freight whose vehicle gross weight exceeding 3,500 kg within these classes, there can exist specialties, due to the type or class of vehicle to drive, type of material to be transported, climatic and geographic conditions of the terrain, etc. These specialties will be determined by the Ministry of transport and telecommunications by established Supreme Decree. Specialty will be credited with the certificate, issued by a school for drivers, duly recognized by the State, attesting to the completion of the respective course. The mention of corresponding to the specialty is included in the license of the driver who has obtained it.

CLASS B and C - NO professional class b license to drive motor vehicles of three or four wheels for the particular transport of persons, with a capacity of up to nine seats, or load whose gross vehicle weight is up to 3,500 kg, such as cars, motocoupés, trucks, vans and vans. These vehicles can only tow a trailer whose weight does not exceed the tare of the power unit and the total weight does not exceed 3,500 kg.

Class C: for driving motor of two or three-wheel, fixed engine or added, such as motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and other similar.

CLASS D, E and F - special license class D: for driving automotive as tractors, seeders, harvesters, bulldozer machinery, mechanical shovels, shovel loaders, road rollers, cranes, bulldozers, backhoes, scrapers and similar.

Class E: to drive animal-drawn, as coach, cars, floats, and other similar vehicles.

Class F: for driving motorized special armed forces, Carabineros de Chile, Chile's investigative police, and de Gendarmeria de Chile, not included in previous classes.

Drivers who possess professional license will be enabled to guide vehicles whose driving required license of class B.

For driving vehicles other than which enables obtained license class, it will be necessary to undergo the exam to obtain a new license, which will replace the previous e indicate classes comprising.

For the purpose of this law, seating capacity and gross vehicle weight, will be defined by the manufacturer for the respective vehicle model. For vehicles which provide paid transport of school services, seating capacity will be that resulting from applying the regulation of transportation paid school, established by Supreme Decree of the Ministry of transport and telecommunication. "."

9 Article 13, replaced by the following: "article 13.-driver's license applicants must meet the following general requirements: 1.-prove suitability moral, physical and mental;"

2 demonstrate knowledge and skills of driving, as well as the legal and regulatory provisions governing the public transit, and 3. possess national identity card or of existing extranjeri, with letters or number.

To obtain licenses that are designated below, applicants must satisfy, in addition, the following special requirements:-license Professional 1.-have as a minimum 20 years of age;

2 prove to have been in possession of the license class B for two years;

3 be graduated from basic education;

4 pass the theoretical courses and practical that impart professional drivers schools duly recognized by the State, and 5-prove, in the case of class A-3, have been in possession, for at least two years, of the license class A-2 or A-1 class. In the case of class A-5, applicants must prove to have been in possession, for at least two years, of the license class A-4.

-NOT professional license class B 1.-be at least 18 years of age.
Exceptionally, this licence may be granted to applicants who are over the age of 17 years, who have passed a course at a school in drivers, duly and expressly authorized by their parents, guardians or legal representatives.

Such exceptional leave will only enable to conduct accompanied, in the front seat, of a person who is the holder of a license enabling it to drive the types of vehicles permitted for class B whose validity, to the date of the control, has no less of 5 years old. Met the 18 years of age, this latter requirement shall terminate by the only Ministry of law. The license will be of indefinite duration and remain in force until the holder meets the requirements and demands that designates the law.

The minor so authorized that is caught driving without complying with the requirement laid down in the preceding paragraph, shall be regarded as driver without license for all legal purposes. Police will proceed to withdraw the license and put it at the disposal of the respective court. In the ballot of citation shall be recorded that it does not enable him to keep driving.

2 be a graduate of basic education.

-NOT professional license class C 1.-be at least 18 years of age, and 2.-be graduated from basic education.

-SPECIAL license class D 1.-be at least 18 years of age;

2 learn to read and write, and 3. accredit knowledge and practice in the management of vehicles or special machinery concerned.

-LICENSE special class E 1-have at least 18 years of age, and 2.-reading and writing. You may be exempt from this requirement who pass a special test.

-SPECIAL license class F 1-be at least 18 years of age, and 2-pass the respective institutional courses. "."

10 article 14, replaced with the following: "(Artículo 14.-Los requisitos para obtener las Licencias se acreditarán de la siguiente manera: A) - Professional license"
1.-the moral suitability will be qualified by the Director of the Department of transit and Municipal public transport that requests the license, in view of the background report issued by the Central Service Cabinet Civil Registry and identification and the report of the national registration of drivers, whose issue date is not earlier than 30 days, containing all annotations that are registered , and showing that the applicant is not fond of penalty of suspension or inability to drive vehicles, or who denied prior to the applicant the license which has requested.

2º.-physical and mental fitness, theoretical and practical knowledge of the legal and regulatory provisions governing the provision of services of passenger transport, school and freight paid transportation routes and on the conduct and operation of the respective vehicles, will be credited: to) the physical and mental fitness by means of a certificate issued by the doctor of the Department's traffic and respective Municipal public transport;

(b) the theoretical and practical expertise through certificate issued by a school for professional drivers recognized officially, without prejudice to the duty by respective part of the Director of transit of the municipality to take measures it deems necessary, in order to verify the effectiveness of such knowledge and the skills and abilities required to drive the vehicle concerned.

B) - License not professional and special 1st.-moral suitability will be rated in the same manner established for the Professional license.

2º.-the fitness physical and mental of the applicants, their knowledge and practical driving, as well as the legal and regulatory provisions governing the public transit, will be credited by means of a certificate, jointly, by the head of the technical Cabinet of Department of transit and Municipal public transport and by a physician of the same, after having examined the applicant to establish the indicated factors and the theoretical and practical driving examinations rendered by him. "."

11 Add the following article 14 bis: "article 14 bis.-the Ministry of transport and telecommunications will determine the standards to qualify the moral, physical and psychic, fitness accreditation of theoretical and practical knowledge of driving and legal and regulatory provisions governing the public transit, as well as legal and regulatory provisions to provide passenger transport services transportation paid school and load, streets and roads. The foregoing is without prejudice to the powers of the physician of the Department of transit and Municipal public transport to request special tests to determine the psychological fitness of the applicant.

The Director of the Department of transit and Municipal public transport must reject, pointing out the causal, applications for licences from applicants who do not meet the established requirements. In the case of applications rejected to obtain professional license, these should be communicated to the Ministry of transport and telecommunications.

The applicant affected by the rejection due to lack of moral suitability may claim, within five working days of this resolution, to the respective Local police judge, which will solve short and summarily and appreciate test in consciousness. Shall be recourse against their resolution.

Tests in each of the specified classes, must give up driving the relevant vehicle type.

Chile-based persons who are in possession of licenses extended abroad, may be granted the license request, provided that prove the antiquity in the corresponding type in your case, and that surrender successfully test that corresponds to the license concerned.

Diplomatic agents and consular foreigners accredited in Chile, entitled to that are granted Chilean driver licence, sufficing to this exhibit a license, granted in accordance with the laws of your country. "."

12 replacements numbers 1 and 4 of article 15, by the following: "1.-for violations to law Nº 17.105, about alcohol, alcoholic beverages and Vinegars and Act No. 19.366, on illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic; substances"

4. for the crime of driving with driver's license, Bill of subpoena or judicial provisional permission to drive, counterfeit or obtained in violation of this law or belonging to another person; "."

13 article 16, replaced by the following: "article 16.-the municipalities shall not license in case of missing to the applicant of any of the requirements of article 13."

When the driver's licence is denegare by causal susceptible of being solved, request may be not be renewed until after 30 days of the first refusal and 6 months after each new denial. "."

14 adding, in article 17, then the figure "14" the phrase "and 14 bis", replacing the word "and" before "14" by a comma (,).

15 replacements first and second subparagraphs of article 19 with the following: "every driver licensed professional must provide proof, every two years, which meets the requirements in paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 13.".

16 Introducense the following amendments to article 21: to) replace in the third paragraph the word "deemed" by "determined".

(b) insert in the fourth paragraph after the word "Legal" the phrase "or other specialized facility designated by that service".

(c) replace the final paragraph by the following: "However, where qualified and provided that the deficiency is not serious, or attended the age and general State of the petitioner, a different term for the effectiveness of the non-professional license may be fixed." Similarly be in cases where, having regard to the age or general State of the petitioner, considered that the general term of the non-professional licence should be reduced. "."

17 Add to article 23 the following final new subsection: "the Ministry of transport and telecommunications and Carabineros de Chile will have direct access, via computer or by any other means, to the national register of drivers of motor vehicles and the registry of motor vehicles. The information thus obtained will have the character of reserved with respect to the people involved. "."

18 repealed article 25.

19 article 26, replaced by the following: ' article 26.-license will be mentions that determines the regulation. ".

20 added, then of article 30, the heading "From the schools of drivers" and article 31 shall be replaced by the following: ' article 31-schools for conductors shall be class A, for professional drivers and non-professionals, and class B, for applicants from non-professional license, classes B and C, or special class D. "

Schools should impart knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the driving of motor vehicles referred to in the respective license.

Article 31 bis.-the municipalities may authorize natural or legal persons to establish schools in class B.

The Ministry of transport and telecommunications will issue standards which should satisfy these schools, their programs of study and training and, in general, teaching that impart. Also, determine the conditions that must meet their teachers and vehicles and equipment used for the purpose.

Article 31 a.-schools for drivers, also have intended to ensure that students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and skills necessary for the driving of motor vehicles of public transport of passengers, paid school and transportation of freight, in a responsible and safe manner.

Schools of drivers freely determined plans and curriculum deemed appropriate for the fulfilment of the following objectives: to) know and appreciate the traffic law in all its scope and significance.

(b) learn about subjects such as: legislation on paid school, transport of cargo and passenger transport; civil and criminal liability as a driver; labour laws, of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, in alcohols, health, environment; plant health, and customs provisions, insofar as the respective activity.

(c) meet the current regulations on the use of road infrastructure.

(d) meet the standards of safety in driving, loading and stowage, first aid, prevention, fire fighting and transport of dangerous substances.

(e) meet technical and practically the operation of vehicles with corresponding to the respective class of license and develop their skills for the proper maintenance and use of them.

f) know theoretically and practically and achieve the skills and skills necessary for driving different vehicles transportation of persons or cargo, rigid or articulated, in different conditions in which to operate, such as: climate, type of road, geography, class load, etc.
(g) acquire general knowledge about human relations to achieve a better quality of service and facilitate greater safety in operations, such as relations with users, other drivers, employers, authorities, etc.

In addition, they must be teaching infrastructure, equipment and teaching materials needed to properly teach the corresponding teaching. The teaching staff must possess the moral and professional suitability requiring the respective subject.

Article 31 B-schools of professional drivers, to obtain official recognition, shall deliver to the appropriate regional transport authority, plans and programmes developed to meet the objectives set out in the previous article. They must also point out the infrastructure, equipment, elements of teaching, qualifications, titles, specialties and experience of teaching staff, and the place or places where will operate the school. Any change of place must be reported to the Ministry of transport and telecommunications, within 5 days of carried out the transfer.

Plans and programs shall be deemed accepted, by the Ministry of transport and telecommunications, after that are 90 days from the date of delivery, if objections not if any them. Expired without objection, these will be incorporated into the registration of plans and programs that the Ministry take effect.

The Ministry may object to the plans and programmes that are submitted for approval, within the period referred to in the preceding paragraph, not to adjust these to the minimum fundamental goals established in the previous article. The objections shall be notified by registered letter sent to the address which the applicant must declare their respective request for approval. The applicant may, within 15 days of delivered the letter to the post office, request reconsideration of the objections. The Ministry must resolve objections within a maximum period of 30 days, and if it did not, the reconsideration shall be accepted. Rejected this, the interested party may apply to the respective Court of appeal within a period of 10 days from the date of dispatch of the certified letter that notified rejection. The Court of appeals will know account, without waiting for the appearance of the claimant and single instance.

Article 31 C.-the Ministry of transport and telecommunications will recognize officially drivers schools, provided that proving that the teaching staff, infrastructure, equipment and elements of teaching, plans and programs of studies, are suitable for the due fulfilment of the objectives set out in article 31 A.

In addition, they must prove to have a policy of insurance in favour of third parties for an amount not less than 1,000 units-building vehicle, intended to warn the due compensation for the damages that their students might cause with these, with reason or due to the driving of motor vehicles by public roads, during the performance of the driving courses taught. This policy must be permanently in force and breach of this obligation shall be punished with the immediate suspension of all of its educational activities, while it is not satisfied with it. This obligation also apply to non-professional drivers schools.

The Ministry of transport and telecommunications as well as the directors of transit of the communes where the schools of professional drivers, work should permanently monitor that these comply with plans, programs, teaching, and infrastructure that determined its official recognition, and the validity of the insurance policy referred to in the preceding paragraph.

Article 31 d.-the school for professional drivers to obtain official recognition, shall submit to the respective Secretary Regional Ministerial of the Ministry of transport and telecommunications, a request accompanied by the background showing compliance with the requirements laid down in articles 31 A, 31 B and C. 31

If the recognition is not granted or are not formulated objections within 90 days of the date of presentation of the background, it shall be granted. If it is observed or rejected shall apply the provisions of the final paragraph of article 31 B, regarding the review and claim of such a resolution.

The official recognition will be resolution of the Ministerial Regional Secretary of the Ministry of transport and telecommunications that corresponds.

To the courses given by the schools of drivers the franchises of the national training and employment service shall apply. "."

21 Article 32, replaced by the following: ' article 32.-the Ministry of transport and telecommunications may revoke official recognition to a school of professional drivers, through resolution established, if this does not comply with the plans, programs, teaching and infrastructure which determined its official recognition. " This resolution shall be notified to the legal representative of the school by registered letter sent to the venue that is registered in the Ministry. The affected, within 15 days of delivered the letter to the post office, you can request reconsideration of the cancellation, accompanying your application all the background information justifying their disclaimers.

The Ministry must resolve this request within 30 days of the date of its filing. Resolution falling in it must be notified to the applicant within 5 days following the date of its proclamation, by registered letter sent to the address that the appellant has pointed out in his presentation, and of not having made it, to the place of performance which the school has registered with the Ministry. Failure to timely resolve or his lack of notification or late notification, will be to take for accepted the review. Reject the reconsideration, the affected may complain to the respective Appeals Court, within a period of 10 days from the date of delivery to the post office, of the certified letter that notified rejection. The Court of appeals will know account, without waiting for the appearance of the claimant and single instance. "."

22 article 61, replaced by the following: "article 61.-in the motorized vehicles not people may carry in spaces for charging, any kind of vehicle, except in justified cases, and taking the appropriate security measures.".

23 Introducense, in article 88, the following modifications: a) replacements words "allocated to the provision" by "go to or stay in the provision".

(b) be added, as new, second subsection the following: "in vehicles of public transport of passengers with a capacity for more than 24 people, providing service to urban in cities of more than 200,000 inhabitants, is strictly prohibited as the lead play simultaneously the functions of driver and collector or ticket vending machine. These vehicles must be a collector or installed an automatic fare collection system. The President of the Republic, by founded Supreme Decree of the Ministry of transport and telecommunications, will extend this requirement to cities with less than 200,000 inhabitants. "."

24 delete, in the chapeau of article 91, the word "especially" and the commas (,) that precedes it and it happens.

25 adding, in article 92, the following new second subsection: "Les is also strictly prohibited smoking.".

26 replaced the name of title VII by "Of reviews of vehicles, their safety and approval conditions".

27 replacements articles 94 and 95, by the following: ' article 94-municipalities shall not granted permissions of circulation to any motor vehicle that does not have current technical review or a certificate of approval, as determined by the Ministry of transportation and telecommunications. "

The technical review which points the previous paragraph shall include, in a special way, direction, brakes, lights, tires and internal combustion systems.

Such said document or, failing, the type-approval, must always carry in the vehicle and found valid.

Article 95.-The Ministry of transport and telecommunications will tender the function of type-approval of vehicles, among companies that pursue profit according to the bidding rules, and by the time determined, and may include the use and enjoyment or the mere possession of goods which have been assigned to carry out this function. "."

28 repealed article 96.

29 Introducense in article 102, the following amendments: to) replace, in the first paragraph, the phrase "removing signs, materials and waste promptly" with the following: "withdrawing, immediately and to the extent that works, signs, materials and wastes go finishing.".

(b) replace the fourth subparagraph by the following: "violation of provisions of the first paragraph shall be punished by a fine of $200,000 to $400,000 Shall be considered that there is a new and separate offence for every month that passes without that it has complied with the obligations referred to in subsection. "."

30. replace, in article 105, the word "may" by "shall".
31 article 121, replace by the following: "article 121-no vehicles may circulate at a slower rate than the minimum set for the respective route." In any case, vehicles which, within limits, are moving at a speed lower than the maximum should do it for your right. "."

32 be, added to the number 1, article 139, the following final sentence by replacing the semicolon (;) by a colon (:): "However, in the case of turning right, duly marked by an articulated loading vehicle composed of truck tractor and semitrailer, or truck and trailer, not governed article above, and other drivers wait for said vehicle to complete its maneuver;".

33 Introducense, in article 165, the following amendments: to) their number 11, be replaced by the following: "11.-let loose or tied-shaped animals that may hinder the transit." The crossing of animals from one to another side of the road, can only be done on authorised and previously marked places. "."

(b) add, as a final point, the next, new: "shall be herding animals by national roads without prior permission from the appropriate authority. In the 11th and 12th regions, the regional authority concerned may establish permanent rules for herding animals on public roads. "."

34 Introducense the following amendments to article 172: to) be replaced with number 3 the expression "drug or narcotic drugs" "narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances".

(b) be replaced number 20, by the following: "20.-refusing, without just cause, that is practice the tests referred to in article 190.".

35 Introducense the following amendments to article 174: to) replace the second paragraph by the following: "the driver and the owner of the vehicle, unless the latter certifying that the vehicle was used without his knowledge or authorization, express or implied, are jointly and severally liable for the damages caused because of the use of the vehicle; all without prejudice to the responsibility of other third parties, in compliance with the legislation in force. "."

(b) Agreganse, as third, fourth and fifth paragraphs, the following: "Similarly, if a driver's license is painting with breach of the provisions of this law, the officials responsible for this, whether or not municipal, will be jointly and severally responsible for damages caused by fault of the driver who is given such license , without prejudice to the Penal and administrative sanctions that apply.

The concessionaire of a settlement to that referred to in article 4 of law No. 18.696, be civil and severally liable of damages caused by a traffic accident, caused by damage to a vehicle which has had issued a certificate falsely, either by not having actually practiced review or contain statements of facts contrary to the truth.

The respective municipality or tax, if any, will be responsible for civil damage that was caused during an accident resulting from the poor state of public roads or their lack or inadequate signage. In the latter case, the civil suit must be brought before the judge of letters corresponding civil and will be processed according to the rules of summary judgment. "."

36 removed, article 177, that he became fifth and sixth subparagraphs of article 174.

37. delete article 182.

38 insert in the third subparagraph of article 185, between the expressions "State of intoxication" and "police forward", the phrase "or under the influence of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances".

39 article 189 replaced by the following: ' article 189-police may refer to any driver to a respiratory test or other intended to detect the presence of alcohol in the body or accredit the fact of driving under the influence of narcotic drugs or substances psychotropic. "

Police, can also practice these tests to anyone that CTB to drive a vehicle in a public place and to present external signs of not being in fullness of authority to do so. If the test is positive and indicates that the person is under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, police may prohibit him driving by the time required for recovery, which may not exceed 3 hours from the time of the examination. During this period, the affected person must remain under police supervision, for which purpose may be led to the Commissioner or respective catch, unless it will pave to immobilize the vehicle by the set time or point to another person that, under their responsibility, take care of the driving during that period. If the driver condujere the vehicle during the time of the prohibition is deemed that you incurred in violation to the law of alcohols or number 1 of article 197, depending on the case and the outcome of the review. "."

40 article 190, replaced by the following: ' article 190-the driver and the pedestrian who have had involvement in a traffic accident which is injury or death will undergo examination to establish the presence of alcohol or narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances in your body. " In these cases, police officials must practice driver and pedestrian the respective exams and lacking in the place of the technical elements required to do this, take them immediately to the nearest public assistance, hospital or service post of first-aid services of health, for such purposes.

The result of the examinations or checks made by suitable means, will have the evidentiary credit for expert report and official who practice it will be exempt from the obligation of the oath and will not require special appointment. The report will contain the individualization of the official which carried it out, the date, time and place of its preparation, the medium used to obtain such a result, the approval of the head of the respective service and signature of two officials.

The denial unjustified to undergo the tests laid down in article 189 and paragraph first of this article, or the circumstance to flee from the place where the accident occurred shall be deemed as legal presumption of drunkenness or intoxication State narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, as the case may be. "."

41 delete the second paragraph of article 192.

42 Introducense, in title XVII, the following modifications: a. replace the heading "offences, classification and penalty" by "crimes, torts and breaches".

B. Add the subtitle "of crimes and Torts".

C. Agreganse the following articles 196 A and 196 bis: "(Artículo 196 A.-Será castigado con presidio menor en su grado máximo a presidio mayor en su grado mínimo y las penas accesorias que correspondan el empleado público que abusando de su oficio: a) improperly granted a license of conductor or ticket citation or a temporary driving permit or any certificate or document allowing to obtain them;"

(b) falsely awarded certificates that allow to obtain a driver's license;

((c) commits any of the misrepresentations described in article 193 of the criminal code in the inscriptions referred to in articles 34, 35 and 39 of this law, in the certification, or the granting of the register, and d) infringes the rules established by law for the granting of patent plate.

Article 196 to bis.-shall be punished by prison less in its medium to maximum grade and, where appropriate, with the suspension of the licence of driver or inability to obtain it, for up to 5 years, which: a) falsifying a driver's license, ballot of citation, or a temporary permit or any certificate or document required by this Act to obtain them;

(b) drive, knowing, with a driver's license, Bill of subpoena or judicial provisional permission to drive, counterfeit or obtained in violation of this law or belonging to another person;

(c) present, knowingly false certificates to obtain driver's license;

(d) obtain a driver's license, without complying with the legal requirements to do so, through bribery, gifts, use of undue influences or threat;

(e) use, knowingly false patent plate or which corresponds to another vehicle;

((f) certifies, abused or falsely, knowledge, skills and practices of driving or driving courses that allow to obtain a license of conductor, and g) provide a certificate of technical review without having actually practiced the review or that contains statements of facts contrary to the truth. "."
D. Add the following article 196 b: "article 196 B-in the traffic accidents of as a result of which the victim dies or will stay insane, useless for work, impotent or sterile, prevented any important or significantly deformed member whose determining cause is one of the offences set forth in the N ° s." 1, 2, 3 and 4 of article 197 or N ° s. 3, 4, 11, 13 and 17 of article 198, the applicable penalty shall be imprisonment reduced to its maximum extent and, for other injuries, the assigned penalty shall be that indicated in article 490 of the criminal code increased to a degree.
The judges may always, although not mediate convicted attend any circumstance of criminal responsibility, enacting temporary or perpetual inability to drive motor vehicles, if the psychic and moral conditions of the author demand it. "."

E add the following article 196 d "article 196 D-which without having license required, drive a vehicle for whose driving is required a certain professional license, shall be punishable by prison in its minimum to medium.

To any title that is, operates a vehicle of public transport of passengers, taxi, paid school or cargo transport, and hire, authorize or allow in any way that such a vehicle being driven by who lacks the required license or, having it, be suspended or cancelled, shall be punished by a fine of $25,000 to $100,000 "."

F add the following epigraph: "very serious, serious, less serious and minor offences and their penalties".

43 Introducense the following modifications in article 197: to) replaced into the number 1, the expression "drug or narcotic drugs" by "narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances".

(b) replace your number 2 with the following: "2.-do not respect the red light of traffic light signals or the signal"stop"or"Ceda el Paso"signal, provided that in the latter case, the violation has caused a traffic accident;".

(c) be replaced his number 3, by the following: "3.-driving a vehicle faster than the one established in article 150;".

(d) add, in number 4, before the semicolon (;), the following, preceded by a comma (,): "without prejudice to the provisions of article 196 D;".

44 Introducense the following amendments to article 198: to) number 3, add at the end replacing the semicolon (;), comma (,), the following sentence: "without prejudice to the provisions of article 196 D;".

(b) in his No. 10, added before the semicolon (;), the following sentence: "or in article 121".

45 deleted article 203.

46. delete article 204.

47 article 205, replaced by the following: ' article 205-the pennants, flags, badges and devices that are used in violation of this law and taximeter used adulterated, fall in comiso. ".

48. delete article 206.

49. delete article 207.

50 added the following epigraph: "of the suspension and cancellation of driver's license".

51 article 208, replace with the following: violation or very serious violation, from 5 to 45 days of suspension; " However, trying to be a violation or contravention of the number 1 of the article - the 197, the period of suspension will rise to double.

(b) treating process by accumulation of infractions, responsible for two offences or serious infringements committed within the last twelve months, the license will be suspended 45 to 90 days and Manager of two offences or serious infringements committed within the last twelve months, from 5 to 30 days.

These deadlines will be counted since the violations were committed. "."

52 article 209, replaced with the following: "(Artículo 209.-Sin perjuicio de las multas que sean procedentes, el Juez decretará la cancelación de la licencia de conducir deel infractor, en los siguientes casos: a) be responsible for three times within the last twelve months, or four times in the span of the last 48 months, driving a vehicle while under the influence of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances or alcohol" without being drunk;

(b) be recidivist, within the last 60 months, in tort of homicide or injury with some of the results mentioned in number 1 of article 397 of the Penal Code or for driving motor vehicles or animal traction while intoxicated or lossy notorious awareness due to the consumption of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances;

(c) be responsible, during the last twelve months, of three or more offenses or serious infringements;

(d) have been convicted with the suspension of license for three times within the last twelve months, or four times within the last twenty-four months.

The offender, after that are two years from the date of cancellation of your license, you can request a new one to the Department of transit and public transport in the municipality of his home, according to the rules laid down in title I of this Act, except that it conviction it has imposed a higher sentence, in which case shall govern it.

Fines expressed in pesos to which this Act applies is reset annually at the rate of rise that experience price index the consumer that sets the National Institute of statistics, its amount approaching the hundred.

The Ministry of Justice, during the month of January of each year, and on the basis of stated in the preceding paragraph, shall determine the amount that will reach the values of the fines for this law, governing to count on 1 March of that year and up to the last day of February of the following. "."

53 added following article 209 bis: "article 209 bis.-which had been enacted with the cancellation of his driver's license and that, however, is caught driving a vehicle, will be punished with the penalty of imprisonment reduced to its minimum extent and fine of up to $200,000"

If the driver had been sanctioned with the suspension of his license and is caught driving a vehicle during the term of the imposed punishment shall be punished by imprisonment in its maximum degree and a fine of up to $100,000. "."

54 number 2 of article 211, replace by the following: "2.-register ordered judgments that condemn a person for crimes, torts, serious violations or serious, classified under this law, either having or not licensed to drive;".

55.-amending article 212 in the following way: to) replaced at no. 2 the conjunction "and" and the comma (,) that precedes it, by semicolon (;);

((b) replaced by the No. 3 the end point by a comma (,) followed by the conjunction "and" and c) add the following N ° 4, new: "4.-in the case of the Professional license should include, in addition, the school name of drivers where the respective course was approved.".

56. replace, in article 213, his final prayer that says 'communication of police referred to in subparagraph first of article 216' by "respective conviction".

57 replaced article 215, by the following: "article 215.-the courts and the courts of Local police and any other Tribunal of the Republic, shall communicate to the registry any enforceable ruling condemning a person as the perpetrator of crimes and breaches of the law Nº17.105 on alcohols and alcoholic beverages and Vinegars, and the law Nº19.366 , on illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, to cancel or suspend the driver's license or to condemn a person for crimes, torts, serious or very serious violations typified in this law. In addition, equal communication will be to the municipality which given the respective license so that you add to the background of the affected folder; and, the Ministry of transport and telecommunications, in case affecting a school paid transport operator the enforceable judgment. "."

58 repealed article 216.

59 repealed article 217.