Modifies The Status Of Primary Care From The Municipal Health


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Sole article.-amending Law No. 19.378, status of primary health care Municipal, in the following way: 1. replace article 22 with the following: ' article 22.-According to the rules of race officer set out in title II of this Act, the managers will be autonomous to determine how to assess the experience, training, and merit for the purposes of the application of the official race According to objective criteria to the effect that focus on the respective municipal regulations. Merit will have remuneratorio effect only through the allocation of merit prescribed in this law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, officials who come from other municipal health facility, shall be entitled to that is locate them, at least at the level in your previous employment. ".

2 replace the letter c) of article 23 with the following: "c) other assignments, which constitute the increments to which is entitled in consideration to the nature of the functions or actions of PHC to develop the peculiar characteristics of the establishment in which it works and the performance evaluation officer. These are: the allocation by managerial responsibility at a municipal office of primary care; the allocation for performance in difficult conditions; zone allocation and assignment of merit. ".

3 Insert, then of article 30, the following article 30 bis, new: "article 30 bis.-officials whose performance is assessed as positive to improve the quality of services of the establishments in which they work will receive an annual allocation of merit. For these purposes, means as civil servants with positive evaluation to those whose rating score is within 35% better evaluated in each category of the endowment of the establishment concerned, and which are always located in list 1, distinction, or 2, good list.
The annual allocation of merit shall be subject to the following rules: to) it will be granted by sections and your monthly amount will correspond in each of them the following percentages of base pay national minimum of the category to which the official belongs:-the upper section, consisting of 11% better qualified, you will get as a bonus up to 35% of the salary base minimum.
-The stretch, corresponding to 11% located next to the previous section, you will get up to 20% of the minimum base pay.
-The lower section, consisting of the remaining 13%, you will get up to 10% of the minimum base pay.
(b) fractions equal to or greater than 0.5 resulting from the calculation, both 35% benefited of each one of the sections, will add up to the entire upper and lower than 0.5 fractions will not be considered.
((c) the benefit payable by installments in the months of March, June, September and December, including in each of these payments for all the respective quarter sums, and d) the regulations will establish the rules of breakpoints for equal evaluation situations; cases in which calculation of beneficiary personnel be done about the Endowment total or two or more categories, when by having fewer personnel in them, it is not possible apply the rules above, and the other provisions necessary for the application of this article. ".

4 amended article 37 as follows: to) in your second paragraph, replace the sentence ", its training and its merit official" by "and your training".
((((b) in its final paragraph, replace the sentence "the three constituent elements of the race officer, identified in the letters to), b), c) of article 38," by "The elements referred to in the preceding paragraph,".

5 replace, in the second paragraph of article 39, the phrase "constituent factors of the career civil servant, that is, experience, training and merit" by "the constituent elements of the race officer referred to in the second paragraph of article 37.".

6 article 44, replaced by the following: ' article 44.-each management entity shall a Commission of a qualification, consisting of a professional in the area of health, official of the institution, appointed by the superior Commander; the director of the establishment that serves the official who will be qualified or the person designated by the upper head of the institution in cases in which it was not possible to determine this member, and two officials of the same category of the qualified staffing, elected in voting by the staff subject to qualification.
The Commission agreements shall be adopted with the assistance of the majority of its members; in the event of a tie, it shall be decided by who preside over it. The members of the Commission's qualification will be assessed by the Commission itself, to the exclusion of the affected. However, the director of the establishment will be rated by their hierarchical superior.
The regulations will establish the rules on integration and operation of these committees, the union of two or more categories for the election of their representatives where there is shortage of personnel in them, the factors to be evaluated and the appropriate rating system. ".