Complements The Law Nº 19.553, Which Granted An Allocation Of Modernization And Other Benefits


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"Article 1.-amending Law No. 19.553, in the following terms: 1. deleted from the second paragraph of article 2, the expression"; of the Defense Council of the State".

2.-Introducense the following amendments to article 4: to) delete the conjunction "and" before the letter k); and the final dot (.) be replaced by a comma (,) and then add the conjunction "and".
((b) add the following letter l), new: "l) assignments of articles 1 and 4 of the Nº19.538 Act.".

3. replace the fifth subparagraph of article 6th, by the following: "a Supreme Decree of the Ministry of industry, subscribed, moreover, by the Ministers of finance, of the Interior and the General Secretariat of the Presidency, shall designate the degree of fulfilment of the objectives of management that has been reached annually.".

4 be inserted as the penultimate paragraph of article 6, the following: "Notwithstanding provisions in the preceding paragraphs, for each agency or public service decentralized territorially, the Minister of industry available that management improvement programmes are defined, specific objectives are set to meet annually and increase pay for institutional performance separately for each Regional Bureau or some of them. In the case of the Government inside service, in addition, be considered separately each administration or governance or some of them. The Ministers will adopt this determination taking into account the technical capacity of management and the size of each Regional Directorate, administration or Government. "."

5 be replaced with article 11 the opening prayer that ends with the expression "$127.200 annual-", the following: "article 11-granted, from 1 January 1998, an assignment does not tax of $127.200.-annually to workers of the entities referred to in subparagraphs first and second of article 2 of this law, and the national customs service" that they play in the eleventh and twelfth regions in the provinces of Palena and Easter Island and the villages located on the border of the first and second regions communes. Included in this benefit to the workers of the province of Iquique. In the case of the commune of Antofagasta, this benefit will be granted to workers who perform at the East of highway route 5. "."

(6 replaced the letter c) of the third subparagraph of article 1 transitional °, with the following: "c) officials and civil servants whose liquid remuneration exceeding a $251.182-, of May 1, 1999, will have a further increase to the previous two months."
Liquid remuneration means the total of the permanent character corresponding to that month, excluding bonuses, allowances or bonuses associated with individual, collective or institutional performance with single deduction of taxes and compulsory social security contributions. "."

7 insert in article transitional 1st a new seventh subparagraph, passing the current seventh, eighth and ninth to be eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively, read as follows: "during the year 1999, officials must submit the resignation to his charges in the first quarter of the year, to make it effective during the second half of the same, and will be required to start or continue their retirement procedures" , pension or annuity, within a period of 30 days from the date of the resolution of the Sub-Secretariat of labour that contains the list of the beneficiaries. "."