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"Article 1.-Introducense the following amendments in Decree Law Nº 2.763, 1979: 1." Replaced, the letter c) of the third subparagraph of article 8, the separate dot (.) by the conjunction "and" preceded a comma (,), and add, then the next letter d), new: "d) manage the financing of benefits and activities carried out to give compliance to national programs and those that the law compels that are financed by the State , without regard to the welfare quality of the individual or institution that will benefit. For the fulfilment of the above, the law of budgets must contemplate the partial and total amounts that will be allocated to each of them.
The Under Secretary shall be entitled to require the corrections that may be necessary when, ex officio or on presentation of claims, detect non-compliance with the rules governing benefits and activities set out in paragraph first of this letter. The enactment of these rules shall be without prejudice to modifications or innovations adopted in relation to initiatives with the purpose of improvement of quality or efficiency are proposals for one or more health services or by individual public health-care providers. ".

2 modified article 16 as follows: a. replace the name "San Felipe - Los Andes" by "Aconcagua".
b replace the sentence "four in the Bío-Bío Region: conception-Arauco, Talcahuano, Ñuble, Biobío." by "five in the Bío-Bío Region: Concepción, Arauco, Talcahuano, Ñuble and Bío-Bío.".
c replace the sentence "one in the Araucanía Region: Araucanía." by "two in the Araucania Region: Southern Araucanía and Araucania North.".

3 amended article 24 as follows: a) replace the letter b) with the following: "b) with rates that charge, when appropriate, the services and care provided, fixed tariffs, agreements, or other sources, and with those payments, making them the national health fund for the benefits that granted to the beneficiaries of the law No. 18.469;".

(((b) add the following letter f), new: ' f) through presentation of projects competitive grants and institutions or social solidarity agencies. ".

4 article 27 be replaced by the following: "article 27.-will be functions of the Fund: to) collect, manage and distribute the resources referred to in article 33 of this law;
b) finance, in whole or in part, according to the policies and priorities of health for the country that defines the Ministry of health, and to the provisions in the regime of health benefits of the law Nº 18.469, through contributions, direct payments, agreements or other mechanisms established by resolution, benefits that are granted to the beneficiaries of the regime of law No. 18.469 in all its forms by bodies, entities and individuals belonging or not to the system or depend on this, whether public or private. In addition, finance, in the same terms, the acquisition of equipment, instruments, tools and other elements of infrastructure that require public establishments that make up the system. The financing of benefits may include the replacement cost of the capital.
The law of budgets will contemplate, in the budget of the national health fund, the resources that this be used to finance the conventions concluded with bodies, entities and people who do not belong to the national system of health services, private or public, to provide certain benefits in the form of institutional care that referred to the law Nº 18.469 by request expressed by the Minister of health and, as a priority, in accordance with the needs and opportunity that manifest one or more health services. Benefits subject to include in these agreements will be clearly set out in an annual resolution of the Ministry of health, which may be modified if circumstances so merit. The conventions will be held at prices not exceeding the contents in the tariff and rules laid down in law No. 18.469. Only in exceptional cases, founded resolution of the Minister of health and the maximum term of one year, may conclude agreements at prices higher than those indicated in the tariff of the Act. In any case, the amount of the resources that the Fund be used to finance these conventions may not exceed the equivalent to 10% of the total budget in the form of institutional care.
The national health fund must take care that financing carrying corresponds to the benefits granted to their beneficiaries, as well as ensuring compliance with the rules and instructions issued by the Ministry of health on access, quality and timeliness of benefits that are granted to the beneficiaries of the law No. 18.469 by the establishments and professionals who by law or agreement, are required to make them. As regards the form of institutional care the Ministry of health is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of the rules which it provided in relation to the quality, access and timeliness of health.
For these purposes, the national health fund, of its own motion or at the request of the beneficiaries, shall be entitled to deduct, require the return, exempt or exempt from the charged or paid in excess or when such benefits do not comply with the regulations and ministerial instructions mentioned above. The Ministry shall determine the procedures so that users carry out claims that they deem relevant.
As regards the form of institutional care, the affected may be made to the Minister of health within the term of 15 days, counted from be notified as determined by the national health fund. The Minister will meet in single instance and without form of trial, within the thirty days following the date of submission of the claim.
In the case of free-choice mode, apply provisions of the ninth paragraph of article 13 of the law No. 18.469;
(c) collaborate with the Ministry of health in the alignment and consolidation of the budget proposals of the health services and other bodies linked to the Secretary of State with the global health budget;
((d) collaborate with the Undersecretary in the administration of the financing of the actions of health referred to in point (d)) of the third subparagraph of article 8 of this law, and e) exercise such other functions and obligations placed upon the laws and regulations.
Beneficiaries, members and their employers from the public and private sectors, institutions of welfare and other public services, will be required to provide background information which is directly related to its functions and required for the best performance of the functions assigned by law. If reports or records requested are of the nature of secrets or booked by its nature or by special provision that does not have force of law, they should be kept secret or reserve. If such reports or secret or reserved documents need to be provided by services, agencies and public bodies, will make it through the Minister that depend on or through which they are linked to the Government.
Effect of the provisions of the law No. 17.322, the Fondo Nacional de Salud will have the same powers conferred by this law to entities or institutions of forecast, even though welfare entity will not be considered for any purpose. ".

5 amending article 30 follows: to) replace the letter c) by the following: "c) establish the structure and the internal organization of the national health fund in the terms indicated in article 31 of this law;".

((b) replace the letter h) with the following: "h) agreements, for the fulfilment of the purposes and functions of the Fund, with companies, trade unions, professional associations, employers or workers and, in general, with all kinds of people, agencies or entities public and private national and foreign;".

((c) replace the letter j) with the following: "j) determine, from among the officials of the national health fund, responsible for tasks of control for the collection of contributions, for the purposes of article 17 of law No. 17.322 and in article 2 of Decree Law No. 1.526, 1976, who for these purposes , will be vested with the quality of Ministers of faith; ".

6 replace article 31 with the following: "article 31.-the Fund national health will be organized in departments; the foregoing is without prejudice to that Fund can UN-concentrate territorially.
In accordance with the provisions of article 28 of law No. 18.575 and letter to) article 30 of this body of law, the Director shall determine the structure and internal organization of the national health fund, as well as the responsibilities that correspond to each of the departments and that incumbent upon them to regional or zonal directions for the exercise of the functions assigned to the national health fund. ".

7 repeal of article 32.

8 amended article 33 as follows: to) replaced the lyrics to) with the following: "to) the contributions that will be consulted on the annual budget law;".

((((((((((((((b) Intercalanse the following new letters b) and (c)), passing the current b), c), d), e), f) and g) to be d), e), f), g), h) e i), respectively:
(' b) income from contributions of health corresponding to make members of the rule of law Nº 18.469;

(c) the contributions that members must do to finance the value of benefits and care they and the respective beneficiaries applying for and receiving of the rule of law Nº 18.469; ".