Establishes New Measures Of Development For The Provinces Of Arica And Parinacota


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"Article 1.-modified, in the form indicated, the decree with force of law No. 15 of 1981, the Ministry of Finance: 1. replace the second paragraph of the article 1st, by the following:"the cost of investments or reinvestments is commendation, December 31, 2007, in 20%.".

2. replace article 2º, by the following: "shall be regarded as small or medium-sized investors, for the purposes of this law, those whose net annual sales not exceeding the 40,000 Unidades de Fomento. Each investor may make one or more investments provided that the amount of each not exceeding the equivalent of 50,000 units of development. ".

3. delete in article 5, the expression "made" after the word "reinvestment".

4. replace article 6 th, by the following: "article 6.-projects of investment and reinvestment that apply to bonus shall be subject to consideration and qualification of the operative Committee. This will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the technical requirements of the project and that those are priority in regional development.
The operative Committee shall be given annually, with at least 120 days prior to the date of maximum reception indicated in article 9 °, the basis of the nomination, that should contain the criteria and formulas for evaluation and prioritization of projects on which the bonus, the formalities of presentation of history and any other information that the Committee deems appropriate to facilitate the application process must be determined. The Bases will be available to those interested in the Regional Administration and the provincial governments, without prejudice to other forms of dissemination and distribution determined by the operative Committee.
To determine criteria of evaluation on the quality of projects will be considered the intensity of use of labor in its production process, as well as the incorporation of added value in their products or services that generate. Also will be considered generation or incorporation of technological innovations, the time of execution and implementation of the project and considerations with respect to their environmental impact. ".

5 Introducense, in article 8, the following amendments: to) replace, in the first paragraph, the expression "10 years" to "5 years" and the expression "10%" with the phrase "15% per year, if repayment occurs the first year counted from the date of payment, 14% if it occurs during the second year, 13% if it is during the third, 12% if it is in the fourth year and 10% if it takes place in the fifth year".
(b) Agreganse following paragraphs fifth and sixth, new: "without prejudice to the foregoing, investments or reinvestments subsidised in regions of Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez of the Campo and Magallanes and Antártica Chilena or the provinces of Palena and Chiloé, that apply to vehicles, transport of persons, vessels or aircraft, means that they have not abandoned the stop area provided that these vehicles are maintained within the area to the South of the parallel 41 ° south latitude and provide a regular service.
For these purposes, means regular service that provided within the area indicated in the preceding paragraph at least every 15 days, have as a source or destination any locality of regions or provinces specified in the preceding paragraph. ".

6. replace article 9 °, by the following: "article 9.-each year calendar will be received, until November 15, requests for bonus to be paid from the budget of the following calendar year.
The request of the respective bonus will be made to the governorate of the province in which the investment will run, or the Director Regional Corporation of promotion of the production of the respective region. Governance should refer you, in a period not exceeding 5 days from as receipt of the request, to the Director Regional Corporation of promotion of the production of the respective region.
Each interested party must demonstrate their quality of industrial, merchant, craftsman, or producer of goods and services, or another that enable it.
In order to prove the level of sales of the applicant, this must accompany the forms of tax and financial information that supports such a history.
On the basis of the determined by the Committee, the Regional Mayor will dictate the resolution referred to in article 13 °, in accordance with the available financial resources and the priority given by the evaluation of projects, in a period not exceeding 15 January following.
Where there is availability of funds, the Regional Governor may grant the bonus for the projects that did not get it in the first period of nominations, according to the order of priority given by evaluation and funds available, or prior approval of the direction of budgets of the Ministry of finance, set a second period of nominations against the remnant of the current budget whose deadline will be June 30. In this case the bonuses must approve until 30 August of the same year. ".

7 be replaced in the article 10 the expression "Regional Office" "Direction Regional of la Corporation de Fomento de la Produccion".

8. replace article 11 °, by the following: "article 11.-the bonus will be paid to the beneficiary within 30 days of confirmed the execution of investment according to the postulated project and in accordance with the background and accreditation which the operative Committee established on the basis of the application. However, the applicant may request advance payment of up to 75% of the bonus by delivering to the Regional Director of the production Development Corporation, who shall forward it to the Regional Treasury, a ballot of bank guarantee, with features that the operative Committee established on the basis of the application, which caucione that amount. The advance will be materialized within 30 days as receipt of the warranty. This bond will be returned once verified the implementation of the investment and refunded the bonus paid in excess if appropriate. The warranty will be charged, in the case that do not perform the designated refund or that, in view of the operative Committee, project not materialize within the proposed time or run in such a way that the elements that served as the basis for its assessment and prioritization deteriorate significantly.
The operative Committee may extend founded, at the request of the beneficiary and only once, the period of materialization of the project, term which may not exceed 50% of that given initially. In these cases the warranty ticket collection only may be effective if the project does not materialize within the new time limit granted by the operative Committee. ".

9. replace article 12th by the following: ' article 12.-the operative Committee shall consist of the Regional Ministerial Secretary of economy, development and reconstruction, who will preside over it, the Regional Ministerial Secretary of finance, the Director Regional of the promotion of the production Corporation who will be technical manager, the Regional Ministerial Secretary of planning and cooperation and the Regional Director of the export direction of promotion - PROCHILE. In addition, the Committee will be also integrated by three entrepreneurs, appointed by the Governor according to the procedure determined by that authority. These representatives of the private sector may not apply for bonus, or not companies or related parties, where they have interests.
The Committee will be held whenever its President to convene or at the request of at least three of its members. The Committee may require the presence or support of any institution or public officer for your region for the better performance of its functions in the areas of the present Statute.
The postulated projects shall be informed by the Regional Director of the Corporation of promotion of the production.
The Committee will decide on the origin in the granting of the bonus, according to the nature of the investment, the amount, the report referred to in the paragraph above and according to the provisions in article 6 of this law.
If the Committee deems that the investment amounts to calculate the bonus do not reflect the reality you must reject the project. This rejection must be founded. ".

10. replace article 13 °, by the following: "Article 13.-evacuated the determination of the operative Committee, Regional Mayor will dictate the respective resolution.".

11. Add the following second paragraph to article 15: "the resolution referred to in the preceding paragraph, specifying also the nature of the project, shall be public and shall be known, through local media, within a period of fifteen days from its enactment.".

12. replace article 16 °, by the following: ' article 16.-financial resources requiring the State to grant allowances referred to in this Statute, will be scheduled monthly.
Each month the Regional Treasurer shall inform by Office Regional Mayor and the Director Regional of the Corporation of promotion of production of the movement of the funds indicated in the foregoing paragraph, accompanying background and documents that they founded it. ".
13. replace article 17 °, by the following: ' article 17.-the quantities corresponding to each interested party by concept of bonus will be paid by the Regional Treasurer with personal checks.
If the person concerned does not submit statement receivables an approved bonus, whose payment is coming, Treasurer must reserve the corresponding funds.
Will be the responsibility of the Regional Director of the Corporation of promotion of the production promptly inform the Regional Treasurer on bonuses or advances whose collection is coming, as well as the relevance of collection or return of warranty cards. ".