It Introduces Modifications To The Nº 18.695, Organic Constitutional Law On Municipalities, In Electoral Matters


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"Sole article.-Introducense the following amendments to the law No. 18.695, organic constitutional municipalities, whose text has been set by the decree with force of law No. 2/19.602 of Interior, published 11 January 2000: 1. Amending article 78 in the following way: to) added in the second paragraph, then of the separate point, it passes to be followed, the following sentence: "within this period without that present the terna, the Councillor causing the vacancy not replaceable.".
(b) replace the third subparagraph by the following: "the Councillors elected as independent will not be replaced, unless these have been postulated by integrating pacts. In the latter case, provisions in first two paragraphs of this article shall apply. For this purpose, shortlisting pointing the second paragraph, will be proposed by the political parties that constituted the subpacto with the independent that motivates the vacancy, or, failing that, by the electoral Pact which included it. ".
2.-amending paragraph 3 "remission of envelopes", corresponding to the title V, in the following way: to) its heading shall be replaced by the following: "of the scrutiny on the reception tables of suffrage".
(b) incorporated the following article 115 bis, then of the new heading: "article 115 bis-receiving tables of suffrage, as regards the results of the vote, only be entered in the Act of voting, as also in the forms of Act and in the minutes of the result, the individual votes obtained by each candidate, the null votes and blank votes , leaving evidence in addition to the total number of votes cast in the respective table. "."

3 Incorporanse in article 117, the following third, fourth, fifth and sixth subparagraphs, new: "However, nullity claims and requests for corrections, may be heard directly before the Regional Electoral Court in the territory in which it may have committed acts that serve as a basis for the claim, within six days following the date of the respective election accompanying himself at the same background that melts.
Within the period of two days, counted from the respective claim, information and brings that occur is surrender to the Court. The Court shall issue the judgment solved electoral complaints, are invalidation or rectification of indexes, more no later than the tenth day from the date of the election. This sentence shall be notified by the State newspaper and will only be subject to appeal, which must be within the period of third day, counted from notification practiced by the State newspaper, and will be briefly founded.
The term to appear in the second instance will be third day counted from the respective certificate of income. The resolution which proclaim to definitively elected candidates, will not be susceptible of appeal.
Without prejudice to the provisions in the preceding paragraphs, electoral jurisdictional instances must inform the Court of competent crime, those facts or founding circumstances of the claim, which, in his opinion, revistieren the characteristics of crime. ".".