Establishes A Special Mining Patent For Small Miners And Artisanal Miners, While You Condone Legal Fees And Grant Payment Facilities


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"Sole article.-Introducense the following modifications in the mining code: 1. Agreganse following subparagraphs in article 142:" by the belongings in exploitation, whether own or leased, that work the small miners and the artisanal miners be paid an annual patent of a monthly tax unit per hectare full diezmilesimo. "" Therefore refers to small mining and mining handcrafted natural persons operating one or more belongings personally and with a maximum of 12 or 6 subsidiaries, respectively, as also to legal mining companies and the mining cooperatives, provided that they do not count with more than 12 or 6 subsidiaries, respectively and that each partner or cooperated work personally on the holding. The designated requirements, more circumstances that the miner has all permits and easements that may be needed to exploit, enabled it to request the service to be recognised the right to pay this special patent; the regulations shall determine the procedure, background, affidavits and time limits to be applied for the benefit impetrar. Such recognition will last two annual periods of payment, up which you can request again, meeting the requirements indicated.
For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, just that a single membership is in exploitation by a mining or mining small craft, so that all possessions, from a same report of surveying, that is owner or tenant, are also suspected. However, in the case of legal mining companies and the mining cooperatives the presumption shall apply only to the belongings that owners are.
Any artisan mining or mining children who are natural persons may obtain this benefit by one further 100 hectares or 50 surface, respectively, computing so belongings that are owners or tenants relatives by consanguinity to the second degree or by affinity up to the third party, unless the latter are dealers of belongings in communes other than that in which they are located from whom impetre the benefit. The legal mining companies and the mining cooperatives shall apply the limit of 100 hectares to the possessions that are owners.
In the event that is intended to impetrar the benefit of the special patent referred to in the second paragraph for one or more leased property, such benefit only may be granted regarding the belongings that the tasks that constitute the exploitation is located. For these purposes the contract must identify unequivocally these belongings.
Service will publish annually the payroll of possessions and benefited people. "."

2 in article 164: to) replace paragraph first expression "in the month of March" by the phrase "until the Treasurer General of the Republic complies with the provisions of subsection first article 156".
(b) replaced in the final paragraph, the expression "the twelve months immediately following the day on which the mining patent payment is made" by "the annual period covered".
(c) add the following final new subsection: "allegations that referred to in the preceding paragraph may also be enforced by sellers who exploit belongings outside any title, when the respective contract impose payment of mining patent, in which case there will be no place to the allocation referred to in the number of third paragraph first, on behalf of the holder of the delivered to third parties for exploitation belonging.".